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Phishna's Compendium of Modern (Urban) Shamanic Terms akashkic record – the file drawer of the universal mind that is accessed in meditative, dream or shamanic states atheist – someone who ditches their soul to escape indoctrination automatic writing – the body mind writing instead of the usual brain mind automatic walking – the whole body being moved by the body mind or outside mind belief - not knowing, a state of mind where reason is suspended blind belief – a form of mental illness where the beLIEver thinks he knows but is actually infected by the religious mind virus brain – collection of neurons in the 4 dimensions that emanates the mind in a higher dimension consciousness – an infinite field of mind, individual consciousness is the localized point/receptor in the field deity - a previous earthbound consciousness that becomes a god/specific personality on the other side desire - innermost wishes, the information the universe actually acts on direct knowingness – a state of consciousness in which information is received directly divination – direct knowing is achieved by quieting the mind dream state – the soul's energetic field free of ego ego – attribute of the mind that assists the body to survive in physical reality egoless state – the vision quest state of consciousness where ego is turned off resulting in a will less state of being, the soul presence while awake emotion – energy in motion, the presence of the soul evil - ignorance,devil = a being in a state of ignorance, d evil, since d=4, devil = 4 evil = for evil, evil is live backwards, so evil is against life faith – the state of belief held by feeling, another state of not knowing but it's the feeling of the soul often mistranslated to the mind by the myth memes held as truth fractating memes - religious memeplexes that mutate into new forms free will – state of choice, a belief that you have a choice if there's no free

will fundamentalism - an immature state of mind by believing religious text literal and suspending reason and or critical thinking fundamentalist - a religious memebot, a negative term to describe a veiled individual god – the collective soul of humanity or even larger universal group god's mind - the collective consciousness god's personality - what we invent, what we specify, so the god that interacts with us has the personality we described in our myth grace - charged positive energy in a specific locality heaven - the other side, the 5th or higher dimension hell – the current state of the world caused by the belief in hell or fundamentalist religion intention – your true wishes based on your innermost feelings and not your mind intuitiveness – a quality of knowing by feeling, the soul's intuition knowingness – being 100% certain (opposite of belief), 2+2 = 4 meditation – technique to quiet the mind, a first step to direct knowing memebot – a human memetically infected that thinks or acts predictably like a robot memes – mind viruses, cultural ideas repeated from one mind to another memetics - the science of memes memeplex - meme complex, a set of related memes memetic possession – a fully installed meme on the brain hard drive that is over write protected (a locked brain that disallows new memes) memetic veil – the memetic barrier of the memetically possessed that puts the infected in a state unable to comprehend or reason, a blind believer is veiled memetrance - memetic trance - trance state of mind caused by the memes mind – a localized point of consciousness that is usually collocated with the brain while awake mind chatter – the minds constant conversation with itself, it blocks hearing and knowing and other states of consciousness, it's the grounded state of consciousness mindlessness – state of lack of mind so as to achieve ecstasy or allow god consciousness object in motion - something moving during a strong energetic coincidence

omniscience – state of all knowingness, direct knowingness taps this state for information, the conscious state of the universe omniscient being – attainment of the highest level of knowingness, what gurus and yogis are up to prayer - focused thought preying - the black magic technique of using prayer as a weapon, often used by Christians or other fundamentalist cultists to catch new victims, a metaphysical recruiting technique polemic - emotional writing without fact checking, first step of soul writing quantum shaman – a shaman who recognizes quantum effects that the mind has on physical reality random coincidence - misperception of an event shamanizing - the shaman technique that analyzes the true meaning of the word or phrase soul - divine presence soul mind - your mind aligned to soul's vibration spirit guides – modern spirit guides that are requested (they are real personalities from your culture that you can identify with but are located on the other side. They are assigned to your case and provide assistance, the shaman can actually remote view and converse with his guides) spiritual person - a spiritual state of being where the soul's presence is a stronger guide than the ego shamanizing - the act of apply shamanic principles to our culture veil – a mental barrier vision quest - when your soul takes you on a walkabout wave repeat - when an event repeats, the time period being a fractal relationship of the original event will less state – a state of being where the subconscious mind or soul can direct the body you – a multidimensional being, a part of the whole, your soul or your ego in lower states compiled by Phishna 04 August 2008

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