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Role Profile

Job Description Job title Directorate / Region Location of Post Reports to Programmes Manager East Asia Jakarta, Indonesia Senior Programmes Manager Department/Country Job Grade / Pay band Duration of Contract

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Indonesia G One year, Fixed Term (renewable)

Purpose of Job: To manage, facilitate and deliver high quality products, services and/or projects outcomes to internal/external customer/client/partner/stakeholder to meet the Council’s strategic objectives Context and Environment: Reporting to Senior Programmes Manager, the incumbent will be responsible in the development, delivery and monitoring and evaluation of programmes, projects and/or events. The job holder will need to liaise with internal and external stakeholders in delivering his/her duties, he/she also might need to manage ad-hoc teams related to progammes and/or events Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties: Development and Delivery of Project With guidance from the Senior Programmes Manager, plan and schedule projects, meeting quality criteria within the BC’s project management process Manage project resources effectively, co-ordinating project tasks Possible project tasks, with guidance from and/or together with the Senior Programmes Manager, not limited to: - design and manage logically inter-related input plans, costings, schedules and responsibility matrices, budget forecasts and work breakdown structures 1. - develop, negotiate and manage pre-contract agreements, contracts and Service Level Agreements with individuals, departments and organisations - be responsible for the implementation of projects at different stages of the project cycle to ensure delivery of project outputs and targets and manage changes - identify and coordinate procurement and management of goods, services and internal resources (including consultants, partners and suppliers) - undertake business risk identification (technical and financial) and analyse specific initiatives; To use this to inform, approach and manage risk · · · · Standards · · · · All enquiries responded to within 3 working days Delivery plans to be realistic and achievable within time, budget and other resources constraints Projects delivered according to aims, goals and objectives within agreed time frame and budget. Project control processes and requests for change implemented to schedule and to quality standards agreed with the Senior Programmes Manager Project documentation maintained in accordance with BC standards, and client/stakeholder needs Documentation distributed to project boards on time; minutes circulated within agreed timescales Use of project resources monitored and reported on according to schedule agreed with Senior Programmes Manager Compliance with corporate guidelines and standards (e.g. Data Protection Act and BC records standards, Equal Opportunity Policy and Diversity Strategy, Procurement standards, SAP (FABS), BC Code of conducts, IT standards) and with existing legislation or other external requirements


Monitor and evaluate projects for internal and external customers e.g. scorecard, business risk management, BC publications

The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.

Revised April 2011

officers of ministries and local governments agencies. update partners on developments and actively contribute to knowledge management within the office and the region All communications are delivered to related customers/clients/partners/stakeholders and documented Positive feedback from customers/clients/partners/stakeholders. · · · Standards · · 5 Professional development Agree own personal development plan with Line Manager and review it twice a year or at least once a year · 6 days development over a period of 12 months As specified in job plan objectives Plans cover special projects identified under Duty 3 as well as individual professional needs · · Standards Key Relationships: Internal and external Business Stakeholders.· · Standards · · · 3. Enhanced perceptions of the BC and the UK as valued partner · · · · Standards Communications & Relationship Management 4. etc) To attend stakeholder meetings. Scorecard data collected in time for office reporting Progress reports highlighting achievements to date and problems envisaged are completed within timescales and as agreed with Senior Programmes Manager Final report on completion for quality review and sign-off by the Senior Programmes Manager is produced on timely manner and according to agreed standards Positive feedback from customers/clients/partners/stakeholders Enhanced perceptions of the BC and the UK as valued partner Contributing to specific cross-departmental and regional projects accroding to areas of expertise and interest · Specific projects included in quarterly job plans Be a team member of at least one cross departmental project Developing specialist knowledge of a particular subject or skill through project implementation Implement projects against duties and standards set for duty 1 and 2 To manage and develop customers/clients/partners/stakeholders relationship that support the delivery of specific projects and country strategy To ensure that the information. newsletter. partners Other important Features or requirements of the job: May involve some travel to parts of Indonesia and unsocial work hours Please specify any passport/visa and/or nationality requirement. NA NA 2 . vendors and suppliers. is kept updated on the relevant communication media (website. including but not limited to: British Council’s country and regional teams. as outlined within the contract. Please indicate if any security or legal checks are required for this role.

Person Specification Assessment Stage Essential Desirable (all criteria will be used for performance management purposes) Behaviours Creating Shared Purpose (More Demanding) Connecting with others (More Demanding) Working Together (More Demanding) Being Accountable (More Demanding) Making it Happen (Essential) Shaping the future (Essential) Skills and Knowledge Financial and budget planning Generic Project Management Professional Communications Skill in Bahasa Indonesia and English Knowledge of Indonesian sector specific matters Experience 2 years of project managerment experience in international organisations Qualifications Bachelor degree X NA X Shortlisting and Interview X X X X Shortlisting and Interview Shortlisting and Interview Shortlisting and Interview Shortlisting and Interview X X X X X X NA Shortlisting and Interview NA Shortlisting and Interview Shortlisting and Interview NA Submitted by: Mark Crossey Date: 14 September 2011 3 .