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Victor (2006) The Sage Dictionary of Social Research Methods. It produces “facts” about the real world. For an introduction to Social Research terminology see Jupp. checked and reviewed by independent third party academics. communication with individuals and /or groups to focus on the meaning and interpretation of social processes in a particular context. Action Research focuses on the use of knowledge rather than the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake  Quantitative Research involves the collection of data in numerical form for quantitative or statistical analysis. identify gaps in research and opportunities for further research.e. London . a research question defining the problem to be investigated must be formulated. Sage for Open University. It does not consider social construction. A successful research project will necessitate planning. A Review of past research (Literature Search) will establish what has already been done in the field of study.  Action research is a type of applied Social Research that aims to improve Social situations. new ideas and new conclusions about all aspects of life”  Qualitative research uses a diversity of methods e. (Print and electronic) Articles in scholarly journals are peer reviewed i.Research is the systematic process of collecting information in order to increase knowledge of the phenomenon. they have been read. confidence. Sarantakos (2005. analysis and conclusions/recommendations.4) explains social research as “about discovery.g. data collection. p. reports and scholarly journals. Research is usually published in formal publications such as books. Before a Research proposal can be produced. topic or issue under investigation. direct observation. expanding the horizons of the known.


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org FAO’s Socio-Economic and Gender Analysis Programme www. www. Niall (2002) The Internet Research Handbook: a practical Guide for students and researchers in the social sciences.php/fqs/index SOCIAL RESEARCH UPDATE published quarterly by the Dept. CENTRE FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH METHODS www.eldis. London WEBSITES.socialresearchmethods. of ELDIS provides Dossiers and Resource Guides on various issues in Development RESOURCES FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH. O’ . An international partnership of universities CHRONIC POVERTY RESEARCH CENTRE. www.htm FORUM: Qualitative Social RIAN-Irish Research Portal –provides open access to Irish research Publications http://rian. University of Surrey covering issues in social research http://sru.fao. Open access peer reviewed multilingual online journal for qualitative research established 1999. research institutes and NGOs focussing on chronic poverty research and policy. INTUTE Virtual Training Suite –tutorial on Social Research Methods CODESRIA-Council for the development of Social Science Research in