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0 (April 23, 2013) -------------------------------------------------------------New content and features * Changed API from SDL to SFML - The game should run much smoother on most syste ms * New inventory system which is easier to use, and requires much fewer keyboard commands to learn * Inventory items are color coded and sorted according to item type and name * New skill system - Instead of ranks there are separate abilities, each with th eir own name. Some abilities have prerequisites * In-game options menu * Some features in the game can be examined (by pressing [a]), to be interacted with in various ways - this includes tombs, cocoons, chests and cabinets * Added a new trait called Mythos knowledge (MTH) - this determines your insight a bout the mystical and hidden forces - increases damage dealt to all bizarre, ali en, mystical and shocking creatures - raises spell casting chance - at a certain level of MTH, you gain a powerful spell * Monsters can trigger traps, and you can kick monsters into traps * New spell casting system * Changed the way monsters cause shock. Previously you would take a big hit on t he first turn that you see the monster, then smaller hits for each turn. Now the shock taken starts at 0 instead, and increases slowly. This gives more opportun ity to retreat, or to take down the monsters swiftly before taking too much shoc k. * The player character and monsters have a life bar (only visible while wounded) * The searching skill (now called Observant ) no longer increases your chance of fi nding a secret door, instead if gives a chance to mark walls (you find a clue ab out a secret passage) * Added Strange devices - a new item type which causes various positive effects to occur while active, but may malfunction or break * Added Electric Lantern - lights up darkness while activate, but may flicker, mal function or break * Added Potion of Sorcery - sets casting chance for all learned spells to 100% * Added Potion of Knowledge - increases Mythos knowledge * Added Manuscript of Azathoth s Blast - damages and paralyzes all visible creatures * Added Manuscript of Identify - identifies a random unknown item in your inventor y * Added Manuscript of Opening - opens all doors, chests etc around you * Changed Potion of Clairvoyance to a manuscript, and gave it a new effect * Merged all manuscripts that casts negative status effects into Manuscript of En feeble Enemies * Added an alarm trap * Added a monster summoning trap * Added status effect Weak - melee attacks does minimum damage, decreased carry we ight limit, cannot bash doors, lower physical status resistance, and other effec ts * Improved postmortem/memorial information - Removed the decorative graveyard fr om the intro level, instead there are gravestones scattered along the path to th e church. These graves represent the top highscore entries, and have inscription s that can be read using the [l]ook command. Added date and time to the highscor e entries and graves. Postmortem info is always kept (in text files with charact er name and timestamp) * Iron spikes can also be used as (bad) thrown weapons * Flares light up a circular area of darkness (the flare s field of view), instead of lighting up the whole room * Carrying a lit flare lights up darkness around you, and you can walk around an d fight while holding it * Burning monsters lights up a small area of darkness around them * Most non-human monsters can now see in darkness

dart and spear traps can be poisoned * Attacking unarmed causes a punch-attack Graphics * Nicer looking main menu. it will explode when it hits the ground) * Ranged weapons spawned on the floor have random amounts of ammo loaded. items and m onsters (thanks to Christopher Barrett. it will be dropped (if it s a Molotov. it may also hit a second creature standing directly behind the f irst * After a certain dungeon level.Now. etc) * If you wield a machete and step into a spider web.further cells are rend ered darker (monsters are always drawn at full brightness though) Balancing * Made changes to the AI to make it act less irrational and more aggressive. and it looks cool when they discover you and start moving fast * Becoming aware of the player by looking counts as an action for monsters (to g ive the monsters some reaction time instead of attacking instantly). I hear a gur gling noise . slowed or burning has a moderate hit chance bonus * While paralyzed. though you may still be gunned down instantly if you alert the monsters beforehand (e. additional paralyzing effects are prevented (creatures with s uch an attack could very easily paralyze you permanently) * Knockback causes confusion * Sadistic/Masochistic obsessions makes shock unable to go below a certain perce nt (instead of increasing the shock rate) * Taking damage causes a small amount of shock (if not masochistic) * The Incinerator (Napalm launcher) now use clips (3 rounds) instead of single s . you will instantly cut down the web * A monster shot with a flare will take damage each turn.* If becoming paralyzed while holding a lit Dynamite. fainted. and made it default * The typewriter font is fully available for ASCII mode * Shadows have a new tile. if the shot hits a human sized creature and the shot is lethal. confused. this makes stealth tactics more powerful . or stuck has a very high hit chance bonus .g. paralyzed. aka Oryx) * Added a new cave wall tile and general trap tile (thanks to Christopher Barret t. aka Oryx) * Added new magical trap tile (thanks to Agata Skrzypczyk) * The popup boxes have new border graphics (thanks to Christopher Barrett. with a new logo (thanks to Agata Skrzypczyk) * The Windows version has an icon (thanks to Agata Skrzypczyk) * Added clean 16x24 font for tiles and ASCII mode. and the box and text layout is much nicer looking * Unaware monsters have blue backgrounds instead of a blue underscore * Added a secondary wall tile occasionally used as alternative (purely aesthetic al) * Added an atmospheric fade effect to the field of view . instea d of always full * Hitting a monster with a medium or heavy melee weapon now makes noise (alertin g other monsters) * Reloading while blind or terrified risks fumbling and wasting the turn * If healing is aborted.melee-attacking a creature who is blind. you are partially healed (if a minimum number of turns have passed) * Added phrases for many monsters ( I hear the flapping of great wings . in particular it won t run back and forth between melee attacks or pass attack opport unities as much as in the previous version * Made non-player aware monsters skip every second turn (they don t move at full s peed if nothing exciting is happening). Molotov cocktail or Flare. and may eventually cat ch fire (instead of exploding in flames on death) * Rewritten shotgun code . and there are new tiles for new features. aka O ryx). by making noise) * Melee-attacking a creature who is unaware.

2012) -------------------------------------------------------------* The narrative is in first person perspective * Added new 16x24 font (typewriter) . item knowledge * Reading/drinking an unknown manuscript/potion and failing to identify it adds {tried} to the name * The name of your currently wielded weapon and missile weapon is shown in the i nterface * Melee damage is no longer shown in the interface for ranged weapons. but not the gun) * Merged bash and kick to one command.hots Usability * Added titles to most popups * Character info screen (accessed with [@]) gives more info . and added it to the postmortem i nfo instead. even though it was useless) * Removed some useless attack messages ( I fumble . hit chance and loaded ammo i s displayed * Phobia effects no longer occur while healing (it could cause huge number of qu eries for canceling healing) * Messages about status effects ending no longer queries for canceling healing * Unload command also works for picking up ammo (convenient when you want to get all the ammo dropped from a monster.0 (September 15. 2012) -------------------------------------------------------------* The Incinerator is a medium weight weapon * The Toughness ability also gives a hit point bonus * Lowered starting hit points from 16 to 14 * Fixed: There was a situation that put the game in an infinite loop (not respon ding) * Fixed: The player color updates immediately after healing (instead of the turn after) -------------------------------------------------------------v13. as well as showing the total number of kills * Removed support for multiple save files * Switched colors of gas traps and teleport traps.combat stats.1 (September 20. [b] * Esc and space also works as no for all y/n prompts * Esc works as alternative quit command (same as [Q]) * Attacking a monster in melee with a ranged weapon causes a warning prompt (can be turned off in the options menu) * Armor disappears when dropping to 0 protection value * Disease temporarily lowers your maximum HP. instead of making you rapidly lose HP down to a certain limit (with the old method it was always possible to heal yourself. resi stances. gas traps are now magenta and teleport traps are cyan Bug fixes * Nuclear batteries occasionally spawned with the wrong weight (reported by Surr ealistik) * Turn number is now stored in the save file -------------------------------------------------------------v13. It was a great hit!!! ) Miscellaneous * Removed kill count info from the look screen. and vice versa * When [l]ooking at a weapon on the ground. damage.

2012) -------------------------------------------------------------* Linux version * The game should use a lot less CPU power * Smoother rendering in certain cases (e.0 (May 27.merging. and there is a carry limit * Improved hit chances of heavy weapons to compensate for their weight * Thrown items makes sounds when hitting hard surfaces * Increased number of different items that can be carried * Special rooms does not cause shock. 2012) -------------------------------------------------------------* Game crashed when loading a game while "blessed" or "cursed" -------------------------------------------------------------v12.1 (June 9.2 (June 10. and renamed it "Potio n of the Cobra" * Teleport traps displays a popup instead of log text (it was difficult to react ) * Open doors in ASCII mode uses ´ symbol (to differentiate from missile weapons) * Damage per turn from burning is reduced * Fixed: Explosions crashed the game in certain situations * Fixed: Status effect countdown did not occur on some turns * Fixed: "High ceiling rooms" could spawn monsters outside the room * Fixed: Armor durability and clip ammo count were not stored in save files -------------------------------------------------------------v12. Spells can now be identified/memorized when cast from a manuscript (removed studying) . each lvl grants one skill pick * Improved Healing (rank 2 heals disease. and added a different system for casting chance * Items have weights. balancing. this is instead tied to the map features * Fortitude reduces shock by a fixed percent (instead of randomly blocking it co mpletely) * The turn number is displayed in the interface * The player character is colored magenta when shock gets high * The player character is colored dark red when HP gets low * Reduced number of skill ranks in general. rank 3 regenerates hp over time) * Better rules for if player with phobia is considered to be in open or cramped spaces * Merged potion of reflexes and potion of aiming into one. 2012) -------------------------------------------------------------* New map generator * A character screen (@) with info about skills and mental conditions * Reworked skill system .g. It also gives a dodge bonus now * Reworked magic system. no flickering when blinded) * Blue colors are brighter for better visibility -------------------------------------------------------------v12.* Nicer looking main menu * Removed the "Arcana" skill. grouping * New skill: Mobility (occasionally get free turn when moving) * Some monsters can use the sneaking and backstabbing skills * Monsters can sometimes spawn on an earlier depth than normal * 3 new monsters * A couple more spells that monsters can cast * New weapon: Spike Gun * Merged wear and wield command * It is now possible to use ranged weapons while Terrified (with a hit penalty).

can be used to light up dark rooms * The skill system uses ranks again (instead of percentages) * Renamed the "Reloading" trait to "Weapon handling" and included chance for ins tant wield or swap * Merged the traits "Spot traps" and "Spot secret doors" into "Spot construction s" * New ability: "Spot items" . removed that option from the conf ig file -------------------------------------------------------------v11.1 (December 14. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------* The 16x24 font is fully available in ASCII mode * Fixed a bug that prevented monsters from stepping on corpses * Fixed a bug that allowed saving anywhere * Removed spirit points (sanity is now the only "resource" needed to cast spells ) * The ghosts touch attack now causes slowness instead of draining spirit points * Ghosts can no longer use their touch attack while unaware of the player * Worm masses can no longer spawn worms from their corpses * Lowered the effects of Dodging.2 (December 19. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------* Tile set * New font (16x24) * New time system (easier to predict how much the monsters will move between you r turns) * New item: Flares .0 (December 13. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------* Added a Flare Gun * There was some problems with the map in the postmortem screen * The 16x24 font is unfinished for ascii mode.* New status effects: Blessed/Cursed (bonus/penalty to all rolls) * Darkness gives shock instead of the room (so lighting up a dark area with a fl are removes the shock) * HP bonus per level is fixed instead of random * Armor durability % is no longer shown in the interface (only the protection va lue) * Replaced graves in the dungeon with tombs * Hunting horrors (deepest monsters) are somewhat weaker * Fixed a bug that prevented hit chance bonus vs unaware monsters * Removed and merged some redundant scrolls and potions * Quaffing a potion of stealth also causes all monsters to forget you * Fixed a bug that allowed explosion graphics to be rendered in unseen cells * The number of dungeon levels has been reduced from 30 to 25 -------------------------------------------------------------v11. Fortitude and Toughness * Chances for scrolls and potions spawning is a bit higher * Slightly reduced the damage from spear traps find more items * Merged the traits "Evade melee" and "Evade traps" into "Dodge" * Removed the "Alchemy" trait and included potion identifying in "Arcana" instea d * Removed the trait "Composure" and included shock resistance in "Fortitude" ins tead * Better formula for chances to study scrolls (smoother increase) .

1 (November 19.2 (November 20. full damage (heav y). or scrolls and potions. which makes it less effective > Armors are named "Name [D%. where D=Durability.increases max Spirit Points > Arcana .0 (November 19. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------* The game crashed when dying from drinking a potion of scorching (changed it so you can't die from it) -------------------------------------------------------------v10. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------* Casting spells from manuscripts drained spirit points -------------------------------------------------------------v10. 'x' for casting from memory. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------* The game is winnable * New armor system: > Armors provide different amount of protection from different damage types (phy sical. and vice versa for firearms (th e split didn't add anything to the game) * New abilities: > Spirit . * First aid can not be started if a monster is seen. bad aga inst physical) * New magic system: > Scrolls (now called manuscripts) can be studied to be identified or memorized (to cast them at any time) > Chance to identify or memorize depends on the language ability > Casting spells from memory drains Spirit Points. it can also cause miscasts wi th negative effects > The 'R'-key is used for studying texts.* Fixed a bug that caused the 'get' command to crash the game after loading a sa ve file * Decreased the HP of all monsters -------------------------------------------------------------v10.Chance to get free turn (light weapons). etc) > Armors can be damaged. AP]".gives better chances to cast spells from memory without failure > Technique (melee) . AP=Damage reduction (vs physical) > Armor stats are shown in the character info lines * New armor type: Asbestos suit (very good against certain damage types.Chance to get a free turn when reloading firearms * 7 new monsters * 6 new potions * "Treasure rooms" with armor and ammo. that are usually secret. and is automatically aborte d if one appears * Special rooms occur less often * Less pop-up descriptions when entering special rooms (I found them extremely r epetitive once you know them) * Mi-Go electric guns cause paralysis * Added missing messages for wielding and wearing things * Attacking an unaware monster in melee makes it aware even if you miss * The Incinerator's dmg description is "?" (less misleading than showing the pro . fire. or random bonus (medium) > Reloading . electricity. and 'X' f or casting from manuscripts * The melee abilities are merged into one again.

edit config. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------New features * A new font image added (11x19).Used for identifying scrolls. Automatics) > You assign points instead of ranks > The skills are ordered in groups (e. > Lore(Language) . Stealth = Sneaking and Backstabbing) > Putting points in one skill gives half the amount to all other skills in the s ame group * New skills: > Lore(Alchemy) .g.2 (October 16. not the actual identification) * You lost iron spikes if you tried to jam an open door -------------------------------------------------------------v9.jectile impact damage) * Removed some stuff from the character info lines to make room for new things * Pools no longer slows you down (it didn't work very well) -------------------------------------------------------------v9. etc should always ask for direction * Melee attack for fire hounds * Command to "un-wield" missile weapons (M) Fixes & changes * The command to show the message log is now 'L' (used to be 'M') * Cultists can drop scrolls and potions .Used for identifying potions." even when the effect was obvious.txt to use it Fixes & changes * You can no longer wait ('s') while you see an enemy * Missiles always landed at the end of their path (even if it hit a monster alon g the way) * Fixed some grammatical errors * Added a missing message (related to jamming doors) -------------------------------------------------------------v9. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------Fixes & changes * Fixed a faulty message when throwing potions on monsters ("it had no apparent effect.0 (October 12.g. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------New features * Linux version * Modified and expanded skill system: > Some skills have been split (e.. Pistols. 'Bash'.. Only the message was wrong though. * 2 new unique monsters * 4 new common monsters * Some more monster spells * Doors can be jammed with iron spikes (j) * Kick attack (k) * Some attacks causes knock-back * You can throw potions * New symbol for walls (full square) * Option for wall symbol (full square or '#') * Option to skip intro-level * Option for if 'Close'. Firearms->Shotguns.1 (October 13.

. and starts a bit higher Disease lowers you to 3/4 HP instead of 1/2 HP Not all room entrances have doors Much lower masochism bonus (you could grind xp endlessly) Claustrophobia can not happen next to chasms The stairs could be hidden by certain things created by the special rooms More convenient configuration file (easier to choose font image) New AI for Fungi from Yuggoth (to avoid an exploit) The map is regenerated if too small Prevented chasms from making unreachable "islands" Fixed some code that may have made the game less stable -------------------------------------------------------------v8. acid.1 (September 24.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * Potions and scrolls can spawn stacked Fixed a problem with save files messing up identified potions Messages in pop-up boxes are duplicated to the message history screen HP is raised more when gaining new levels. causes shock) > Acid (does damage) > Mud (much slower walk speed. dodge penalty) > Blood (slower walk speed. doge penalty. Counts up from 0% . heavy dodge penalty) > Chasm (only flying creatures can pass) > And a few more.. * New symbol for gravestones * New symbol for impassable rubble Fixes & changes * "SAN" (sanity) changed to "INS" (insanity) in the interface.0 (September 20. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------New features * Potions (14 types) * 6 new scrolls (some old scroll effects are now potions instead) * Special rooms with descriptions and various effects * Some rooms give temporary shock (restored when leaving) * New trap: Spider web * Flying creatures actually fly (can fly over chasms. etc) * New terrain types: > Water (slower walk speed. The values are called "insanity" and "shock" (or stress) * Insanity increases when shock reaches 100% (instead of randomly happening when shock is high) * The backstabbing skill gives highest dmg +50/100/150% extra dmg (was +50/100/1 50% added to rolled dmg) * The XP info in the interface is of the format LVL: [level] NXT: [xp remaining for next lvl] * Disease last much longer (but there are two types of potions that removes dise . 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------New features * 2 new unique monsters * The tab key performs a melee attack vs an adjacent monster Fixes & changes * The FoV is more permissive with walls (especially corridors and corners) * Default aim position is at last monster attacked * If there is only one adjacent door. the 'close' command does not ask for direc tion -------------------------------------------------------------v8.

. insanity events) is shown in a pop-up box instead of the messa ge log (they were too easy to miss) Fixes * Lower monster spawn rate * Removed hunger (the sanity system made it redundant) * Animals listen for sound * +1 or 2 HP when levelling up (randomly) * More HP restored when levelling up * Using the 'fire' command while aiming at yourself cancels the aiming mode * Scroll of corruption can not take you to 0 HP * Removed the "It was a scroll of" message when reading unknown scrolls * Much higher shock from reading and identifying scrolls * Toughness increases HP instead of decreasing damage taken * You can no longer use the throwing attack while "Terrified" -------------------------------------------------------------v6. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------New features * Insanity * High Score * New explosive weapon: Molotov Cocktail .1 (August 29.ase) * Sadism does not decrease shock for killing LVL 1 creatures (rats. and very slightly coloured blue * The line under unaware monsters is blue instead of white * When reading a scroll of summoning. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------New features * Save function * Sneaking (unaware creatures are marked with an underscore) * Backstabbing ("You stab the Cultist covertly with a dagger") * Entry for sneaking and backstabbing in the manual * Three new level-up bonuses to choose from * Slot for prepared weapon (for fast switching) * More insanity effects (including permanent effects) * The back-story is written in the game * Some text (e. the scroll identity is always revealed * Fixed a typo when reading scrolls -------------------------------------------------------------v7. spiders..) * A bug caused monsters to cast spells even while unaware * Smoke was not erased when switching level * Unseen cells are darker than in previous versions.0 (August 5.0 (August 25. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------Fixes * Every melee attack was presented like a back-stab (only the message was bugged though) * Fixed a horrible horrible bug that prevented the player from dodging melee att acks * CPU usage % should be much lower * The inventory can store more items * Windowed mode is now the default -------------------------------------------------------------v7.g.

This value is now 1% * Monsters give less xp (to compensate for spawning) * The "Melee" and "Firearms" skills now only gives better chance to hit * Safeguard against accidental quitting -------------------------------------------------------------v4. the character info did not show damage taken until the player could move (now it updates for each hit) * Cancellation commands in some places where they were missing * Rewrote level up-bonus description text -------------------------------------------------------------v5. This gives slight ly better hit chance with firearms and thrown weapons.or -.0 (July 12. Slowed * Some rats and clawing zombies are diseased (attack causes disease). Ghouls alw ays cause disease * Some Cultist Acolytes can cast a few spells (very rare).0 (July 24.* New thrown weapon: Rocks * Explosions destroy walls and doors (destroyed walls may leave rocks) * Pressing the wait command gives status "Still" for one turn. * A wait command can also be made with the period (.) key (as well as the '5'-ke y) * Menus can be navigated using the movement keys and enter (as well as typing a letter) * Alternative commands for diagonal movement (PgUp/Home/End/PgDwn -. Some Mi-Go (Fungi) ca n cast spells (somewhat rare) Fixes: * Fixed a bug that caused unique monsters to sometimes spawn more than once * The minimum value for any skill roll was 5%. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------New features: * Monster spell casting * New monsters * Throwing weapons * Postmortem information * A command to print the postmortem info to a memorial file * Player can name the character * New status effects: Diseased.arrow keys + shift/ctrl) * New status effect: Fainted * One new monster * The tombstone screen has a command to quit the game Fixes * The game restarts smoother (doesn't restart the renderer when going to main me nu) * Zombies leave no corpse the second time they are killed * The pre-set player name is empty instead of "Player" * While paralysed. causing hidden things to be found much too easily even without "Alertness". 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------New features: One unique monster Fixes: * Much better map (no dead end corridors) * Changed healing back so you spend a number of turns to apply first aid (instea d of healing at stairs) .

2011) -------------------------------------------------------------New features: * Traps * A command to trigger known traps on purpose * Secret doors . their +damage is seen (if they hav e it) * Firearms have effective range limits (half damage beyond it). it often barely hu rt you) * Cultists fire their weapons more often * All monsters have slightly higher hit chance * Fixed a bug that caused enemies to spawn inside your field of view * Fixed a minor problem with the field of view (too many wall cells were reveale d in some circumstances) * Cultist anger phrases were too infrequent in the previous version * Reading scrolls now causes your turn to end -------------------------------------------------------------v3. Medium weapons get no bonus * Varying damage (pluses) on spawned melee weapons * When looking at melee weapons on the floor.0 (June 23. With light you get a free turn. When attacking there is a chance for a bonus depending on class. heavy d o maximum damage. 2011) -------------------------------------------------------------New features: * More monsters * Pump-action shotgun * Monsters spawn while you are on the level * Hit points are restored only when climbing the stairs (except for rare methods such as scrolls and potions) * Melee weapons are classed as light. medium and heavy.* +2HP at level up instead of +1 * Better dodge chance from Agility * Monsters spawn faster. the line drawn w hile aiming is green inside the limit and yellow beyond it * When holding lit dynamite.0 (July 9. prepare to get overrun if you dwell on the level :-) * All monsters of the "Reanimated" variety spawn a level earlier. the messages tells how many turns are left on the f use * Explosions leave smoke * More pre-defined rooms Fixes: * Much balancing of weapons and monsters * Changed the names of some weapons * Fixed a bug with machine gun weapons (killing a monster caused the following b ullets to hit the floor where he stood. Now machine guns are more effective agai nst rows of monsters) * Shotgun shells spawned on the floor can be more than one shell * Fixed a graphical bug with gas traps * Fixed a graphical bug with smoke * Teleport traps are added to the "remembered" map when you are moved * Reduced spam from Cultist anger phrases * Death occurs on 0hp instead of -1 * Confusion is less random * Some small improvements to the interface -------------------------------------------------------------v2. * Raised the damage of the Tommy Gun (when cultists fired it.

* Monsters sometimes drop stuff when they die. dynamite fuse.* * * * * * * * command to wait for 10 turns (useful to search for hidden things) New level up bonuses to choose from New status effects New terrain type: smoke Armor (a bit crude so far) Different First Aid (not item based) Starvation is not lethal (but still very dangerous) Expanded the command list screen to a brief manual Fixes: * Much better looking explosions and projectile hits * The in-game quit command returns to the main menu instead of shutting down the game * Monsters roam the map more * Message if an item drops where you stand * Removed bouncing of thrown items (it felt too unpredictable) * Fixed some grammatical errors -------------------------------------------------------------Old changelogs from before the game was named Infra Arcana -------------------------------------------------------------Feb 7. * One item per tile. * New items: More melee weapons. Their effect and true identity are unknown until you try them (and only if their effec t is visible and obvious to the player character). lighting dynamite fuse and throwing now costs turns. You are hit. * Message when you stand on an item. 2011 * There are incantation scrolls with mysterious titles that you can read. * Added several log messages related to throwing. There are a decent n umber of types in the game already. * Identical log messages show number of repeats. Healing items. (Especially handy with Shotguns. You are hit. You throw a lit dynamite stick. (E)You hear an expl osion. Dec 1. * Corpses blow up from explosions (can be used to prevent zombies from rising). death screams f rom explosions and other things.(x3)" * The log prompts for "[MORE]" if next message doesn't fit. * Command for unloading ammo from a gun on the ground ('u'). * In-game command list.) . * New skill: Dodge & Evade. Before: You are hit. * New enemy: Wolf. It takes fewer key-presses to use now. Now: "You are hit. * Projectile symbol depends on direction fired (used to be '/' for all direction s). * Dynamite explodes in your hands if you hold it too long. * New inventory interface. Items dropped on other items "roll" to the nearest free cel l. instead of repeating the messag e itself. * Firearms on the ground have white symbol if they have ammo loaded. all scrolls of that type are always known. This creates a nice "explosion"-effect when monsters die. * Pressing the fire command when no ammo loaded attempts a reload instead. (E)You hear agonized screaming(x4)" * Picking up items. 2010 * Big rearrangement of the interface. "You light a dynamite stick. Once you learn the true ident ity of a scroll. * Items are found in the dungeon (not only dropped from killed monsters). otherwise g ray.

resulting in more intuitive behaviour such as: > A rat can't block your shot when you aim at a human-sized target. > Projectiles can miss their target and hit someone behind it instead. * Added some nice things to the forest-level > Crypt that you climb out of." et c * Blindness affects skill rolls. > You can aim the Napalm Launcher at the ground. and you can wait with the lit dynamite in hands if you w ant. Tommy Gun * New enemies . Sep 19. It can slice you with its sickle."It bites you!". When the fuse runs out the dyna mite explodes for massive area damage.Fanatic. Aug 25. * Fixed a graphical glitch with Tommy Gun and Tesla Cannon.Hehehe * Monsters are placed in groups at world generation . 2010 * Smarter AI > Some monsters will search for you if they saw you. 2010 * Gargoyle . * Merged Firearm-slot and Melee-slot . but when it swoops down to claw at you it must pause for a short w hile. it can bounce off walls. * Phantasm When it goes ethereal you can't attack it. and you load one shell at a time. you have " Wielding". > Graveyard. * Napalm launcher . It's much faster than you when moving. * Predefined rooms that appear randomly. though i t prefers melee.Now you can be chased by a horde of zombies.* The interface always shows info for the wielded weapon both as a firearm and a s a melee weapon. * Corpses/Gore (depending on force of attack) * Zombie-corpses can rise again.Instead of two separate slots. * Reloading The shotgun has a capacity of two shells. Ranged attacks have rules for what character sizes can be hit . When you throw it. The gargoyle can also fling bones. * Fixed some problems with keyboard input and the game directory Oct 5. Zealot * Player visual memory . It can also use the sickle to project evil spirits at you. * Staircases cannot be hidden by corpses.Tesla Canon. * Characters have size data. 2010 * New weapons . > Some will communicate about where to search. "You hear gunfire.I'm happy with the behaviour of this one. > You reach the dungeon/underworld through the cellar of a ruined church. . * Various balancing/behaviour fixing. and vice versa. Firearms can also be used in melee to buttstroke enemies. > Some will listen for sounds. Nov 23. 2010 * Dynamite You can light the fuse. Cult its reload their shotgun when they need to.Things outside your field of view are seen as your char acter remembers them. * Blindness affects messages . * Napalm Launcher explosion also sets creatures on fire.