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Major Project Synopsis

“Automated Wireless Community Meter Reading”
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Concept This project is aimed at a solution that provides easy. This system will comprise of     A Precision Digital Energy Meter using AVR and Zigbee interface for high speed data transfer. It is very much required that an automated meter reading system must be evolved so that the process of recording of energy consumption in households and industry can be made easier and accurate. Tumkur-03 2 . Handheld Device which will be used as buffer to collect data from meter wirelessly and transfer it to computer. Siddaganga Institute of Technology.Automated Wireless Community Meter Reading [2012-2013] Automated Wireless Community Meter Reading 1. Introduction With growing population and number of houses it is very difficult to measure and record power consumption in urban areas. Skyscrapers make it still difficult for manual meter reading as it is time consuming and prone to human errors. Precision Digital Energy Meter Wireless Network Protocol Wireless Network Protocol Figure 1: Concept Department of ECE. A Wireless Network Protocol or WNP which will use a dedicated protocol to transfer recorded itemized data through Zigbee. cost-effective and accurate Automated Metering System or AMS. 2. Software Backend which will be hosted by a computer and collects and itemize data in organized fashion.

as well as measure AC energy consumption in kilowatt-hours (or watt-hours). Designing of Handheld device using ARM interfaced to SD card. Figure 2: Digital Meter Block Diagram The power-supply subsystem supplies DC power to the other subsystems. Making Software Backend for PC to be used with this system. Design The design of this project will consist of four stages. a. The microcontroller and A/D subsystem acquire data and compute power readings that are then displayed by the LCD subsystem. instantaneous and average. 0–1200 W. Tumkur-03 3 . and it should be easy to hook up.Automated Wireless Community Meter Reading [2012-2013] 3. Digital Energy Meter The digital energy meter measures AC power. This Department of ECE. Upon completion the project will be an industrial compliant system complete to be introduced for potential customers in market.     Designing a digital energy meter using PIC. Figure 1 shows how the subsystems link together. Siddaganga Institute of Technology. It provides digital readout of power and energy. The four stages are. Designing of dedicated Wireless network Protocol using Zigbee.

ZigBee devices are often used in mesh network form to transmit data over longer distances. Tumkur-03 4 . and seconds. passing data through intermediate devices to reach more distant ones. telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building. Siddaganga Institute of Technology. Zigbee is a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols using small. low-power digital radios based on an IEEE 802 standard for personal area networks. The remaining mode will display the time elapsed since reset in hours. It is a method by which homes. b. the energy mode will display watthours or kilowatt-hours. The power mode displays the power consumed in watts. Figure 3: Zigbee Protocol Stack The wireless network will use Zigbee for communication. The power meter toggles through these four modes automatically. The average power mode will display energy consumed over time in watts. minutes. with Department of ECE. This allows ZigBee networks to be formed ad-hoc. Wireless Network Protocol Wireless network refers to any type of computer network that is not connected by cables of any kind.Automated Wireless Community Meter Reading [2012-2013] power meter will have four operational modes. Wireless networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. or as a connection between various equipment locations. By accumulating power over time.

Often called SD or microSD cards. Zigbee is targeted at applications that require a low data rate. Applications include wireless light switches. and secure networking. Because SD cards require a lot of data transfer. The hardware SPI pins are much faster than 'bit-banging' the interface code using another set of pins. To get that kind of storage the ARM microcontroller uses the same type that's in every digital camera and mp3 player i. long battery life. Zigbee has a defined rate of 250kbit/s. electrical meters with in-home-displays.Automated Wireless Community Meter Reading [2012-2013] no centralized control or high-power transmitter/receiver able to reach all of the devices. Siddaganga Institute of Technology. Department of ECE. they're really only good when connected up to the hardware SPI pins on a microcontroller. Figure 4: Block Diagram of Handheld Device Data logging requires at least in order of megabytes of storage. they can pack gigabytes into a space smaller than a coin. best suited for periodic or intermittent data or a single signal transmission from a sensor or input device. This data will then be transferred on to a computer using a wired connection. such as Bluetooth. „flash cards‟. Tumkur-03 5 .e. Any Zigbee device can be tasked with running the network. and other consumer and industrial equipment that requires short-range wireless transfer of data at relatively low rates. c. traffic management systems. The technology defined by the ZigBee specification is intended to be simpler and less expensive than other WPANs. Handheld Device The handheld will consist of an ARM based device that will store data collected from all the meters onto a SD card.

The software will receive the recorded file via same dedicated protocol for security risks.15.dat”.” Electronic Design. “Optical isolator computes watts. SPI is often referred to as SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface). two. October 14. and one wire serial buses.  K Sam Shamugham. Data will be stored and printed from same software. Fourth Edition. ISBN 0-7381-3677-5 SS95127 Department of ECE. ISBN 0-13-040864-6. IEEE Standards 802.4. Siddaganga Institute of Technology. week-wise of month-wise manner for presence or detection of any fault.Automated Wireless Community Meter Reading [2012-2013] The Serial Peripheral Interface Bus or SPI bus is a synchronous serial data link standard. Wireless Communication and Networking. The recorded data once received would be available to be observed day-wise. Prentice Hall India. Tumkur-03 6 . “Digital and Analog Communication”. named by Motorola that operates in full duplex mode. IEEE 2003. Fourth Edition. “Op-Amps and Linear I Cs”. New York.S. New Delhi. Woodward. Devices communicate in master/slave mode where the master device initiates the data frame. 2006. Software Backend The software would work in two modes one is automatic another is manual. 4. Prenctice Hall 2002. 2006. Sometimes SPI is called a fourwire serial bus. The software itself is capable of logging data with date and time. it will be developed on windows platform using VB6. References  David A Bell. John Wiley and Sons. d.    W. contrasting with three. William Stallings. Advantage of having data on a computer is that it can be used to publish on internet or send a notification or generate e-bills. It converts the data received to Watt-Hour and logs it in a file at application directory under name of “data. Multiple slave devices are allowed with individual slave select (chip select) lines. 102–103. 1994.