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Competition in the business environment is not only competition between enterprises, but also between the supply chain and supply chain competition, if a aspects in the supply chain problems also have an impact in other sectors.In a changing

environment, the challenges of the supply chain will be more difficult, companies do not have to keep up with the pace of development of the supply chain should be phased out finale.

The following are five key supply chain management challenges and how we help supply chain professionals address them.








Administration(FDA) to solve the five biggest supply chain challenges
2.1 Customer service
Effective supply chain management is the right Place at the right time, the right conditions, the right products and reasonable price.Today, whether it is the United States or abroad, to sources of increasingly diversified and blurring. In June of this year, the FDA Secretary proposed a "leading global product safety and quality," the report, including the proposed new imported overseas food and medicine as well as outsourcing products.

2.1.1 Solutions Developed and maintained by SCC members, the Supply Chain Operations Reference

and clinical research activities. 2. under the pressure of the operating costs of the supply chain freight prices rose more customers around the world. Metrics and a narrow subset of lower level process. the expanding medical expenses. U. pharmaceutical company currently imports 80% of bulk drugs. the research and development of the United States forward move overseas. SCOR 1 indicator is a strategic. how to transfer production and clinical trials to new areas to develop the relevant policies. To control costs. and to adapt to the growth of the global market. SCOR metrics designed to combine the performance attributes of the supply chain.1 Solution: Indicators to measure how the success of an organization. usually across multiple SCOR processes.S. For example. making it easier to compare different supply chain and supply chain strategy.It can help supply chain managers to evaluate the product cost.2 Cost control Today. FDA pharmaceutical companies to cut spending and increase R & D productivity. in order to better deal with global issues. high-level measures. it is the foundation to achieve its desired objectives. 2 . performance. new regulatory requirements and rising commodity prices. 2. and develop strategies to meet the needs of new customers.2.(SCOR ® ) model provides a framework for measuring and understanding current supply chain conditions and performance and creates a foundation for improvement. an increasing number of clinical trials in the areas outside of the United States and Europe. The expansion of the production of drugs in the United States and abroad. measures of the supply chain organization can do. technology upgrades. prompted the FDA into a "super" office. there are some of potential indicators. rising labor prices.

2. the manager let internal prejudices. and organizational scale to meet the needs of growing developing markets. personnel capacity of its global supply chain. further improve SCOR 11. and even different departments within the same organization. source specific skills and abilities needed to cultivate future talent and leaders.2.3 Talent As experienced supply chain management.3. and make a conscious choice in accordance with the standards agreed to by both sides to better understand the current performance and opportunities for improvement. as well as supply chain management certificate. you can have a different approach to measurement and communication performance expectations and results. The beginning of the trust. training and development. orphan drug.1 The solution: A member of SCC has developed into a will the SCOR to human resources management. talent recruitment. more and more cooperation including the new drug application for the drug's safety report.4 Supplier / partner relationship management Different organizations. and is becoming more and more important. the FDA and the European Food and Drug Administration (EMA) and site inspection of bulk 3 . They work off the release of SCOR 10. 2. FDA efforts to promote overseas drug regulatory agencies to strengthen cooperative action. job performance measures. Supply chain leaders need a thorough understanding of the role of supply chain management. specific job qualifications. and even organizations around the SCOR framework. emerging countries and regions such as Asia. key competencies. New skills process management framework supplementary reference indicators of reference and practical reference component baseline skills. key skills.

1:The solution The SCOR classification and analysis of the supply chain provides a universal language. faster. based on SCOR planning and risk management. there is often unknown origin.   2. military and non-governmental organizations have found that. In addition. global procurement. and assign responsibilities. more comprehensive identification of potential risks. 2. has also led to an increase in economic crimes. The higher proportion of more and more overseas authorities to participate in the drug regulatory unchecked overseas medical equipment production workshop. the need to supply chain risk identification and quantification. including the introduction of new products. coordinated response and monitor current 4 . accelerate performance evaluation to improve the assessment of best practices.1 Solution All departments in the organization. As people get more and more interested in the online sale of drugs. 2. The FDA said in a report.5. and the ability to maintain the safety of assets and freight. The use of a common language and framework makes it easier for team communication. the temptation for many market participants.drugs.5 Planning and risk management Response to market changes. It can help users to establish rules and policies. such as pharmaceuticals forgery. new acquisitions. the lack of proper supervision and safety protection drugs. deception and deliberate adulteration. supply chain must regularly evaluate and re-design. suppliers and other stakeholders by coordination.4. the economic benefits far outweigh concerns about the health risks to humans and animals. the availability of credit.At the same time. more easily with customers. the need to protect intellectual property rights. a wide range of information exchange. commercial.

assessment and supervision of causing public harm. By international manufacturers. we understand such analysis and restructuring is an ongoing requirement for effective supply chain management. SCC. contractors and drug regulatory authorities to help the FDA identify potential risks signal. 3. 5 .FDA establish a global pharmaceutical air safety standards.It is our mission at the Supply Chain Council (SCC) to aid these efforts by advancing supply chain knowledge and its application to solve real-world problems. The risk is such an important topic. including a special risk part of the SCOR model to address the needs of members.conditions. Conclusions Through the above analysis.