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PROJECT REPORT ON “Promotional Activities of Gold Loan Reference with IIFL Sangli Branch” With special reference to INDIA INFOLINE LTD., SANGLI SUBMITTED TO SHIVAJI UNIVERSITY. In partial fulfillment of the award of the degree of MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUBMITTED BY Ms. Savitri Dinkar Sutar UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Prof. Gurav Mam, Through The Director D.K.T.E. COLLEGE



To, The Registrar, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

SUBJECT: M.B.A. Project Report Respected Sir, I am recommending the project report entitled “Promotional Activities of Gold Loan With special reference to India Infoline Ltd., Sangli” is prepared by Miss. Savitri Dinkar Sutar in partial fulfillment of University requirements for award of Master Of Business Administration

(MBA) degree of Shivaji University, Kolhapur. The matter presented in the project report has not been submitted earlier.


Director DATE:


This is to certify that Miss. Savitri Dinkar Sutar has worked under my guidance and satisfactorily completed the project report in partial fulfillment of M.B.A. course. This work is based on original observations & efforts being submitted under the title of “ Promotional Activities Of Gold Loan With special reference to India Infoline Ltd., Sangli”.

Her conclusions and recommendations are based on the information collected by her during her project work. This has not formed a basis for

Gurav Mam Date: DECLARATION I. College Ichalkaranji Project guide: Prof. Sangli” is a genuine & bonafied work prepared by me under the guidance of Prof.the award of any Degree or Diploma by this University or any other University. . undersigned hereby declare that this report entitled “A Study of Technical Analysis Of commodity Segment With special reference to India Infoline Ltd. Place: D..K.T.E. Gurav Madam & is my original work.

Place: D.T.The empirical findings in the report are based on the data collected by myself.E. This work is humbly submitted to Shivaji University for the award of degree of Master of Business Administration. This work has not been submitted for the award of any diploma or degree either in Shivaji University or any other. Savitri Dinkar Sutar Date: . The matter presented in the project report is not copied from any way the University authority deems to be fit.K. College Ichalkaranji Miss.

is highly grateful to all those who guided me in completing this project. I would like to thanks my Project Guide. Place: ICHALKARANJI Date: . Savitri Dinkar Sutar MBA Student in D. I would like to pay my heartiest thanks especially to Mr. Prof. Dr. First all. I would like to thanks all faculties of DATTAJIRAO KADAM TEXTIILE & ENGINEERING INSTITUTE. Gurav Mam for imparting her valuable guidance to me time to time.T.K. Words can never express the deep sense of gratitude. ICHALKARAJI & all my lovable friends who gave me the useful tips & suggestions regarding project.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I. Miss. Smita Mane for providing his valuable suggestions & kind Co-operation in understanding the work of Research Last but not the least. I feel for our MBA Coordinator. COLLEGE ICHALKARANJI. Director. Subhash Velapure (Branch Manager) who provided me such a wonderful opportunity to do Summer Training and my heartfelt thanks to Project.E. MALI SIR who has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for me. Mrs.

1 2 Company Profile Introduction 3 4 5 Theoretical Background Methodology Objectives 6 Conclusion & Suggestion 7 Bibliography & Appendices . Chapter Page No.INDEX Sr. No.





it is must for a company to have full information about the opportunities available in the market before entering into a new market. He has many vibrant and attractive schems in comparison with his competition in the market.Why This Topic? In today. Hence. an effective survey is required .s competition n the field of business.surveyor has chosen this topic keeping in mind that his survey work will definitetly help the organization in making strategies for marketing and advertising of the products. I have chosen the topic “Adversiting in RELIANCE COMMUNICATION” . This enables the company to exploit the fill potential of the market anf to meet the expectations of the customer.After going through the complete profile of the RELIANCE COMMUNICATION LTD> Survyor knows about the service provided by the RELIANCE.For this purpose.

Table Content .


COMPANY PROFILE “Think big. the company became a distributor for Shell products and Dhirubhai was promoted to manage the company‟s oil-illing station at the port of Aden.Dhirubhai H. Driven by hardship and want.Ideas are no one‟s monopoly. A couple of years later. The second son of a school teacher. In 1949. He returned to . at the age of 17. Besse & Co. Ambani About Sh. he went to Aden (now Yemen) in search of opportunity. he had to drop out of school early. think fast. and worked as a dispatch clerk for A. It was here that he dreamed of setting up and owning a refinery. Dhirubhai heerachand Ambani (the founder of the company) derfamilies. think ahead. Dhirubhai was born in 1932 in the village of Chorwad in Gujarat in circumstances that can best be described as modest. which he later realized with his petrochemicals venture.” .

In 1977.Dhirubhai left for his heavenly abode on July 6. In 1991. Today.In 1966. by far. he changed the name of his company to Reliance Textile IndustriesLimited. and offers the full range of integrated telecom services— at prices that are. 2002. the lowest anywhere in the world. Dhirubhai identified an emerging opportunity in yarn trading and shifted to the new business. a technical team from the World Bank recognised the Naroda mill as one of the best composite textile mills in India and certified it as „excellent even by develope d country standards‟. to set up a textile mill.In 1962. Gujarat. In 1975. At the time. he had taken the first important step in strategic backward integration for Reliance with the commissioning of the Patalganga plant which initially manufactured polyester filament yarn and polyester staple fibre. In the early 80s. he set up Reliance Hazira. Reliance Communications is India‟s largest information and communications services provider with over 20 million subscribers. for the manufacture of petrochemicals—the next link in the backward integration chain. Three years later.India in 1958 to launch his first business venture. the company went public. he purchased land in Naroda. Reliance Hazira represented the single largest investment made by a private sector group in India at a single location. . a spice trading company named Reliance Commercial Corporation.

History Of Origination .

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Board of Director Reliance Group .



approach every endeavor with zeal & an attitude towards excellence. . MISSION: -class communication service provider guided by its purpose to move towards greater degree of sophistication and maturity. We will offer unparalleled value to create customer delight and enhance business productivity.” VALUES: t long term relationship with them. We will also generate value for our capabilities beyond Indian borders and enable millions of India's knowledge workers to deliver their services globally.VISION: “We will leverage our strengths to execute complex global-scale projects to facilitate leadingedge information and communication services affordable to all individual consumers and businesses in India.

• High download speed of heavy email attachments • One-time installation of the dial-up software without the need tochange the dial-up configuration. environment and above all. cts of interpretation and dealings. safety and customer care as the ultimate goal. To be a technology driven. team spirit and creativity to overcome challenge and attain goals. with download speeds up to 144 kbps. Features • Uninterrupted high-speed wireless Internet connectivity.reliability. promote a work culture that fosters individual growth. 3 lakh villages and growing. across10000 towns. efficient and financially sound organisation. • Better surfing speeds. the people. • Hassle-free connection .

The plan advantage • The tariff is inclusive of all charges (the ISP charge as well as theTelecom connectivity charge). • . train or bus.o Connect instantly (No line busy / waiting tone) o Easy to remember username / password (your phone /card number)Enables a user to surf the Internet without being tied down to a landlinefrom any location — your bedroom. • No need for an external or internal modem. hotel room. No need for a separate landline connection. office. drawing room. • No need for an ISP account.outdoors or on the move in a car.

One free e-mail account (with a 10 MB mailbox) and 2 MB of webspace • A choice of prepaid and postpaid options to suit your usageneeds • Use of data cards to make voice calls and send SMS RELIANCE POSTPAIDSFIXED WIRELESS PHONES Current models CDMA .





Photon .