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Timothy van Praag 8DWR English Date Due: 26/04/2013 Date Submitted: 01/05/2013

Teenagers spend too Much Time on Electronic Devices. Argue

Teenagers are becoming lazier and are doing less work than they did only a few years ago. teenagers are spending too much time on electronic devices. Phones are an example of this as they emit radio waves which can cause cancer and tumours to grow in the tissue nearest to the phone while it is being used. touch phones and gaming consoles seeing plenty of sales all around the world. This is a nearly threefold increase from the 110 million users in 2000” says the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association. “As of 2010. you may or may not see this as a major problem. It is also proven to have the effect of a bad attitude on people. Depending on how you view the issue. Celia Hall states: “The amount of physical activity has fallen by 46 per cent in girls and by 23 per cent in boys over the past five years”. with iPods. Argue In today’s society. there were more than 303 million subscribers to cell phone service in the United States. While these are all valid arguments some might also say that it is necessary for work and communication. This could be the reason for the growing number of people being diagnosed with cancer and tumours. This is the cause of . If teenagers spent less time on electronic devices such as phones there would undoubtedly be less health issues facing today’s young people.Teenagers spend too much time on electronic devices. Some of the reasons it can be a major problem are the health issues that can occur not to mention the time factors that it can have on people such as wasting their time and being addicting. There is currently more access to electronics than ever. Electronics have been proven to be dangerous and even lethal to one’s health. It has been proven that using electronic devices for too long can cause people to develop a bad and unhealthy attitude.

Wi thout technology we would not be at the scientific or technological level that our nation is at today. When asked why he did it he claimed that he needed the money to play his online game. Electronic games can cause people to become continually distracted and addicted to the games. . Many other stories have the same general storyline as this one where people have gone to the extreme to be able to play their game. communication and security. others may say that technology is necessary for work. While this is true. With these arguments in consideration. air traffic controllers need technology to make sure planes are safe and don’t collide with each other. In addition to this it may also raise the levels of self-respect. It can cause people to kill others and murder family members over what are literally just pixels on a screen. While both the above statements are entirely valid and true. It would reduce so many cases of diseases and mental health issues and would undoubtedly lower the amount of deaths caused by gaming addictions. technology can also be bad for one’s mental wellbeing. An example of this could be when a Vietnamese teenager killed an 81 year old woman for $6. fitness and good attitude in teenagers. it is fair to say that teenagers should definitely play and use less electronic devices to reduce the many risks and dangers exposed to teenagers of the current generation.20. university and other higher educational establishments.the declining success rate of entry into TAFE. For example.

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