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UNIT DIMENSIONS AND ERRORS 1. One nanometre is equal to a) 109 mm

b) 10-6 mm

c) 10-7 mm

d) 10-9 mm


A micron is related to centimetre as b) 1 micron = 10-6 cm a) 1 micron = 10-8 cm The SI unit of universal gas constant (R) is a) Watt K-1 mol-1 b) N K-1 mol-1 Stefan's constant has the unit b) kg sec-3 °K-4 a) Joule metre-2 °K-4 The unit of temperature in S.I. system is a) Degree centigrade b) Degree Celsius Joule X sec is the unit of a) energy

c) 1 micron = 10-5 cm

d) 1 micron = 10-4 cm


c) J K-1 mol-1

d) erg K-1 mol-1


c) Watt metre-2 °K-4

d) Newton metre sec-1 °K-4


c) Kelvin

d) Degree Fahrenheit


b) momentum

c) angular momentum

d) power


The dimensional formula for latent heat is b) M L T-2 a) M° L2 T-2

c) M L2 T-2

d) M L2 T-1


The dimensional formula for r.m.s. (root mean square) velocity is a) M° L T-1 b) M° L° T-2 c) M° L° T-1 The dimensions of electrical conductivity are b) M L3 T3 A2 a) M-1 L-3 T3 A2

d) M L T--3


c) M L3 T-3 A-2

d) M2 L3 T-3 q2

10. If C and R denote the capacity and resistance, the dimensions of CR are a) M° L° T-1 b) M1 L° T c) M° L° T d) not expressible of MLT.

11. The dimension of universal Gravitational constant is a) M-2 b) M-1 L3 T-2 12. The dimensions of voltage in terms of MLTA are b) M L2 T-3A-2 a) M L2 T3A-1

c) M-1 L-3 T-2

d) M L2 T-2

c) M L2 T-3A-1

d) M L2 T-3A1

13. E, m, J and G denote energy, mass, angular momentum and gravitational constant respectively. Then the dimension of E J2 / m5 G2 are a) angle b) length c) mass d) time 14. From the equation tan θ = v 2 / rg , one can obtain the angle of banking θ for a cyclist taking a curve. The symbols have their usual meanings. We can say that it is a) both dimensionally and numerically correct b) neither numerically nor dimensionally correct c) dimensionally correct only d) numerically correct only

then total percentage error is a) (α a − β b + γ c)% b) ( α a + β b + γ c)% c) (αa − βb − γc) % d) None of these . where x2 − x1 d) M 0 L2 T −1 n1 and n2 are number of particles per unit volume for the value of x meant to x2 and x1. the dimensions of CV2 are a) Not expressible in MLT b) M L T −2 c) M 2 L T −1 d) M L2 T −2 i2 are 23. A dimensionally consistent relation for the volume V of a liquid of co-efficient of viscosity h flowing per second through a tube of radius r and length l and having a pressure difference p across its end is a) V = π p r 4 / 8ηl b) V = π η l / 8 p r 4 c) V = 8 p η l / π r 4 d) V = π p η l / 8 l r 4 17. If a physical quantity is represented by X = Ma Lb T -c and if percentage error in the measurement of M.Here. L. and a. the dimensions of L a) M L2 T −2 b) Not expressible in MLT c) M L T −2 d) M 2 L2 T −2 24.inductance. Then error in the measurement of volume is a) 1% b) 5% c) 3% d) 8% 15. The dimensions of 'a' are a) M L5 T −2 b) M L−1 T −2 c) M 0 L3 T 0 21. Identify the pairs a) Torque and work b) Angular momentum and work c) Energy and Young's modulus d) Light year and wavelength 18. b and t +c b T LT L LT c LT2 L T T2 20. The dimensions of the quantities in one (or more) of the following pairs are the same. R are constants. The equation of state of some gases can be expressed as  p +    a   (V − b ) = RT . The combinations which have the dimensions of frequency are a) 1/RC b) R/L c) 1/ LC d) C/L 19. The dimensions of a. T the V2  d) M 0 L6 T 0 absolute temperature.β% and γ% respectively. If V denotes the potential difference across the plates of a capacitor of capacitance C. v = at + c are a a) b) c) d) L LT2 LT -2 L 2 b . V the volume. C and R represent physical quantities . b.www. P is the pressure. The number of particles is given by n = −D n2 − n1 crossing a unit area ⊥ to X-axis in unit time. L and T are α% . capacitance and resistance respectively. If L denotes the inductance of an inductor through which a current i is flowing. Error in the measurement of radius of a sphere is 1%. The velocity v ( in cm/sec ) of a particle is given in terms of time t ( in sec ) by the equation.IITwikipedia. find dimensions of D called as diffusion constant a) M 0 L T 2 b) M 0 L2 T −4 c) M 0 L T −3 22. The dimensional formula for impulse is same as the dimensional formula for a) momentum b) force c) rate of change of momentum d) torque 16.

1 32.IITwikipedia. the maximum percentage error in the measurement of x will be a) c) FG ∆a × 100%IJ / FG ∆b × 100%IJ Ha K Hb K FG ∆a + ∆b IJ × 100% Ha bK b) d) FG ∆a × 100%IJ × FG ∆b × 100%IJ Ha K Hb K FG ∆a − ∆b IJ × 100% Ha bK 36. If the value of r is 10. The least count of a stop watch is 1/5 second.. Of the following quantities. the percentage error in x can be ± 13% b) ± 7% c) ± 4% d) ± 1% 33. which one has dimensions different from the remaining three ? a) Energy per unit volume b) Force per unit area c) Product of voltage and charge per unit volume d) Angular momentum per unit mass 27. y = -1. A spherical body of mass m and radius r is allowed to fall in a medium of viscosity h.030 V 30.8 % c) 1. y = 1. z = 1 z e ro in te g e rs 35. The time of 20 oscillations of a pendulum is measured to be 25 seconds. The percentage error in the measurement of time will be a) 0. a student makes a positive error of 1% in the length of the pendulum and a negative error of 3% in the value of time period. N divisions of vernier scale coincides with N .1 c) 1/ N d) 1/N . then the maximum error in the measurement of the density is a) 9% b) 7% c) 5% d) 1% 29.029 V d) 35. y = 1. If P represents radiation pressure. If the maximum errors in the measurement of mass and length are 3% and 2% respectively. c and then x is calculated as x = ab / c . c are 2 3 ± 1%.8 % d) 8 % 31. ± 3% and a) ± 2% respectively.845 ohm and the value of current is 3. In a Vernier calliper. z = -1 b) x = 1. The dimensional formula for coefficient of viscosity is a) M L2 T −2 b) M L−1 T −1 c) MLT −1 d) M 2 L−2 T −1 34.0 V c) 35. c represents speed of light and Q represents radiation energy striking a unit area per second. y = 1. b.63 times the terminal velocity (v) is called time constant (t).1 % b) 0. the potential is 35. then nonx. z = 1 d) x = 1. are a) x = 1. If the percentage errors in a.23 amp. The least count of the instrument should be a) N b) N . If x = ( a/b ).02935 its value in significant number would be a) 3.50 V b) 35.www. z = 1 c) x = -1. y and z. The density of a cube is measured by measuring its mass and the length of its sides. Dimensionally t can be represented by mr 2 a) 6πη b) FG 6 π m r ηIJ H g K 2 c) m 6 π ηr v d) None of these 28. An experiment measures quantities a. The time in which the velocity of the body increases from zero to 0. His percentage error in the measurement of g by the relation g = 4π 2 (A / T 2 ) will be a) 2% b) 4% c) 7% d) 10% .com 26. such that Px Qy cz is dimensionless. While measuring the acceleration due to gravity by a simple pendulum. b.1 divisions of main scale (in which length of one division is 1 mm ).

8j c) 6i + 8j (d) 5 2 . A boat which has a speed of 5 km/hr in still water crosses a river of width 1 km along the shortest possible path in 15 minutes. the resultant of which cannot be zero a) 10.j B cos θ d) i B sin θ + j B cos θ b) a polar vector c) an axial vector d) linear momentum 42.www.00 cc b) 44. 20 d) 10. The work done is a) -22 units b) 22 units d) 0 units. Another vector B. A truck travelling due North at 20 m/sec turns West and travels at the same speed. Out of the following sets of forces. The relative velocity of the boat with respect to water is a) 8j b) -6i . A river is flowing from west to east at a speed of 5 metres per minute.j B sin θ 41. The water in the river is moving with a velocity .0 cc c) 44 cc 39.76 cc. wants to swim across the river in shortest time. the maximum percentage error in the measurement of x will be a) c) FG ∆a + ∆b IJ × 100% Ha bK FG ∆a + ∆b IJ × 100% H a − b a − bK b) d) FG ∆a − ∆b IJ × 100% Ha bK FG ∆a − ∆b IJ × 100% H a − b a − bK d) 0.IITwikipedia. 20. capable of swimming at 10 metres per minute in still water. A point of application of a force F = 5i . The volume of 25 such spheres ( according to the idea of significant figure ) is a) 44.3j + 2k is moved from r1 = 2i + 7j + 4k to r2 = -5i + 2j + 3k. If x = a . The vectors A and B are such that a) 0° b) 60° G G G G | A + B |=| A − B | then the angle between the two vectors will be d) 180° d) B × C G G c) 90° 47. 10 b) 10. when each force is making an angle of 2π / n with the proceeding one. Let A = i A cos θ + j A sin θ be any vector. is a) zero b) nF c) F/2 d) nF/2 50. 10. He should swim in a direction : a) due north b) 30° east of north c) 30° west of north d) 60° east of north 43. 20 c) 10. The velocity of the river water in km/hr is a) 1 b) 3 c) 4 d) 41 44. Then the change in velocity is a) 40 m/sec North West b) 20 2 m/sec North West c) 40 m/sec South West c) 11 units d) 20 2 m/sec South West 48. 49. Which one of the following has not been expressed in proper units c) Energy = kg × m/sec a) { Stress / Strain } = N/m2 b) Surface Tension = N/m d) Pressure = N/m2 40. 10.3i . The vector A is parallel to a) B b) C c) B • C G G G G G G 46. 20. Three vectors A. The vector sum of n coplanar forces. A man on the south bank of the river. each of magnitude F.44 × 102 cc 38. Angular momentum is a) scalar b) i B cos θ + j B sin θ c) i B sin θ . B and C satisfy the relation A • B = 0 and A • C = 0 .4j with respect to ground.b. A boat is moving with a velocity 3i + 4j with respect to ground. The volume of one sphere is 1. which is normal to A can be expressed as a) i B cos θ .com 37. 40 45.

38. 29. 47. c c a d a b c c 5. 14. 24. 23. 21. b. 9. 20. 27. 34. 22. d a b c c d 6. 46. 17. 49. d a a a d a b d c 3. 26. b a a c b c c b a 2. 41. 33. 18. 25. 31. 19. c b a.IITwikipedia. 10. c c a. 13. 28. 48. 45. 30. 7. 37. 39. 11. 42. 50. 40. 8. c a a d d b c d 4. 15. Answers 1. 43. 12. 36.www. 44.c c b c c a . 35. 16.