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1. Title of Lesson: Citing Sources/Grade 6 (part of a Social Studies unit on Roman Republic and Greek Democracy) 2.

Lesson Duration: October 29 (Part I on Monday, 88 minutes) October 30 (Part I on Tuesday, 88 minutes) October 31 (Part 2 on Wednesday, 45 minutes) 3. Learning Objective I am able to accurately cite resources I use for research using online citation machines such as EasyBib. 4. Performance Task I will create an accurate and complete bibliography in MLA format that is related to my research on the Roman Republic and Greek democracy using EasyBib. 5. Tool to assess performance A checklist/rubric to assess the bibliography 6. AASL Learning Standard Skills 1.1.4 - Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions. Skills 2.1.4 - Use technology and other information tools to analyze and organize information. Skills 3.1.4 - Use technology and other information tools to organize and display knowledge and understanding in ways that others can view, use, and assess. Responsibilities 1.3.1 - Respect copyright/intellectual property rights of creators and producers. Dispositions in Action 3.2.3 Demonstrate teamwork by working productively with others. Self-Assessment Strategies 1.4.1 Monitor own information-seeking processes for effectiveness and progress, and adapt as necessary 7. HCPS III Standard 1 TECHNOLOGICAL DESIGN: Design, modify, and apply technology to effectively and efficiently solve problems 8. Resources used in the lesson Powerpoint Presentation EasyBib Online Ms. Ds website links on voting and Greek democracy Self-assessment reflection piece

Smartboard 9. Instructional Procedures Day 1 -Review behavioral expectations. -Importance of citation Hook/Visual example -Introduce/provide an overview of EasyBib. -I will model how to cite various web sources using EasyBib. Model using Ms. Ds site links on voting. Then as a class, we will practice citing a couple sources using EasyBib. Give them a few examples to work on independently or with neighbors until the majority of class gets it. -After each citation practice, come together as a class to discuss questions, findings, and challenges regarding citing sources through Easy Bib. Day 2 Instruction: -Have students open two tabs. -Practice on KMS links (2-3) -Demonstrate how to export to MW and how to align to the right, but dont have kids do this part. -Review TO DO LIST. Remind kids to reference this LIST all day long during period and to follow it well. -After going thru list, OPEN up ROOTS OF DEMOCRACY with kids. -Let kids do assessment. -Citation(s) will be submitted for grading. -Students will complete self-assessment reflection. To-Do for GT class: 1. Easy Bib Quiz: a. Choose any two of the first four websites in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 to cite using EasyBib. b. Create two citations using Easy Bib. Proofread your citations. c. Copy and paste those two citations onto MW document. Be sure to include your name, date, and period in the top right hand corner of your document. d. Print out your two citations. Turn in to the green basket. 2. Do self-reflection sheet at your desk. Turn in to the green basket. 3. Explore Brain Pop or other articles on Ms Dyrensborgs website. To-Do for Non-GT classes 1) Easy Bib Test A. CREATE a citation for Roots of Democracy in Quarter 1 B. Proofread for capitalization and spelling. C. Click on PRINT AS WORD DOC. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR MS WORD. OPEN D. Type your name, date, and period at top right hand corner

E. PRINT your citation. F. Turn in to Green basket. 2) Explore Brain POP when done with test. 10. Assessment/Samples of student work I will append 3-4 samples at varying proficiency levels. Students will successfully complete the objective when they submit their completed citation sheet to the teacher and complete the self-assessment reflection piece.
Citation Checklist Exceeds __I created a citation with zero spelling or capitalization errors. All MLA components are accurately included. Meets __I created a citation with 1 spelling, capitalization, or MLA component error. Approaches __I created a citation with 2 spelling, capitalization, or MLA component errors. Didnt Get It __ I created a citation with 3 or more spelling, capitalization, or MLA component errors.