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October 18, 2012

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Undoubtedly our group is a responsible group and helps each others. MEHBOOB HUSSAIN who gave us keen knowledge on KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT. MEHBOOB HUSSAIN who gave us opportunity to select members for our group as a mental satisfaction. This is the whole credit goes to only Mr. We are thankful to our teacher Mr. 18 .ACKNOWLEDGE MENT F irst of all we are grateful to ALLAH ALMIGHTY who gave us ability to work significantly on this report. We admire the group members who work together all the time and available when they were called.

SANIA FAROOQ MUHAMMAD IHSAN UL HAQ ADNAN ASLAM KHAN NADEEM AKHTAR AKHTAR HUSSAIN CHUGHTAI DEDICATION This Report Is Dedicated To Who are always a source of love. Whose love and prayers always accompanied us and guide us like a shining star whenever we were in darkness and enable us to reach this stage. affection and inspiration for us. 18 .


5 Tehsil Officers and other officials. Chowk Azam and Kot Sultan. ADMINISTRATIVE SETUP The Tehsil Municipal Administration is a body corporate and consists of the Administrator. Tehsil Municipal Officer. The area of Layyah city is 22 sq. 2011. Tehsil Municipal Administration was established under Punjab Local Government Ordinance on August 14. Tehsil Layyah has 23 Union Councils. Administrator is the head of Tehsil Municipal Administration and exercises all functions and powers as have been assigned to him under the Ordinance.INFORMATION SHARING TECHNOLOGY USED SUGGESTIONS REFERENCES 16 16 17 18 TEHSIL MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION LAYYAH INTRODUCTION Layyah was given the status of Municipal Committee in the year of 1887.e Layyah. ADMINISTRATOR Zaffar Abbas Bhatti District Officer (Revenue) 18 . Km & area of Tehsil Layyah is 1582 sq. There are three CO units i. The Tehsil Municipal Officer is acting as coordinating and administrative officer in-charge of the Tehsil Officers. Km. Most of the area is sandy. TMA covers all the Tehsil area including Rural Union Council and Urban UC.

O (R) T.O (I&S) = Tehsil Officer (Chief Officer) = Tehsil Officer (Finance) = Tehsil Officer (Regulation) = Tehsil Officer (Planning & Coordination) = Tehsil Officer (Infrastructure & Services) 18 . He is also Revnue Officer District Layyah.O (C.O (C. College Lahore District Okara Walking & reading Newspaper HIRARCHY OF TMA Administrator (ADC) Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO) Tehsil Officers T.O (I&S) T. TEHSIL MUNICIPAL OFFICER Muhammad Zubair Wattoo Since: Qualification: Native: Hobby: 16-05-2008 Graduation from Govt. He has taken over the charge of Administrator TMA Layyah on 26-02-2010 by order of Punjab Govt.O) T.TMA Layyah is headed by Zaffar Abbas Bhatti Administrator.O (R) T.O (F) T.O (P&C) T.O) T.O (P&C) T.O (F) T.

ADC = Additional District Collector TMA OFFICE TMO IN HIS OFFICE 18 .

There are following spatial planning.TMA MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS PLANNING SPATIAL PLANS Spatial planning refers to the methods used by the public sector to influence the distribution of people and activities.  Construction of buildings  Utilization of Budget  Getting feedback from the public for making plans  Specifying the commercial and non commercial areas  Mention the industry area  Mention the rural & urban areas  Making the plans for new budget  Planning for imposing new tax 18 .

ORGANIZING 1) TEHSIL OFFICER (CHIEF OFFICER) Layyah city is divided into 2 sectors and 13 sub sectors. Chief Officer is responsible for solid waste management. From main city to Rivaj Hotel will be urban area.O Finance will issue funds for every purpose. T. DEVELOPMENT PLANS TMA execute and manage development plans. INDUSTRIAL / RURAL AREAS It is also mentioned that which area is for industry. receipts and any other function entrusted to his office by the Administrator/ Tehsil Municipal Officer. PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP A very important feature of the Devolution Plan is the participation and involvement of non-elected citizens in the development process in their respective local areas. Chief Officer.  Planning and decisions are rational. petrol. street lights. 2) TEHSIL OFFICER (FINANCE) TO shall be officer in-charge of the Finance Office and shall be responsible for budget. Planning for imposing the fine  Every planning will be made after feedback and then MPA’s. Administrator and TMA will approve it. Boundary will be specified between rural and urban area. repairing of instruments. Onward the area will be rural. purchasing of assets etc. Sanitary Inspector is in charge of sectors. He will make the budget book and record the funds issued for TMA. revenue. 18 . Sanitation Darogha are in charge of sub sectors.

Then the data will be compiled and new schemes will be launched. He will also conduct the survey and will get the feedback from the people like shops keepers. T. For example roads in front of BZU Bahadur Sub campus and Thana Saddar Layyah are residential. properties. regulations. There is no permission for construction of Plazas and shops in these areas. He will also specify the areas which are commercial or non commercial. rules. 5) TEHSIL SERVICES) OFFICER (INFRASTRUCTURE AND 18 .O (P&C) is responsible for utilizing the portion of budget for developments. 4) TEHSIL OFFICER (PLANNING & COORDINATION) TO shall be officer in-charge of the Planning Office and shall be responsible for spatial planning and land use control. T. enforcement of relevant municipal laws. building control. including plans for land use. estates. journalist.O (P&C) controls the buildings which are constructed. TMA prepare spatial plans for the tehsil in collaboration with Union Councils. He acts like a Magistrate. management of municipal lands. not commercial. facilities and enterprises. He will also fine the people if they throw wastes in front of their doors. doctors. construction without permission or map and even if employees disobey rules in the office. businessmen etc. lawyers.3) TEHSIL OFFICER (REGULATIONS) TO shall be officer in-charge of the Municipal Regulations Office and shall be responsible for licensing. zoning and functions for which the Tehsil Municipal Administration is responsible. coordination of development plans and projects with Union Administration. Village and Neighborhood Councils and other local governments and any other function entrusted to his office by the Administrator/ Tehsil Municipal Officer. He will authorize the maps for constructing the buildings.

sanitation and solid waste management. regulate affixing of sign-boards and advertisements. fairs and shows. TMO performs the following duties. recreational events. (2) In matters of policy and important decisions. TO also organize sports. slaughter houses. cattle fairs and cattle Markets. transport stations. stops. street markings. engineering and management including traffic signaling systems. park services. stands and terminals. the Tehsil Municipal Officer shall obtain approval of the Administrator before communicating such matters and decisions to the Provincial Government. signs on roads. MEETINGS 18 . LEADING TMA is the leader and after that TMO leads the officers. and any other function entrusted to his office by the Administrator/ Tehsil Municipal Officer. fire fighting. cultural. and traffic planning. open spaces. (3) The Tehsil Municipal Officer may call for any case or information from any office of the Tehsil Municipal Administration. playgrounds. street lighting. (1) The Tehsil Municipal Officer shall perform such duties and functions as have been assigned to him under the Ordinance and these Rules. roads entrusted to Tehsil Municipal Administration. sewerage. drainage.TO shall be officer in charge of the Infrastructure and Services Office and shall be responsible for water supply.

Eligibility and no adverse marks will also be checked. as the case may be. (i) Important pending cases. under the control of an office. He shall pay special attention to: (i) Compliance with the Rules. (ii) Security arrangements. Then the most senior clerk will be promoted first. They will also discuss. If someone thinks that he is not promoted with all requirements. standing instructions and orders and office directives. Alphabetically every MPA will call a meeting in which they propose the schemes. (ii) Specific problems calling for general expression of views or exchange of ideas. 18 . then he can go to Appellant & Authority. equipment and stationery etc. and (iv) Proper use and care of property. CONTROLLING INSPECTION BY TMO The Tehsil Municipal Officer shall inspect the working of offices in Tehsil Municipal Administration once every six months. made a District Coordination (Committee) whose members are elected MPA’s. (iii) General office management. and (iii) Questions of general interests concerning the Tehsil office or the Chief Officer unit. . For example senior clerk will be promoted to Head Clerk seat when there is vacant seat of Head Clerk.Govt. PROMOTIONS Promotion will be given that time when there is a vacant seat.

doctors and any organization or NGOs in the Tehsil area. 19 crore. DUMPING SITE There is only one dumping site near Railway lines.  Budget call letter will be issued to Press Club. There is no land fill site or compositing plant.  Issue budget call letter till September and then making the draft budget which will show that what will be the activities (development programs) in the next year. 52% of the budget is spent on non development programs like salary of employees. These wastes are household waste. STREET LIGHTS 18 . Govt. Data will be compiled and analyzed and then Draft budget will be presented to Administrator in April and finally will be issued in new financial year. Bar. bills and miscellaneous expenses. non elected people. commercial waste and animal dung. Budget is issued after this process. SOLID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Solid waste generation in Layyah city is approximately 55 tons per day. 10 crore and remaining Rs.TMA BUDGET Total budget of TMA Layyah is 29 crore rupees. TMA Layyah collects by its own sources. Layyah Mandi and Transfer of property from the public. provides Rs. TMA collection efficiency is approximately 52% of Layyah city. hospital waste. Other source of budget of TMA Layyah is Chowk Azam Mandi.

They cannot do any decision on their behalf.TMA is providing street lights services in urban area of Layyah city.  Ladies Park Housing Colony No. They have to follow the rules and regulations made by Government and administrator. Types of lights are Tube light and Sodium light.C 3  Jinnah Park  Family Park  Rescue 15 Park  Jinnah Park Chowk Azam  Children Park Chowk Azam  Fazal Hussain Jhakar Park Layyah City (Under construction) PLAYGROUNDS  Vera Stadium Multan Road Layyah  TDA Colony Ground Layyah STRUCTURE OF ORGANIZATION 1) CENTRALIZATION Organization is centralized. Kot Sultan and Chowk Azam. 18 . PARKS There are following parks providing by TMA. Plans and decisions are made in the committee meeting and employees have to follow it. 2) FORMALIZATION Organization is formal.1  Municipal Ladies Park U.

There is negative mindset in the organization. For example in Infrastructure department. TEAM WORK Tehsil officers have their teams and they watch their teams for work. 18 . 2) CONSISTENCY Consistency refers to well coordination and integration. LEADERSHIP STYLE Decision authority is in the hand of MPA’s or Administrator. Such selected employees show laziness in doing their work. Some officers are pressured and black mail by politicians. People do not act upon the Boss orders properly. 1) INVOLVEMENT There is low involvement of employees in the decision making. TMO creates the coordination between Administrator and Tehsil Officers. So leadership style is autocratic. But decisions are shared with the TMO. BOSS-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP There is no such good relationship because it is a politicized organization. Administrator and TMO. SDOs etc are working under Tehsil officer in shape of team. Politicians are hurdle in the clean work of TMO. Decisions are made by the MPA’s.CULTURE OF ORGANIZATION Culture includes the following traits. People are recruited on politics bases. Sub engineers. 3) INTERFERENCE Politicians interfere in the work of TMO. contractors.

salary bills etc. Beside this survey is conducted for feedback and information is stored.PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM There is a committee who will identify the employees who work better. (2) Government should increase the budget. INFORMATION SHARING Information is shared through email among the officers. (3) TMO should have proper survey of the markets and roads. all information is shared. SUGGESTIONS (1) All officers and officials working in the Tehsil Municipal Administration shall use polite and decent language while dealing with the public representatives and visitors in their offices. Then that employee will be given the award and additional salary. TMA controls the water supply bills. 18 . expenses. TECHNOLOGY USED 1) COMPUTER TRACKING SYSTEM (CTS) Computer tracking software is introduced. 2) FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (FMS) A financial management system is the software that an organization uses to oversee and govern its income. Illegal occupations by the shops on the roads and lands should be removed. In meetings. and assets. Computer tracking software is an application that records everything that is done on the PC. Emails sent can be tracked anytime.

Recycling should be done. (7) There is no 100% collection of solid waste. Street lights. REFERENCES [1] [2] Muhammad Zubair Watto.tmalayyah. (6) Politicians should avoid interfering the organization. TMO. (13) Animals houses should be constructed out of the city area. parks. TMA office Layyah. (9) There should be scientific method for waste material. (14) The number of parks should be increased.(4) Funds should be used properly. (5) Complaint system should be maintained. Proper attention should be given on the beautician of 18 . (8) There should be vast separate land for dumping of waste material. (10) There is difference between the politicians and TMA officers. It should be provided. It should be maximum collection. (12) Composite plant should be provided. So mostly fund is uses in the areas of politicians. (11) Shed for bus and wagons are required at bus stand Chowk Azam. www. 52% solid waste is collected. Politicians want to construct the roads for getting vote. playgrounds and traffic signals should be check regularly and maintenance & repairing of instruments should be in time.