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15 May 2013 • Shangri-La Jakarta, Indonesia
Simultaneous Translation between Bahasa Indonesia and English

Secretary General, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Indonesia

Secretary General, Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia



Director General, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Indonesia

Executive Vice Chairman, National ICT Council (DETIKNAS), Indonesia

Vice Chairman, National Civil Service Agency, Indonesia

Deputy Chairman, Statistic Indonesia

Executive Secretary, The Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics, Indonesia

Head of Centre for Financial Information System and Technology, Ministry of Finance Indonesia

IT Consultant, Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation, Australia

Secretary General, Asia Pacific, The Open Computing Alliance, Hong Kong

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Join us to understand how ICT will reshape Indonesia’s public sector! You will like this Forum because there will be:  Networking opportunities to meet the international government experts from Australia. such as:  Government analytic: How can you benefit from the rise of the executive dashboard and real time feedback?  Data centre & data recovery centre: What are the available solutions for protecting high-value data centre resources and how can you create a robust disaster recovery plan  Cloud: How will cloud computing and data centre consolidation improve the performance of government departments?  Information security: The next generation of e-government services will be mobile .asia/indonesia CONTENTS Overview FutureGov Awards Indonesia Speakers Include Conference Agenda Deep Dive Training Registration Form Click the heading to navigate to the section 2 3 4 6 8 9 OVERVIEW CLOUDY – SECURE – BIG Our 5th annual FutureGov conference in Indonesia is the key gathering point for Indonesian top-level public servants to meet with their international counterparts from Malaysia and Australia to discuss fresh approaches to government modernisation – and find answers to common challenges.but will they be secure? Dr Ir. Indonesia www.Conference: 15 May 2013 Workshop .futuregov. and Malaysia  Panel Discussions allows top-level discussion among peers  Policy makers explaining key government IT programmes and how it affects your department  Latest technology from around the world – see what technologies governments are adopting in Indonesia. Hong Kong.ASEAN and around the world  Hands-on workshop on cloud computing.Leveraging the New GIS App Economy: 16 May 2013 Shangri-La Jakarta. government analytics and information security 2 . Basuki Yusuf Iskandar presenting at FutureGov Forum Indonesia 2012 KEY FOCUS Last year more than 150 senior public administrators and industry thought-leaders attended in order to learn the latest developments of e-government and public sector reform in Indonesia as well as internationally.

BEST MOBILE APP Recognising excellence in a G2G. Indonesia www. G2B or G2C mobile application. storage and distribution of citizen information. www. who is leading the charge to modernise their organisation.futuregov. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Recognising excellence in the efficient capture. or equivalent. Recognising vision and project management excellence in technology deployment. Judged by the Editors of FutureGov magazine. TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP EDUCATION ORGANISATION OF THE YEAR Recognising excellence in education administration.the FutureGov Awards have now become the biggest celebration of public sector excellence in Asia Pacific. transparent and effective eProcurement platform. GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION OF THE YEAR Recognising excellence in public administration – at central. SERVICE INNOVATION Recognising excellence in providing a new and valuable government-to-citizen or government-to-business service.Leveraging the New GIS App Economy: 16 May 2013 Shangri-La Jakarta. state. enabling the judges to highlight a broader range of deserving agencies in FUTUREGOV AWARDS INDONESIA For over seven years government. E-GOVERNMENT Recognising vision. PROCUREMENT PROGRAMME OF THE YEAR Recognising the programme that creates an efficient. This year’s FutureGov Awards Indonesia are an offshoot of these longstanding FutureGov Awards. the winners in this year’s FutureGov Awards Indonesia were drawn from across Indonesia’s public sector in the following categories. local or city government Winners of the FutureGov Awards 2012 3 . HEALTHCARE ORGANISATION OF THE YEAR Recognising excellence in hospital administration.Conference: 15 May 2013 Workshop . CIO OF THE YEAR Recognising the CIO.futuregov. education and healthcare organisations from across the region have been recognised for their successful modernisation . innovation and project management excellence in electronic government services.

D Secretary General Ministry of Education & Culture. GEOFFREY DENGATE ICT Consultant Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation. Australia GOVERNMENT CLOUD What is the future of your data centre? Learn more about the impact of cloud computing on your data centre infrastructure . data ownership and data sovereignty.MBA. Indonesia INFORMATION SECURITY PROF. How should government best meet the challenge of ‘Big Data’? The centralised management of government information can lead to more effective analysis and policy planning for government departments. DR IR ASHWIN SASONGKO Director General Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. learn more about the Ministry of Education and Culture’s success in implementing modern IT governance across Indonesia.and on the issues you need to focus on before using cloud computing: security. With responsibility for over 230. Indonesia OPENING KEYNOTE PROF. PH. ZAINAL A HASIBUAN Executive Vice Chairman National ICT SPEAKERS INCLUDE DR IR. Indonesia GOVERNMENT INTEGRATED DATA CENTRE Cyber attacks and cyber crime are increasing for all Indonesian government organisations. Learn more about the importance of Information Security in Indonesia’s public sector .Conference: 15 May 2013 Workshop .000 schools and other education institutions.Leveraging the New GIS App Economy: 16 May 2013 Shangri-La Jakarta. Disaster Recovery Centres and Information Security. Indonesia www. Indonesia IT GOVERNANCE Learn more about the priorities of KOMINFO to develop effective ICT policies for Indonesian government organisations as the FutureGov Forum Indonesia conference focuses on the importance of Data Centre Consolidation. AINUN NA’IM.futuregov. 4 .and how KOMINFO’s new Information Security policies will affect your department. Learn more about the plans to develop the Government Integrated Data Centre (GIDC) using a datawarehouse approach to store data from central and regional government agencies. BASUKI YUSUF ISKANDAR Secretary General Ministry of Communication and Information.

Hong Kong GOVERNMENT CLOUD What have been the challenges of building a new Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre? How do you consolidate your Data Centres without disrupting services for users? Is your Data Centre secure? Find answers to these questions in the experience of BMKG in our Data Centres Panel Discussion. Climatology and Geophysics. I believe that the knowledge of how to run the public sector in Indonesia will SPEAKERS INCLUDE DR ANDI EKA SAKYA Executive Secretary The Agency for Meteorology.Conference: 15 May 2013 Workshop . Harahap Head of Information System Development Division. FutureGov Forum Indonesia was an interesting event due to lots of top level speakers.futuregov.” “ Rudy M.and what can government departments do to use cloud computing safely? Learn more about the best practices of government cloud services from around Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. and participants who are the key officials from government organisations. Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) A packed conference room at FutureGov Forum Indonesia 2012 5 .Leveraging the New GIS App Economy: 16 May 2013 Shangri-La Jakarta. With the conference happening every year. Indonesia www. Indonesia DATA CENTRE & DISASTER RECOVERY MICHAEL MUDD Secretary General Open Computing Alliance. How secure is the cloud .

legal 6 .00 am Case Study 11.20 am Keynote presentation DEVELOPMENT OF GOVERNMENT INTEGRATED DATA CENTRE Using the “Data Warehouse Approach“ to consolidate government data 2. Indonesia 1.Leveraging the New GIS App Economy: 16 May 2013 Shangri-La Jakarta.50 pm International Keynote Presentation CYBERSECURITY 9. data privacy. etc  Addressing concerns around CONFERENCE AGENDA: WEDNESDAY 15TH MAY 2013 8.45 am Case Study 12.40 am Case Study 10. ASHWIN SASONGKO Director General Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.D Secretary General Ministry of Education and Culture.45 pm Live Audience Response 1. power. system administrators.05 am VIP Welcome Address DR IR. PH. Indonesia Live Audience Response 11.25 pm Case Study 1.Conference: 15 May 2013 Workshop .35 am Live Audience Response 9.40 am 9. Indonesia 9.05 pm Keynote Presentation IMPORTANCE OF INFORMATION SECURITY DR IR.15 am Keynote Presentation IT GOVERNANCE: CASE STUDY ON EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS IN INDONESIA PROF.10 pm Case Study 2.00 am Registration and Morning Refreshment 8. BASUKI YUSUF ISKANDAR Secretary General Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.00 am Live Audience Response 9. Indonesia 11.MBA. AINUN NA’IM. ZAINAL A HASIBUAN Executive Vice Chairman National ICT Council.futuregov.30 pm International Keynote Presentation GOVERNMENT CLOUD How to maximise use of the Cloud  Cost savings through reduced need for Data Centres.50 am Chairman’s Address CHRIS WHITE Conference Director FutureGov Asia Pacific  How to centralise data across central and regional agencies  The benefit of a Government Integrated Data Centre  Next step: identifying pattern and big data analytics PROF. Indonesia www.05 pm Networking Luncheon 1.00 am Morning Networking Break 11.

Hasibuan Vice Executive Chairman.Leveraging the New GIS App Economy: 16 May 2013 Shangri-La Jakarta.40 pm FUTUREGOV AWARDS CEREMONY 4. Indonesia 7 . Sharing the experience of technology development [means] our officials are more open to positive insights about the future form of government. new insight. Climatology and Geophysics. Zainal A.futuregov. spirit.15 pm Live Audience Response FutureGov is an oasis of new ideas.50 pm Afternoon Networking Break 3. Indonesia GEOFFREY DENGATE IT Consultant Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation. I hope I will always be able to join FutureGov activities. Indonesia ICT Council (DETIKNAS). data ownership  Case Study from the Queensland government and universities GEOFFREY DENGATE IT Consultant Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation.20 pm Case Study 4. and energy to look forward about how government can improve their performance. Indonesia Panellists DR ANDI EKA SAKYA Executive Secretary The Agency for Meteorology. Ir.” “ Bambang Dwi Anggono Head of Program Plan.20 pm Live Audience Response 3. Australia Full house at the FutureGov Forum Indonesia 2012 PROF.25 pm Panel Discussion DATA CENTRE & DISASTER RECOVERY CENTRE How should a government agency respond if its Data Centre is immobilised in a natural disaster?  Creating a robust disaster recovery plan Moderator JAMES SMITH Managing Editor FutureGov Asia Pacific I am very pleased with FutureGov Forum Indonesia.” “ Prof. Indonesia www.55 pm Case Study 4. Ministry of Communication and Information CONFERENCE AGENDA: WEDNESDAY 15TH MAY 2013 jurisdiction. Indonesia 3.Conference: 15 May 2013 Workshop .50 pm Chairman’s Closing Remarks 2. ZAINAL A HASIBUAN Executive Vice Chairman National ICT Council. Australia 4.

programme managers. social media.futuregov. meaningful citizen engagement applications and activities using the new app economy.  A “storefront” approach encourages community networks. and live demonstrations. case studies. attendees will learn the fundamentals of building strong community networks through citizen engagement apps. for the following reasons:  Mapcentric apps provide a comforting context in which to communicate government activities.Conference: 15 May 2013 Workshop . and information system professionals who are seeking strategies for developing engaging. and GIS will find this series helpful.LEVERAGING THE NEW GIS APP ECONOMY: 16 MAY 2013 How do today’s government officials create an environment in which citizens once again look toward government for leadership? The solution lies in the new app and social media economies coupled with geographic information system (GIS) WORKSHOP .  Creating a single Internet destination keeps it simple. Who should attend Elected officials. Indonesia www.  A range of apps can address diverse community needs and interests. What you will learn Attendees will learn strategies and techniques for using mapcentric apps to increase citizen engagement.Leveraging the New GIS App Economy: 16 May 2013 Shangri-La Jakarta. Why you should attend Drawing from research.  Public-private collaboration leads to innovative app development. Deep Dive Training of Singapore government Deep Dive Training in Thailand Deep Dive Training of Philippines government Deep Dive Training in Malaysia 8 .

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