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ENR/ERFS/2604-1/2013-2014 To



Kind Attn: Dear Sirs,

Mr.Shyamsundar. S.

Sub: 5TPH boiler submission of offer- Reg. REF: PERSONAL DISCUSSION HAD WITH YOU
With reference to the above discussion had with you, please find herewith enclosed for the following Annexure for your consideration and scrutiny. ANNEXURE ANNEXURE ANNEXURE ANNEXURE ANNEXURE ANNEXURE ANNEXURE I II III IV V VI MAIN TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION SCOPE OF SUPPLY MAIN EXCLUSIONS BATTERY LIMITS SUB-VENDOR ITEMS –MAKER’S PERFORMANCE CRITERIA


We trust the features and specifications described in the enclosed content sheet to be in line with your requirement and price wise competitive.

We hope you will favor us with your valuable order. Yours faithfully, For ENNAAR ENERGY SYSTEMS

N.Rajamanickam Managing Director. 919843030547.

Ennaar ENNAAR ENERGY SYSTEMS ANNEXURE . Feed Water arrangement a) No.7. GCV of Fuel 7. Operation a. (1 W + 1S) Multistage. ELECTRICAL LOAD ID Fan FD Fan Feed Pump : . Air & gas dampers 8. Heating Surface Area : : : 190 Sq m 10. PRESSURE PARTS MATERIAL SPECIFICATION Shell & End Plates Headers Water wall & Fire tubes Ductings : SA 516 GR 70/ SA 515 Gr 70 : SA 106 GR B : BS 3059 Pt-1 Gr-320 ERW : IS 2062 2 nos. Manual operating leverage.5 HP / 2P : . Continuous discharge thro’ ash feeder below MDC and other ash chutes. of pumps with motor : b) Type : 12.10 HP / 2P Frame-180L Frame-200L . Centrifugal. 11. Type of Fuel feeding 9. Water b. Fuel 5.25 HP / 4P : . Type of Boiler 2.I MAIN TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION : External Furnace Water Wall and Shell Type boiler : 5 TPH (F&A100*C) : 10. Evaporation Capacity 3. : Agro Waste . 4 wire. Fuel c.Brickgates(multi Fuel)Manual Feeding : 185°C (Saturated) : 3500 Kcal/kg with 10% moisture. Manual Feeding. Steam Temperature 6. Manual 1. Vertical 415 V 50 Hz 3 Phase. AC supply. Electrical connection for panel board a) Voltage : b) Frequency : c) Type : 13. : : : : On / Off Mobery Control. Ash d. Working pressure 4.54 Kg/cm2 (g) Safety Valve setoff.

Non-Pressure Parts: .2 Nos.1 NO.Ennaar ENNAAR ENERGY SYSTEMS ANNEXURE . (25 NB) . 2.II SCOPE OF SUPPLY FOR BOILER SCOPE OF SUPPLY: 01. (25 NB) . Blow Down Line Up To Blow Down Valve .1 no. Air Vent Valve 3.1 No.3. One number FD Fan with motor. (20 NB) . . (150 NB) . (15 NB) 1.4. Horizontal Multi-Tubular Shell with Valves & Fittings. Multi tubular vertical 2 pass air Pre-heater with ash chute at the bottom. . Isolation Valve for AWLC 14. Isolation valve for steam pressure gauge 10. Feed Line NRV(Disc Type) 5. Mechanical Dust Collector with ash Feeder .5. AWLC Drain Valve 03. Feed Pump Suction Strainer 16. 1. 02. VALVES & FITTINGS . 1. 3.2 nos.1 no. Blow down valve with key 6.1 no.2. 1.1 Set (10”) (20 NB) (3/4”) . 2 Nos. (40 NB) . . Automatic Water Level Controller 13. (40 NB) . 2.1 No.1. One number ID Fan with motor.2 Nos.1 no. Fusible Plug 15. (40 NB) . Syphon Tube with Flange 11. (25 NB) . Radiant Water Wall Furnace with Bottom & Top Headers. Risers And Down Comers Connecting Shell & Water Wall Headers. Feed delivery line from outlet of feed pump to boiler – 2 nos. Isolation valve for blow down 7. (40 NB) . (25 NB) (1”) (40 NB) .1 No. Forced draught air ducting from FD fan to air preheater and from air heater to Furnace 3. .1 No. Of boiler feed water pumps with motor. 1. Auxiliaries: 1. Water level gauges 8. Header Drain Valve (Water Wall) 12.1 no.MAIN BOILER 1.1 No. Single post safety valve 4.2 Nos. Steam pressure gauge 9. . Main steam stop valve 2.2 set. 1.

Ammeters. . One no. Safety interlocks system. of drain valve. 3.1 No 04. fully prewired free standing combination type control Panel (Non-IBR) with input & output circuits grouped together For ease of connection to power supply consists of. all the fans will trip Unless ID Fan is ON. 1 No.Hooter for alarm annunciation. . Pressure Switch . .Start / stop push buttons.Safety interlocks system. . 4. of Isolation valves and 1 No. of Automatic water level controller with 2 Nos.Alarm annunciation.Starters for motors. If water level is very low. FD Fan would not run Alarm for the following conditions Water level very low Steam Level High FD & ID fan tripped Feed Pump I & II Stoped . .Ennaar ENNAAR ENERGY SYSTEMS Electrical and Instrumentation: 1. .

Fuel / Ash han dling systems. . Insulation of Boiler and Feed water Tank refractory materials for Boilers. first charge lubricants Boiler Shell Pedestal Civil work customer scope. n. Erection fees Feed water tank to feed water pumps Pipes. required to operate the boiler. Fuel. FD Fan with all inter connecting up to Chimney. q. ladder Unloading boiler and all accessories Any other items which are not mentioned specifically in supplier scope Self Supported Chimney Suitable for this Boiler Supply of Feed Water Tank (10KL) and Structural’s Supply of Flue Gas Ducting Boiler to Chimney. Steam Pipe line Labor charges with material Customer Scope c. MDC. h. ID . erection and commissioning of Boiler and accessories like water softening / treatment plant. dosing chemicals. Transport and Transit Insurance IBR Formalities for Registration fees. j. feed water. i. Boiler house civil work and foundation. steam piping etc. Chimney. p. Valves and Strainer Erection of Boiler.III EXCLUSIONS FOR SUPPLY a. Piping’s. Supply. i.Ennaar ENNAAR ENERGY SYSTEMS ANNEXURE . Storage tanks . d. b. m. feed water tank with structural APH. Structural for Water wall.. e. l. g. f. k. Plat form for Boiler Hand rails and Reversing Camper operating plat form with Structural. MDC. o. Incoming electrical connection to the control panel and cabling from panel to individual drives. APH.

Up to outlet flange of Main Steam Stop Valve.IV BATTERY LIMITS FOR SUPPLY STEAM : .Ennaar ENNAAR ENERGY SYSTEMS ANNEXURE . . : .From inlet flange of feed water pump.From Inlet of Fire Door ASH hoppers. DRAIN : . FUEL : . .Incoming and Outgoing main cable connection terminal points Panel.Upto outlet flange of auxiliary valve in steam drum. WATER BLOWDOWN : .Input and output terminals of individual equipments. .Upto Discharge flange of ash feeder below the MDC and other ash FLUE GAS : . : .Upto outlet flange blow down valve. .Upto outlet flange of start up air vent valve.Upto Outlet flange of ID fan.Drain lines from outlet of all drain valves upto ground Level (Terminated at the bottom of civil trench) AIR : . ELECTRICAL in control : .From Inlet flange of FD fan.Upto Outlet flange of air vent & safety valve in steam drum .

2 6.4 6.7 6.1 6.3 6.8 Feed Pumps Motors Main steam valve Other valves Blow down valves Safety valve Water level gauge Control Panel : CRI : Crompton : Utam : Utam : Levcon : Darling Muesco : Attam/uttam : “ENNAAR” : Aksan Air : H. Guru : Infos 6.V SUB-VENDOR MAKER NAMES 6.Ennaar ENNAAR ENERGY SYSTEMS ANNEXURE .9 Fans 6.11 Pressure Switch .5 6.6 6.10 Pressure gauge 6.

8 to 9.Ennaar ENNAAR ENERGY SYSTEMS ANNEXURE . f.8 to 10. Any variation in the specifications of fuel will alter the performance parameters.02 Boiler water analysis in the drums (by customer): Ph value at 25°C : 9. WATER: The performance parameters of the boiler under this offer are based on filtered and treated Water of the following quality being available.25 Total dissolved solids ppm : 1500 Specific electrical conductivity : 3000 At 25°C US/CM Silica Si02 ppm : 10 Sodium sulphate ppm : Nil Alkalinity max. Fuel .VI PERFORMANCE CRITERIA FUEL: The output and other performance parameters of the boiler specified in this offer hold good only if fuel of the following specification is charged to the boiler. ppm : 300 .2 Total dissolved solids ppm : 1. Feed water and boiler water quality: Feed water analysis at the inlet of boiler (by customer): General appearance : Clear & colour less Total hardness as Cac ppm : Nil Oil & organics ppm : Nil Ph value at 25°C : 8.0 Silica Si02 ppm : 0.2 Phosphate residual ppm : 15 .GCV 3500Kcal/kg with 10 % moisture.

39 .7.000/@ Rs. Fabrication & supply of Self support chimney 100Ft Height suitable for above boiler 3.90.Ennaar ENNAAR ENERGY SYSTEMS ANNEXURE –VII PRICE SCHEDULE Thirty Nine Lacs Fifty Thousand only) 2 2.50.Rs.50.25.000/@Rs. Air & Flue Gas Ducting 5. Design and Supply of ERFS 50 x 10. Erection & Commissioning of Boiler @ Rs.54 Kg/cm g Agro waste with above accessories as detailed in our offer would be @.000/@ Rs. Fabricaton & Supply of MS Feed water 8KL With Structurals 4.000/- .90.

Branch Office: No. DELIVERY: . Any change in the above rates of ED & CST rates at the time of delivery will be extra to your account.2006 H.5.30 days from the date of this offer. : Buyer's Scope.Delivery of the boiler will be within 90 -120 days from the date of receipt of your technically and commercially clear order with advance subject to force majeure conditions. Palladam Road. O & Factory : Plot No. 9. Ph : 04294 – 234184/234185 Fax : 04294 . Tirupur – 641 605.: 883973 dt. 3. Ph : 0421 – 2214618 Fax : 0421 – 2212147 E-mail : boiler @ennaarenergysystems. 9843030547.234186 Web : www. Perundurai. Balance Payment with Taxes before despatch against Proforma invoice. 50% advance along with the order. Sipcot Industrial Growth Centre. Mobile : +91 – 98430 – 30547. 2. PERUNDURAI – 638 056.ennaarenergysystems.Rajamanickam Managing Director.Ennaar ENNAAR ENERGY SYSTEMS COMMERCIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. 25% second advance after 45 days. Mobile : +91 – 94437 – 63027 TIN. 3. Vavila Comples. EXCISE DUTY: CST: NOTE: Applicable at the Time of dispatch. Transportation & Transit Insurance 5. BASIS OF PRICE: . 4. For ENNAAR ENERGY SYSTEMS N. : 33302923555 CST No. PAYMENT:1. : C – 1. 2.Ex-works. VALIDITY: . 2% Applicable against C Form. .26.