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TU/e Graduate School 2012-2013

  Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

About TU/e:
- Best Dutch university in Times World University Rankings 2010 - 8500 students, PhD’s and PDEng’s - Open and friendly atmosphere - Personal contact with lecturers and staff - More than 70 nationalities present - English spoken everywhere in the Netherlands - Brainport Eindhoven: the world’s most intelligent community 2011 - TU/e students in high demand among employers

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Designer program
Software Technology
Following your Master graduation, you can continue on to the Software Technology (ST) Designer program within the Computer Science graduate program. High-tech industry needs experienced designers able to design complex new products and processes. A Master degree can give you the requisite theoretical knowledge but it does not provide a lot of practical experience. A Designer program gives you that practical experience, which boosts your market value for industry. You graduate with a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) degree. The Software Technology program begins with a 15-month series of short courses and workshops and short industrial design projects. This is followed by a major in-company design assignment of nine months. The development of software for advanced systems covers a wide range of different aspects. The Software Technology program devotes a lot of attention to the project-based design and development of software for resource-constrained, software-intensive systems such as real-time embedded systems. - Study possibilities: Full-time - Degree: Professional Doctorate in Engineering - Language: English - Times of entry: Once a year (around October 1) - Duration: 2 years - The Technological Designer programs are coordinated in the 3TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute. The institute represents the three universities of technology in the Netherlands and was established in mid-2006.

PhD programs
A PhD study at TU/e typically takes four years. During this period you receive scientific training and, most importantly, you perform research under the guidance of and in collaboration with your supervisor(s). The research areas covered by the sub-department are Algorithms and Visualization, Information Systems, Model-Driven Software Engineering, and Security and Embedded Networked Systems. In each of these areas we have internationally recognized research groups. In the Netherlands, PhD students are (fixed-term) university employees. This means you get a salary, and benefit from all the facilities offered by the department. Successful completion of the PhD program results in a PhD degree, which provides a solid basis for a career in academia or in an industrial research lab. - Study possibilities: Full-time - Degree: PhD - Language: English - Times of entry: All year round - Duration: 4 years -

Computer Science
Innovative software systems are the driving force behind many exciting developments in society, industry, and science. A thorough knowledge of computer science is necessary to design such systems, to make sure they function correctly, efficiently and securely, to analyze their properties, and to understand their possibilities and limitations. A degree in computer science from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) offers you an excellent starting point for a career as a computer-science engineer or researcher in this exciting and fast-moving field. Our educational programs are based on our research excellence in four areas: Algorithms and Visualization, Information Systems, ModelDriven Software Engineering, and Security and Embedded Networked Systems. We have strong ties with industry and with other departments within and outside TU/e, leading to a variety of Master and post-Master programs that offer ample opportunities to both application-oriented and theoretically-inclined students. Within the Computer Science graduate program the following programs are available: Master programs - Computer Science and Engineering - Information Security Technology* - Business Information Systems - Embedded Systems (3TU)
* special Master track within Computer Science and Engineering

Graduate program

Honors program Designer program - Software Technology PhD programs

  Where innovation starts

knowledge transfer. For all Master programs - Study possibilities: Full-time - Degree: Master of Science - Language: English - Times of entry: September or February (Information Security Technology only September) - Duration: 2 years (120 ECTS) - www. And that’s incredibly interesting!” “Embedded Systems is more practical than other programs. which is the hardware side. You will get a broad view of Information Security Technology. this program gives you a solid foundation to be able to design and realize secure and reliable information systems.tue. in the Multimedia pavilion. possibly in collaboration with an industrial partner. legal. which accounts for a quarter of the program. ministries. is carried out in one of the research groups of the Computer Science sub-department. Architecture of Information Systems. This creates a demand for experts who are able to face the challenges of both computer science and industrial engineering. can be carried out in the Electrical Engineering or Computer Science department. The final project. and Security. a spin-off company from the TU/e research group in the area of visualization.” Master programs Computer Science and Engineering The Computer Science and Engineering Master is a flexible program. mobile phones and copiers to cars and medical devices. and we’re making a contribution to that. including Embedded Systems. in which I graduated. While you’re studying you mainly focus on getting your grades. The final project. which accounts for a quarter of the program. ICT services and logistics. MagnaView is located on the campus. System Architecture and Networks. But now I’m really working to help people. The program is new and very topical. The program addresses the significant and increasing need for experts in security. like mobile phones. taking into account organizational. Information Security Technology provides essential tools for secure communication Modern organizations such as banks. because more and more devices and appliances combine both software and hardware. program. Through a balanced selection of computer science and industrial engineering courses. 3TU Master’s degree program The three leading universities of technology in the Netherlands . The compulsory part of the program consists of courses from both computer science and electrical engineering. which accounts for a quarter of the program. and the next I’m on the road presenting it to potential users. for example absence figures. This contributes to the development of all kinds of products that can receive or store images. is of ever-increasing importance. More information can be found at www. faster and of higher quality.TU/e. hospitals.Federation. Everything has to be more economical. My work is incredibly varied. both theoretically and technically. Delft University of Technology and the University of Twente . Databases and Hypermedia. Visualization. healthcare. The protection of electronic data against all kinds of threats. you choose between various courses to suit the program to your own interests. and ethical aspects. Embedded Systems gives you the opportunity to carry out your specialization at either one of these universities. in an attractive way. all the other processes come to a standstill.Computer Science and Engineering Alumnus Martijn Wijffelaars Master Embedded Systems Student Stefan Geuns “I’m now working as product manager at MagnaView. The final project. The compulsory part of the program consists of five core courses to be chosen from eight specialization areas: Algorithms. You can specialize in one of the four streams: business process and from tool-assisted protocol verification to laboratory attacks on networks. in other words the software side. It may sound abstract and complicated. The Business Information Systems Master program unites the competencies of the computer scientist and the industrial engineer. but I find all that practical work and thinking up solutions very interesting. 3TU maximizes innovation by combining and concentrating the strengths of all three universities in research. As a student you are assured of the best education in this field.tue. During specialization. I’m responsible for the management information product for education. education and Honors program The Honors program is aimed at excellent students from one of our Master programs. Formal System Analysis. which accounts for a quarter of the Embedded systems are found in numerous products. The things you make are used to help people. ranging from unauthorized access to malicious manipulation. Software Engineering Technology. giving a broad view of computer science from both a scientific and an engineering perspective and providing ample opportunities for specialization. can be carried out in the Computer Science or Mathematics Embedded Systems Business Information Systems Information Security Technology * * This special Master track is formally a track of the Computer Science and Engineering Master program offered by the Kerckhoffs Institute. TVs etc. The final project.have joined forces in the 3TU. travel companies and webstores are critically dependent on their information system: when it falters. pricing and strategic decisions. We provide graphical analyses that allow schools to visualize large amounts of data. can be carried out in the Computer Science or Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences department. It’s a combination of computer science. and electrical engineering. The rest of the program consists of electives that you can choose from a large collection of courses offered in the eight specialization areas. . This challenging program provides the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the research being done at the department. possibly in collaboration with an industrial partner. insurance companies. possibly in collaboration with an industrial partner. ranging from television sets. the University of Twente and Radboud University of Nijmegen. It is a fascinating discipline with subjects ranging from cryptographic ciphers to operating systems. possibly in collaboration with an industrial partner. More information: - Dual program Science Education and Communication: Master program in combination with one of the Master programs in Computer Science. This interaction demands a new type of engineer who can draw on knowledge of both software and hardware. Together the universities offer five Master programs. Together with fellow students I’ve modified a JPEG decoder such that it can also operate in environments with less resources than a PC. and data protection. The interaction between software (computer science) and hardware (electrical engineering) in these products requires an integrated approach to the design process. a collaboration between the computer science departments of Eindhoven University of Technology. One day I’m working on improving the software product. The core of the program consists of two research projects. I’m involved in marketing. Being a 3TU program.tue. to be done in addition to the regular Master program you are enrolled in. The emphasis in this program is placed on the design of efficient and reliable embedded systems. That requires continuous development and refining of the technology.