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Total Compensation Explanation Reported annually on the Public Sector Salary Disclosure CEO Compensation is determined by the Board through salary surveys and benchmark comparisons with similar hospitals and is divided between a base salary component (approximately 75%) and pay for performance component (approximately 25%). A Committee of the Board recommends a plan for compensation, including performance targets, to the Board each year and undertakes performance reviews with the CEO at six month intervals. Vice Presidents Positions are evaluated using a job evaluation program and assigned to a corresponding salary grid. Progression through the salary grid is based upon hospital anniversary date and is informed by the annual performance reviews by the CEO. Executive compensation program is reviewed by the Board of Directors annually. Base Salary: Sue Robertson, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer: $201,989 Jenny Rajaballey, Vice President, Mental Health, Diagnostics & Redevelopment: $178,853 Barry Cheal, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer: $201,989 Ann Lillepold, Vice President, Human Resources: $171,814 Tina Mah, Vice President, Planning & Performance: $178,853 Dr. Craig McFadyen, Regional Vice President, Cancer Programs (shared position with Cancer Care Ontario): $230,000 Dr. Ashok Sharma, Chief of Staff (shared position with

a defined benefit plan. Note: neither Dr. Sharma nor Dr. The performance based payment is measured against achievement of agreed upon goals and objectives. A parking spot is provided and is charged to the employee.75% of their annual salary. Provided for job specific and leadership related professional development.SMGH): $335. dental and life insurance benefits. Severance is only provided upon termination. The CEO and Vice Presidents are enrolled in HOOPP (Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan). Benefit Allowance Pension Severance Parking Car Allowance/ Mileage Education/ Professional Development/ Professional Association Memberships In addition to extended health. the CEO and Vice Presidents are entitled to a health spending account equivalent to 1. Up to 10% of annual salary. .000 paid to Ashok Sharma Medicine Professional Corporation Performance based at-risk payment As per CEO contract. There are no car allowances provided and work related mileage is paid as per hospital policy for all staff. McFadyen participate in the pension plan. 50% of which is directly related to the achievement of the hospital’s quality Improvement Plan (QIP). Sharma. Note: this does not apply to Dr.