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A Look at the Latest Hot “it” trend by
Cecíl de le nu
By Cecelia Nguyen


Cecíl de Le Nu
About the designer.
The stark, blank walls of the stylish New York City condominium were staring back at me while my host graciously poured me a cup of fragrant tea. “You like jasmine tea, non?” Meet Cecíl de Le Nu. American turned French designer, writer, and artist extraordinaire. Originally from the small town of South Bend, Indiana, de Le Nu earned a scholarship his senior year of high school to Parson’s, the New School for Design where he graduated with a degree in fashion design and subsequently traveled off to Paris, France to study haute couture with some of the haughtiest fashion moguls of our time. 2 “Eet was like fate. One day, when I peeked le accent del François up, my fashion became edgier, more wild, and more genius.” After discovering his inner Frenchman, de Le Nu picked up his bags and came back to the United States to study popular everyday fashions in young women’s clothing in order to become a wellrounded and very successful fashion designer of the haughty brand “de Le Nu”. “Een ‘zis field, one must be one step ahead and be ever so knowledgeable. After I came back to ‘ze U.S. I started to notice a peculiar trend. ‘Ze OLD styles were becoming ‘ze NEW styles. And ‘zen I said to myself, ‘Voila! ‘Zat eez eet! I will take it ‘back’ as zees Americans say eet.’”

2013 Before the Fall Line for Infants

New Couture:
What “old” styles was de Le Nu noticing? He noticed the large recent resurgence in trends from the 80’s and 90’s: loud neon colors, off the shoulder shirts, overalls, and crop tops. “I ‘zen said to myself, to be one step ahead of ‘ze rest, I must go back further. Further! All of ‘zese styles, ‘zey are getting shorter and shorter. ‘Zey have less fabric, AND ‘zey are…how you say ‘throwing it back.’ ‘I must do ‘zis,’ I said to myself. ‘I must throw eet all ‘ze way back!’ After meditating with ‘ze Bible for a bit, and ‘zen BAM! Eet came to me.” Cecíl shortly after came out with two new, incredibly innovative, and stunningly, beautifully simple lines: the spring line “Before the Fall” and then more modest fall Using the one of the lightest and most comfortable, but most troubling to work with, materials known to man, air, de Le Nu crafted beautiful pieces of haute couture from only this hard to handle material for his spring line. His fall line features the same mastery of the material with different leaf accents in certain places such as the bust and groin area to enhance the human form. “Ah…yes, ‘ze medium kept slipping as I was draping eet over my mannequins.” With subtle, yet gorgeous differences in each piece, the whole line was said to be a work of genius, one of the greatest ever made. Already modeled in New York’s Fashion Week, designers and fashion connoisseurs alike marvel at his mastery of the material. Each piece was carefully crafted to accentuate the curves and form and structure of the

line “After the Fall”.

human body in a new and extraordinary way.



Harsh critics from Vogue and Elle magazines have even gone so far as to acclaim de Le Nu as the “new da Vinci of the modern fashion world.” Not only do the pieces make the human form look great, but since the clothing is made out of air, they do not contain any harsh chemicals or irritating fabrics. It is 100% guaranteed to feel as comfortable as one’s own skin. Another brilliant attribute is that the couture pieces will always match the wearer’s skin tone and hair color. Already, so shortly after de Le Nu’s lines have been debuted at fashion week, people are starting to hear about these extraordinary lines of clothing. Thousands have already preordered their pieces from the “Before” and “After the Fall” lines at a steep price for themselves and a matching outfit for their children.

2013 Before the Fall Line for Men



After the Fall:
The modest fall line.

F a l l 2 0 1 3 R e a d y - t o - W e a r L i n e
(Apple Sold Separately)

“Ah, yes, ‘ze price ees non negotiable. ‘Ze ridiculous half shirts of last week were a leetle App more expensive than a whole shirt. Eet is obvious ‘zat ‘ze addition of fabric brings the overall worth and value of ‘ze clothing piece down. And eet was so obvious ‘zat ‘zose shirt were made with some of my air for some people who are surely allergic to fabric on ‘zeir stomachs. What I make ees a whole outfit of air. None other can do ‘zat like me!” ⌘ And as I try on a beautiful piece from the “Before the Fall” line, I can see all of the benefits and the guarantee for high fashion are true and that the high price is definitely worth the fashion.