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Base Tables for Procure To Pay Cycle Requisition po_requisition_headers_all po_requisition_lines_all ( segment1 ========== requisition number) po_req_distributions_all Note: requisition_header_id

is the link between po_requisition_headers_all and p o_requisition_lines_all requisition_line_id is the link between po_requisition_lines_all and po_req_dist ributions_all Purchase order po_headers_all po_lines_all po_distributions_all po_line_locations_all Note: po_header_id is the link between all these tables Receipt rcv_shipment_headers rcv_shipment_lines rcv_transactions quality result stored in qa_results table Note: shipment_header_id is the link between rcv_shipment_headers and rcv_shipme nt_lines po_header_id is the link between rcv_shipment_headers and rcv_transaction Invoices ap_invoices_all ap_invoice_distributions_all Note: invoice_id is the link between ap_invoices_all and ap_invoice_distribution s_all Payments ap_checks_all ap_invoice_payments_all ap_payment_schedules_all Payment Reconcillation ap_banks ap_bank_branches GL Transfer gl_periods gl_period_status gl_set_of_books gl_charts_of_accounts