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TABLE OF CONTENTS Legal Troubles In NSW? Seek Advice From Taylor And Scott 3 Choosing A Family Lawyer – Sydney Residents Seek Stalwart Support During Trying Times 5 Taylor And Scott: Motor Accident Cases Handled With Proficiency, Care, And Professional Courtesy 7 Hiring A Family Lawyer – Sydney Clients Enjoy Convenient Arrangements In Dealing With Legal Responsibilities 9 Taylor And Scott – Motor Accident Specialists 11 COPYRIGHT 2013

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Legal Troubles In NSW? Seek Advice From Taylor And Scott
Wouldn’t you agree that more than a century of practice makes Taylor and Scott an authority on Australian legal matters? With an excellent track record spanning 110 years or so of service to the New South Wales population, it has established itself to be the leader in the complex and delicate area of compensation law. The list of testimonials about its work is extensive and very much evident of the calibre of lawyers who comprise the firm’s staff and of the quality of service they provide. One client provides the following feedback: “Taylor and Scott Lawyers have helped us immensely. The staff are incredibly helpful and very polite. Their advice and services are invaluable and we would highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal advice. Taylor and Scott Lawyers have your best interest at heart and are a reliable law firm. We are incredibly grateful for all of their help, advice and representation.” When you’re looking for the right counsel for your case, you want assurance of competence. Lengthy experience and an impeccable reputation can certainly give you that. Further proof not only of Taylor and Scott’s expertise, but of its sincere desire to help folks with their legal troubles, is its official website which offers many pages dedicated to providing general guidance and information on common issues involving the various areas that the firm’s lawyers specialise on. While its star clearly shines brightly in the matter of compensation law, it is also leads in other areas such as property law, employment law, family law, estate planning, commercial law, migration law, banking law, criminal law, etc. Having provided outstanding service to thousands of clients, the firm naturally enjoys a reputation for success and excellence. The website has a segment providing a list of the lawyers’ recent successes for those who may want to verify COPYRIGHT 2013

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the level of skill and proficiency they have. Indeed, Taylor and Scott hires only the best legal minds in the state — lawyers who are acknowledged experts in their field and blessed with an attitude of service. Clients can be confident that their interests are wellprotected. The firm holds office in different districts of New South Wales to make itself more accessible to all of NSW. People in the vicinity of Sydney CBD, Lidcombe, Wollongong, Campbelltown, and Newcastle can easily go in for a consultation. With the firm’s century of unwavering service to its community, it is easy to see why Taylor and Scott enjoys the confidence and trust of the people of NSW. Click here to learn more about Taylor and Scott. COPYRIGHT 2013

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Choosing A Family Lawyer – Sydney Residents Seek Stalwart Support During Trying Times
Any dispute within the family is preferably resolved in the quickest yet most efficient manner. With the walls of this all-important societal unit crumbling, you want to act as proactively as possible to patch up and preserve what’s left so that the members can move on to rebuilding and strengthening it again. It’s a sad observation to note that the world has come to a pretty pass when the dissolution of marriages and, in effect, entire families is a rather ordinary occurrence. True enough, this is witnessed on a regular basis by any given family lawyer. Sydney divorces may have decreased in recent years, but the numbers are still too big for society’s comfort. In fact, as the years go on, we see the gradual but certain redefinition of family. While this may not be completely negative, it does wear away at the foundations of the nuclear family as we’ve traditionally known it. Broken or unconventional families are nothing new, but they’re occurring more frequently and openly nowadays. Divorce is no longer the huge taboo it once was, and family disputes are regarded as common, although not necessarily less saddening. Obviously, helping concerned parties is the job of a family lawyer. Sydney families, unfortunately, have many times turned to the courts for an effective resolution to their troubles. COPYRIGHT 2013

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To have your family in disarray, virtually coming apart at the very seams that flesh and blood supposedly unite, is akin to having your entire universe collapse. Your family is your normal support system, and without it, you need to be able to find another wall to lean on, hence the importance of engaging the right family court lawyers to help you. Family law is touted to be among the most difficult and sensitive legal areas there are. Such cases commonly involve great emotional turmoil and require a lawyer who can appreciate the sensitivity of the situation, the loyalties, the confusion, etc. Somebody with lengthy experience and a wide range of resources is the best person for the job if you want a prompt and successful resolution. Family law normally deals with disputes concerning divorce and separation, property settlements, custody arrangements, financial agreements, etc. Ideally, things can be settled outside of the courts, but if this is not possible, a family lawyer should be equipped with the knowledge and skill to battle it out before a judge. We want families to remain intact, but people are imperfect and their flaws can erode the unit that they built and intended to protect and fortify all throughout. With the help of a good family lawyer, the misery of the dispute can soon be relegated to the past. COPYRIGHT 2013

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Taylor And Scott: Motor Accident Cases Handled With Proficiency, Care, And Professional Courtesy
The roads are getting more frightening by the moment. Vehicles are continuously being designed to achieve maximum speed; more possible distractions are emerging; and, thanks to celebrities and their intoxicated beauties frequently gracing DUI mug shots, inebriated driving has taken on a certain kind of glamour in the minds of the impressionable. These days, with the incorrigible not heeding warnings about using cell phones while driving, the number of road accidents continues to increase. Distracted driving is actually the leading cause of motor accidents, so if you’re still in the habit of texting while driving, summon all your willpower to discipline the practice right out of your life. If you don’t, you could be the next nameless addition to statistic data. Doing it is equivalent to courting the grave, the hospital, or at the very least, jail. Motor accident cases can be quite ambiguous as to who’s really to blame. Although it would naturally also take proving, it can be more obvious in other cases such as in incidences involving inebriated or speeding drivers. In some cases, accidents are considered blameless, such as when drivers suddenly suffered from a stroke or went into cardiac arrest. For this reason, it’s safe to say that road accidents do occur even with the most sober, attentive, and skilful drivers involved. If you ever find yourself entangled in a motor accident lawsuit, go directly to Taylor and Scott. Motor accident cases are among their specialties. Protect your COPYRIGHT 2013

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interests by engaging the services of the best solicitors in the state. The firm has been around even before motor vehicles started travelling the Australian roads. It has experience and expertise, having been the leading firm in matters of compensation, family law, property law, etc. It has an impeccable record and enjoys an impressive success rate. Let a client’s feedback convince you that this is the right firm for a motor accident case: “I have only gratitude and praise for Taylor and Scott for the way in which they handled my motor vehicle accident case. In particular, thanks to Simon Megian who kept me in the loop and Paula whose level-headed advice, whenever I rang, always put my mind at ease very quickly, also Tim McKenzie and Fiona Lyon for their expertise on my behalf. My association with Taylor and Scott was both painless and very rewarding. I would recommend their services to anyone who would like to achieve the very best outcome in their own legal proceedings.” Many a New South Wales citizen has placed his or her trust in Taylor and Scott. Motor accident claims are just some of the matters the firm handles with the utmost skill and expertise. Clients can rest assured that they’re in good hands. Visit for more information. COPYRIGHT 2013

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Hiring A Family Lawyer – Sydney Clients Enjoy Convenient Arrangements In Dealing With Legal Responsibilities
The elderly, the bed-ridden and those who do not have the means to travel to the city to consult their family lawyers about legal concerns typically opt to forego the process due to the great inconvenience that merely leaving their home would cause them. A lot of times, these people also don’t have other people that they can entrust the task to, hence, a lot of their legal issues worsen over time or they leave this world without being able to put things in order for their family and other loved ones. With Taylor and Scott, these people do not have to strain themselves to obtain the service they require. The firm’s slogan is “We Care for You” and every one of the legal professionals of the firm truly does. One of New South Wales’s oldest and most trusted law firms, Taylor and Scott is thoroughly committed to providing accessible service to all its clients; if you’re handicapped, injured or too old to make the long journey from your home to the nearest office, the firm will send (to wherever you may be in New South Wales) a professional family lawyer. Sydneybased clients have long proven this level of dedication the firm has in making its assistance and services very accessible, and commend it highly. Aside from the fact that the lawyers came to them, these dedicated legal professionals were always prompt, detailed and fully concentrated on the task. COPYRIGHT 2013

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Worth noting as well is the fact that this firm of over 110 years has made a name for itself for having the most reliable and emotionally considerate family lawyers. Clients dealing with sensitive family issues like divorce and child custody state that they do not have enough words to compliment how compassionate the family lawyers are in helping them deal during such a psychologically challenging and exhausting time of their lives. Likewise, the family lawyers of the firm always make sure to uphold the children’s rights and protect them from the often bitter proceedings of divorce and custody battles; for all custody disputes, these lawyers limit the young ones’ participation in all the proceedings. The firms has offices in S ydney CBD, Lidcombe, Campbelltown, and Wollongong and has specialists for other areas of practice like Criminal Law, Occupational Health and Safety, Property Law, Commercial and Business Law, Immigration Law, POAs, and Employment Law and Industrial Relations. Check out for more information. COPYRIGHT 2013

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Taylor And Scott – Motor Accident Specialists
The love affair between men and their cars has been well-documented in popular culture, from movies to books and songs. In lieu of a thoroughbred, modern man tames impalas, jaguars and vipers constructed out of metal. Today's modern car is far removed from its early ancestors like the Ford Model T. Unlike its predecessors whose raw power had to be tamed by the driver, today's cars have been intelligently designed to perform optimally even under the harshest conditions. You've got GPS to help navigate unfamiliar territories. Airbags have been tweaked to better protect drivers and passengers. Rear-view cameras assist the driver to park the car even in tight areas and can even spot children who might be playing behind the vehicle. But despite these upgrades, motor accidents can and still do happen, endangering the lives of countless individuals which may lead to injuries and loss of the ability to earn a living — or worse, death. If you have figured in a vehicular accident, it is vital to contact an expert like Taylor and Scott. Motor Accident Act expressly states that victims of such accidents due to the negligence of a driver or the vehicle's owner can claim for damages. Listed here are the different types of claims. 1. The other driver or owner is at fault Here, the claimant must establish the fact that the other party is at fault. In this type of claim, you may even be eligible for reduced compensation even if you are partly at fault. 2. Children's special benefit COPYRIGHT 2013 Page 11

New South Wales residents below the age of 16 years old can file for a claim even if they are at fault. 3. Blameless accidents In this type of claim, the fault does not rest on the driver, either because of mechanical failure or because the driver has suffered from sudden illness while in the act of driving his vehicle. 4. Lifetime Care and Support (LTCS) Scheme Victims of motor accidents who suffer from catastrophic injuries become eligible for LTCS which provides for the rehabilitation and care no matter who is at fault. 5. Nominal defendant In hit-and-run cases or in instances when the vehicle which caused the accident is unregistered, the case falls under the nominal defendant claim. Whatever type of claim your case falls under, it is necessary to immediately get the services of a law firm like Taylor and Scott to assist you in processing for damages and to protect your rights. Click here for more information regarding legal claims. COPYRIGHT 2013

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