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General Header Customer ID Project ID Project Manager TS Number FS Number Issue ID

Specification Details: Title Description Business Purpose Application Area Complexity Priority Requested by Prepared by Reviewed by Handover on <Tile of the objects to be created / modified> <Short description of the Object to be created / modified> <What is the use of this development> <SAP Module> Complex High Medium Low Simple


<Client/Point of Contact> <RPTECH Consultant> <RPTECH Consultant> <Date of hand over to the development team>

ABAP Objects Object Type Transaction Report Module Pool Function Module Smart Form User Exit Interface Development Object Name Category (New / Modified) Package

Technical Details

Reports / Module Pool TD 1. Selection Screen <Good to include screen snapshot>

TD 2.

Process Flow / Logic / Algorithm

TD 3.

Validations / Error Handling Eg: Date Formats, Screen Validations, Manual Entry checks

TD 4.

Output Format <Good to attach a detailed layout. Sort / Group / Other Special criteria >

Interfaces TD 5. BDC <Transaction(s), File Formats, File Size>

TD 6.

BAPI Specify the BAPI names with the parameters to be used

TD 7.


TD 8.

Validations / Error Handling

Enhancements TD 9. User Exits


TD11. Validations / Error Handling

Forms TD12. Selection Screen

TD13. Programming logic

TD14. Output Formats <Attach the required format>


Validations / Error Handling <Date Formats, Form Validations, Manual entry checks>

Work Flows

TD16. Business Objects <New Business Objects super types and / or subtypes required. Also the New Interfaces, Key Fields, Attributes, Methods and Events to be created for the Business Object>

TD17. Roles / Rules <Used for Agent Assignments>

TD18. Tasks <List the Standard and Custom tasks to be used in the workflow. Describe the implementation of all custom tasks>

TD19. Workflow Template <List the standard and Custom templates used to build the Workflow. Describe the flow and implementation details of custom templates>

TD20. Deadline Monitoring <Any rules related to deadline monitoring requirements>

TD21. Validations / Error Handling

Security TD22. Authorization <Authorization objects and fields to be checked, if any>

TD23. Lock Objects

TD24. Other Security Aspects

Test Plan