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NFC by NXP “Bringing Multi-Applications Without Compromise”


What is NFC and NFC Tagging
NFC Market Projections NFC Experience Sample Commercial Applications Google Nexus S with NFC Powered by NXP Summary Resources

Tags & Labels Supply Chain Management Product Track&Trace Device Authentication Connected Devices Brand Protection .Full secure solutions thru a broad portfolio and application expertise. Banking. with ease of integration Secure Transactions AFC. PayTV Banking ID NFC Smart posters Passports ID cards Health Card Tagging & Authentication Driving licenses Pay TV Authentication. Infrastructure Public Transport Smart ID (Access) Infrastructure Secure ID E-Government. Mobile Transactions.

56MHz Proximity SmartMX™ Security Contactless Readers MIFARE® Solutions Contactless Tags & Labels RFID Leadership Mobile Solutions .NFC will boost the overall Identification market NXP co-invented NFC and leads the entire space Secure Transactions Payment. coupons NFC Radio ICs NFC software Secure Element ICs Contactless Cards 13. gaming Service Discovery Content distribution. smart advertising. Access. profile exchange. Ticketing. loyalty Peer To Peer Easy device association. Transit.

000 300.000 900. NXP‟s NFC chipset integrated in Nexus S Announced support of NFC for BlackBerry handsets 875 Q4 ’10 Market Share % 32.3.000 100.6 Launch date 721 700.000.7 2011 Plans for NFC are unknown 16.Major OS players enabling Mobile Experience Integrating NFC and a Secure Element Key OEM players for smart phone market M units 1.8 Q4 ‟10 400.000 800.1% of market Mobile Transactions deployments Deploying NFC on all new smartphones in 2011 Will use NXP software from Android 2.000 500.000 Top 4 OS Players represent 93.000 0 413 Windows Phone iOS RIM Android Symbian + MeeGo NFC estimate 13.000 600.0 2011 2012 2013 2014 Source: Gartner Feb 2011 (smartphone market).000 200. NXP internal (NFC estimate) 06/16/2011 5 .000 Others webOS H1 „11 563 LiMo Foundation Bada 30.

What does NFC mean for consumers? Bridge between the physical and virtual world Convenience Security Interactivity .

com/watch?v=gZGoXvzW4WU .What it means for the merchants… Google Wallet Partners Video

ID card Peer-to-Peer Connectivity Exchange information Mobile phone = Face Book profile .Connecting the physical & the virtual world Mobile transactions thru NFC will transform our lives Payment & Loyalty Mobile phone = Interactive wallet Service Discovery Connect the world of apps with the physical world Physical & Logic Access Mobile phone = key Ticketing Access to public transport: Mobile phone = transport card Secure log-in Mobile phone = security token.

Pay With ISIS US Carrier Joint Venture for NFC: – .com/22132293 Leave the wallet behind and do more with your mobile! – http://www.paywithisis.

location. pairing code. re-program tag Electronic Devices easy pairing. private users. counter. Issuance of certificates. device ID. simple authentication Smart Advertisement premium magazines. pairing code URL. Certificate services Application Services Social Media Merchants. re-program tag Trusted Service Management. smart posters business card data authentication (crypto)code Stationary business cards Apps (enabled) by NXP exclusive link to NXP tags Authentication brand protection. taxaction control 10 .Cloud Use Cases URL. location. Tags in the box device ID.

e.g.g. e. authentication of FMCG tied to specific application 11 .New Emerging Segments for NFC Tagging Example of the market dynamics – Technology fulfillment trend – Unique requirements per segment define solution Smart Adverstising “open loop” NFC Forum Tag Electronics Pairing “closed loop” NFC Enabled Tag Authentication “closed loop” NFC Enabled Tag 14443 Tags Tag Tech Trend 15693 Tags Example Defining the market – Open loop = tags defined by NFC Forum for specific use case. Forum independent. Smart Poster – Closed loop = tags specific to customer defined use case.

Use of use - What type of Tag / Sticker / Label? .Read range considerations .Secure? .Outside / through glass / directly on item .Tag Type .NFC Tagging Tag / Inlay Selection Criteria & Considerations - Who is going to read & where? .Ticket / Coupon / Menu / Poster - What information is to be encoded? .

NFC Experience versus QR / Barcode • • • • • • • • • • NFC Faster. simpler. QR / Barcode • Cheap • Printable • Easy to copy • Low light issues • Sunlight fading . no app needed More secure More memory per size Can be embedded into product Not messing with visual design No setup. read in dark Vs. no zooming needed Better user experience QR codes can be integrated on top Content can be changed No light needed.

NFC in the Airport One Device can do so much more! Payment • Copy the payment card to the secure wallet Loyalty • Use physical loyalty card to initiate experience • Give users a digital ID loyalty card Intimacy • Increase the one to one relationship with the consumer thru the mobile portal • NFC helps simplify their experience 14 The phone carries the virtual cards .

NFC Revolutionizing the Mobile World In a café At a station In the office .

search Android Market for NXP TagWriter App Now you can make your own tags.Google Nexus S with NFC Powered by NXP Google Nexus S intro video: http://www.

With NFC. the possibilities are endless… .

Summary The growth of NFC is finally occurring with the emergence of smart phones Applications that are arriving are about creating simple but powerful experiences for the consumer NXP is a major company which is leading the development of solutions to make these applications viable We enable “Multi-Applications Without Compromise” And finally. our efforts will allow consumers to bridge the physical world to the virtual world .

Business Development Director NXP – – +1-858-395-7773 – http://www.nxp.fonseca@nxp.Resources Available resources to start with for you Jeff .