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If you truly respect life you will learn to preserve it…

Quanta are discrete units of measurement that cannot be broken down any further, or they become part of a greater whole. Our elements are seen as these fundamental units with which we build our Warrior Consciousness. The Quantum Jujitsu® elements act as a map on our journey toward the embodiment of the true spirit of the Martial Way. As the pieces come together, a greater awareness emerges. Quantum Jujitsu® is a metaphor for our appreciation that, the whole is greater that the sum of its parts. Quantum Jujitsu® is based on universal principles and concepts of martial arts. This is so we can discover how to learn and not just what to learn. There are infinite techniques available to a student dependent upon style and instructor, but there are only a finite number of principles and concepts that are universal to all martial arts. The Quantum Jujitsu® principles are physical mechanics of technique while the concepts are practical interpretive seeds, which can be understood physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Quantum Jujitsu® is a study of martial arts and life defense. Based on a syllabus of elements, Quantum Jujitsu® is rooted in universal principles and concepts of martial arts. We develop all modes of combat which cover kicking, punching, grappling, throwing, takedowns, and submissions. Students cultivate

devastating technique based in the sensitivity of transitional flow. The healing arts play a key role in the training of a Warrior. Students foster personal health through intensive Warrior Yoga® training as well as through the study of Restoration Massage Therapy.

Ground-Fighting consists of the positions. Out-Fighting is the mode of combat before you clinch. submissions.QUANTUM JUJITSU® MODES OF COMBAT A Warrior can and should be efficient at all modes of combat. and defense. In-Fighting consists of the clinch. you have got to be well rounded. The knockout is the most definitive finish. MODE 3: GROUND-FIGHTING The third mode of fighting is Ground-Fighting. MODE 2: IN-FIGHTING The second mode of fighting is In-Fighting. If you do not have control. If you do get the takedown. strikes. Out-Fighting consists of stance. In-Fighting is the mode of combat after you clinch but are still standing. takedowns. and Ground-Fighting. THE PRINCIPLES OF QUANTUM JUJITSU® • Lift Motion • Drop Motion • Circular Motion • Linear Motion • Cross Motion • Continuous Motion • No Motion THE CONCEPTS OF QUANTUM JUJITSU® • Balance • Distance • Vision • Precision • Rhythm • Transition • Breath . or a submission but these can only be obtained if you first control the fight by being in a strong and dominant position. and combinations. Ground-Fighting is the mode of combat after you hit the floor. throws. If you are a serious martial artist. strikes. strikes. In this mode of combat your primary goal is the knockout. MODE 1: OUT-FIGHTING The first mode of fighting is Out-Fighting. In this mode of combat your primary goal is a knockout. it is important to end in a control position to set up for the finish. In this mode of combat your primary goal is a knockout. transitions and defense. or a devastating takedown. movement. The way you set up your clinch will determine your ability to control your opponent. defense. The modern Warrior must be skilled in: Out-Fighting. you will not be able to set up for the finish. In-Fighting. shoots.

After all the best fight is the one you never have to fight. Target hardening is the idea of making yourself less vulnerable to a possible attack. each one is used in an escalating order and is dependent on an aggressor’s proximity to you. We have so many ways to deal with a situation after it gets out of control. and physical fence around yourself. In Quantum Jujitsu® we use three types of fence. This is your primary weapon in assault prevention. ASSAULT PREVENTION TARGET HERDENING 1) PSYCHOLOGICAL FENCE a) Awareness b) Body Language c) Eye Contact 2) VERBAL FENCE a) Aggressive Approach b) Neutral Approach c) Alarming Approach 3) PHYSICAL FENCE a) Posturing b) Action Triggers c) Preemptive Movement . As a thief is less likely to attempt to rob a house with a good security system. an attacker is less likely to target a person who has constructed a good "fence". This information is based on street wisdom and can be applied by anybody. You will learn to build a psychological. Developing a game plan is key to martial training. verbal.ASSAULT PREVENTION: TARGET HARDENING Assault Prevention is one of the most important aspects of the Martial Arts. Most attackers are opportunists who prey upon the weak or unprepared so it is logical that you develop a game plan prior. but the most important aspect of defense is what you do before that point. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

CHOOSING YOUR PARTNER . yours or not. Bow head to triangle and say “I come with empty hands” 9. OFF THE MAT . Be diligent in learning from the students ahead of you. • Report every injury to Sensei. ENTERING THE DOJO . • Always have your uniform at class. This means if you think you are getting sick. If there is blood on the mat. Colds and flu’s spread very easily in training. END OF CLASS . LEAVING THE DOJO . you may not come to the Dojo.From kneeling place left hand then right to create a triangle on the floor. no mater how small. BEGINNING WITH YOUR PARTNER . Be attentive at all times.Standing straight with hands at sides keeping eye contact while bowing 6.Palms at chest level 2. Bow head to triangle and say “Thank you for the lesson” 10. or even if you are almost over a sickness. • Be to class five minutes early to help with class preparation.Palms at chest level 3.Standing straight with hands at sides keeping eye contact while bowing 5. notify Sensei immediately. TO YOUR SENSEI . • SITUATIONS IN WHICH TO BOW 1. ON THE MAT . ENDING WITH YOUR PARTNER .DOJO RULES • Check your ego at the door and train with sensitivity. • Do not come to class if you are sick.From kneeling place left hand then right to create a triangle on the floor. BEGINNING OF CLASS . . and then be sure to help lower ranking students to progress. When seated have your legs crossed. Take extra care that your feet are clean before coming onto the mat.Standing straight with hands at sides keeping eye contact while bowing 8. Fingernails and toenails must be trimmed. Do not use colognes or perfumes before training. No jewelry on the mat.Standing straight with hands at sides keeping eye contact while bowing 4.Standing straight with hands at sides keeping eye contact while bowing 7.Standing straight with hands at sides keeping eye contact while bowing It is never appropriate to lie on the mat. • Wash yourself and your uniform before training.

Red th BELT COLOR MEANINGS & MANTRAS • WHITE – Purity I come with empty hands. Brown 2nd Degree (Assistant Instructor Title) 8. Green 1st Degree 3. Black 2nd Degree 11. Black 8th Degree 17. Blue 1st Degree 5. • GREEN – Hope Through purity of being. Black 3rd Degree 12. If I believe it I will receive it. Black 7th Degree (Professor Title) 16. • BLUE – Appreciation My dreams are the seeds of my reality. Black 9 Degree 18. Green 2nd Degree 4. I will find the way and the way will find me. Black 6th Degree 15. . Black 1st Degree (Sensei Title) 10. • RED – Life’s Blood I come with empty hands. • BROWN – Rooting I will transform all my obstacles into stepping-stones for ultimate success. White 2. • BLACK – Illumination Giving is receiving. Brown 3rd Degree 9.BELT RANKS OF QUANTUM JUJITSU® 1. Black 5th Degree 14. Brown 1st Degree 7. Blue 2nd Degree 6. Black 4th Degree 13.

As we study the pieces we might appreciate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For more information: info@quantumjujitsu.. The three points of the triangle represent the three components of our humanity. In the center of the Quantum Symbol is the triangle palm. The empty palm represents infinite possibility.... preserver. our passion ignites us. An inward journey for an outward expression of freedom. All Rights • • © 2010 QJF. Within this triangle is a reminder that there is a balance and that we are all connected to this Quantum Jujitsu® Foundation 1714 Montana Avenue Santa Monica. The circle connects the three points of the triangle palm and is symbolic of our search for balance and harmony between all aspects of our being.• The QUANTUM JUJITSU® symbol is a visual aid which serves as a reminder to fuse internal truth with external experience. CA 90403 • • • www. The lotus petals represent the elements of QUANTUM JUJITSU® and their intimate connection to a greater whole. The QUANTUM JUJITSU® experience dwells within your exploration of the whole.creator. .quantumjujitsu. and the path unites us. and destroyer. All the colors of the rainbow are shown to celebrate our unity despite our diversity.