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tchile that I live, to my lord Je*u CkritU. Then Cradocke out with his sworde and
at one stroke smote of her heade: and it iras downe the hili to the churche.

4.The head never stinte tomhlioge till it came in sighte of all that were there. Wherefore men were in snche affrighte that they made snche a noyse that
Benoe had great wonder what it mighte be, and came to them to knowe what the

cause was of the noyse. Then when he sawe the heade, he tooke it np and kissed it sore weepinge and carried it to the hodie, heholdinge Cradocke, howe he wiped

liis sworde in the grass that was all bloudie with the stroke. Then sayd Benoe to
liim: Thou wicked man, atke mercie of God for this horrible deede, and that God tatt have mercie on thee. And ifthou toilt nat, I praye God to unde vengance on thee.

Anon righte in the sighte of all the people he feli to the eartb deade, and anon the earthe opened and swallowed him in bodie and soule iato hell. Then tooke Benoe the heade and sett it agayne to the bodie and covered it with his raantle and wente to his masse. And when he had sounge and preachte to the people much of
the mayden, he sayd God would not that she should be deade, for that he had ordayned manie people to be holpen by her. Wherefore he bad manie men and weomen to pray to God to rayse her agayne to lyfe: and so he did. And when

she sate up,with her hande she wipte awaye the dust from her face that was thereon and spake to them whole and soonde as she was before.
5.Then God shewed 3 fayre mirades. One was when the earthe swallo¬ wed him bodilie that had slayne her. An other, for where her heade abode, anon

spronge a fayre well, there as was nerer seene anie before. The third was when she that was slayne rose agayne to lyfe. The foorthe was, ever more after, while
she llved, there was a white circule about her necke, there as the stroke was, like

a white threede. Wherefore, whereas before she was called Bewa, from that day forthe men called her Wenefreide, that is in Englishe a white threed.

6.Then the sayde Wenefreid, the great miracle of God that he had shewed
for her, she tooke it highelie in her hearte, and gave herselfe alwayes after to holie life, and was busied nighte and daye in servinge of God, as Benoe taughte her. Then, when die was perfecte in all doings, Benoe goethe into an other place for to dwellin:and she beingewamed byrevelation from God,goethe to apiace where were manie virgins. And Vhen she came thither, she lived so perfectlie

*ms. awayes alwayes * that all tooke example of her: and that white circule was an evident
tokenofher martyrdome. Therefore all men and weemen had great devotion in her words and in all her doinges, soe that manie lefte the worlds occupation and were fayne to come to dwell with her agayne. Soe when she had lived there well neere the space of flveteene ^vinters, then she was wamed by God that her deathe daye was neere. Wberfore she made her readie: and when she had the sa¬ cram ente of the holie churche, in sighte of all her sisters she gave up the ghoste of
Jesu Christe, that she loved with all her hearte. And she was buried in the chur* cheyarde, where manie otherssayntes were buried in before.

7.Nowehowe this holie saynte came to the Abbay of Shrosborie, they shall heare. When the Abbay ofShrosburie was newe made, great moane because they

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