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her at her being in Holywell, afterwarde in London giving her a visitt, and beginning to speake with a loude voice, was prevented by M” Talbott sayinge: Speake
more soft, fot Ithank God and holy S1 Wenefride I can hnare now very wfll. XV.— An. 1621. — Mulier molesto in crure infirmitatis sanatio¬

nem impetrat a S. Wenefreda sibi apparente.
In the yeare 1621 one Mn Anne Lifholy, a widdow of London, being greatly tormented with a paine in her legg, and finding no other avayable remedie, determined to goe in pilgrimage to Holywell: which she performed on foot in the company of three other woemen. In the journey the paine was ezceeding greate, especially in going downe hilis, in so much that it drew teares*from her amaine: and perswaded by divers to lay a poultise to it, she would by no mepnes be indu* ced thereunto, being very oonfident to havehelp by the intercession of B* S4 Wene¬ fride. At whose Holy Well she arrived on the 19»h of July, and with the rest of her company went into the water that evening and on the three followings three times every day, remaining therein aboat an hour every time in eamest and devont prayer; yet ber pain did nothing lessen, but rather increased. Wherenppon some of her company were somewhat offended with her, that she would not apply some thing to it thereby to try ordinarie meanes, which she stili refused to doe till the time of her retnrne homewards drew neer: when being much tronbled for want of money to hire a horse homewards, she feli a weeping bitterly on S* James the apostles eve, and desired one of her companions to goe with her to the Well, carrieing a flaggen to bring back some of the water to make therewith ponltes, for shee would not be perswaded to make it with milk. She stayed not then in the Well longer then* a quarter of an houre, butgetting oat in haste went to her lodging, leaving her companion behind. And [as] the other was come ont of the water, she was come thither back sgaine, being wholy cured and perfectly; and being demanded of her companion the canse of her soe short stay, made answer that being in the Well,she thought verily that shee beheld a very glorionse woman in the head Well; whereat being greatly amazed, and striving to come

neer her, she lost the sight of her, and therefore oppressed with grie£ conld stay no longer there, bnt went ap to her lodging and now was come downe againe without any paine at all, the rednesse, the swelling and paine of her legg being eleer gone away. This hapned on taesday, and the next friday after with the rest of her company she sett forth towards London, being able to goe as any of the
others, and that withont the least paine.

XVI.— An 1622. — Matrona nobilis sterilis, ad fontem S. Wene-

Iredae peregrinatione suscepta, prolem impetrat: eodemque benefi¬ cio postea iterum et tertio simili ratione dignator.
About the yeare of our Lord 1622 M" Dority Harconrt, wife to Francis Harconrt,

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