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of R&inson in the County of Stafford, Esq., havinge been married three or four yeares and not bearing any children to her husband, it was the cause of some discomfort to them. Wherefore (as she was alwayes very religious) she desired her hnsband to goe with her in pilgrimage to S* Wenefrides Well, there to begg children of God by the intercession of that BL SainL Who freely giving his consent, she invited eight priests to accompanie her and to pray for the happie suc¬ cesse of her intentions, and so with them she went to Holy-well; and having

there performed her devotions, in her returae conceived with childe, and after
9moneths was delivered of a sonne to her owne and her husbands greate content, who at the sacred ffont was called Henry from his god ffather the Lord Stafford. But it pleased God, that they (being too fond of theire childe) were deprived of it by iis untimely death before it was a twelmoneth old. After which the mother was barren some yeares. Wherefore with her husband she againe invited her former priests to accompanie and pray for her, and went to Holywell the second time, and in her returae having againe conceived, after 9 moneths brought fourth a daugter, who at the holy ffont was [called] Anne, and now is religiouse and subprioresse of the English Teresians at Antwerp: in whose admirable vocation it plainby appeered that she was a childe of prayers. The next yeare the mother went againe to Holy-well, and in her returae conceived another daughter, who also is now religiouse in the same monasterie with her sister.
XVII.— An. 1622. — Juvenis a biennio horrendum in modum con¬

tractus, mirabiliter sanatur.
In the yeare 1621 one Henry Lewis, borne in County of Anglesey, being about 20 yeares of age, as he slept in the fields was taken with a cruell blast, in such wise that both his legg being under him, when he awaked, were strangely bended
backwards: soe that he could neyther stand on his feete nor move from the

place, the sinnues of his leggs being so benummed and in a short time so contracted that his heeles stoockfast to his buttocks (or hinder parts), and in this sadd condi tion he remained in the same place two dayes and two nights before any came to helphim or bring him Io a house. Then finding no other meanes that would avayle, he was by the assistance of charitable people frome house to house carried to Holy-well and brought thither about the beginning of July 1624, viz. two yeares after his first falling ili: at which time the skinne in his hammes was worne away a hands breadth. About the last day of that moneth, he found some that pittieing his condition took paines to carrie him downe and putt him into the
WelL But he found noe alteration at ali in himself at that time nor after, untill

the 23**1 of September immediatly following, when a devout catholique man caused another man to carrie him on his back from the towne downe to the sacred

Well, and to place him on his knees in the water between the arch and the spring of the Well: where houldingwith his hands the iron barr, he stayed in this

*nonnuU» manner the space of lesse than a quarter of an houre •; and his heeles and leggs

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