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DE 8.



reot The parents and the restof the goodcompanyexceedingly rejoyced hereat and |m great thanks to God for thb admiraMe fimor of his owne hand-work and to B* S. Wenefride «s obtained bj her prayers. Having done all their devotions and being retarned home, they fonnd their bonae abo wholy freed from theof evill spiritts and molestation of fearfnll apparitkms. For the aick mayde dnring the time that die was bed-rid was wount every night to see (as herself afterwards, when she was perfectly well, rdated to F' Tho. Vanghan) a light In het ehamber neer her bed as it were a candle barning, and diverse persons of good credite have affirmed that they often saw many, as it were, candles rnnning np and downe to and fro in the
doses nezt theire honse.

Bat becanse they understood that for the obtaining of perfeci health H was sometimes reqnired that the diseased persons should three times repairein pflgrimage to the Holy-WeQ (at it was divinely intimated to S. Wenefride henelf by&Beimo at his last departare from her), they came againe the nezt yeare to the Holy Fotmtaine, where the sick mayde then left the croutches on which she had gone aU the yeare before, and nsed one only staff in her hand to help her¬ self therewith. Which staff also, being come thither the third time, vis. in the yeare foUowing, die wholy cast away, finding herself then entirdy strong and perfectly well in every respect Andfor the speee of 15 yeares that die live after, die attriboted alltogether her health first to the vertne of the most B* S*4, nezt the merites of the holy virgin and martyr S. Wenefride.

XXL — An. 1627. — Institor, in imminente periculo submersionis positos, voto emisso in honorem S. Wenefredae, mirabiliter serratur.
In the year 1697 one Lewis Priehard, a pedtar of the paridi of Llanvachreth in the Connty of Merioneth, being in Worall desireons to come to Wales, and not knowing well the foord, about a mile and a half above the New-Key ventnred «nadvisedly (on the of June, the feast of the DecoDation of S. Wenefride) to wade throngh the water; hnt before he was gooe a stones cast, he fonnd himself in a desperate condition: for having no skill in swimming, he was carried by the greate violence of the water in snch sort as if he had been standing. Wherenppon perceaving himself tobe in most imminent danger, he tooke a porse wherein was 90* in moneyand tyed it abont his neck, to the end that, ifhewere drowned, the moaey fonnd abont him might dischaige the ezpences of his bnriaU: and having another little porse in whidi there was one ronnd rf»aiingt one threepence and one twopence with certaine letters and papas, he opened it and tooke ont the S1 and bending it, offered it to God in the hononr of S. Wenefride, with a fall reeofartkii to bestow it on sosae poor body, ifhe dionld then eecapedrowning,making earnest prayer in the best manner he eoold to that effect And so was eairied, as Ii aforesayd, with his headsometimes nnder, sometimes above the water: and fora loog time he guided his pack after him, nntQl the tide mett him, when with the

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