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that miraculous spring S. Wenefridea Well, which she was very desirouse to visite: and her desire was greatly increased by the evidently miraculous cure wrought there the yeare before on her sister; yet because some sayd that the effeci of the Bath-waters might appeere after 9 or 3 monetbs, though then they did not, and because aL«o that the opinion of Doctor Bavy and others likwise was that the water of a cold spriog might do more hurt then good unto her, whose diseaae had takeu its origine from cold and other obstructive qualityes, it was resolred
that shee should not make use of that sacred Fountaine, untill the weakenease of

hnmane endeavours had more manifestly appeered. Wherefore having expected all that summer without any hope of amendment, and withall refiecting on what Doctor D'Orleans (beond seas) had sayd, to witt that if she did not recover the second summer, her recovery would be past all hopes, her friends condescended

to her desire of going in pilgrimage to Holy-WeH: which she begun on the 24* of August 1657, and arrived there on the 27* thereof.
The first time that she went into the Well, she found the water so extreame

cold that she was, at it were, out of herselfe, not knowing what any did unto her: neverthelesse this did not abate her courage. For next day, having first by the receaving of both the usuali holy sacraments disposed herself to gaine the plenary indulgence (then lately granted to that holy place) and withall having distribued some almes both io goodmen and others, thus very well armed, she entend confidently againe into the Holy Wdl, and (to the honour of God be U spoken who is pleased to be glorified in his Saincts) she found thereby a palpable recoverie, so as within a little after she was able to walke alone: and when she was returned home in the beginlng of September, she could (to the astonishment of all that knew her) walke up and downe the garden without any help at all, and ia now perfectly welL All this testified by the same worthy gentleman Mr L. J. who was eye-witnesae of all the particnlars, and in perpetuaU testimonie thereof hath written them
with his owne hand, as is above related.

XXXV.— An. 1659. — Vir, a multis annis lepra foedatus, quam nulla inedicoram cura tollerp valuerat, ubi aliquoties sacro fonti immersus est, integram sanitatem recipit.
In the yeare 1669 William Morgan Junior, of Waren-goghen in the County of Monmoth, gentleman, etc, having been many yeares sick of a leprosie, and speoi much money in physicians and in medicines for the cure thereof, but all in vaine, finding no benefit at all thereby, was perswaded by some of his friend to go to S. Wenefrides Wdl, there by the intercession of that B* Saint to begg his health of God. He did so, and having some few times bathed himself in that holy water, ha

became wholdy deansned and perfectly wdl in health, and so stili remaineth,
acknowledging to have reeeaved this miraculons cure through extraordinaria operation ofGodsmercie and the prayers of B4 Sainct Wenefride.

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