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Outokumpu Technology offers you tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our aluminium expertise is a powerful combination of innovative proven technologies. Co-operation and a team approach enable us to provide you with the best possible service – and vast expertise in alumina refining, paste plant and rodding shop as well as casthouse machinery.

Alumina and aluminium technologies
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Together we are stronger

The Outokumpu factor
The Outokumpu factor is the competitive advantage we give our customers by helping them enhance the performance of their processes, products and services. It is a factor our customers rely on to help them overcome even the most demanding challenges; a hidden asset that helps them win.

Over the past few years, Outokumpu Technology has successfully implemented a strategy of growth and transformation which has made us stronger and more competitive, helping us maximize value to our customers. To this end, we have also unified all our businesses under one brand. Outokumpu Technology, with the combination of Lurgi Metallurgie, KHD and AISCO, is among the most important technology providers for the aluminium industry. As one of the world’s leading developers and suppliers of technology, Outokumpu Technology designs and delivers plants, processes and equipment tailored to each customer’s specific needs. We also provide engineering, project and support services for the minerals processing and metallurgical industries globally. Environmental awareness and protection are important features of all our technologies.

Best technology from a single partner
In the global aluminium industry, Outokumpu Technology provides total business solutions for the treatment of alumina and aluminium. We offer you proven expertise in alumina refining, paste plant and rodshop, and casthouse machinery. Today, our circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology for the calcination of alumina is the industry standard. Early choice of a single technology partner, who can manage production processes and design through the entire operation, saves time and money. Without bottlenecks, plant operation is smooth, and profits accrue quickly. We continuously develop both processes and equipment for our customers’ production plants.


Committed to your business
As your partner, Outokumpu Technology offers comprehensive engineering and project implementation services as well as worldwide customer support. We have qualified and experienced field personnel to ensure trouble-free commissioning. Every plant is unique and, therefore, processes always need to be modified to meet specific requirements. Our long-term commitment and extended customer service minimize operating risks throughout the life of the plant. Co-operation can begin with a feasibility study leading to a lumpsum turn-key delivery and, ultimately, to a long-term partnership. We help you enhance your production processes – and take care of the whole delivery.

Alumina refinery Grinding Digesting Settling Filtration Calcination Aluminium smelter green anode plant Paste plants Pitch handling facilities Preheaters Anode formers Butt and carbon scrap recycling Aluminium smelter rodding shop Complete rod shops Bath removal Thimble stripping & cleaning Butt stripping Anode casting & mating Rod reconditioning Carbon block handling Bath treatment plants Casthouse Sow casters Ingot casters Automatic billet handling and saw lines Other services SPL treatment technology Capital investment and plantoperation-related services R&D resources

As your partner, we offer:
Close co-operation Innovative technologies Engineering and project implementation Trouble-free commissioning Worldwide service and customer support

Comprehensive aluminium technologies
Our solutions for the aluminium industry cover proven technologies. Furthermore, we offer professional engineering and project management services based on extensive R&D resources as well as comprehensive technological and business knowledge of metals production. Our global sales and service network is always close at hand when an expert is needed.

Alumina calcination with the CFB technology

Outokumpu Technology developed the circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology for the calcination of alumina, the final step in the alumina refining process. From the early 1960’s onwards, CFB technologies have been applied to the calcination of alumina. Since then, this technology has gained wide acceptance and become recognized as the standard process for alumina calcination.

specification. The CFB offers you a very compact design, which reduces capital investment costs considerably compared to classical process alternatives, such as rotary kilns.

one third of the world’s production of alumina being processed in CFB plants built by us.

Key features of the CFB
With Outokumpu Technology as your partner, you benefit from a variety of outstanding features of our calcining plant technology: Very stable plant operation Very uniform product quality with low fines fraction High availability and low maintenance Less vulnerability to power failures; quick re-start possible Excellent overload performance Favorable partial-load behavior High flexibility of plant with respect to product quality and plant capacity Low emissions of NOx and CO Low specific energy consumption

Advanced technology
The CFB system is especially suited to all kinds of exothermic and endothermic reactions of fine-grained solids. We are one of the front-runners in applying this technology to different metallurgical processes and have put considerable effort into the research for this process. Outokumpu Technology has continuously improved the process and added further developments to it in order to increase energy efficiency and optimize process control. This has allowed us to maintain a leading world-market position, with roughly

Uniform product quality
Uniform product quality is the major benefit of the CFB technology. The operators can adjust the process conditions, such as temperature and retention time in the reaction system, and keep them constant in all parts of the reactor. If product requirements change, the process conditions can easily be adjusted to meet the new product 4

Long-term experience in green anode plants
The production of carbon anodes and electrodes requires special expertise and tailoring in the primary aluminium and other metals industries. Outokumpu Technology has a tradition and experience of more than 50 years in the design and supply of complete carbon plants. Our special equipment for green anode plants includes vibrocompactors for the forming of green anodes, cathode blocks and electrodes, with more than 90 units in operation.

Heavy-duty customdesigned equipment tailored to the rough service conditions in green anode plants, including:
Solid pitch storing and melting Liquid pitch unloading and storing Petroleum coke unloading and storing Screening and crushing Grinding of petroleum coke Proportioning of dry-mix Preheating and mixing Anode forming and cooling Pitch fume dry scrubbing HTM system Butts and reject anode crushing

Full project responsibility
We can provide you with the full span of project services. These include initial studies, basic and detailed engineering, project management as well as plant and equipment supply. In addition, we offer installation and commissioning of plant and equipment, training of your personnel and customer service after taking over. By working in co-operation with our customer, we plan and propose solutions to meet our customer’s expectations. Our process engineers are responsible for defining the plant and equipment design criteria, and they work in close contact with our design department and suppliers. They also train the customer’s personnel and are available for temporary production assistance.

Design and supply of green anode plants
Outokumpu Technology’s aluminium operations specialize in plant and equipment for the production of carbon anodes and electrodes required in the primary aluminium and other metals industries. In this, we have provided services and supplies to all the major aluminium producers throughout the world. We service the aluminium industry with: Specialist engineering staff Long-term worldwide activity and experience Proprietary process equipment Single-source responsibility Modernization, upgrade and capacity enhancement projects Ongoing customer service

Legend: Raw Material and Product Utilities and Off-Gas

Green anode plant flow diagram.

Major equipment for green anode plants
Today, our vibrocompacting technology is the market leader. As our customer, you can rely on our proven technology. More than 90 vibrocompactors have been supplied to customers in 25 countries, and further units are currently being manufactured. The technology of vibrocompacting of carbon blocks has found full acceptance in the industry and completely replaced hydraulic press molding.

Anode vibrocompactors
Outokumpu Technology is a specialist in vibrocompactors for forming of green anodes, cathode blocks and electrodes. Based on your needs, we offer the design, supply, installation and commissioning of new vibrocompactors as well as retrofit and modernization of existing machines. Different machine types can be offered to meet your individual requirements with regard to dimensions, shape and weight of carbon blocks, as well as output in blocks per hour. In the vibrocompactor, a batch of carbon paste composed of a pitch binder with an aggregate of particles and dust is contained in an anode mold. This mold is subjected to strong vertical vibrations. During the vibration process, a weight load is put onto the paste batch providing the compaction of the paste to a dense block. This process is enhanced by the application of vacuum to the mold.
Densitrol® - cycle chart.

Benefits of vibrocompacting:
Homogeneous anodes Consistent anode height Fewer rejects Prediction of green apparent density Production quality control


Our aim is to continuously improve the product quality (anode properties) as well as the reliability and availability of the equipment. Further, we work to reduce the impact on the workspace and plant environment, considering factors such as fume collection, noise level and vibration transmitted to the foundations. Outokumpu Technology is the market leader in designing and supplying vibrocompactors for the production of carbon blocks. More than 90 units supplied to the aluminium and carbon products industries Sliding table type / turntable type models available depending on production requirements Operation with vacuum system VIBROPLUS® (“precompressed cover weight”) for enhanced green anode density DENSITROL® on-line green anode density monitoring system

Preheating screws
Preheater screws are used for the continuous thermal treatment of coarse or fine-grained bulk materials, such as anode dry aggregate. To this effect, the product is steadily conveyed through the preheater by means of counterrotating hollow screws, through which the heat-transfer agent flows. Intensive heat exchange Gentle product conveyance; no product breakdown Very high availability Compact design, low space requirement Well proven

Hydraulic anode crushers
The hydraulic anode crusher was designed to suit the requirements of the aluminium industry for a primary reject anode and butt crusher. Product 85 % less than 150 mm Minimal fines generation No dynamic forces transmitted to foundations Low headroom Simple mechanical construction

Hydraulic anode crusher.


Advanced rodding shops
Outokumpu Technology’s rodshops combine the expertise gained from more than 25 years of servicing the aluminium industry. Our cost-effective solutions bring improved productivity, and our leading-edge technology results in reduced maintenance and contributes to a safer workplace. contracts to support your internal resources. A project team is assigned to supervise your project through design, manufacturing, commissioning, training and ongoing service support.

Fast track project execution
In addition to vast experience in process and plant design, we offer modern tools and concepts for project execution. We ensure smooth integration of new processes into existing facilities by 3-dimensional software tools, early involvement of local suppliers and partners at the project development phase, and worldwide sourcing.

Engineered solutions
Outokumpu Technology’s engineered solutions are designed to suit your plant layout and operational requirements. We design the system to incorporate the components best suited to your operation, including preferred brand-name components for increased compatibility and simplified maintenance, spares, inventory and training. All our systems are shop-tested prior to delivery to ensure trouble-free commissioning. After start-up, our service is available for maintenance

Worldwide experience including:
2 pin – Century Aluminum, USA 3 pin – Comalco Boyne Island, Australia 4 pin – Noranda Aluminum, USA 6 pin – Alcan Alma, Canada

Typical rodding shop layout.













Complete range of equipment
Our aluminium smelter rodshop machinery covers: Automatic load / unload systems Butt bath cleaning systems Butt shotblast machines Butt stripping presses Thimble stripping presses Combination butt & thimble stripping presses Stub shotblast machines Anode rod assembly & casting systems Semi-automatic iron pouring systems Anode rod brushing systems Cast-iron thimble cleaning systems Automatic stub cut & weld systems Complete rodshops

Combination butt and thimble stripping press.

A full line of casthouse machinery
In 2000, we supplied the single largest automated sow casting system in the world, comprising:
Fully automatic pouring Natural convection cooling of sows Automatic demolding, tracking, marking & stacking
Outokumpu Tehcnology sets new standards for superior casthouse performance with proven, automated casting, stacking and handling systems. Our machines are built to last; high machinery reliability together with low operating and maintenance costs contribute to rapid return on investment. new or upgraded casting systems. The equipment is custom-designed to suit the required ingot shape and bundle configuration. Ingot handling equipment can be integrated into existing machinery, or the bundle of ingots can be removed off line from the existing equipment for strapping and weighing. The bundle would then be returned to the accumulation conveyor. Our billet saw lines combine high production rates, low labour requirements and reliable operation to provide the highest billet processing efficiency available. The rolling slab and T-bar saw lines that we offer are designed to meet your specific needs. Our easily integrated systems provide maximum productivity and safety.

Leader in aluminium casthouse
Outokumpu Technology is a leading company in the design, fabrication and supply of casthouse machinery appropriate to today’s competitive and quality-driven aluminium industry. Our experience in the research, testing, design, operation, installation and service of ingot and sow casters is your guarantee of quality. We provide ingot stacking, strapping and weighing equipment for

T-bar saw-handling system.

Our extensive line also covers:
Foundry ingot casting Jumbo sow-casting water-cooled air-cooled Saw lines billet rolling slab T-bar Billet homogenizing

Outokumpu Technology possesses an unparalleled wealth of alumina and aluminium production and processing knowledge. With our powerful combination of proven technologies, we help you enhance the performance of your processes. We relish a challenge and can apply our know-how, together with the determination we are renowned for, to meet your requirements reliably and cost-effectively.

Billet saw line.

3004EN. Libris, Helsinki, Finland. February 2004.

Outokumpu is a dynamic metals and technology group. Focusing on our core competences, that is, extensive knowledge of metals and metals processing, we aim to be leaders in all of our key businesses: stainless steel, copper and technology. Customers in a wide range of industries use our metals, metal products, technology and services worldwide.