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Wyclif Bible - Matthew

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1 The book of the generacioun of Jhesu Crist, the sone of Dauid, the sone of Abraham. 2 Abraham bigat Isaac. Isaac bigat Jacob. Jacob bigat Judas and hise britheren. 3 Judas bigat Fares and Zaram, of Tamar. Fares bigat Esrom. 4 Esrom bigat Aram. Aram bigat Amynadab. Amynadab bigat Naason. Naason bigat Salmon. 5 Salmon bigat Booz, of Raab. Booz bigat Obeth, of Ruth. Obeth bigat Jesse. Jesse bigat Dauid the king. 6 Dauid the king bigat Salamon, of hir that was Vries wijf. 7 Salomon bigat Roboam. Roboam bigat Abias. 8 Abias bigat Asa. Asa bigat Josaphath. Josaphath bigat Joram. Joram bigat Osias. 9 Osias bigat Joathan. Joathan bigat Achaz. Achaz bigat Ezechie. 10 Ezechie bigat Manasses. Manasses bigat Amon. 11 Amon bigat Josias. Josias bigat Jeconyas and his britheren, in to the transmygracioun of Babiloyne. 12 And aftir the transmygracioun of Babiloyne, Jeconyas bigat Salatiel. Salatiel bigat Zorobabel. 13 Zorobabel bigat Abyut. Abyut bigat Eliachym. Eliachym bigat Asor. 14 Asor bigat Sadoc. Sadoc bigat Achym. 15 Achym bigat Elyut. Elyut bigat Eleasar. Eleasar bigat Mathan. 16 Mathan bigat Jacob. Jacob bigat Joseph, the hosebonde of Marye, of whom Jhesus was borun, that is clepid Christ. 17 And so alle generaciouns fro Abraham to Dauid ben fourtene generacions, and fro Dauid to the transmygracioun of Babiloyne ben fourtene generaciouns, and fro the transmygracioun of Babiloyne to Crist ben fourtene generaciouns. 18 But the generacioun of Crist was thus. Whanne Marie, the modir of Jhesu, was spousid to Joseph, bifore thei camen togidere, she was foundun hauynge of the Hooli Goost in the wombe. 19 And Joseph, hir hosebonde, for he was riȝtful, and wolde not puplische hir, he wolde priueli haue left hir. 20 But while he thouȝte thes thingis, lo! the aungel of the Lord apperide in sleep to hym, and seide, Joseph, the sone of Dauid, nyle thou drede to take Marie, thi wijf; for that thing that is borun in hir is of the Hooli Goost. 21 And she shal bere a sone, and thou shalt clepe his name Jhesus; for he schal make his puple saaf fro her synnes. 22 For al this thing was don, that it schulde be fulfillid, that was seid of the Lord bi a prophete, seiynge, 23 Lo! a virgyn shal haue in wombe, and she schal bere a sone, and thei schulen clepe his name Emanuel, that is to seie, God with vs. 24 And Joseph roos fro sleepe, and dide as the aungel of the Lord comaundide hym, and took Marie, his wijf; 25 and he knew her not, til she hadde borun her firste bigete sone, and clepide his name Jhesus.

1 Therfor whanne Jhesus was borun in Bethleem of Juda, in the daies of king Eroude, lo! astromyenes camen fro the eest to Jerusalem, 2 and seiden, Where is he, that is borun king of Jewis? for we han seyn his sterre in the eest, and we comen to worschipe him. 3 But king Eroude herde, and was trublid, and al Jerusalem with hym. 4 And he gaderide 1/36


Wyclif Bible - Matthew

to gidre alle the prynces of prestis, and scribis of the puple, and enqueride of hem, where Crist shulde be borun. 5 And thei seiden to hym, In Bethleem of Juda; for so it is writun bi a profete, 6 And thou, Bethleem, the lond of Juda, art not the leest among the prynces of Juda; for of thee a duyk schal go out, that schal gouerne my puple of Israel. 7 Thanne Eroude clepide pryueli the astromyens, and lernyde bisili of hem the tyme of the sterre that apperide to hem. 8 And he sente hem in to Bethleem, and seide, Go ȝe, and axe ȝe bisili of the child, and whanne ȝee han foundun, telle ȝe it to me, that Y also come, and worschipe hym. 9 And whanne thei hadden herd the kyng, thei wenten forth. And lo! the sterre, that thei siȝen in the eest, wente bifore hem, til it cam, and stood aboue, where the child was. 10 And thei siȝen the sterre, and ioyeden with a ful greet ioye. 11 And thei entriden in to the hous, and founden the child with Marie, his modir; and thei felden doun, and worschipiden him. And whanne thei hadden openyd her tresouris, thei offryden to hym ȝiftis, gold, encense, and myrre. 12 And whanne thei hadden take an aunswere in sleep, that thei schulden not turne aȝen to Eroude, thei turneden aȝen bi anothir weie in to her cuntrey. 13 And whanne thei weren goon, lo! the aungel of the Lord apperide to Joseph in sleep, and seide, Rise vp, and take the child and his modir, and fle in to Egipt, and be thou there, til that I seie to thee; for it is to come, that Eroude seke the child, to destrie hym. 14 And Joseph roos, and took the child and his modir bi nyȝt, and wente in to Egipt, 15 and he was there to the deeth of Eroude; that it schulde be fulfillid, that was seid of the Lord bi the profete, seiynge, Fro Egipt Y haue clepid my sone. 16 Thanne Eroude seynge that he was disseyued of the astromyens, was ful wrooth; and he sente, and slowe alle the children, that weren in Bethleem, and in alle the coostis therof, fro two ȝeer age and with inne, aftir the tyme that he had enquerid of the astromyens. 17 Thanne it was fulfillid, that was seid bi Jeremye, the profete, 18 seiynge, A vois was herd an hiȝ, wepynge and moche weilyng, Rachel biwepynge hir sones, and she wolde not be coumfortid, for thei ben noȝt. 19 But whanne Eroude was deed, loo! the aungel of the Lord apperide to Joseph in sleep in Egipt, 20 and seide, Ryse vp, and take the child and his modir, and go in to the lond of Israel; for thei that souȝten the lijf of the chijld ben deed. 21 Joseph roos, and took the child and his modir, and cam in to the loond of Israel. 22 And he herde that Archilaus regnede in Judee for Eroude, his fadir, and dredde to go thidir. And he was warned in sleep, and wente in to the parties of Galilee; 23 and cam, and dwelte in a citee, that ys clepid Nazareth, that it shulde be fulfillid, that was seid bi profetis, For he shal be clepid a Nazarey.

1 In tho daies Joon Baptist cam, and prechide in the desert of Judee, 2 and seide, Do ȝe penaunce, for the kyngdom of heuenes shal neiȝe. 3 For this is he, of whom it is seid bi Ysaie, the prophete, seyinge, A vois of a crier in desert, Make ȝe redi the weies of the Lord; make ȝe riȝt the pathis of hym. 4 And this Joon hadde clothing of camels heeris, and a girdil of skynne aboute hise leendis; and his mete was honysoukis, and hony of the wode. 5 Thanne Jerusalem wente out to hym, and al Judee, and al the cuntre aboute Jordan; 6 and thei weren waischun of hym in Jordan, and knowlechiden her synnes. 7 2/36


Wyclif Bible - Matthew

But he siȝ manye of the Farysees and of Saduceis comynge to his baptym, and seide to hem, Generaciouns of eddris, who shewide to ȝou to fle fro the wraththe that is to come? 8 Therfor do ȝe worthi fruyte of penaunce, 9 and nyle ȝe seie with ynne ȝou, We han Abraham to fadir; for Y seie to ȝou, that God is myȝti to reise vp of these stoones the sones of Abraham. 10 And now the ax is put to the roote of the tree; therfore euery tree that makith not good fruyt, shal be kit doun, and shal be cast in to the fier. 11 Y waische ȝou in water, in to penaunce; but he that shal come after me is strongere than Y, whos schoon Y am not worthi to bere; he shal baptise ȝou in the Hooli Goost and fier. 12 Whos wynewing cloth is in his hoond, and he shal fulli clense his corn flore, and shal gadere his whete in to his berne; but the chaffe he shal brenne with fier that mai not be quenchid. 13 Thanne Jhesus cam fro Galilee in to Jordan to Joon, to be baptised of hym. 14 And Joon forbede him, and seide, Y owe to be baptisid of thee, and thou comest to me? 15 But Jhesus answeride, and seide to hym, Suffre nowe, for thus it fallith to vs to fulfille al riȝtfulnesse. 16 Thanne Joon suffride hym. And whanne Jhesus was baptisid, anoon he wente up fro the watir; and lo! heuenes weren openyd to hym, and he saie the Spirit of God comynge doun as a dowue, and comynge on hym; and loo! 17 a vois fro heuenes, seiynge, This is my louyd sone, in which Y haue plesid to me.

1 Thanne Jhesus was led of a spirit in to desert, to be temptid of the feend. 2 And whanne he hadde fastid fourti daies and fourti nyȝtis, aftirward he hungride. 3 And the tempter cam nyȝ, and seide to hym, If thou art Goddis sone, seie that thes stoones be maad looues. 4 Which answeride, and seide to hym, It is writun, Not oonli in breed luyeth man, but in ech word that cometh of Goddis mouth. 5 Thanne the feend took hym in to the hooli citee, and settide hym on the pynacle of the temple, 6 and seide to hym, If thou art Goddis sone, sende thee adoun; for it is writun, That to hise aungels he comaundide of thee, and thei schulen take thee in hondis, lest perauenture thou hirte thi foot at a stoon. 7 Eftsoone Jhesus seide to hym, It is writun, Thou shalt not tempte thi Lord God. 8 Eftsoone the feend took hym in to a ful hiȝ hil, and schewide to hym alle the rewmes of the world, and the ioye of hem; 9 and seide to hym, Alle these Y schal ȝyue to thee, if thou falle doun and worschipe me. 10 Thanne Jhesus seide to hym, Goo, Sathanas; for it is writun, Thou schalt worschipe thi Lord God, and to hym aloone thou shalt serue. 11 Thanne the feend lafte hym; and lo! aungels camen nyȝ, and serueden to hym. 12 But whanne Jhesus hadde herd that Joon was takun, he wente in to Galilee. 13 And he lefte the citee of Nazareth, and cam, and dwelte in the citee of Cafarnaum, biside the see, in the coostis of Zabulon and Neptalym, 14 that it shulde be fulfillid, that was seid by Ysaie, the profete, seiynge, 15 The lond of Sabulon and the lond of Neptalym, the weie of the see ouer Jordan, of Galilee of hethen men, 16 the puple that walkide in derknessis saye greet liȝt, and while men satten in the cuntre of shadewe of deth, liȝt aroos to hem. 17 Fro that tyme Jhesus bigan to preche, and seie, Do ȝe penaunce, for the kyngdom of heuenes schal come niȝ. 18 And Jhesus walkide bisidis the see of Galilee, and saye twei britheren, Symount, that is clepid Petre, and Andrewe, his brothir, castynge nettis in to the see; for thei weren fischeris. 19 And he seide to hem, 3/36

for thei schulen be clepid Goddis children. and of Jerusalem. and he clepide hem. hise disciplis camen to hym. for thei schulen se God. for so thei han pursued also profetis that weren bifor ȝou.html 4/36 . 20 And anoon thei leften the nettis. and go first to be recounselid to thi brothir. 15 ne me teendith not a lanterne. but on a candilstike. James of Zebede. and thei brouȝten to hym alle that weren at male ese. and of Decapoli. for thei schulen gete merci. and Y shal make ȝou to be maad fisscheris of men. 17 Nil ȝe deme. schal be gilti to doom. for ȝoure meede is plenteuouse in heuenes. and sueden hym. 13 ȝe ben salt of the erthe. and Joon. and prechynge the gospel of the kyngdom. 19 Therfor he that brekith oon of these leeste maundementis. that but ȝour riȝtfulnesse be more plenteuouse than of scribis and of Farisees. 22 But Y seie to ȝou. seynge the puple. and schulen pursue ȝou. 6 Blessid ben thei that hungren and thristen riȝtwisnesse. 14 ȝe ben liȝt of the world. and shulen seie al yuel aȝens ȝou 3 Blessed ben pore men in spirit. schal be clepid greet in the kyngdom of heuenes. 18 Forsothe Y seie to ȝou. for the kyngdom of heuenes is herne. and saie tweyne othere britheren. that ech man that is wrooth to his brothir. 23 And Jhesus ȝede aboute al Galilee. for thei schulen welde the erthe. a citee set on an hil may not be hid. Fool. and be ȝe glad. Thou schalt not slee. 9 Blessid ben pesible men. for thei schulen be coumfortid. that thei se ȝoure goode werkis. and glorifie ȝoure fadir that is in heuenes. but to fulfille. and whanne he was set. in a schip with Zebede. 8 Blessid ben thei that ben of clene herte. 20 And Y seie to ȝou. 16 So schyne ȝoure liȝt befor men. for the kingdam of heuenes is that thi brothir hath sum what aȝens thee.Matthew Come ȝe aftir me. 12 Ioie ȝe. and techith. 24 And his fame wente in to al Sirie. and sueden hym. 11 ȝe schulen be blessid. 2 And he openyde his mouth.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . Fy! schal be gilti to the counseil. 24 leeue there thi ȝifte bifor the auter. her fadir. and he heelide hem. 1 And Jhesus. that Y cam to vndo the lawe. 4 Blessid ben mylde men. 23 Therfor if thou offrist thi ȝifte at the auter. schal be clepid the leste in the rewme of heuenes. 21 ȝe han herd that it was seid to elde men. no but that it be cast out. that if the salt vanysche awey. schal be gilti to doom. and seide. his brother. and of biȝende Jordan. 10 Blessid benthei that suffren persecusioun for riȝtfulnesse. but he that doith. and he that seith to his brother. and techith thus men. and hem that hadden feendis. and thanne thou schalt www. for me. V. 22 And anoon thei leften the nettis and the fadir. 5 Blessid ben thei that mornen. for thei schulen be fulfillid. 7 Blessid ben merciful men. and ther thou bithenkist. ȝe schulen not entre into the kyngdom of heuenes. and be defoulid of men. and of Judee. o lettir or o titel shal not passe fro the lawe. techynge in the synagogis of hem. or the profetis. 25 And ther sueden hym myche puple of Galile. and lunatike men. wente vp in to an hil. and tauȝte hem. but he that seith. amendynge her nettis. and heelynge euery languor and eche sekenesse among the puple. and men in palesy. 21 And he ȝede forth fro that place. til alle thingis be doon. schal be gilti to the fier of helle. til heuene and erthe passe. whanne men schulen curse ȝou. that it ȝyue liȝt to alle that ben in the hous. and he that sleeth. whereynne schal it be saltid? To no thing it is worth ouere. and that weren take with dyuerse languores and turmentis. and puttith it vndur a busschel. CAP. Y cam not to vndo the lawe.

but thou schalt ȝelde thin othis to the Lord. and hate thin enemye. schewe to him also the tothir. 35 nether bi the erthe. for it is the trone of God. and turne not awey fro hym that wole borewe of thee. they han resseyued her meede. sotheli Y seie to ȝou. and the domesman take thee to the mynystre. ȝe schulen not be as ipocritis. nay. for it spedith to thee that oon of thi membris perische. www. is of yuel. what mede schulen ȝe han? whether pupplicans doon not this? 47 And if ȝe greten ȝoure britheren oonli. and take awey thi coote. that euery man that seeth a womman for to coueite hir.Matthew come. nethir bi heuene. kitte hym aweye. 45 that ȝe be the sones of ȝour fadir that is in heuenes. doith auowtrye. and whanne the dore is schet. that makith his sunne to rise vpon goode and yuele men. thou shalt not go out fro thennus. schal quyte thee. Who euere leeueth his wijf. 27 ȝe han herd that it was seid to elde men. 30 And if thi riȝt hond sclaundre thee. that ȝe do not ȝoure riȝtwisnesse bifor men. and he that weddith the forsakun wijf. 43 ȝe han herd that it was seid. ellis ȝe schulen haue no meede at ȝoure fadir that is in heuenes. ȝhe. knowe not thi left hond what thi riȝt hond doith. 29 That if thi riȝt iȝe sclaundre thee. treuli Y seie to ȝou. makith hir to do letcherie. that ȝe swere not for ony thing. 26 Treuli Y seie to thee. that oon of thi membris perische. go thou with hym othir tweyne. 6 But whanne thou schalt preye. for it spedith to thee. and schalt offre thi ȝifte. entre in to thi couche. and caste fro CAP. Thou schalt do no letcherie. 40 and to hym that wole stryue with thee in doom. ȝyue he to hir a libel of forsakyng. do ȝe wel to hem that hatiden ȝou. while thou art in the weie with hym. hath now do letcherie bi hir in his herte. and thou be sent in to prisoun. thei han resseyued her meede. that ȝe aȝenstonde not an yuel man. 41 and who euer constreyneth thee a thousynde pacis. outtakun cause of fornycacioun. ne blacke. 1 Takith hede. Thou shalt loue thi neiȝbore. 46 For if ȝe louen hem that louen ȝou. 3 But whanne thou doist almes. for it is the citee of a greet kyng. that thin almes be in hidils. pulle hym out. 37 but be ȝoure word. and preye ȝe for hem that pursuen. and that that is more than these.html 5/36 .08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . Thou schalt not forswere. that euery man that leeueth his wijf. Iȝe for iȝe. nether thou shalt not swere bi thin heed. 39 But Y seie to ȝou. that louen to preye stondynge in synagogis and corneris of stretis. 2 Therfore whanne thou doist almes. nether bi Jerusalem. lest perauenture thin aduersarie take thee to the domesman. 32 But Y seie to ȝou. that thei be worschipid of men. til thou ȝelde the last ferthing. and reyneth on iust men and vniuste. to be seyn of hem. 44 But Y seie to ȝ 5 And whanne ȝe preyen. but if ony smyte thee in the riȝt cheke. 33 Eftsoone ȝe han herd. leeue thou to him also thi mantil. that it was seid to elde men. 38 ȝe han herd that it hath be seid. nyle thou trumpe tofore thee. VI. 25 Be thou consentynge to thin aduersarie soone. what schulen ȝe do more? ne doon not hethene men this? 48 Therfore be ȝe parfit. as ȝoure heuenli fadir is parfit. for it is the stole of his feet. 28 But Y seie to ȝou. 31 And it hath be seyd. 36 for thou maist not make oon heere white. 4 and thi fadir that seeth in hiddils. ȝhe. 34 But Y seie to ȝou. loue ȝe ȝoure enemyes. 42 ȝyue thou to hym that axith of thee. and tothe for tothe. than that al thi bodi go in to helle. and caste fro thee. than that al thi bodi go in to helle. to be seyn of men. as ypocritis doon in synagogis and stretis. and sclaundren ȝou. Nay.

16 But whanne ȝe fasten. If thanne the liȝt that is in thee be derknessis. how thei wexen. where nether ruste ne mouȝte distrieth. hou myche more ȝou of litel feith? 31 Therfor nyle ȝe be bisi. bifore that ȝe axen hym. Whether ȝe ben not more worthi than thei? 27 But who of ȝou thenkynge mai putte to his stature o cubit? 28 And of clothing what ben ȝe bisye? Biholde ȝe the lilies of the feeld. for it suffisith to the dai his owen malice. treuli Y seie to ȝou. nether to ȝoure bodi. 7 But in preiyng nyle ȝee speke myche. 20 but gadere to ȝou tresouris in heuene. for thei defacen hem silf. What schulen we drinke? or. and his riȝtfulnesse. and where theues deluen out and stelen. 2 ȝe schulen be demed. and alle these thingis shulen be cast to ȝou. how grete schulen thilk derknessis be? 24 No man may serue tweyn lordis. for ȝour fadir woot what is nede to ȝou. With what thing schulen we be keuered? 32 For hethene men seken alle these thingis. nether ȝoure fadir schal forȝyue to ȝou ȝoure synnes. and the bodie more than cloth? 26 Biholde ȝe the foulis of the eire. there also thin herte is. 33 Therfor seke ȝe first the kyngdom of God. but to thi fadir that is in hidlis. 18 that thou be not seen fastynge to men. for thei sowen not. 19 Nile ȝe tresoure to ȝou tresouris in erthe. What schulen we ete? or. it schal be meten aȝen to ȝou. and lo! a beem www. 25 Therfor I seie to ȝou. with what ȝe schulen be clothid. and thi fadir that seeth in priuey. be thi wille don in erthe as in heuene. and to morewe is cast in to an ouen. Thei trauelen not. VII. and where theues deluen not out. suffre I schal do out a mote fro thin iȝe. 21 For where thi tresoure is.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . 15 Sotheli if ȝe forȝyuen not to men. halewid be thi name. and waische thi face. Whether lijf is not more than meete. and ȝoure fadir woot. and ȝoure fadir of heuene fedith hem. 1 Nile ȝe deme. shal ȝelde to thee. that to day is. 30 And if God clothith thus the hei of the feeld. Salomon in al his glorie was not keuered as oon of these. 14 and loue the tother. anoynte thin heed. al thi bodi shal be liȝtful. CAP. 34 Therfor nyle ȝe be bisy in to the morew. Brothir.Matthew preye thi fadir in hidils. Oure fadir that art in heuenes. they han resseyued her meede. as we forȝyuen to oure dettouris. and in what mesure ȝe meten. ethir he shal susteyne the toon. that ȝe be not demed. For if ȝe forȝyuen to men her synnes. for the morew shal be bisi to hym silf. al thi bodi shal be derk. 9 And thus ȝe schulen preye. 29 and Y seie to ȝou. as hethene men doon. nethir gaderen in to bernes. 11 ȝyue to vs this dai oure breed ouer othir substaunce. 23 but if thin iȝe be weiward.html 6/36 . ȝe moun not serue God and richessis. to seme fastyng to men. nyle ȝe be maad as ypocritis sorewful. schal ȝelde to thee. 3 But what seest thou a litil mote in the iȝe of thi brother. and lede vs not in to temptacioun. for thei gessen that thei ben herd in her myche speche. if thin iȝe be symple. 13 but delyuere vs fro yuel. and seest not a beem in thin owne iȝe? 4 Or hou seist thou to thi brothir. ne stelen. seiynge. nether for in what doom ȝe demen. for ethir he schal hate the toon. ȝoure heuenli fadir schal forȝyue to ȝou ȝoure trespassis. and thi fadir that seeth in hidils. 17 But whanne thou fastist. nethir repen. that ȝe han nede to alle these thingis. that ȝe be not bisi to ȝoure lijf. where ruste and mouȝte destrieth. 22 The lanterne of thi bodi is thin iȝe. 8 Therfor nyle ȝe be maad lich to hem. 12 and forȝyue to vs oure dettis. and dispise the tothir. what ȝe schulen ete. 10 thi kyngdoom come to.

schal entre in to the kyngdom of heuenes. Se. and floodis camen. 14 Hou streit is the ȝate. VIII. 24 Therfor ech man that herith these my wordis. 15 Be ȝe war of fals prophetis. as he that hadde power. 20 Therfor of her fruytis ȝe schulen knowe hem. and schal be cast in to the fier. and the houndis be turned. or figus of breris? 17 So euery good tre makith good fruytis. 25 And reyn felde doun. that hath bildid his hous on grauel. but withynneforth thei ben as wolues of raueyn. and russchiden in to that hous. whether we han not prophesied in thi name. and it felde doun. 3 And Jhesus helde forth the hoond. seie thou to no man. and seide. departe awei fro me. 2 And loo! a leprouse man cam. nethir an yuel tre make good fruytis. and worschipide hym. That Y knewe ȝou neuere. and he that sekith. what euere thingis ȝe wolen that men do to ȝou. lest perauenture thei defoulen hem with her schal be maad lijk to a wise man. but he that doith the wille of my fadir that is in that knockith. And anoon the lepre of him was clensid. that comen to ȝou in clothingis of scheep. takith. and thanne thou schalt se to do out the mote of the iȝe of thi brothir. and han doon many vertues in thi name? 23 And thanne Y schal knouleche to hem.html 7/36 . shewe thee to the prestis. nethir caste ȝe ȝoure margaritis bifore swyne. 16 of her fruytis ȝe schulen knowe hem. whethir he wole take hym a stoon? 10 Or if he axe fische. 4 And Jhesus seide to hym. 9 What man of ȝou is. 6 Nile ȝe ȝyue hooli thing to houndis. and seide. and han caste out feendis in thi name. 27 And reyn cam doun. he schal entre in to the kyngdoom of heuenes. and ther ben fewe that fynden it. 26 And euery man that herith these my wordis. and it schal be ȝouun to ȝou. for this is the lawe and the prophetis. and touchide hym. 1 But whanne Jhesus was come doun fro the hil. but an yuel tre makith yuel fruytis. and it schal be openyd to hym. 8 For ech that axith. kunnen ȝyue good ȝiftis to ȝoure sones. and thei hurliden aȝen that hous. and the Farisees. and al to-tere ȝou. 19 Euery tre that makith not good fruyt. and narwȝ the weye. ȝe that worchen wickidnesse. Whether men gaderen grapis of thornes. and offre the ȝift that Moyses comaundide. but go. schal be kyt doun. 29 for he tauȝte hem. 7 Axe ȝe. that if his sone axe hym breed. 18 A good tre may not make yuel fruytis. in witnessyng to hem. that ledith to lijf. whanne ȝe ben yuele men. whanne Jhesus hadde endid these wordis. and ȝe schulen fynde. and flodis camen. Lord. and it felde not doun. 5 And whanne he hadde entrid in to www. 13 Entre ȝe bi the streyt ȝate. and it schal be openyd to ȝou. mych puple suede hym. for it was foundun on a stoon. is lijk to a fool. and not as the scribis of hem. 28 And it was doon. and the weie is broode. and wyndis blewen. and doith hem not. if thou wolt. Lord. Lord. Lord. whether he wole take hym an edder? 11 Therfor if ȝe. and there ben many that entren bi it.Matthew is in thin owne iȝe? 5 Ipocrite. for the ȝate that ledith to perdicioun is large. CAP. seke ȝe. hou myche more ȝoure fadir that is in heuenes schal ȝyue good thingis to men that axen hym? 12 Therfor alle thingis. knocke ȝe. thou maist make me clene. and the fallyng doun therof was greet. Y wole. and wyndis blewen. Lord. the puple wondride on his techyng.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . 22 Many schulen seie to me in that dai. and doith hem. that hath bildid his hous on a stoon. fyndith. be thou maad cleene. 21 Not ech man that seith to me. do thou out first the beem of thin iȝe. do ȝe to hem.

and seide to hym. 25 And hise disciplis camen to hym. 11 And Y seie to ȝou. and the feuer lefte hir. and he cometh. and he doith it. his disciplis sueden and Y seie to this. 16 And whanne it was euen. 14 And whanne Jhesus was comun in to the hous of Symount Petre. Jhesu. and is yuel turmentid. 12 but the sones of the rewme schulen be cast out in to vtmer derknessis. 15 And he touchide hir hoond. sende vs in to the droue of swyne. and reysiden hym. he say his wyues modir liggynge. and comaundide to the wyndis and the see. so that the schip was hilid with wawes. 22 But Jhesus seide to hym. He took oure infirmytees. 6 and seide. saue vs. so that noo man myȝte go bi that weie. and a greet pesibilnesse was maad. 26 And Jhesus seide to hem. Y schal come. If thou castist out vs fro hennes. twey men metten hym. www. and of hem that hadden the feendis. and seiden. and briddis of heuene han nestis. and grynting of teeth. 10 And Jhesus herde these thingis.Matthew Cafarnaum. my childe lijth in the hous sijk on the palesie. 27 And men wondriden. and seide to hym. And the child was heelid fro that hour. and shakun with feueris. 21 Anothir of his disciplis seide to him. Y shal sue thee. and heelide alle that weren yuel at ese. and camen out of graues. the sone of God? art thou comun hidir bifore the tyme to turmente vs? 30 And not fer fro hem was a flocke of many swyne lesewynge. 17 that it were fulfillid. Y foond not so greet feith in Israel. whidir euer thou schalt go. and as thou hast bileuyd. And thei ȝeden out. for the wyndis and the see obeischen to him? 28 And whanne Jhesus was comun ouer the watir in to the cuntre of men of Gerasa. 20 And Jhesus seide to hym. and he goith. Y am not seiynge. 31 And the deuelis preyeden hym. 32 And he seide to hem. and to my seruaunt. Lord. Maistir. 33 And the hirdis fledden awey. Lord. 7 And Jhesus seide to him. and schulen reste with Abraham and Ysaac and Jacob in the kyngdom of heuenes. and preiede him. we perischen. Sue thou me. be it doon to thee. What maner man is he this. and lete deed men birie her deede men. and camen in to the citee. and thei weren deed in the watris. Treuli Y seie to ȝou. there schal be wepyng. and he castide out spiritis bi word. and birie my fader. and loo! in a greet bire al the droue wente heedlyng in to the see. Foxis han dennes. Come. What ben ȝe of litil feith agaste? Thanne he roos. What to vs and to thee. and wondride. Go.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . and she roos. and seiden. CAP. and haue knyȝtis vndir me. IX. 8 And the centurien answeride. that thou entre vndur my roof. 24 And loo! a greet stiring was maad in the see. Go ȝe. the centurien neiȝede to him. that he wolde passe fro her coostis. thei brouȝten to hym manye that hadden deuelis. Lord. and bade hise disciplis go ouer the watir. and seiden. thei preieden. 13 And Jhesus seide to the centurioun. that hadden deuelis. suffre me to go first. and seiden. 9 For whi Y am a man ordeyned vndur power. that was seid by Ysaie. but mannus sone hath not where he schal reste his heed. Do this. and seruede hem. and schal heele him. but oonli seie thou bi word. 34 And lo! al the citee wente out aȝens Jhesu. and bar oure siknessis. 29 And lo! thei crieden. and telden alle these thingis. and wenten in to the swyne. 18 And Jhesus say myche puple aboute him. the profete.html 8/36 . ful woode. and to another. Go. and my childe shal be heelid. 23 And whanne he was goon vp in to a litil schip. and seide to men that sueden him. but he slepte. that many schulen come fro the eest and the west. Lord. 19 And a scribe neiȝede. and whanne thei hadden seyn hym.

as long as the spouse is with hem? But daies schulen come. 32 And whanne thei weren gon out. Lord. 9 And whanne Jhesus passide fro thennus. Thi synnes ben forȝouun to thee. and seide. What wolen ȝe. my douȝter is now deed. take thi bed. he wente in. and hise disciplis. haue merci on vs. and seide. and the wyn sched out. lo! a prince cam. Lord. and passide ouer the watir. and wente in to his hous. Whi etith ȝoure maister with pupplicans and synful men? 12 And Jhesus herde. and go in to thin Whether the sones of the spouse moun morne. And he seide to hym. liggynge in a bed. but synful men. and worschipide hym. and say hir. the blynde men camen to hym. that no man wite. 10 And he roos. 19 And Jhesus roos. 31 But thei ȝeden out. 2 And lo! thei brouȝten to hym a man sike in palesie. and not sacrifice. 4 And whanne Jhesus hadde seyn her thouȝtis. not to clepe riȝtful men. 29 Thanne he touchide her iȝen. and a wers breking is maad. 16 And no man putteth a clout of buystous clothe in to an elde clothing. ellis the botels ben to-broke. 21 For sche seide with ynne hir self. he say a man. 7 And he roos. Sone. and cam in to his citee. Lord.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . 17 Nethir men putten newe wyne in to elde botelis. 8 And the puple seynge dredde. that ȝaf suche power to men. and folewide hym. and diffameden hym thorou al that lond. 25 And whanne the folc was put out. Y schal be saaf. And it was don. and she schal lyue. and seide. sittynge in a tolbothe. And Jhesus thretenede hem. the while he sat at the mete in the hous. Sue thou me. Whi we and Farisees fasten ofte. but to men that ben yuel at ese. 20 And lo! a womman. and bothe ben kept. 3 And lo! summe of the scribis seiden withynne hem silf. But men putten newe wyne in to newe botels. Wherto thenken ȝe yuele thingis in ȝoure hertis? 5 What is liȝtere to seye. This blasfemeth. he seide. for it doith awey the fulnesse of the cloth. ȝhe. haue thou trist. Thou sone of Dauid. and the damysel roos. and walke? 6 But that ȝe wite that mannus sone hath power to forȝyue synnes in erthe. ethir to seie. and sueden hym. that I do to ȝou? And thei seiden. Go ȝe a wei. and seide. 14 Thanne the disciplis of Joon camen to hym. that Y mai do this thing to ȝou? Thei seien to him. and say mynstrallis. loo! thei www. A leche is not nedeful to men that faren wel. Y wole merci. thi feith hath maad thee saaf. 18 Whiles that Jhesus spak thes thingis to hem. and Jhesus seide to hem. and seiden.html 9/36 . and the puple makynge noise. 13 But go ȝe. for the damysel is not deed. neiȝede bihynde. and thanne thei schulen faste.Matthew 1 And Jhesus wente vp in to a boot. and seide. Douȝ whanne the spouse schal be takun a wei fro hem. and distried. and seide to the man sike in palesye. Matheu bi name. and seiden. Rise thou. thanne he seide to the sijk man in palesie. 24 he seide. haue thou trist. ȝif Y touche oonli the cloth of hym. thi synnes ben forȝouun to thee. 28 And whanne he cam in to the hous. and glorifiede God. and helde hir hond. lo! many pupplicans and synful men camen. and touchide the hem of his cloth. Aftir ȝoure feith be it doon to ȝou. twei blynde men criynge sueden hym. and saten at the mete with Jhesu and hise disciplis. And thei scornyden hym. and seiden to hise disciplis. Bileuen ȝe. 26 And this fame wente out in to al that loond. And Jhesus saw the feith of hem. 27 And whanne Jhesus passide fro thennus. for I cam. 30 And the iȝen of hem were opened. Se ȝe. 23 And whanne Jhesus cam in to the hous of the prince. 11 And Farisees sien. that oure iȝen be opened. and lerne what it is. And Jhesus seide. but slepith. but come thou. that hadde the blodi flux twelue ȝere. And the womman was hool fro that our. Rise vp. and putte thin hond on hir. but thi disciplis fasten not? 15 And Jhesus seide to hem. 22 And Jhesus turnede.

ȝe schulen not ende the citees of Israel. that he sende werke men in to his ripe corn. freli ȝyue ȝe. 21 And the brother shal take the brother in to deeth. 3 Thomas. and seide. 25 it is ynowȝ to the disciple. nethir shoon. And the puple wondride. 7 And go ȝ and sones schulen rise aȝens fadir and modir. caste ȝe out deuelis. ne the seruaunt aboue hys lord. and symple as dowues. Sotheli there is myche ripe corn. 24 The disciple is not aboue the maistir. 8 heele ȝe sike men.and to heele eueri langour. 12 And whanne ȝe goon in to an hous. for it shal be ȝouun to ȝou in that our. reise ȝe deede men. than to thilke citee. 10 nether twei cootis. shal be saaf. 37 Thanne he seide to hise disciplis. grete ȝe it.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . for thei weren trauelid. It hath not be say thus in Israel. that han perischid. and Matheu. his brothir. 4 Symount Chananee. 11 In to what euere citee or castel ȝe schulen entre. and the fader the sone. and helynge euery langour and euery sijknesse. and to the hethen men. nether siluer. to for that mannus sone come. or presidentis. freeli ȝe han takun. ȝoure pees schal come on it. in witnessyng to hem. ȝe schulen be lad for me. and sprenge of the dust of ȝoure feet. and to the www. to caste hem out of men. 36 And he siȝ the puple. his brothir. for thei schulen take ȝou in counseilis. go ȝe fro that hous or citee. 33 And whanne the deuel was cast out. fle ȝe in to anothir. but the spirit of ȝoure fadir. 5 Jhesus sente these twelue. 15 Treuly Y seie to ȝou. Go ȝe not in to the weie of hethene men. the doumb man spak. Pees to this hous. for a werkman is worthi his mete. 35 And Jhesus wente aboute alle the citees and castels. In the prince of deuelis he castith out deuelis. the firste. CAP. and hadde reuthe on hem. that spekith in ȝou. 17 But be ȝe war of men. Symount. and Bartholomeu. James of Zebede. and Tadee. but he that shall dwelle stille in to the ende. and seie. X. nether a ȝerde. til ȝe go out. nyle ȝe thenke. 18 and to meyris. clense ȝe mesels. Treuli Y seie to ȝou. that the kyngdam of heuenes shal neiȝe. and thei schulen bete ȝou in her synagogis. and entre ȝe not in to the citees of Samaritans. 34 But the Farisees seiden. hauynge a deuel. what ȝe schulen speke. 1 And whanne his twelue disciplis weren clepid togidere. that is clepid Petre. ȝoure pees schal turne aȝen to ȝou. but fewe werk men. and comaundide hem. and seide. 2 And these ben the names of the twelue apostlis. and sijknesse.html 10/36 . nethir herith ȝoure wordis. and seyn. but if that hous be not worthi. 16 Lo! Y sende ȝou as scheep in the myddil of wolues. 9 Nyle ȝe welde gold. it shal be more suffrable to the loond of men of Sodom and of Gommor in the dai of iugement. 38 Therfor preye ȝe the lord of the ripe corn. therfor be ȝe sliȝ as serpentis. 6 but rather go ȝe to the scheep of the hous of Israel. and there dwelle ȝe. 19 But whanne thei take ȝou.Matthew brouȝten to hym a doumbe man. and Andrew. and prechynge the gospel of the kyngdom. that bitrayede Crist. and to kyngis. and preche ȝe. axe ȝe who therynne is worthi. not a scrippe in the weie. 23 And whanne thei pursuen ȝou in this citee. and James Alfey. he ȝaf to hem powere of vnclene spiritis. techinge in the synagogis of hem. ne money in ȝoure girdlis. that he be as his maistir. and liggynge as scheep not hauynge a scheepherde. Filip. and Joon. 14 And who euere resseyueth not ȝou. and Judas Scarioth. 22 And ȝe schulen be in hate to alle men for my name. 20 for it ben not ȝe that speken. 13 And if thilk hous be worthi. hou or what thing ȝe schulen speke. and schulen turmente hem bi deeth.

resseyueth hym that sente me. Lo! Y sende myn aungel bifor thi face. CAP. 14 and if ȝe wolen resseyue. that ben homeli with him. 39 He that fyndith his lijf. crokid men goon. 38 And he that takith not his croos. 28 And nyle ȝe drede hem that sleen the bodi.html 11/36 . 6 And he is blessid. 42 And who euer ȝyueth drynke to oon of these leeste a cuppe of coolde watir oonli in the name of a disciple. and the sones wijf aȝens the housbondis modir. of whom it is writun. and seide to hem. Y seie to ȝou. is not worthi to me. And he that resseyueth a iust man in the name of a iust man. he shal not leese his mede. shal lose it. ȝe ben betere than many sparewis. is not worthi to me. 1 And it was doon. 7 And whanne thei weren goon awei. and preche ȝe on housis. ther roos noon more than Joon Baptist among the children of wymmen. And he that loueth sone or douȝter ouer me. 37 He that loueth fadir or modir more than me. 2 But whanne Joon in boondis hadde herd the werkis of and he that resseyueth me. he sente tweyne of hise disciplis. seie ȝe in the liȝt. and telle aȝen to Joon tho thingis that ȝe han herd and seyn. or we abiden another? 4 And Jhesus answeride. that shal not be sclaundrid in me. 30 And alle the heeris of ȝoure heed ben noumbrid. 36 and the enemyes of a man ben thei. 10 For this is he. 32 Therfor euery man that schal knouleche me bifore men. and no thing is priuey. 40 He that resseyueth ȝou. and I shal denye him bifor my fadir that is in heuenes. Jhesus bigan to seie of Joon to the puple. What thing wenten ȝe out in to desert to se? a reed wawed with the wynd? 8 Or what thing wenten ȝe out to see? a man clothid with softe clothis? Lo! thei that ben clothid with softe clothis ben in the housis of kyngis. Art thou he that schal come. 11 Treuli Y seie to ȝou. Y schal knouleche hym bifor my fadir that is in heuenes. but he that is lesse in the kyngdom of heuenes. 35 For Y cam to departe a man aȝens his fadir. Y cam not to sende pees. that schal not be wist. deefe men heren. If thei han clepid the hosebonde man Belsabub. that Y cam to sende pees in to erthe. he comaundide to hise twelue disciplis. but swerd. he is Elie that is to come. 29 Whether twei sparewis ben not seeld for an halpeny? and oon of hem shal not falle on the erthe with outen ȝoure fadir. and more than a prophete. for no thing is hid. and passide fro thennus to teche and preche in the citees of hem. hou myche more his houshold meyne? 26 Therfor drede ȝe not hem. 41 He that resseyueth a prophete in the name of a 3 and seide to him. that schal not be shewid. whanne Jhesus hadde endid. meselis ben maad clene. is not worthi to me. 15 www.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . 33 But he that shal denye me bifor men. but rather drede ȝe hym. 12 And fro the daies of Joon Baptist til now the kyngdom of heuenes suffrith violence. that thing that ȝe heeren in the ere. XI. pore men ben takun to prechyng of the gospel. 34 Nile ȝe deme. and he that lesith his lijf for me. deed men rysen aȝen. for thei moun not sle the soule. treuli Y seie to ȝou. that mai lese bothe soule and bodi in to helle. Go ȝe. is more than he. and the douȝtir aȝens hir modir. and violent men rauyschen it. shal take the mede of a prophete. 9 But what thing wenten ȝe out to se? a prophete? ȝhe. and sueth me. 5 Blynde men seen. 27 That thing that Y seie to ȝou in derknessis. 31 Therfor nyle ȝe drede. resseyueth me. schal take the mede of a iust man. that shal make redi thi weye bifor thee. shal fynde it. 13 For alle prophetis and the lawe til to Joon prophecieden.Matthew seruaunt as his lord.

08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . XII. 18 For Joon cam nether etynge ne drynkynge. seynge. 13 Thanne he seide to the man. And wisdom is iustified of her sones. and a drinkere of wijne. 21 Wo to thee! Corosaym. and thei seien. than to ȝou. but the fadir. He hath a deuel. 8 For mannus Sone is lord. 20 Thanne Jhesus bigan to seye repreef to citees. 1 In that tyme Jhesus wente bi cornes in the sabot day. sumtyme thei hadden don penaunce in heyre and aische. Lo! a man a glotoun. What man of ȝou schal be. and redi. and lerne ȝe of me. and to whom the sone wolde schewe. and hast schewid hem to litle children. and Y schal fulfille ȝou. Y knowleche to thee. and a freend of pupplicans and of synful men. And he strauȝte forth. 16 But to whom schal Y gesse this generacioun lijk? It is lijk to children sittynge in chepyng. nethir ony man knewe the fadir. that here is a gretter than the temple. and lifte it vp? 12 How myche more is a man better than a scheep? Therfor it is leueful to do good in the sabatis. and maden a counsel aȝens hym. and no man knewe the sone. whethir thou schalt be arerid vp in to heuene? Thou shalt go doun in to helle. for thei diden not penaunce. and ben chargid. and to ete. for if the vertues that ben doon in ȝou hadden be doon in Tyre and Sidon. 2 And Fariseis. and hise disciplis hungriden. and eet looues of proposicioun. and thei that weren with hym? 4 hou he entride in to the hous of God. that crien to her peeris. and seiden. hou thei www. hadden be don in Sodom.html 12/36 .com/wyclif/mat. for so it was plesynge tofore thee. 17 and seien. For if the vertues that ben don in thee. woo to thee! Bethsaida. nether to hem that weren with hym. 7 And if ȝe wisten. ȝhe. Whether it be leueful to hele in the sabot? that thei schulden acuse hym. for Y am mylde and meke in herte. fadir. seiden to hym. what it is. and thei ben with oute blame? 6 And Y seie to ȝou. 24 Netheles Y seie to ȝou. Y wole merci. fadir. it schal be lesse peyne to Tire and Sidon in the dai of doom. 3 And he seide to hem. and seide. and thei seien. Stretche forth thin hoond. 23 And thou. of the sabat. Lo! thi disciplis don that thing that is not leueful to hem to do in sabatis. he cam in to the synagoge of hem. Cafarnaum. perauenture thei schulden haue dwellid in to this dai. 14 And the Farisees wenten out. come to me. in whiche ful manye vertues of him weren doon. 22 Netheles Y seie to ȝou. And thei axiden hym. 19 The sone of man cam etynge and drynkynge. 11 And he seide to hem. and my charge liȝ and not sacrifice. for thou hast hid these thingis fro wijse men. that hath o scheep. but the sone. 30 For my ȝok is softe. and bigunnen to plucke the eris of corn. 28 Alle ȝe that traueilen. whiche looues it was not leueful to hym to ete. and ȝe schulen fynde reste to ȝoure soulis. we han morned to ȝou. 26 so. what Dauid dide. than to thee. We han songun to ȝou. but to prestis aloone? 5 Or whether ȝe han not red in the lawe. and ȝe han not daunsid. and it was restorid to heelthe as the tothir. lord of heuene and of erthe. 27 Alle thingis ben ȝouune to me of my fadir. ȝe schulden neuer haue condempned innocentis. whether he shal not holde. 9 And whanne he passide fro thennus. that to the lond of Sodom it schal be lesse peyne in the dai of doom. 29 Take ȝe my ȝok on ȝou. Whether ȝe han not red. and ȝe han not weilid.Matthew He that hath eris of heryng. that in sabotis prestis in the temple defoulen the sabotis. 10 And lo! a man that hadde a drye hoond. CAP. here he. and if it falle in to a diche in the sabotis. 25 In thilke tyme Jhesus answeride. whanne he hungride.

and many sueden hym. 21 and hethene men schulen hope in his name. 40 For as Jonas was in the wombe of a whal thre daies and thre nyȝtis. and his fruyt good. til he caste out doom to victorie. and a tokene shal not be ȝouun to it. he is departid aȝens him silf. and he schal not quenche smokynge flax. and seide. 38 Thanne summe of the scribis and Farisees answeriden to hym. 39 Which answeride. or hous. 34 ȝe generacioun of eddris. Y shal turne aȝen in to myn hous. and he that gaderith not togidere with me. 23 And al the puple wondride. that of euery idel word. 29 Ethir hou may ony man entre in to the hous of a stronge man. Eche kingdom departid aȝens it silf. and maad faire.html 13/36 . 28 But if Y in the Spirit of God caste out feendis. nether in this world. and wente awei fro thennus. was brouȝt to hym. whom Y haue chosun. and takith with him seuene othere spiritis www. 45 Thanne he goith. departid aȝens it self. 31 Therfor I seie to ȝou. 35 A good man bryngith forth good thingis of good tresoure. hou moun ȝe speke goode thingis. 33 Ethir make ȝe the tree good. and he helide hem alle. whanne ȝe ben yuele? For the mouth spekith of plente of the herte.Matthew schulden distrie hym. Whether this be the sone of Dauid? 24 But the Farisees herden. that hadde a feend. 32 And who euere seith a word aȝens mannus 36 And Y seie to ȝou. my derling. An yuel kynrede and a spouse brekere sekith a tokene. ether make ȝe the tree yuel and his fruyt yuel. thanne the kyngdom of God is comen in to ȝou. Mayster. that thei schulden not make hym knowun. prince of feendis. that men speken. 25 And Jhesus. and say. 26 And if Satanas castith out Satanas. but he first bynde the stronge man. in whom it hath wel plesid to my soule. 41 Men of Nynyue schulen rise in doom with this generacioun. 37 for of thi wordis thou schalt be iustified. and thanne he schal spuyle his hous? 30 He that is not with me. schal be desolatid. so mannus sone shal be in the herte of the erthe thre daies and thre nyȝtis. in whom ȝoure sones casten out? Therfor thei schulen be ȝoure domes men. And he cometh. fro whannys Y wente out. for she cam fro the eendis of the erthe to here the wisdom of Salomon. that was seid by Isaie. 15 And Jhesus knewe it. 44 Thanne he seith.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . 43 Whanne an vnclene spirit goith out fro a man. thei schulen ȝelde resoun therof in the dai of doom. and eche cite. therfor hou schal his kingdom stonde? 27 And if Y in Belsabub caste out deuelis. and seide to hem. and he shal telle dom to hethen men. and fyndith not. but the tokene of Jonas. al synne and blasfemye shal be forȝouun to men. it shal not be forȝouun to hym. 22 Thanne a man blynde and doumbe. 16 And he comaundide to hem. and lo! here a gretter than Jonas. but the spirit of blasfemye shal not be forȝouun. ne crye. we wolen se a tokne of thee. and lo! here a gretter than Salomon. 19 He shal not stryue. and an yuel man bringith forth yuel thingis of yuel tresoure. and seiden. Y shal put my spirit on him. and he helide hym. seiynge. for a tree is knowun of the fruyt. 17 that that thing were fulfillid. nethir ony man shal here his voice in stretis. but in Belsabub. and seiden. but who that seieth a word aȝens the Hooli Goost. and take awey hise vesselis. scaterith abrood. schal not the prophete. He this casteth not out feendis. he goith bi drie places. and fyndith it voide. is aȝens me. seide to hem. ne in the tothir. the prophete. and sekith rest. it shal be forȝouun to him. 20 A brisid rehed he shal not breke. and clensid with besyms. 42 The queene of the south shal rise in doom with this generacioun. so that he spak. and of thi wordis thou shalt be dampned. and schulen condempne it. for thei diden penaunce in the prechyng of Jonas. and schal condempne it. Lo! 18 my child. witynge her thouȝtis.

that manye profetis and iust men coueitiden to se tho thingis that ȝe seen. is this that heerith the word. nether vndurstonden. 8 But othere seedisfelden in to good lond. sekynge to speke to hym. and strangeleden hem. and thei be so that he wente up in to a boot. With heryng ȝe schulen here. 15 for the herte of this puple is greetli fattid. 14 that the prophesie of Ysaie seiynge be fulfillid in hem. and ȝauen fruyt. 50 for who euer doith the wille of my fadir that is in heuenes. Lo! thi modir and thi britheren stonden withouteforth. 10 And the disciplis camen nyȝ. is this that herith the word. but is temporal. Whi spekist thou in parablis to hem? 11 And he answeride. and seide. also that thing that he hath shal be takun awei fro hym. for thei hadden not depnesse of erthe. 21 And he hath not roote in hym silf. For to ȝou it is ȝouun to knowe the priuytees of the kyngdom of heuenes. Who is my modir? and who ben my britheren? 49 And he helde forth his hoond in to hise disciplis. and he shal haue plente. and vndirstondith not. and thei herynge heren not. 16 But ȝoure iȝen that seen ben blesside. Lo! my modir and my bretheren. XIII. and thei herden heuyli with eeris. 46 ȝit whil he spak to the puple. and dwellen there. an othir sixti foold. thei drieden vp. and anoon with ioye takith it. and thei han closed her iȝen. and al the puple stood on the brenke. and sat bisidis the see. and rauyschith that that is sowun in his herte. and it is maad with outen fruyt. where thei hadden not myche erthe. and to heere tho thingis that ȝe heren. and modir. 13 Therfor Y speke to hem in parablis. and sat. and ȝe seynge schulen se. and eeten hem. but it is not ȝouun to hem. 2 And myche puple was gaderid to hym. and thei sayn not. and anoon thei sprongen vp. So it shal be to this worste generacioun. 19 Ech that herith the word of the rewme. And the laste thingis of that man ben maad worse than the formere. 18 Therfor here ȝe the parable of the sowere. www. summe an hundrid foold. this it is. lo! his modir and his bretheren stoden withouteforth. the yuel spirit cometh. and the bisynesse of this world. and seiden to him. and thornes woxen vp. 23 But he that is sowun in to good loond. and seide to hem. that herith the word of God. and thei herden not. 5 But othere seedis felden in to stony places. and vnderstondeth. 7 And other seedis felden among thornes. 9 He that hath eris of heryng. he is my brothir. For whanne tribulacioun and persecucioun is maad for the word. ȝede out to sowe his seed. an othir thritti foold. 1 In that dai Jhesus ȝede out of the hous. Lo! he that sowith.Matthew worse than hym silf. lest sumtime thei seen with iȝen. this it is. and Y heele hem. 6 But whanne the sonne was risun. and bryngith forth fruyt. 22 But he that is sowun in thornes. and ȝe shulen not vndurstonde. and thei entren. that spak to hym. but if a man hath and ȝoure eeris that heren.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . and sistir. anoon he is sclaundrid. and vndirstonden in herte. 48 He answeride to the man. for thei seynge seen not. and the fallace of ritchessis strangulith the word. 3 And he spac to hem many thingis in parablis. that is sowun bisidis the weie. and with eeris heeren. 4 And while he sowith. summe seedis felden bisidis the weie. and seide. here he. and for thei hadden not roote. and ȝe shulen not se. and briddis of the eir camen.html 14/36 . thei swaliden. 12 For it shal be ȝouun to hym that hath. CAP. 20 But this that is sowun on the stony loond. sekynge thee. And summe makith an hundrid fold. and seide. 47 And a man seide to hym. 17 Forsothe Y seie to ȝou.

thanne the taris apperiden. 27 And the seruauntis of the hosebonde man camen. 34 Jhesus spac alle thes thingis in parablis to the puple. Therfor euery wise man of lawe in the kyngdom of heuenes. 50 And thei shulen sende hem in to the chymnei of fier. and hidde in thre mesuris of mele. and bieth thilk feeld. he wente. The kyngdom of heuenes is lijk to a corn of seneuey. his enemy cam. He that hath eeris of heryng. whanne Jhesus www. 51 Han ȝe vndirstonde alle these thingis? Thei seien to hym. the reperis ben aungels. 47 Eft the kyngdom of heuenes is lijk to a nette cast into the see. and gaderen hem? 29 And he seide. The kyngdom of heuenes is maad lijk to a man. and selde alle thingis that he hadde. and thei schulen gadere fro his rewme alle sclaundris. and wente awei. and bouȝte it. and made fruyt. and that gaderith to gidere of al kynde of fisschis. 46 but whanne he hath foundun o precious margarite.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . 35 that is seid bi the prophete. hidith. 48 which whanne it was ful. but gadere ȝe whete in to my berne. The kyngdom of heuenes is lijk to sour douȝ. 37 Which answeride. Wolt thou that we goon. and chesen the goode in to her vessels. and seiden. and the ripe corn is the endyng of the world. is lijk to an hosebonde man. and another thritti fold. and bynde hem to gidere in knytchis to be brent. but taris. Nay. and sewe aboue taris in the myddil of whete. 26 But whanne the erbe was growed. and seiden to hym. 40 Therfor as taris ben gaderid togidere. and cam in to an hous. 41 Mannus sone shal sende hise aungels. Y shal opene my mouth in parablis. 39 the enemye that sowith hem is the feend. Y shal telle out hid thingis fro the makyng of the world. but whanne it hath woxen. and in the tyme of ripe corne Y shal seie to the reperis.Matthew treuli anothir sixti fold. 33 Another parable Jhesusspac to hem. And the seruauntis seiden to him. He that sowith good seed is mannus sone. and hise disciplis camen to him. which a man that fyndith. An enemy hath do this thing. here he. and dwellen in the bowis therof. 45 Eftsoone the kyngdom of heuenes is lijk to a marchaunt. and is maad a tre. and he spac not to hem with out parablis. that it schulde be fulfillid. it is the moste of alle wortis. so that briddis of the eir comen. these ben sones of the kyngdom. Expowne to vs the parable of taris of the feeld. thei drowen vp. 31 Another parable Jhesus puttide forth to hem. that bryngith forth of his tresoure newe thingis and elde. 36 Thanne he lefte the puple. Aungels schulen go out. there shal be weping and betyng to gidere of teeth. these ben yuele children. which a womman took. but the yuel thei kesten out. which a man took. lest perauenture ȝe in gaderynge taris drawen vp with hem the whete bi the roote. and sillith alle thingis that he hath. First gadere ȝe to gidere the taris. ȝhe. 30 Suffre ȝe hem bothe to wexe in to repyng tyme. til it were alle sowrid. and sewe in his feeld. and for ioye of it he goith. 43 Thanne iuste men schulen schyne as the sunne. seiynge. 32 Which is the leeste of alle seedis. and seten bi the brenke. and seide. 38 the feeld is the world. 44 The kyngdom of heuenes is lijk to tresour hid in a feld. in the rewme of her fadir. that sewe good seed in his feld. 52 He seith to and seide. and schulen departe yuel men fro the myddil of iuste men. 25 And whanne men slepten. ther shal be weping and gryntyng of teeth. and seide. 42 and thei schulen sende hem in to the chymney of fier. whether hast thou not sowun good seed in thi feeld? where of thanne hath it taris? 28 And he seide to hem. that sechith good margaritis.html 15/36 . and hem that doon wickidnesse. Lord. but the good seed. 24 Anothir parable Jhesus puttide forth to hem. so it shal be in the endyng of the world. 49 So it schal be in the endyng of the and ben brent in fier. 53 And it was doon.

and the disciplis ȝauen to the puple. 13 And whanne Jhesus hadde herd this thing. and hadde reuthe on hem. 6 But in the dai of Heroudis birthe. 10 And he sente. he was there aloone. prynce of the fourthe part. twelue cofynes ful. ȝyue ȝe hem sumwhat to ete. for thei hadden hym as a prophete. That it is a fantum. 4 For Joon seide to him. for the vnbileue of hem. and birieden it. But whanne the euenyng was come. hadde endid these parablis. he passide fro thennus. and it was ȝouun to the damysel. 54 And he cam in to his cuntrei. CAP. 21 And the noumbre of men that eten was fyue thousynde of men. and in his owen hous. he took fyue looues and twei fischis. We han not heere. he comaundide to be ȝouun. he is rysun fro deeth. and puttide hym in to prisoun for Herodias. and blesside. and pleside Heroude. 14 And Jhesus ȝede out. he stiede aloone in to an hil for to preie. 24 And the boot in the myddel of the see was schoggid with wawis. 23 And whanne the puple was left. thei folewiden hym on her feet fro citees. A profete is not with oute worschip. This is Joon Baptist. and the tyme is now passid. The place is desert. lat the puple go in to townes. and thei camen. the douȝtir of Herodias daunside in the myddil. but in his owen cuntre. so that thei wondriden. 18 And he seide to hem. 15 But whanne the euentid was com. 20 And alle eten. Brynge ȝe hem hidur to me. 26 And thei. and weren fulfillid. 56 whether thei alle ben not among us? Fro whennus thanne alle thes thingis camen to this? 57 And so thei weren sclaundrid in hym. dredde the puple. and Joseph. herde the fame of Jhesu. and he bihelde in to heuene. 9 And the kyng was sorewful. what euere thing she hadde axid of hym. and tauȝte hem in her synagogis. in to desert place bisides. 11 And his heed was brouȝt in a dische. and www. 17 Thei answeriden. But Jhesus seide to hem. and heelide the sike men of hem. and seiden. hise disciplis camen to him. ȝif thou to me here the heed of Joon Baptist in a disch. XIV. 5 And he willynge to sle hym. to bye hem mete. and Judas? and hise sistris. 58 And he dide not there manye vertues. 1 In that tyme Eroude tetrarke. 25 But in the fourthe wakyng of the niȝt. And thei tooken the relifs of brokun gobetis. 8 And she bifor warned of hir modir. 19 And whanne he hadde comaundid the puple to sitte to meete on the heye. and seiden. and token his bodi. and sai a greet for the wynd was contrarie to hem. and for hem that saten to gidere at the mete. and seiden. seynge hym walking on the see. and Symount. 7 Wherfor with an ooth he bihiȝte to ȝyue to hir. he cam to hem walkynge aboue the see. 2 and seide to hise children. and bihedide Joon in the prisoun.html 16/36 . and she bar it to hir modir. he wente fro thennus in a boot. It is not leueful to thee to haue hir. while he lefte the puple. and bounde hym. but for the ooth. weren disturblid. 16 Jhesus seide to hem. and go bifor hym ouer the see. And whanne the puple hadde herd. and ȝaf to hise disciplis. 3 For Heroude hadde holde Joon. and brak. and tolden to Jhesu. and therfor vertues worchen in hym.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . Fro whennus this wisdam and vertues camen to this? 55 Whether is not this the sone of a carpentere? Whether his modir be not seid Marie? and hise britheren. outakun wymmen and lytle children. the wijf of his brothir. 22 And anoon Jhesus compellide the disciplis to go vp in to a boot. James. Thei han not nede to go. 12 And hise disciplis camen. but fyue looues and twei fischis.

27 And anoon Jhesus spac to hem. my douȝter is yuel traueilid of a feend. whi hast thou doutid? 32 And whanne he hadde stied in to the boot. XV. the sone of Dauid. 14 Suffre ȝe hem. and walkide on the watris to come to Jhesu. and he that cursith fadir or modir.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . goon out of the herte. that weren in the boot. defoulith not a man. but to ete with hondis not waischun. that my fadir of heuene hath not plauntid. And hise disciplis camen. 9 and thei worschipen me with outen cause. fals witnessyngis. if this word be herd.html 17/36 . that. Here ȝe. and worschipiden hym. bothe fallen doun in to the diche. 10 And whanne the puple weren clepid to gidere to hym. and thei brouȝten to hym alle that hadden siknesse. 30 But he siȝ the wynd strong. and is sent out in to the goyng awei? 18 But tho thingis that comen forth fro the mouth. Verili. Lord. and ȝe han maad the maundement of God voide for ȝoure tradicioun. And if a blynd man lede a blynd man. the wynd ceessid. and seide to hym. 16 And he seide. Y am. ȝit ȝe ben also with oute vndurstondyng? 17 Vndurstonden ȝe not. techynge the doctrines and maundementis of men. 21 And Jhesus ȝede out fro thennus. theftis. and seiden. Isaie. Expowne to vs this parable. 20 Thes thingis it ben that defoulen a man. Thou of litil feith. but that thing that cometh out of the mouth. and seide to hem. and who euere touchiden weren maad saaf. 28 And Petre answeride. 31 And anoon Jhesus helde forth his www. whanne thei eten breed. Lord. and whanne he bigan to drenche. thei camen in to the loond of Genesar. and seiden to hym. prophesiede wel of ȝou. Come thou. 8 and seide. and took Petre. auowtries. make me saaf. but her herte is fer fro me. Haue ȝe trust. thei ben blynde. and seide. 22 And lo! a womman of Canane ȝede out of tho coostis. and vndurstonde ȝe. haue merci on me. comaunde me to come to thee on the watris. Who euer seith to fadir or modir. What euere ȝifte is of me. thei senten in to al that cuntre. 23 And he answeride not to hir a word. 29 And he seide. and seide. and criede. and wente in to the coostis of Tire and Sidon. that thei schulden touche the hemme of his clothing.Matthew for drede thei crieden. defoulith a man. die bi deeth. mansleyngis. 7 Ypocritis. Thou knowist. and seiden. the Farisees ben sclaundrid? 13 And he answeride. and preieden hym. 6 and he hath not worschipid his fadir or his modir. Eueri plauntyng. 11 That thing that entrith in to the mouth. 3 He answeride. and tho thingis defoulen a man. the prophete. and was aferde. Honoure thi fadir and thi modir. 5 But ȝe seien. 1 Thanne the scribis and the Farisees camen to hym fro Jerusalem. 19 For of the herte goon out yuele thouȝtis. 34 And whanne thei hadden passid ouer the see. if thou art. This puple honourith me with lippis. that al thing that entrith in to the mouth. goith in to the wombe. and seide. it schal profite to thee. CAP. 2 Whi breken thi disciplis the tradiciouns of eldere men? for thei waisschen not her hondis. 33 And thei. and seide to him. and leederis of blynde men. 12 Thanne hise disciplis camen. Whi breken ȝe the maundement of God for ȝoure tradicioun? 4 For God seide. he criede. 35 And whanne men of that place hadden knowe hym. defoulith not a man. nyle ȝe drede. thou art Goddis sone. Lord. shal be drawun vp by the roote.and seide to hym. he seide to hem. and seide. 36 And thei preieden hym. fornycaciouns. And Petre ȝede doun fro the boot. camen. and seiden. 15 Petre answeride.

he wente forth. Wherof thanne so many looues among vs in desert. 38 And thei that eten weren foure thousynde of men. What thenken ȝe among ȝou of litel feith. thi feith is greet. thei forȝaten to take looues. To dai tempest. 31 so that the puple wondriden seynge doumbe men And he ȝede vp in to an hil. and cam in to the coostis of Magedan. and ȝaf to hise disciplis. 28 Thanne Jhesus answeride. and caste to houndis. and dide thankyngis. be it doon to thee. 37 And alle eten. for Y seide not to ȝou of breed. Y am not sent. 1 And the Farisees and the Saducees camen to hym temptynge. and worschipide hym. for she crieth aftir vs. othere Elie. nether han mynde of fyue looues in to fyue thousynde of men. ȝe seien. but the tokene of Jonas. but ȝe moun not wite the tokenes of tymes. Hou many looues han ȝe? And thei seiden. 32 And Jhesus. For we han not take looues. and Y wole not leeue hem fastynge. as thou wolt. And he helide hem. and seide. It schal be clere. Be ȝe war of the sourdowȝ of Farisees and of Saducees? 12 Thanne thei vndurstooden. 30 And myche puple cam to hym. and seide. 2 And he answeride. Y haue reuthe of the puple. Lord. and crokid goynge. but of the techyng of Farisees and Saducees. and hou many lepis ȝe token? 11 Whi vndurstonden ȝe not. and a fewe smale fisshis. for heuene is rodi. An yuel generacioun and auoutresse sekith a 13 And Jhesus cam in to the parties of Cesarie of Filip. Whom seien men to be mannus sone? 14 And thei seiden. but to the scheep of the hous of Israel that perischiden. for thei han abiden now thre daies with me. for ȝe han not looues? 9 ȝit vndurstonden not ȝe. feble and blynde. he cam bisidis the see of Galilee. that fallen doun fro the bord of her lordis. 26 Which answeride. and hadden with hem doumbe men and crokid. lest thei failen in the weie. and hou many cofyns ȝe token? 10 nether of seuene looues in to foure thousynde of men. and seide to hir. Seuene. 24 He answeride. and seiden. 4 Thanne ȝe kunne deme the face of heuene. 25 And she cam. 33 And the disciplis seien to him. 35 And he comaundide to the puple. and many other. 7 And thei thouȝten among hem. It is not good to take the breed of children. to sitte to mete on the erthe. And hir douȝtir was helid fro that hour. ȝhis. XVI. and sat there. and han no thing to ete. Summe Joon Baptist. and seide. and thei magnyfieden God of Israel. 39 And whanne he hadde left the puple. and thei token that that was left of relifes. and a tokene schal not be ȝouun to it. and preieden hym to schewe hem a tokene fro heuene. and the disciplis ȝauen to the puple. and seide. and thei castiden doun hem at hise feet. and axide hise disciplis. 29 And whanne Jhesus hadde passed fro thennus.Matthew Leue thou hir. and weren fulfillid. that he seide not to be war of sourdowȝ of looues. and othere www. he wente vp in to a boot. CAP. for heuene schyneth heueli. 27 And she seide. 5 And whanne his disciplis camen ouer the see. 8 But Jhesus witynge seide to hem. whanne hise disciplis weren clepid to gidere. 3 and the morewtid. seide to hem. Biholde ȝe. with outen litle children and wymmen. And whanne he hadde left hem. 36 And he took seuene looues and fyue fischis. seuene lepis fulle. to fulfille so greet a puple? 34 And Jhesus seide to hem. A! womman.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . 6 And he seide to hem. and be war of the soure dowȝ of Farisees and Saducees. blynde men seynge. and brak. and seide to hem.html 18/36 . helpe me. for whelpis eten of the crummes. Lord. the profete. Whanne the euentid is comun.

and of scribis. 14 And whanne he cam to the puple. Blessid art thou. What thanne seien the scribis. This is my dereworth sone. that thei schulden seie to no man. for fleisch and blood schewide not to thee. 6 And the disciplis herden. and lo! a voice out of the cloude. 26 For what profitith it to a man. and dredden greetli. and felden doun on her faces. and the thridde dai to rise aȝen. 12 And Y seie to ȝou. 13 Thanne the disciplis vndurstoden. his brother. that it bihoueth that Elie come first? 11 He answeride. and what euer thou shalt bynde on erthe. and seide. Jhesus comaundide to hem. 3 And lo! Moises and Elie apperiden to hem. schal be vnbounden also in heuenes. but thei diden in him what euer thingis thei wolden. but tho thingis that ben of men. or oon of the prophetis. And his face schone as the and saien no man. and hise clothis weren maad white as snowe. and seide to hem. and seide to Petre. whiche schulen not taste deth. make we here thre tabernaclis. and James. CAP. and suffre peiryng of his soule? or what chaunging schal a man ȝyue for his soule? 27 For mannes sone schal come in glorie of his fader. Fer be it fro thee. and thanne he schal ȝelde to ech man after his werkis. Lord. and seide to him. 8 And thei liften vp her iȝen. 20 Thanne he comaundide to hise disciplis. to Moises oon. and seide to hem. 1 And after sixe daies Jhesus took Petre. But whom seien ȝe me to be? 16 Symount Petre answeride. Elie schal come. and be slayn. ther ben summe of hem that stonden here. and touchide hem. and felde doun onhise knees www. and seide to Jhesu. If thou wolt. a man cam to hym. that it bihofte hym go to go after me. and oon to Elye. shal leese it. and so mannus sone schal suffre of hem. it is good vs to be here. Symount Bariona. 4 And Petre answeride. that thou art Petre. Rise vp. XVII.html 19/36 . and ledde hem aside in to an hiȝ hil. and spaken with hym. and thei knewen hym not. and on this stoon Y schal bilde my chirche. 2 and was turned in to an othir licnesse bifor hem. here ȝe hym. 25 for he that wole make his lijf saaf. If ony man wole come after me. and bigan to blame him. the sone of God lyuynge. and take his cros.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . and he schal restore alle thingis. 7 And Jhesus cam. and seide. til mannus sone rise aȝen fro deeth. 19 And to thee Y shal ȝyue the keies of the kingdom of heuenes. for thou sauerist not tho thingis that ben of God. schal fynde it. 10 And his disciplis axiden hym. and seide. denye he hym silf. that he was Crist. 9 And as thei camen doun of the hille. to thee oon. thou art a sclaundre to me. that he seide to hem of Joon Baptist. if he wynne al the world. that seide. 28 Treuli Y seie to ȝou. Sathanas.Matthew Jeremye. in whom Y haue wel pleside to me. schal be boundun also in heuenes. 18 And Y seie to thee. 23 And he turnede. but my fadir that is in heuenes. this thing schal not be to thee. with his aungels. Seie ȝe to no man the visioun. and Joon. and princis of prestis. but Jhesu aloone. and what euer thou schalt vnbynde on erthe. 17 Jhesus answeride. and the ȝatis of helle schulen not haue miȝt aȝens it. that Elie is nowe comun. 24 Thanne Jhesus seide to his disciplis. of the eldere men. til thei seen mannus sone comynge in his kyngdom. and he that schal leese his lijf for me. and suffre many thingis. lo! 5 a briȝt cloude ouerschadewide hem. Lord. 22 And Petre took hym. and seiden. Thou art Crist. ȝit the while he spak. 15 Jhesus seide to hem. 21 Fro that tyme Jhesus bigan to schewe to hise disciplis. and nyle ȝe drede. and sue me.

Lord. Treuli Y seie to ȝou. for sclaundris. Of aliens. and seiden to hym. and caste an hook. than hauynge tweyne hoondis or twey feet to be sent in to euerlastynge fier. and he be drenchid in the depnesse of the see. of whom taken thei tribute? of her sones. whethir he schal not leeue nynti and nyne in desert. and oon of hem hath errid. and seide. ȝoure maister payeth not tribute? 24 And he seide. ȝe schulen not entre in to the kyngdom of heuenes. A! thou generacion vnbileueful and weiward. and seiden to hym. but ȝe be turned. hou long schal Y be with ȝou? hou long schal Y suffre ȝou? Brynge ȝe hym hider to me. Passe thou hennus. 22 and thei schulen sle hym. and caste awei fro thee. 21 And whilis thei weren abidynge togidere in Galilee. as a corn of seneueye. 3 and seide. It is betere to thee to entre to lijf feble. for he is lunatike. for ofte tymes he fallith in to the fier.Matthew bifor hym. and putte hym in the myddil of hem. resseyueth me. that the aungels of hem in heuenes seen euermore the face of my fadir that is in heuenes. Jhesus cam bifor hym. and ofte tymes in to water. And whanne thei camen to Cafarnaum. And whanne he was comen in to the if ȝe han feith. gessist thou. XVIII. 20 but this kynde is not caste out. and schal go to seche that that erride? 13 And if it falle that he fynde it. and seide. and seiden. that bileuen in me. and the child was heelid fro that our. Whi myȝten not we caste hym out? 19 Jhesus seith to hem. pulle it out. is gretter in the kyngdom of heuenes? 2 And Jhesus clepide a litil child. and thei myȝten not heele hym. Mannus sone schal be bitraied in to the hondis of men. 15 And Y brouȝte hym to thi disciplis. 26 But that we sclaundre hem not. thei that token tribute. Symount. thanne hauynge tweyn iȝen to be sent in to the fier of helle. he is gretter in the kyngdom of heuenes. 6 But who so sclaundrith oon of these smale. 1 In that our the disciplis camen to Jhesu. ȝe schulen seie to this hil. 14 So it is not the wille bifor ȝoure fadir that is in heuenes. 10 Se ȝ Y seie treuthe to ȝou. It is betere to thee with oon iȝe to entre in to lijf. 12 What semeth to ȝou? If ther weren to sum man an hundrid scheep. netheles wo to thilke man bi whom a sclaundre cometh. and maad as litle children. 8 And if thin hoond or thi foot sclaundreth thee. kitte it of. 16 Jhesus answeride. For ȝoure vnbileue. thou schalt fynde a stater. CAP. and the deuel wente out fro hym. 5 And he that resseyueth o siche litil child in my name. 23 And thei weren ful sori. For Y seie to ȝou. and ȝyue for thee and for me. and. whanne his mouth is opened. 9 And if thin iȝe sclaundre thee. Jhesus seide to hem. that ȝe dispise not oon of these litle. and suffrith yuele. 17 And Jhesus blamede hym. and the thridde day he schal rise aȝen to lijf.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . Thanne sones ben fre. 18 Thanne the disciplis camen to Jhesu priueli. 15 But if thi www. and it schal passe. 4 Therfor who euer mekith hym as this litil child. it spedith to hym that a mylnstoon of assis be hangid in his necke. for it is nede that sclaundris come. and take thilke fisch that first cometh vp. ethir crokid. ȝhis. go to the see. treuli Y seie to ȝou. and seide. and no thing schal be vnpossible to ȝou. and caste awei fro thee. that oon of these litle perische. what semeth to thee? Kyngis of erthe. Jhesus seide to hym. camen to Petre. 11 For mannus sone cam to saue that thing that perischide. that he schal haue ioye theron more than on nynti and nyne that erriden not. ether of aliens? 25 And he seide. but bi preiyng and fastyng. haue merci on my sone. Who.html 20/36 . 7 Woo to the world.

26 But thilke seruaunt felde doun. and cam in to the coostis of Judee ouer Jordan. and putte hym in to prisoun. and Y schal ȝelde to thee alle thingis. and what euer thingis ȝe vnbynden on erthe. how ofte schal my brother synne aȝens me. he passide fro Galilee. and he heelide hem there. seie thou to the chirche. Han ȝe not red. but o fleisch. of euery thing what euer thei axen. of ȝoure hertes. and foonde oon of his euen seruauntis. For this thing a man schal leeue fadir and modir. 33 Therfor whether it bihouede not also thee to haue merci on thin euen seruaunt. and seiden. temptynge him. and seide. and stranglide hym. for he that made men at the bigynnyng. and to be paied. it schal be don to hem of my fadir that is in heuenes. what euer thingis ȝe bynden on erthe. 28 But thilke seruaunt ȝede out. and seide. 16 And if he herith thee not. 25 And whanne he hadde not wherof to ȝelde. and to leeue of? 8 And he seide to hem. Wickid seruaunt. and suffride hym to go. What thanne comaundide Moises. his lord comaundide hym to be seld. 31 And hise euen seruauntis. tho schulen be boundun also in heuene. Haue pacience in me. as Y hadde merci on thee? 34 And his lord was wroth. til he paiede al the dette. soreweden greetli. whanne Jhesus hadde endid these wordis. and he helde hym.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . and Y schal quyte alle thingis to thee. ȝelde that that thou owest. and Y schal forȝyue hym? 22 Whether til seuen tymes? Jhesus seith to hym. til seuene sithis. that wolde rekyn with hise seruauntis. 35 So my fadir of heuene schal do to ȝou. for thou preiedist me. and thei schulen be tweyne in o 19 Eftsoone Y seie to ȝou. if ȝe forȝyuen not euery man to his brother. til he paiede al the dette. was brouȝt to hym. there Y am in the myddil of hem. 20 For where tweyne or thre ben gaderid in my name. to ȝyue a libel of forsakyng. and children. Therfor a man departe not that thing that God hath ioyned. tho schulen be vnboundun also in heuene. and he schal draw to his wijf. and alle thingis that he hadde. 29 And his euen seruaunt felle doun. 1 And it was don. but wente out. that euery word stonde in the mouth of tweyne or thre witnessis. Haue pacience in me. 6 And so thei ben not now tweyne. for the hardnesse of ȝoure herte. 27 And the lord hadde merci on that seruaunt. oon that ouȝte ten thousynde thou hast wonnun thi brother. Y seie not to thee. 21 Thanne Petre cam to hym. and preyede hym. and forȝaf to hym the dette. 3 And Farisees camen to him. and seide to hem. if he herith thee. Whether it be leueful to a man to leeue his wijf. go thou. 30 But he wolde not. but til seuenti sithis seuene sithis. made hem male and female? 5 And he seide. 17 And if he herith not hem.html 21/36 . take with thee oon or tweyne. suffride www. And thei camen. and preiede hym. 2 And myche puple suede him. XIX. and telden to her lord alle the thingis that weren don. But if he herith not the chirche. CAP. that if tweyne of ȝou consenten on the erthe. and seide to hym. 23 Therfor the kyngdom of heuenes is licned to a kyng. and took hym to turmentouris. 32 Thanne his lord clepide hym. for ony cause? 4 Which answeride. 18 Y seie to ȝou treuli. bitwixe thee and hym aloone. and seide. and his wijf. Y forȝaf to thee al the dette. seynge the thingis that weren don. For Moises. and repreue hym. Lord. and seide. that ouȝte hym an hundrid pens. 24 And whanne he bigan to rekene. be he as an hethen and a pupplican to thee.Matthew brother synneth aȝens thee. 7 Thei seien to hym.

and ȝyue to pore men. thou schalt loue thi neiȝbore as thi silf. and we han suede thee. he wente fro thennus. and preie. 5 And thei wenten forth. Anentis men this thing is impossible. it spedith not to be weddid. he sente hem in to his vyneȝerd. and the www. 9 And Y seie to ȝou.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . and say othere stondynge idel in the chepyng. and han sued me. in the regeneracioun whanne mannus sone schal sitte in the sete of his maieste. He that may take. and ther ben geldyngis. what ȝit failith to me? 21 Jhesus seith to hym. and come. and seide to hym. If the cause of a man with a wijf is so. for a riche man of hard schal entre in to the kyngdom of heuenes. 10 His disciplis seien to him. 11 And he seide to hem. for the kyngdom of heuenes. and thou schalt haue tresoure in heuene. and sue me. thou schalt not do thefte. what good schal Y do. demynge the twelue kynredis of Israel. fadir or modir. kepe the comaundementis. wijf ethir children. he schal take an hundrid foold. ȝou leeue ȝoure wyues. 4 And he seide to hem. 16 And lo! oon cam. but for fornycacioun. 19 worschipe thi fadir and thi modir. Y seie to ȝou treuthe. and that that schal be riȝtful. take he. 23 And Jhesus seide to hise disciplis. What axist thou me of good thing? There is o good God. Y haue kept alle these thingis fro my ȝouthe. CAP. britheren or sistren. or feeldis. and nyle ȝe forbede hem. and he that weddith the forsakunwijf. Who thanne may be saaf? 26 Jhesus bihelde. the disciplis wondriden greetli. that han geldid hem silf. that he schulde putte hondis to hem. and seide to hem. he wente awei sorewful. thou schalt not seie fals witnessying. Whiche? And Jhesus seide. but fro the bigynnyng it was not so. 24 And eftsoone Y seie to ȝou. ȝe schulen sitte on twelue setis. 18 He seith to hym. 27 Thanne Petre answeride. 15 And whanne he hadde put to hem hondis. 3 And he ȝede out aboute the thridde our. 2 And whanne the couenaunt was maad with werk men. 30 But manye schulen be. and. doith letcherie. and there ben geldyngis. 14 And the disciplis blamyden hem. Y schal ȝyue to ȝou. 1 The kyngdom of heuenes is lijc to an housbonde man. doith letcherie. 25 Whanne these thingis weren herd. for of siche is the kyngdom of heuenes. it is liȝter a camel to passe thorou a needlis iȝe. Lo! we han forsake alle thingis. Good maister. 12 For ther ben geldingis. and seiden. that who euer leeueth his wijf. thanne a riche man to entre in to the kyngdom of heuens. but to whiche it is ȝouun. Thou schalt not do mansleying. whiche ben thus born of the modris wombe. 22 And whanne the ȝong man hadde herd these wordis. and sille alle thingis that thou hast. of a peny for the dai. Eftsoones he wente out aboute the sixte our. thou schalt not do auowtrie. But if thou wolt entre to lijf. 29 And euery man that forsakith hous. 13 Thanne litle children weren brouȝte to hym. and weddith another.html 22/36 . If thou wolt be perfite. Suffre ȝe that litle children come to me. for he hadde many possessiouns. but anentis God alle thingis ben possible. and seide to hym. and schal welde euerlastynge lijf. 20 The ȝonge man seith to that wente out first bi the morewe. Not alle men taken this word. But Jhesus seide to hem. Go ȝe also in to myn vynȝerd. what thanne schal be to vs? 28 Jhesus seide to hem. for my name. that ben maad of men. that Y haue euerlastynge lijf? 17 Which seith to hym. to hire werk men in to his vyneȝerd. Truli I seie to ȝou. the firste the laste. XX. that ȝe that han forsake alle thingis. and the laste the firste.

ȝe schulen drinke my cuppe. We moun. What wolt thou? She seith to hym. and heete? 13 And he answeride to oon of hem. that Y do to ȝou? 33 Thei seien to him.html 23/36 . 24 And the ten herynge. and ȝelde to hem her thanne sente he his twei disciplis. also thei token eueryche of hem a peny. that princis of hethene men ben lordis of hem. for to be scorned. 9 And so whanne thei weren comun. and crucified. 23 He seith to hem. 8 And whanne euenyng was comun. and seide to hem. Lord. be he ȝoure mynystre. Lord. and scourgid. and the thridde day he schal rise aȝen to lijf. and thei schulen condempne him to deeth. and oon at thi lefthalf. What wolen ȝe. onourynge. 19 And thei schulen bitake hym to hethene men. and anoon thei sayen. and sueden him. 11 and in the takyng grutchiden aȝens the hosebonde man. the sone of Dauid. and seiden. but who euer wole be maad gretter among ȝou. and axynge sum thing of hym. for Y am good? 16 So the laste schulen be the firste. and touchide her iȝen. Moun ȝe drynke the cuppe which Y schal drynke? Thei seien to hym. and scribis. He seith to hem. CAP. 27 and who euer among ȝou wole be the firste. that oure iȝen be opened. that camen aboute the elleuenthe our. oon at thi riȝthalf. Lo! 18 we goon vp to Jerusalem. and seide. Clepe the werk men. the lord of the vyneȝerd seith to his procuratoure. XXI. and seiden. miche puple suede him. for Y wole ȝyue to this laste man. and herden that Jhesus passide. 21 And he seide to hir. and foond other stondynge. and seide. and seide. and he seide to hem. vsen power on hem. and cam to Bethfage. 2 Go ȝe in to the castel that www. 25 But Jhesus clepide hem to hym. Seie that thes tweyne my sones sitte. that thei schulden take more. and mannus sone schal be bitakun to princis of prestis. and clepide hem. and thou hast maad hem euen to 12 These laste wrouȝten oon our. and thei crieden the more.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . 31 And the puple blamede hem. Lord. 28 As mannus sone cam not to be seruyd. and seide. and seiden. but to serue. ȝe witen. and go. and bigynne thou at the laste til to the firste. haue merci on vs. the sone of Dauid. and thei that ben gretter. and the firste the laste. that han born the charge of the dai. 29 And whanne thei ȝeden out of Jerico. for many ben clepid. What stonden ȝe idel here al dai? 7 Thei seien to him. haue merci on vs. 30 And lo! twei blynde men saten bisydis the weie. at the mount of Olyuete. but to whiche it is maad redi of my fadir. Freend. 10 But the firste camen. it is not myn to ȝyue to ȝou. 34 And Jhesus hadde merci on hem. but fewe ben chosun. 20 Thanne the modir of the sones of Zebedee cam to hym with hir sones. and took hise twelue disciplis in priuetee. 22 Jhesus answeride. For no man hath hirid vs. and to ȝyue his lijf redempcioun for manye. that thei schulden be stille. 6 But aboute the elleuenthe our he wente out. Y do thee noon wrong. and demeden. but thei token ech oon bi hem silf a peny. 1 And whanne Jhesus cam nyȝ to Jerusalem. 15 Whether it is not leueful to me to do that that Y wole? Whether thin iȝe is wickid. Go ȝe also in to my vyneȝerd. whether thou hast not acordid with me for a peny? 14 Take thou that that is thin. he schal be ȝoure seruaunt. in thi kyngdom. and seide to hem.Matthew nynthe. as to thee. and dide in lijk maner. hadden indignacioun of the twei britheren. 17 And Jhesus wente vp to Jerusalem. 26 It schal not be so among ȝou. but to sitte at my riȝthalf or lefthalf. 32 And Jhesus stood. and thei crieden. ȝe witen not what ȝe axen.

if ȝe haue feith. ȝhe. 20 And disciplis sawen. Sone. And he seide to hem. but also if ȝe seyn to this hil. and of soukynge childryn. and seiden. and wondriden. hungride. whether ȝe han neuer redde. he schal seie to vs. not oonli ȝe schulen do of the fige tree. and there he dwelte. Neuer fruyt come forth of thee. he. that the Lord hath nede to hem. Y schal seie to ȝou. hadden indignacioun. the prophete. 14 And blynde and crokid camen to hym in the temple. and the fole. in what power Y do these thingis. and anoon he schal leeue hem. and brynge to me. go worche this dai in my vyneȝ seiynge. 23 And whanne he cam in to the temple. turnynge aȝen in to the citee. 21 And Jhesus answeride.html 24/36 . of Nazareth of Galilee. seynge the merueilouse thingis that he dide. al the citee was stirid. And he seide to it. 29 And he answeride. that that thing schulde be fulfillid. seie ȝe. Osanna to the sone of Dauid. and strewiden in the weie. that was seid bi the prophete. and foond no thing ther ynne but leeues oneli. 3 And if ony man seie to ȝou ony thing. but ȝe han maad it a denne of theues. 12 And Jhesus entride in to the temple of God. in to with outen eende. but afterward he forthouȝte. 9 And the puple that wente bifore. and seide. thou hast maad perfit heriyng? 17 And whanne he hadde left hem. and seide to hem. 30 But he cam to the tother. meke. In what power doist thou these thingis? and who ȝaf thee this power? 24 Jhesus answeride. Who is this? 11 But the puple seide. and seide to hem. 7 And thei brouȝten an asse. and he cam to the firste. and seide. and seiynge. And Y schal axe ȝou o word. and seiden. That of the mouth of ȝonge children. Nether Y seie to ȝou. 19 And he saye a fige tree bisidis the weie.Matthew is aȝens ȝou. This is Jhesus. and cam to it. and caste thee in to the see. If we seien of heuene. and a colt with hir. Osanna to the sone of Dauid. Seie ȝe to the douȝter of Syon. and that sueden. Hou anoon it driede. Y nyle. the which if ȝe tellen me. ȝe schulen take. and maden hym sitte aboue. and seide. 26 seiynge. the princis of prestis and elder men of the puple camen to hym that tauȝte. and tauȝte hem of the kyngdom of God. and the chayeris of men that solden culueris. 28 But what semeth to ȝou? A man hadde twey sones. sittynge on an asse. 31 Who of the tweyne dide the fadris wille? www. Y go. and leiden her clothis on hem. Herist thou what these seien? And Jhesus seide to hem. othere kittiden braunchis of trees. and children criynge in the temple. it schal be don so. 27 And thei answeriden to Jhesu. for alle hadden Joon as a prophete. and he turnede vpsedoun the bordis of chaungeris. 18 But on the morowe. crieden. 16 and seiden to hym. in to Bethanye. and he heelide hem. blessid is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. And anoon the fige tre was dried vp. 15 But the princis of prestis and scribis. And he answeride. and seide on lijk maner. and castide out of the temple alle that bouȝten and solden. Lord. and douten not. and wente forth.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . and seide. Treuli Y seie to ȝou. and seiden. 10 And whanne he was entrid in to Jerusalem. Lo! 5 thi kyng cometh to thee. and diden as Jhesus comaundide hem. of heuene. 22 And alle thingis what euere ȝe bileuynge schulen axe in preyer. and a fole of an asse vnder ȝok. and anoon ȝe schulen fynde an asse tied. 4 Al this was doon. It is writun. we dreden the puple. Take. 8 And ful myche puple strewiden her clothis in the weie. seiynge. Whi thanne bileuen ȝe not to hym? If we seien of men. We witen not. Myn hous schal be clepid an hous of preier. in what power Y do these thingis. and he wente not. 25 Of whennys was the baptym of Joon. Osanna in hiȝ thingis. 6 And the disciplis ȝeden. he wente forth out of the or of men? And thei thouȝten with ynne hem silf. vntien ȝe. 13 And he seith to hem.

and seide. and wente fer in pilgrimage. come ȝe to the weddyngis. 12 And he seide to hym. CAP. to se men sittynge at the mete. 35 And the erthetilieris token his seruauntis. oon in to his toun. and alle thingis ben redy. and in lijk maner thei diden to hem. and brente her citee. 37 And at the laste he sente his sone to hem. 34 But whanne the tyme of fruytis neiȝede. Lo! Y haue maad redi my meete. this is maad in to the heed of the corner? Of the Lord this thing is don. The kyngdom of heuenes is maad lijk to a kyng that made weddyngis to his sone. Freend. and thei stonyden another. he sente his seruauntis to the erthe mo than the firste. and he siȝe there a man not clothid with bride 8 Thanne he seide to hise seruauntis. and shal be ȝouun to a folc doynge fruytis of it. 44 And he that schal falle on this stoon. and he sente hise oostis. schal be brokun. come ȝe. But ȝe sayn. 40 Therfor whanne the lord of the vyneȝerd schal come. that plauntide a vynȝerd. for pupplicans and hooris schulen go bifor ȝou in to the kyngdom of God. whanne he hadde herd. and beeten the toon. Seie ȝe to the men that ben bode to the feeste. but on whom it schal falle. The firste. 39 And thei token. my bolis and my volatilis ben slayn. and castiden hym out of the vynȝerd. Thei schulen drede my sone. 32 For Joon cam to ȝou in the weie of riȝtwisnesse. to take fruytis of it. But othere helden his seruauntis. and gadriden togider alle that thei founden. and thei wolden not come. and ȝe bileueden not to him. and dalfe a presour ther ynne. hou entridist thou hidir with out bride clothis? And he was doumbe. 1 And Jhesus answeride. sle we hym. seiden with ynne hem silf. for thei hadden hym as a prophete. and whom euere ȝe fynden. There was an hosebonde man. and turmentiden hem. 5 But thei dispisiden. 2 and seide. 3 And he sente hise seruauntis for to clepe men that weren bode to the weddyngis. and slowen hym. anothir to his marchaundise. and the bridale was fulfillid with men sittynge at the mete. but thei that weren clepid to the feeste. 33 Here ȝe another parable. Jhesus seith to hem. XXII. it schal al tobrise hym. and we schulen haue his eritage. thei knewen that he seide of hem. 13 Thanne www. clepe ȝe to the weddyngis. 43 Therfor Y seie to ȝou.html 25/36 . 4 Eftsoone he sente othere seruauntis. and he distruyede tho manquelleris. 45 And whanne the princes of prestis and Farisees hadden herd hise parablis. Redden ȝe neuer in scripturis. and wenten forth. The weddyngis ben redi. and seide. 9 Therfor go ȝe to the endis of weies. but thei dredden the puple. seynge the sone. what schal he do to thilke erthe tilieris? 41 Thei seien to hym. 42 Jhesus seith to hem. He schal leese yuele the yuele men. 38 But the erthe tilieris. and bildide a tour. and hadden no forthenkyng aftir. whyche schulen ȝelde to hym fruyt in her tymes. and he schal sette to hire his vyneȝerd to othere erthetilieris. but pupplicans and hooris bileueden to hym. weren not worthi. This is the eire. and slowen. and heggide it aboute. 36 Eftsoone he sente othere seruauntis. 46 And thei souȝten to holde hym. that the kyngdom of God schal be takun fro ȝou. 10 And hise seruauntis ȝeden out in to weies. thei slowen another.Matthew Thei seien to hym. 7 But the kyng. and spak eftsoone in parablis to hem.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . that ȝe bileueden to hym. was wroth. good and yuele. 11 And the kyng entride. The stoon which bilderis repreueden. and hiride it to erthe tilieris. and it is merueilous bifor oure iȝen. Treuli Y seie to ȝou.

til to the seuenthe. 30 For in the rysyng aȝen to lijf. nethir schulen be weddid. Mayster. camen to hym. 25 And seuen britheren weren at vs. nethir ony man was hardi fro that day. if ony man is deed. and do ȝe alle thingis. and axiden him. we witen. Jhesus axide hem. 16 And thei senden to hym her the kyng bad hise mynystris. 27 But the laste of alle. and is deed. 17 Therfor seie to vs. ȝe erren. 41 And whanne the Farisees weren gederid togidere. that his brother wedde his wijf. ether nay? 18 And whanne Jhesus hadde knowe the wickidnesse of hem. 33 And the puple herynge. 24 and seiden. han ȝe not red. but of lyuynge men. But nyle ȝe do aftir her werkis. 39 And the secounde is lijk to this. 2 and seide. and sende ȝe him in to vtmer derknessis. 38 This is the firste and the moste maundement. 29 Jhesus answeride. and in al thi mynde. and thou chargist not of ony man. which is a greet maundement in the lawe? 37 Jhesus seide to him. What semeth to ȝou of Crist.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . what it seemeth to thee. what tempten ȝe me? 19 Schewe ȝe to me the prynte of the money. and the thridde. 42 and seide. and in al thi soule. there schal be wepyng and grentyng of teeth. and God of Jacob? he is not God of deede men. 34 And Fariseis herden that he hadde put silence to Saduceis. Sitte on my riȝthalf. 4 And thei bynden greuouse chargis. and ȝe knowen not scripturis. axide Jhesu. a techere of the lawe. that seith to ȝou. and temptide him. and thei leften hym.html 26/36 . 28 Also in the risyng aȝen to lijf. Therfor ȝelde ȝe to the emperoure tho thingis that ben the emperouris. ne the vertu of God. and to hise disciplis. 43 He seith to hem. but fewe ben chosun. 23 In that dai Saduceis. Thou schalt loue thi Lord God. and seien. Thou schalt loue thi neiȝebore as thi silf. and reise seed to his brothir. and God of Ysaac. And he hadde no seed. and camen togidere. and that moun not be borun. hou is he his sone? 46 And no man miȝte answere a word to hym. Is it leueful that tribute be ȝouun to the emperoure. he seide. The Lord seide to my Lord. 36 Maistir. and token a counsel to take Jhesu in word. 35 And oon of hem. and seide to hem. CAP. nether thei schulen wedde. 32 Y am God of Abraham. and lefte his wijf to his brother. the woman is deed. XXIII. Moises seide. what euer thingis thei seien to you. wondriden in his techynge. but thei ben as the aungels of God in heuene. with Erodians. for thei that seien there is no risyng aȝen to lijf. that is seid of the Lord. 44 and seith. whos wijf of the seuene schal sche be? for alle hadden hir. Bynde hym bothe hondis and feet. and thou techist in treuthe the weie of God. and wondriden. 3 Therfor kepe ȝe. 14 For many ben clepid. Thanne he seide to hem. and putten on www. Whos is this ymage. til Y putte thin enemyes a stool of thi feet? 45 Thanne if Dauid clepith hym Lord. On the chayere of Moises. and the firste weddide a wijf. not hauynge a sone. that thou art sothefast. 40 In these twey maundementis hangith al the lawe and the profetis. and to God tho thingis that ben of God. Ypocritis. 26 also the secounde. scribis and Farisees han sete. Hou thanne Dauid in spirit clepith hym Lord. 22 And thei herden. 31 And of the risyng aȝen of deed men. 15 Thanne Farisees ȝeden awei. for thou biholdist not the persoone of men. 1 Thanne Jhesus spac to the puple. 20 And Jhesus seide to hem. whos sone is he? Thei seien to hym. to axe hym more. And thei brouȝten to hym a peny. The emperouris. Of Dauid. and don not. and the writyng aboue? 21 Thei seien to hym. and wenten awey. of al thin herte. Maister.

the gold. ipocritis. hou schulen ȝe fle fro the doom of helle? 34 Therfor lo! Y sende to ȝou profetis. ypocritis.Matthew schuldris of men. and of hem ȝe schulen sle and crucifie. 7 and salutaciouns in chepyng. and he that mekith hym silf. swerith in the trone of God. Crist. but he that swerith in the ȝifte that is on the auter. and maken faire the birielis of iust men. 35 that al the iust blood come on ȝou. 33 ȝe eddris. swerith in it. but he that swerith in the gold of the temple. swerith in it. that ben lijk to sepulcris whitid. blynde lederis. 6 And thei louen the first sittyng placis in soperis. and merci. nether suffren men entrynge to entre. scribis and Farisees. 10 Nether be ȝe clepid maistris. but swolewynge a camel. whiche with outforth semen faire to men. fro the blood of iust Abel to the blood of Zacarie. and of al filthe. we schulden not haue be her felowis in the blood of prophetis. And it bihofte to do these thingis. 24 Blynde lederis. that seien. for oon is ȝoure maystir. 11 He that is grettest among ȝou. ypocritis. and the first chaieris in synagogis. the sone of Barachie. and scribis. 9 And nyle ȝe clepe to ȝou a fadir on erthe. 15 Wo to ȝou. 32 And fulfille ȝe the mesure of ȝoure fadris. 8 But nyle ȝe be clepid maister. and whanne he is maad. anete. 14 Wo to ȝou. 26 Thou blynde Farisee. and alle ȝe ben britheren. it is no thing. that closen the kyngdom of heuenes bifore men. that that that is with outforth be maad clene. hou ofte wolde Y gadere togidere thi www. 30 and seien. 17 ȝe foolis and blynde. for oon is ȝour fadir. and cummyn. and schulen pursue fro cite in to citee. 28 So ȝe with outforth semen iust to men. for thei drawen abrood her filateries. scribis and Farisees. scribis and Farisees. for what is more. that bilden sepulcris of profetis. clense the cuppe and the plater with ynneforth. scribis and Farisees. and in alle thingis that ben ther on. schal be mekid. double more than ȝe ben. that ȝe ben the sones of hem that slowen the prophetis. 25 Woo to ȝou. If we hadden be in the daies of oure fadris. ypocritis. it is no thing. but with her fyngur thei wolen not moue hem. clensinge a gnatte. 21 And he that swerith in the temple. 13 But wo to ȝou. whom ȝe slowen bitwixe the temple and the auter. 31 And so ȝe ben in witnessyng to ȝou silf. that tithen mynte. to make o prosilite. 22 And he that swerith in heuene. and of hem ȝe schulen scourge in ȝoure sinagogis. and in hym that sittith ther on. 5 Therfor thei don alle her werkis that thei be seen of men. and not to leeue tho. owith.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible .com/wyclif/mat. but with ynne thei ben fulle of boonus of deed men. Jerusalem. and stoonest hem that ben sent to thee. and preien bi longe preier. the ȝifte. or the temple that halewith the gold? 18 And who euer swerith in the and in hym that dwellith in the temple. that sleest prophetis. 36 Treuli Y seie to ȝou. is dettoure. 27 Wo to ȝou. that is in heuenes. alle these thingis schulen come on this generacioun. or the auter that halewith the ȝifte? 20 Therfor he that swerith in the auter. 37 Jerusalem. ipocritis. schal be enhaunsid. but with ynne ȝe ben ful of ypocrisy and wickidnesse. 16 Wo to ȝou. for this thing ȝe schulen take more doom. and eddris briddis. schal be ȝoure mynystre. but with ynne ȝe ben ful of raueyne and vnclennesse. and ȝe entren not. 23 Wo to ȝou. that goon aboute the see and the loond. scribis and Farisees. ipocritis. doom. ȝe maken hym a sone of helle.html 27/36 . 29 Wo to ȝou. and wise men. for oon is ȝoure maister. 12 For he that hieth himself. scribis and Farisees. and magnifien hemmes. and to be clepid of men maystir. for what is grettere. and feith. that eten the housis of widowis. scribis and Farisees. ipocritis. that clensen the cuppe and the plater with outforth. Who euer swerith bi the temple of God. that was sched on the erthe. and han left tho thingis that ben of more charge of the lawe. 19 Blynde men.

to schewe hym the bildyngis of the temple. 28 Where euer the bodi schal be. 26 Therfor if thei seie to ȝou. 15 and thanne the ende schal come. that is seid of Danyel. and seide to hem. if it may be done. as an henne gaderith togidir her chikenes vndir hir wengis. XXIV. and ȝe schulen be in hate to alle folk for my name. also the eglis schulen be gaderid thidur.Matthew children. lo! in priuey placis. CAP. ech flesch schulde not be maad saaf. 3 And whanne he satte on the hille of Olyuete. 11 And many false prophetis schulen rise. 23 Thanne if ony man seie to ȝou. Lo! he is in desert. 12 And for wickidnesse schal be plenteuouse. 2 But he answeride. that no man disseyue ȝou. 9 Thanne men schulen bitake ȝou in to tribulacion. Lo! here is Crist. or there. so that also the chosun be led in to erroure. and hungris. and seide to hem. with miche vertu and maieste. come not doun to take ony thing of his hous. 10 And thanne many schulen be sclaundrid. fle to the mounteyns. for the chosun men. and thei schulen see mannus sone comynge in the cloudis of heuene. turne not aȝen to take his coote. and the vertues of heuenes schulen be moued. and opyniouns of batels. nyle ȝe go out. and apperith in to the weste. 27 For as leit goith out fro the eest. 4 And Jhesus answeride. he that redith. and schulen sle ȝou. and schulen seie. se ȝe that ȝe be not disturblid. what maner was not fro the bigynnyng of the world to now. vndirstonde he. 8 and alle these ben bigynnyngis of sorewes. 13 but he that schal dwelle stable in to the ende. and seiden. nether schal be maad. and what token of thi comyng. and nurischen in tho daies. and thanne alle kynredis of the erthe schulen weile. 5 For many schulen come in my name. schal be saaf. that cometh in the name of the Lord. for it byhoueth these thingis to be don. 29 And anoon after the tribulacioun of tho daies. the sunne schal be maad derk. and the sterris schulen falle fro heuene. 21 For thanne schal be greet tribulacioun. and his disciplis camen to hym. so schal be also the coming of mannus sone. and thei schulen disseyue manye. stondynge in the hooli place. 39 And Y seie to ȝou. 14 And this gospel of the kyngdom schal be prechid in al the world.html 28/36 . 16 thanne thei that ben in Judee. the prophete. and thei schulen hate ech other. and disseyue manye. but not ȝit is the ende. and thei schulen ȝyue grete tokenes and wondrys. 6 For ȝe schulen here a stoon schal not be left here on a stoon.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . the charite of manye schal wexe coold. and rewme aȝens rewme. Loke ȝe. 19 But wo to hem that ben with child. 7 Folk schal rise togidere aȝens folc. 24 For false Cristis and false prophetis schulen rise. and the moone schal not ȝyue hir liȝt. whanne these thingis schulen be. ȝe schulen not se me fro hennus forth. 1 And Jhesus wente out of the temple. and of the ending of the world. in witnessyng to al folc. but tho daies schulen be maad schort. 20 Preye ȝe. 22 And but tho daies hadden be abreggide. Seie vs. Therfor whanne ȝe se the abhomynacioun of discomfort. Y am Crist. and the erthemouyngis schulen be bi 30 And thanne the tokene of mannus sone schal appere in heuene. 25 Lo! Y haue bifor seid to ȝou. til ȝe seien. and bitraye ech other. or in the saboth. and thou woldist not. Seen ȝe alle these thingis? Treuli Y seie to ȝou. 38 Lo! ȝoure hous schal be left to ȝou desert. and pestilences. that ȝoure fleyng be not maad in wynter. 17 and he that is in the hous roof. nyle ȝe trowe. Blessid is he. 31 www. hise disciplis camen to hym priueli. that ne it schal be destried. nyle ȝe bileue. 18 and he that is in the feeld.

for on alle his goodis he schal ordeyne hym. and bie to ȝou. alle thei nappiden and slepten. and another left. CAP. there schal be wepyng. and ete. mannus sone schal come. 47 Treuli Y seye to ȝou. and fyue prudent. certis he wolde wake. and suffre not his hous to be vndurmyned. lord. and took alle men. oon schal be takun. 12 And he answeride. and gryntyng of teeth. and tho that weren redi. 36 But of thilke dai and our no man wote. and seide. and seiden. 3 But the fyue foolis token her laumpis. oon schal be takun. clepide hise seruauntis. the toon schal be takun. whanne he schal come. 10 And while thei wenten for to bie. 42 Therfor wake ȝe. 11 And at the last the othere virgyns camen. but my wordis schulen not passe. 37 But as it was in the daies of Noe. 44 And therfor be ȝe the spouse cam. go ȝe oute to mete with him. 6 But at mydnyȝt a cryȝ was maad. and thei schulen gedere hise chosun fro foure wyndis. 50 the lord of that seruaunt schal come in the dai which he hopith not. 43 But wite ȝe this. 41 twey wymmenschulen be gryndynge in o queerne. weddynge and takynge to weddyng. 35 heuene and erthe schulen passe. to that dai. and seiden. thei weren etynge and drynkynge. and to another tweyne. and to another oon. and drynke with drunken men. ȝyue ȝe to vs of ȝoure oile. fro the hiȝest thingis of heuenes to the endis of hem. for ȝe witen not in what our the Lord schal come. Y knowe ȝou not. for in what our ȝe gessen not. whiche token her laumpis. 8 And the foolis seiden to the wise. 14 For as a man that goith in pilgrimage. Lest perauenture it suffice not to vs and to ȝou. and bitook to hem hise goodis. for oure laumpis ben quenchid. but the fadir aloone. and token not oile with hem. 34 Treuli Y seie to ȝou.html 29/36 . Treuli Y seie to ȝou. and in the our that he knowith not. 49 and bigynneth to smyte hise euen seruauntis. 45 Who gessist thou is a trewe seruaunt and prudent. to ech after www. wite ȝe that it is nyȝ. and the leeues ben sprongun. entreden with him to the weddyngis. and araieden her laumpis. Lord. 5 And whilis the hosebonde tariede. til alle thingis be don. that if the hosebonde man wiste in what our the thefe were to come. Lo! the spouse cometh. 32 And lerne ȝe the parable of a fige tre. and putte his part with ypocritis. 33 so and ȝe whanne ȝe seen alle these thingis. til the greet flood cam. 38 For as in the daies bifore the greet flood. 40 Thanne tweyne schulen be in o feeld. tweyn in a bedde. 48 But if thilke yuel seruaunt seie in his herte. in the ȝatis. so schal be the comyng of mannus sone. and the tother left. whom his lord. 13 Therfor wake ȝe. 1 Thanne the kyngdoom of heuenes schal be lijk to ten virgyns. schal fynde so doynge. that Noe entride in to the schippe. whom his lord ordeyned on his XXV. Whanne his braunche is now tendir. 4 but the prudent token oile in her vessels with the laumpis. and the ȝate was schit. 15 and to oon he ȝaf fyue talentis. nethir aungels of heuenes. to ȝyue hem mete in tyme? 46 Blessed is that seruaunt. 2 and fyue of hem weren foolis. ȝe witen that somer is nyȝ. go ȝe rather to men that sellen.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . so schal be the comyng of mannus sone.Matthew And he schal sende hise aungels with a trumpe. and a greet vois. My lord tarieth to come. for ȝe witen not the dai ne the our. for this generacioun schal not passe. 39 and thei knewen not. and wenten out aȝens the hosebonde and the wijf. opene to vs. and the tother left. 9 The prudent answeriden. 51 and schal departe hym. 7 Thanne alle tho virgyns risen vp.

loo! Y haue getun aboue fyue othere. 36 nakid. that is maad redi to the deuel and hise aungels.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . and ȝe ȝauen me to ete. 44 Thanne and thei schulen answere to hym. and he schal encreese. also that that hym semeth to haue. thou bytokist to me fyue besauntis. 37 Thanne iust men schulen answere to hym. schal be taken awey fro him. good seruaunt and trewe. or sijk. and ȝe visitiden not me. ther schal be wepyng. that whanne Y cam. and ȝe keuerden not me. and schulen seie. 19 But after long tyme. but fro hym that hath not. and we herboreden thee. and brouȝte othere fyue. and wan othere fyue. whanne siȝen we thee hungry. and we fedden thee. 16 And he that hadde fyue besauntis. 25 and Y dredynge wente. His lord seide to him. Yuel seruaunt and slowe. and seide to hym. the blessid of my fadir. 41 Thanne the kyng schal seie also to hem. and dalf in to the erthe. wistist thou that Y repe where Y sewe not. or nakid. for on fewe thingis thou hast be trewe. and ȝe hiliden me. 32 and alle folkis schulen be gaderid bifor hym. wan othere tweyne. and ȝe herboriden me. 20 And he that hadde takun fyue besauntis. Treuli Y seie to ȝou. sijk. and we hiliden thee? 39 or whanne sayn we thee sijk.Matthew his owne vertu. and he schal sette the scheep on his riȝthalf. loo! 23 Y haue wonnen ouer othir tweyne. take ȝe in possessioun the kyngdoom maad redi to ȝou fro the makyng of the world. the lord of tho seruauntis cam. and thou gederist togidere where thou hast not spred abrood. 30 And caste ȝe out the vnprofitable seruaunt in to vtmer derknessis. and rekenede with hem. cam. or in prisoun. that schulen be on his riȝthalf. Departe fro me. for on fewe thingis thou hast be trewe.html 30/36 . Y was in prisoun. and seide. and ȝe camen to me. Wel be thou. Lord. and we serueden not to thee? www. sijk. entre thou in to the ioye of thi lord. and hidde the money of his lord. and alle hise aungels with hym. Y schal ordeyne thee on many thingis. that schulen be on his lefthalf. 31 Whanne mannus sone schal come in his maieste. 33 and he schal departe hem atwynne. and hidde thi besaunt in the erthe. Y thristide. and gadir to gidere where Y spredde not abrood? 27 Therfor it bihofte thee to bitake my money to chaungeris. lo! thou hast that that is thin. and ȝe visitiden me. 28 Therfor take awei fro hym the besaunt. whanne sayn we thee hungrynge. 22 And he that hadde takun twey talentis. and wrouȝte in hem. as longe as ȝe diden to oon of these my leeste britheren. and 21 His lord seide to hym. and gryntyng of teeth. and ȝe ȝauen me to drynke. and seide. cam. thou repist where thou hast not sowe. in to euerlastynge fijr. 34 Thanne the kyng schal seie to hem. and the kidis on the lefthalf. 35 For Y hungride. Y was herboreles. thou bitokist to me twey besauntis. and in prisoun. and seide. 29 For to euery man that hath me schal ȝyue. thanne he schal sitte on the sege of his maieste. Y thristide. and ȝe ȝauen not me to ete. 26 His lord and ȝyue ȝe to hym that hath ten besauntis. Wel be thou. Lord. or nakid. 42 For Y hungride. Y schulde resseyue that that is myn with vsuris. thristi. or thristynge. and ȝe ȝauen not me to drynke. ȝe diden to me. 24 But he that hadde takun o besaunt. 43 Y was herborles. and wente forth anoon. entre thou in to the ioie of thi lord. Y schal ordeyne thee on manye thingis. good seruaunt and feithful. ȝe cursid. or herboreles. ȝede forth. and we ȝauen to thee drynk? 38 and whanne sayn we thee herborles. and we camen to thee? 40 And the kyng answerynge schal seie to hem. 17 Also and he that hadde takun tweyne. Come ȝe. as a scheeperde departith scheep from kidis. wente forth. nakid. and ȝe herberden not me. 18 But he that hadde takun oon. Y woot that thou art an hard man. Lord. Lord. or in prisoun. Lord. cam.

XXVI. but ȝe schulen not algatis haue me. lest perauenture noyse were maad in the puple. Y schal not drynke fro this tyme. 30 And whanne the ympne was seid. 22 And thei ful sori bigunnen ech bi hym silf to seie. Maister. 29 And Y seie to ȝou. and brak. and thei maden the paske redi. My tyme is nyȝ. to bitraye hym.Matthew 45 Thanne he schal answere to hem. 46 And these schulen goo in to euerlastynge turment. where euer this gospel schal be prechid in al the world. 28 and seide. 31 Thanne Jhesus seide to hem. wente forth to the princis of prestis. He that puttith with me his hoond in the plater. as it is writun of hym. 16 And fro that tyme he souȝte oportunyte. What wolen ȝe ȝyue to me. Go ȝe into the citee to sum man. and blesside. 11 For ȝe schulen euere haue pore men with ȝou. that was seid Cayfas. and seide. and seie to hym. 1 And it was doon. for it is writun. as Jhesus comaundide to hem. 2 ȝe witen. bi whom mannus sone schal be bitrayed. and seide to hem. Alle ȝe schulen suffre sclaundre in me. and Y schal bitake hym to ȝou? And thei ordeyneden to hym thretti pans of siluer. that was clepid Judas Scarioth. 27 And he took the cuppe. CAP. of this fruyt of the vyne. 17 And in the firste dai of therf looues the disciplis camen to Jhesu. as thei eten. but the iust men schulen go in to euerlastynge lijf. it schal be seid. Treuli Y seie to ȝou. and sle him.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . 20 And whanne euentid was come. Drynke ȝe alle herof. in the kyngdom of my fadir. that sche dide this. seiynge. Y schal go www. 7 a womman that hadde a box of alabastre of precious oynement. and seide. Lord. in the hous of Symount leprous. whether Y am? 23 And he answeride. and ȝaf to hem. cam to hym. that aftir twei daies pask schal be maad. 19 And the disciplis diden. 3 Than the princes of prestis and the elder men of the puple were gaderid in to the halle of the prince of prestis. this is my body. and ȝaf to hise disciplis. 5 but thei seiden. Y schal smyte the scheeperde. and seie. 12 This womman sendynge this oynement in to my bodi. 25 But Judas that bitraiede hym. to ete paske? 18 Jhesus seide. 8 And disciplis seynge hadden dedeyn. Not in the haliday. Take ȝe. 6 And whanne Jhesus was in and seiden. whanne Jhesus hadde endid alle these wordis.html 31/36 . 21 And he seide to hem. he seide to hise disciplis. The maistir seith. 15 and seide to hem. and schedde out on the heed of hym restynge. Thou hast seid. 14 Thanne oon of the twelue. 9 and be ȝouun to pore men. that oon of ȝou schal bitraye me. in mynde of hym. but wo to that man. whether Y am? Jhesus seide to hym. dide to birie me. Jhesus took breed. thei wenten out in to the mount of Olyuete. nether ȝe diden to me. 4 and maden a counsel to holde Jhesu with gile. in this niȝt. it were good to hym. hou longe ȝe diden not to oon of these leeste. and ete. answeride. he sat to mete with hise twelue disciplis. 26 And while thei soupeden. if that man hadde not be borun. Where wolt thou we make redi to thee. 24 Forsothe mannus sone goith. this is my blood of the newe testament. in to that dai whanne Y schal drynke it newe with ȝou. and seiden. 13 Treuli Y seie to ȝou. 32 But aftir that Y schal rise aȝen. 10 But Jhesus knewe. schal bitraye me. Treuli Y seie to ȝou. in to remissioun of synnes. which schal be sched for many. at thee Y make paske with my disciplis. What ben ȝe heuy to this womman? for sche hath wrouȝt in me a good werk. Wherto this loss? for it myȝte be seld for and mannus sone schal be bitakun to be crucified. and the scheep of the flok schulen be scaterid. and dide thankyngis.

and he smoot the seruaunt of the prince of prestis. that thou seie to vs. he it is. Sitte ȝe here. and preye. preiynge. schulen perische bi swerd. And Jhesus seide to hym. Whom euer Y schal kisse. if www. 43 And eftsoone he cam. Y coniure thee bi lyuynge God. Y schal neuer be sclaundrid.html 32/36 . loo! he that schal take me.Matthew bifore ȝou in to Galilee. and with hym a greet cumpeny. Thanne alle the disciplis fledden. 38 Thanne he seide to hem. and reste ȝe. and seide to hem. 57 And thei helden Jhesu. and wente eftsoone. As to a theef ȝe han gon out. and he schal ȝyue to me now mo than twelue legiouns of aungels? 54 Hou thanne schulen the scriptures be fulfilled? for so it bihoueth to be doon. 59 And the prince of prestis. ȝhe. whanne manye false witnessis weren comun. streiȝte out his wherto art thou comun? Thanne thei camen niȝ. and seide the same word. 51 And lo! oon of hem that weren with Jhesu. and drouȝ out his swerd. for her iȝen weren heuyed. ȝaf to hem a tokene. netheles not as Y wole. to se the ende. 42 Eft the secounde tyme he wente. 58 But Petir swede him afer. 45 Thanne he cam to his disciplis. 53 Whether gessist thou. that thei schulden take hym to deeth. but the fleisch is sijk. and seide to hym. abide ȝe here. to take me. Thouȝ alle schulen be sclaundrid in thee. and tauȝt in the temple. Haile. 36 Thanne Jhesus cam with hem in to a toun. dai bi dai Y sat among ȝou. that these witnessen aȝens thee? 63 But Jhesus was stille. Also alle the disciplis seiden. and after the thridde dai bilde it aȝen. go we. Answerist thou no thing to tho thingis. and leiden hoondis on Jhesu.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . and ȝe helden me not. 33 Petre and sat with the seruauntis. 39 And he ȝede forth a litil. that Y may not preie my fadir. And the prince of prestis seide to hym. cam. Y may distruye the temple of God. 52 Thanne Jhesus seide to hym. And he seide to Petir. Treuli Y seie to thee. and preye ȝe. that the scripturis of profetis schulden be fulfillid. Y schal not denye thee. and preiede the thridde tyme. And he seide to his disciplis. the prince of prestis. and seide to hym. but Y drynke hym. and mannus sone schal be takun in to the hondis of synneris. 56 But al this thing was don. 37 And whanne he hadde take Peter. 55 In that our Jhesus seide to the puple. and foond hem slepynge. 34 Jhesus seide to him. that is seid Jessamanye. in to the halle of the prince of prestis. is nyȝ. and fro the eldre men of the puple. 62 And the prince of prestis roos. Freend. thi wille be doon. 48 And he that bitraiede hym. This seide. So. and seiynge. and helden hym. 35 Peter seide to him. and seid. and felde doun on his face. maister. with swerdis and battis. the while Y go thider. lo! Judas. 46 rise ȝe. and seide. but as thou wolt. loo! the our hath neiȝed. 50 and he kisside hym. and wake ȝe with me. thouȝ it bihoue that Y die with thee. sent fro the princis of prestis. seiynge. and preyede. My soule is soreuful to the deeth. Turne thi swerd in to his place. and he wente in. 49 And anoon he cam to Jhesu. thries thou schalt denye me. and the eldre men of the puple weren comun togidere. for alle that taken swerd. for in this nyȝt bifor the cok crowe. My fader. 60 and thei founden not. if this cuppe may not passe. 40 And he cam to his disciplis. and foond hem slepynge. and al the counsel souȝten fals witnessing aȝens Jhesu. twei false witnessis camen. 61 and seiden. for the spirit is redi. and ledden hym to Cayfas. and twei sones of Zebedee. 44 And he lefte hem. Slepe ȝe now. and kitte of his ere. he bigan to be heuy and sori. and leften hym. whethir ȝe myȝten not oon our wake with me? 41 Wake ȝe. where the scribis and the Farisees. 47 ȝit the while he spak. But at the laste. My fadir. oon of the twelue. if it is possible. holde ȝe hym. passe this cuppe fro me. that ȝe entre not in to temptacioun. with swerdis and battis.

ele repentide. 68 and seide. 13 Thanne Pilat Seith um feeld de sangue. the sone of God. hou muitos witnessyngis thei Seien um ȝ te ens? 14 Ele não answeride para hym palavra ony.Matthew thou art Crist.. CAP. whanne thei weren para gidere. quem thei preiseden dos filhos de Israel. 15 Mas. com uma armadilha. and seiden to Petir. que delyuere Y para ou ȝ? quer sejam ou Barabas Jhesu. And anoon the cok crewe. bitraiynge ri ȝ sangue tful. seiynge. Herist tu não. para um dai solempne o iustice estava acostumado a delyuere à oon puple boundun. em que esta dai. netheles Y seie to ȝou. que bi enuye thei bitraieden hym. and seide. thei bou ȝ 10 com ele um feeld de um oleiro. 17 therfor Pilatos Seide a bainha. seist Tu. 19 E enquanto ele se sentou para domesman.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . 71 And whanne he ȝede out at the ȝate. And this was with Jhesu of Nazareth. E thei han panelas takun thretti. que foi Seid Barrabás. isto é. quem wolen ȝ e. Thou hast seid. 16 E ele hadde tho um boundun homem famoso. que é Seid Crist? 18 Pois ele wiste. ele answeride nada. e para os homens mais velhos da puple. alle os princis de prestis. 65 Thanne the prince of prestis to-rente his clothis. 8 Herfor thilke feeld é clepid Acheldemac. O que vs? Bise ti. that he knewe not the man. E whanne foi accusid dos princis de prestis e dos homens eldere do puple. He is gilti of deeth. arede to vs. thries thou schalt denye me. Thou were with Jhesu of Galilee. XXVII. 3 Thanne Judas que bitraiede hym. 6 E os princis de prestis o token siluer. 4 e Seide. For I knewe not the man. E thei Seiden. 64 Jhesus seide to him. Y woot not what thou seist. 11 E Jhesus ficou bifor o domesman. another damysel say hym. para biryyng de pilgrymys. fro hennus forth ȝe schulen se mannus sone sittinge at the riȝthalf of the vertu of God. for thi speche makith thee knowun. pois é o prijs de sangue. what ȝit han we nede to witnessis? lo! now ȝe han herd blasfemye. and seiden. and seide. como o Senhor ordenyd para mim. 9 Thanne que foi fulfillid. Bifore the cok crowe. thei that stooden camen. e hongide hym Silf. e os homens eldre do conselho puple um símbolo ȝ ens Jhesu. sua www. and comynge in the cloudis of heuene. And he ȝede out. e para bitoken Pilat de Pounce iustice. who is he that smoot thee? 69 And Petir sat with outen in the halle. that he hadde seid. de modo que o iustice wondride greetli. os prijs de um homem preysid. e brou ȝ te um ȝ en o thretti panelas para os princis de prestis. and a damysel cam to hym.html 33/36 . 2 E thei ledden boundun ele. what semeth to ȝou? 66 And thei answeriden. 67 Thanne thei speten in to his face. que foi Seid bi o Jeremye prophete. 1 Mas o whanne morowtid era comun. 70 And he denyede bifor alle men. 75 And Petir bithouȝte on the word of Jhesu. Thou Crist. que thei Schulden tomar hym ao deeth. 7 E whanne thei hadden tomam 74 Thanne he bigan to warie and to swere. eo axide iustice ele. and smyten hym with buffatis. e Seide. dizer que ele estava dampned. e Seide. 73 And a litil aftir. Treuli thou art of hem. e ȝ ede. 72 And eftsoone he denyede with an ooth. and seide. Não é leueful para Putte-lo para o treserie. and wepte bitterli. ele passide por diante. 10 e thei ȝ bainha Auen para um feeld de um oleiro. a quem thei Wolden. Arte ó Rei dos Jewis? 12 Jhesus Seith para hym. and othere ȝauen strokis with the pawme of her hondis in his face. Y Haue synned. He hath blasfemed. 5 E ele whanne hadde lançado fora o siluer no templo. and seide to hem that weren there.

26 Thanne ele deliuerede para Barabas hem. que yuel tem ele doon? E thei crieden mais. 51 E eis! o véu do templo foi-alugar em partes twey. se tu és o sone de Deus. Seja ele crucificado. se ele wole. thei founden um homem de Cirenen comynge fro o toun. Suffre tu. venha ele agora Doun fro o crosse. isto é. 31 E aftir que thei hadden desprezaram. 34 E thei ȝ Auen hym para drynke wyne meynd com galle e whanne ele hadde tastid. e Seide. e no thridde dai bildist que um ȝ en. se que se Helie vir a deliuer hym. e puttide em um rehed. para ser crucificado. bi uma visioun. mas ele tomou a orla Jhesu scourgid. com scribis e homens mais velhos. isto é. que thanne Schal Y fazer de Jhesu. 42 Ele fez othere homens SAAF. que weren crucificado com hym. 43 ele tristide em Deus. se ele é Kyng de Israel. lamazabatany. mouynge seus heedis. Heli. 48 E anoon oon de rennynge bainha. 46 E aboute o nynthe nosso criede Jhesus com uma cumprimentar vois. 37 e setten aboue sua atenção a sua writun causa. 27 Thanne Kny ȝ tis do iustice token de Jhesu no halle discutível. mas thei Schulden distrye Jhesu. vêm doun da cruz. Kyng de e tooken um rehed. 33 E thei Camen em um lugar que é clepid Gólgota. o lugar de Caluarie. fro o hiest para a menor. Barabas. e 29 e thei foldiden um coroun de Thornes. e os homens eldere counseiliden o puple. 21 Mas o answeride iustice. Seiden. que distriest o templo de Deus. e kepten ele. 28 E thei vnclothiden hym. e Smoot sua atenção. e Seide. e waischide Hise hondis bifor o puple. e no meu clooth thei Kesten Lott. 44 E os theues.Matthew Sente wijf para hym. pois Y Haue suffrid esta thingis dai para muitos hym. pois ele Seide. que Y sou Goddis sone. E o schoke erthe. 49 Mas othir Seiden. 20 Forsothe o príncipe prestis. 39 E os homens que passiden diante blasfemeden hym. e Kesten lotte. que é Seid Crist? 23 Seien Alle. mas que o mais noyse foi Maad. delyuer ele Hym agora. e um rehed em sua ri ȝ t hoond e thei kneliden Bifore hym. para o nosso nynthe. vpbreididen hym da mesma coisa. Kyng de Jewis. thei vnclothiden hym do mantil e thei clothiden hym com Hise clothis e ledden hym para crucifien hym. e Putten em sua atenção. e Seiden. e gadriden para o hym al cumpeny de Kny ȝ tis. Seiden. e ȝ af para hym para drynke. que thei Schulden machado Barabas. Heli. 30 E thei speten em hym. 22 Pilat Seith a bainha. e scornyden hym. 50 Forsothe Jhesus eftsoone criede com um cumprimento Voyce e ȝ af vp o goost. Vath a ti.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . e em crianças Oure. ele não pode fazer hym Silf SAAF. 41 Também e princis de prestis scornynge. 38 Thanne twey theues weren crucificado com hym. esta é Jhesu de Nazaré. Deus meu. Y sou giltles do sangue deste homem ri ȝ tful. thei departiden seus clothis. ele não Wolde drynke. e Seide. 52 corpos e muitos de seyntis que hadden www. que ser delyuerit para ou ȝ? E thei Seiden. tomou Watir. e levou um fillide spounge com vynegre. e diden aboute hym um mantil cana. Heil. e stoonus weren CLOUE e birielis weren openyd. 36 E thei Seten. 24 E seynge Pilat que ele profitide nenhuma coisa. Thei partiden a bainha meus clothis. e nós a bileuen hym. thei constreyneden hym para tomar a sua cruz. quem da wolen tweyn ȝ e. O Seith iustice a bainha. tu Saue thi Silf. para fulfille que é Seid bi prophete o. 25 E al answeride o puple. e oon na lefthalf. Seja ele crucificado. bise ȝ ou. e Seide. Deus meu. e Seiden. oon no ri ȝ thalf. whi tu me abandonar? 47 E summen que stoden lá. Seide e bainha. 32 E. Este Helye clepith. 45 Mas as indicações ao Sixte nosso derknessis weren Maad sobre a al erthe. seu sangue caia sobre vs. Symont nome bi. 40 e seiynge. como thei ȝ eden fora.html 34/36 . nenhuma coisa para ti e para que o homem iust. seiynge. 35 E aftir que thei hadden crucificado hym.

for the aungel of the Lord cam doun fro heuene. E whanne o bodi foi takun. kepe ȝ e como ȝ e Kunnen. thei diden. 66 E thei ȝ eden diante. 12 And whanne thei weren gaderid togidere with the elder men. as thei weren tauȝt. 8 Lo! Y haue biforseid to ȝou. and han stolen hym. and hadden take her counseil. 14 And if this be herd of the iustice. 65 Seide Pilat a bainha. 54 E o centurien e thei que weren com hym kepinge Jhesu. Nyle ȝe drede. 2 And lo! ther was maad a greet ertheschakyng. 61 Mas Marie Maudelene e anothir Marie weren lá. And this word is pupplischid among the Jewis. o markynge stoon. 55 e Seiden. a modir de Tiago. thei ȝauen to the kniȝtis miche monei. while ȝe slepten. E ther weren há muitos wymmen afer. as he seide. 63 e Seiden. sittynge um ȝ ens do Sepulcro. that thei go in to Galile. CAP. 1 But in the euentid of the sabat. 62 E no dai tOutros. ȝ e han o kepyng. e kepten o Sepulcro. and seie ȝe to his disciplis. Verili esta foi Goddis sone. and worschipiden him. and neiȝede. com keperis. til in to this day. and seide. os princis de prestis eo Farisees Camen togidere para Pilat. e Maria. que a Sepulcro ser mantidos em ao thridde dai. 53 E thei ȝ eden fora de seus birielis. 7 And go ȝe soone. 6 he is not here. 64 therfor comaunde tu. 11 And whanne thei weren goon. XXVIII. que é aftir Pask euen. lá de câmara um homem riche de Armathi. e apperiden para muitos. nós han mynde. e de José. for Y woot that ȝe seken to se the sepulcre. e thingis tho que weren doon. And lo! he schal go bifore ȝou in to Galilee. 60 e Leide em seu newe biriel. que sueden Jhesu fro Galiléia. that was crucified. that bigynneth to schyne in the firste dai of the woke. and another Marie. Joseph lappide-lo em um Sendel clene. e mynystriden para hym. para que não Hise disciplis comen e hym stelen e seie ao puple. 59 Thanne Pilat comaundide o bodie ser ouun ȝ. Aftir thre Daies Y Schal uma subida ȝ en para lijf. where the Lord was leid. And thei neiȝeden. lo! summe of the keperis camen in to the citee. que thilke giloure Seide ȝ que lyuynge.html 35/36 . ea modir de sones Zebedeu. 3 And his lokyng was as leit. 10 Thanne Jhesus seide to hem. rennynge to telle to hise disciplis. and heelden his feet. whanne thei Saien o schakynge erthe.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . e axide o bodi de Jhesu.Matthew slepte. 58 Ele Wente para Pilat. we schulen counseile hym. ir ȝ e. go ȝe. 9 And lo! Jhesus mette hem. 15 And whanne the monei was takun. And thei wenten out soone fro the biriels. and turnede awei the stoon. Joseph nome bi. Senhor. Seie ȝe. 57 Mas whanne o euenyng chegou. telle ȝe to my britheren. thei dredden greetli. and seide to the wymmen. rysen vp. and seiden. Ele tem origem fro deeth. que ele hadde hewun num stoon. with drede and greet ioye. 56 Entre whiche era Marie Madalena. and sat theron. 16 And the enleuen disciplis wenten in to www. there ȝe schulen se hym. and telden to the princis of prestis alle thingis that weren come ȝe. Heile ȝe. and make ȝou sikir. 5 But the aungel answeride. that he is risun. Nyle ȝe drede. eo laste errour Schal ser pior do que a formere. and thei weren maad as deede men. for he is risun. 13 that hise disciplis camen bi nyȝt. Marie Mawdelene cam. e aftir sua resurreccioun thei Camen para o citee holi. and se ȝe the place. and hise clothis as snowe. e ele walewide um cumprimento stoon à dore do biriel e Wente Awei. 4 and for drede of hym the keperis weren afeerd. e ele era um discípulo de Jhesu. there thei schulen se me.

but summe of hem doutiden. and spak to and teche alle folkis. in to the ende of the world. and lo! Y am with ȝou in alle daies.html 36/36 . and of the Sone. 20 techynge hem to kepe alle thingis. baptisynge hem in the name of the what euer thingis Y haue comaundid to ȝou.Matthew Galilee. 19 Therfor go ȝe. Al power in heuene and in erthe is ȝouun to me. Bible Research > English Versions > John Wyclif > Text > Matthew www.08/04/13 Wyclif Bible . and of the Hooli Goost. and worschipiden. 17 And thei sayn hym. 18 And Jhesus cam nyȝ. in to an hille. where Jhesus hadde ordeyned to hem. and seide.