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HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT Personnel management is a link between the top management and the workers or we can say

that it acts like bridge between the employers and the employees. It is basically concerned with the human relationship within the organization and helps in maintaining smooth relationship between employees and employers. It is the art of getting things done through other people. Manpower is the most important resource among all the resources. Factors such as funds, machineries, technological advancement, etc. that are required in order to run an organization; nothing will work if an organization doesnt have sufficient manpower and suitable managerial personnel system and practices. In Human Resource Management there is an emphasis on the developmental aspects of human being. He is treated as resources contributed towards the overall objectives of the organization. It is strongly believed in this approach and philosophy that the collaborative and participative efforts of human resources are to be nurtured, developed ton the fullest extent and human resource development is the foundation of this philosophy. In IBEX PRODUCT private Limited, there is no difference between Human Resource Department and Personnel Department. And the all the activities of HRM is done by Personnel Management. And the personnel department is very important in each and every organization and we can say that the personnel department is known as Police Department of any organization. So the all activities which are done by the IBEX PRODUCT private Limited are stated below.


Recruitment has been regarded as the most important function of the personnel department because unless the right type of people are hired, even the best plans, organizations and control system would not do much good. As Yoder point out, Recruitment is a process to discover the source of manpower to meet the recruitment of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection and efficient working force. Recruiting Procedure IBEX PRODUCT private Limited: Recruitment of workers Recruitment of executives and managerial staff Recruitment of technical personnel

Sources are those where prospective employees are available like employment exchange while techniques are those which stimulate the prospective employees to apply for jobs like applications by employee, promotion and advertisement etc. now we discuss the sources of recruitment. Sources for the recruitment for IBEX PRODUCT private Limited are as follows: Internal Sources External Sources 1. Internal sources:- Internal sources are the most obvious sources. This includes personnel already on the pay-roll of the organization. These are some advantages of using internal sources: o Improve employee morale o Job security and opportunities for employee members o Tried people and then be relied upon o Require less training, so the training cost will be minimized o It is less costly than going outside to recruit o Present employee can understand local languages, customers and business practices well In IBEX PRODUCT private Limited the internal recruitment is done by the reference of internal member of the organization. With the help of internal advertisement, within the company, company gets enough references for the recruitment. 2. External sources:Many of the organizations are depends upon the external sources for the recruitment like, New entrance for the labor force i.e. young, mostly inexperienced, potential employees, college students. The unemployed with wide range of skills and abilities. Experienced persons such as mechanics, accountants and welders. It provides the requisites type of personnel for an organization up to the required standards. It is economical because potential employees do not need extra training for job. In IBEX PRODUCT private Limited the external recruitment is done by HR department with the help of concern department. As per the requirement of concern department recruitment procedure will be done by HR department.

Selection is the process of choosing the most suitable person out of all the applicants. Selection is the process of matching the qualifications of applicants with job requirements. Selection divides all the applicants into two categories 1. Suitable 2. Unsuitable In IBEX PRODUCT private Limited recruitment and selection procedure for BLUE COLLAR force is as per labour laws for the recruitment of labor in the company it is essential that he should acquire the certificate of ITI examination. Workers are selected by the concern supervisor and Assistant personnel manager. Physical fitness and attitude are considered at the time of selection. Recruitment and selection procedure for WHITE COLLAR force refers to the selection of officers and managers. For this purpose IBEX PRODUCT private Limited is largely depend upon the fresh candidate and for that the company is following the formal selection procedure . Application receipt Employment test Group discussion Final interview Medical examination References checked Orientation programme

Induction mainly implies familiar introduction of new employee with the work, follow workers, work culture, superiors and organizations. IBEX PRODUCT private Limited has systematic induction program, which helps to make employee feel at home and reduces the initial nervousness on his part. The main objectives of an induction program of IBEX PRODUCT private Limited are: To build up the new employees confidence in him in lathe new organization so that he may become an efficient employer. To give all the necessary information to employee about location of workrooms, canteen and other facilities, leave rules, rest periods To develop a feeling of belongings & loyalty to the organization.


Never stop listening Never stop learning Never stop training Training is any process by which the aptitudes, skills and abilities of employees to perform specific jobs are increase. Training is the process of increasing the knowledge and skills for doing a particular job. In IBEX PRODUCT private Limited the Human Resource Department identifies the training in all the employees with the department heads. Every year in the month of March, after having training rate identified the Human Resource Department with the top management prepares a training calendar are conducts the training program. In case of workman, training is given on safety, housekeeping, quality improvement, skill improvement, multitasking, awareness, discipline, behavior and conduct rules are given here. In case of staff category, the training areas are skill development, attitude, motivation, awareness, roles and responsibilities etc. are given. In case of management training or all the training areas are of the specific nature mainly the management development areas are been conducted There are two types of training are given to employees: On the job training Off the job training


A promotion is the transfer of an employee to a job which pays more money or one that carries some preferred status. The term promotion is referred to the advancement of an employee to a better or higher job. In other words employee can be said to have been promoted where he performs his job which involves higher responsibility, requires a great degree of skills, commands more prestige & a higher status & carries higher rate of pay. In IBEX PRODUCT private Limited being management reviews the performance of every individual on the yearly basis. The promotion is to be given on the merit basis. There are no fix promotion schemes. In IBEX PRODUCT private Limited demotion is also followed. These step is also been taken for some workers who do not performs his job well as required. Transfer is a movement of employee from one job to another without any significant change in duties, responsibilities, required skills or compensations. Transfer may have to be made within an organization for varied reasons.

In IBEX PRODUCT private Limited workmen & staff employees are normally being transferred from one department to another department. This is on needing base in case of sales promotion to the transfer is in one location to another which also needs base.


The wage is remuneration paid for the service of labor. In production wages usually refers to the contribution to production, while salary normally refers to the clerical administration & professional employees. A person who gets the wages is called Blue collar worker. On the other hand salary normally refers to the monthly rates paid to clerical administration and professional employees or White collar worker in IBEX PRODUCT private Limited time office department decides the wages of worker. There is attendance system and after totaling the attendance of workers, they are paying to the workers at the 10th date of month. The maximum general advance will be Rs.450 each. In case of staff category the employees gets consolidate salary on monthly calculated basis the pay scale starts from 7000 gross salary.

Performance is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for. It is a thing to be achieved. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AS A CYCLE Performance management can be described as a continues if renewing cycle. CONTENT OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: Every organization has to decide upon the content to be appraised before the programme is approved. Generally content to be in the form of the basis of job analysis. Content to be appraised may be in the form of contribution to organization objectives like production, cost saving, return on capital, discipline, presence etc CONTENTS TO BE APPRAISED FOR AN OFFICERS JOB: Regularity of attendance. Self expression: Written & oral. Ability to work with others. Leadership styles & abilities. Initiative. Technical skill