Please make sure that .NET Framework 1.1 should be installed before continuing.

You must also download and install dotnetfx.exe. Please check whether you are able to ping server or not. please check whether Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Visual C++ Runtimes are installed or not. one more thing i would like to mention - as per note -1593082 - How to verify the installed version, support package, and patch level of BPC NetWeaver 7.0 and 7.5

think that your thread should be post in this forum: Did you have a look at the BPC 7.5 installation guide? You can download it from here:
Install Application Server part on Windows 2003 with IIS Switch to 32 bit ( Install SQL Server Active TCP/IP on SQL Server Configuration Manager and assign a port Enter Analysis Database on SQL, go to advanced settings and enter TCP port which you entered above. Install ADOMD.NET 8 Install MSXML Install SAP Connector for .NET 1.1 If you still didn't install .NET 1.1 Install .NET 1.1

"cscript %SystemDrive%\inetpub\AdminScripts\adsutil.vbs set w3svc/AppPools/Enable32bitAppOnWin64 1"

sap nw 7. win server-2003.0 or 3. . details in section 2.5 SP1 Planning and Consolidation Server 7.3.3.After that install BPC server Also check Notes 1525308 .aspx has been done successfully -proxy > no proxy > (port 80 -related to bpc has been added to exception) -user rights are also given (as in (14) Planning and Consolidation Administration Client-(14) Check http://msdn.1563171 .microsoft. did you do necessary steps mentioned on installation guide? Check sections 2.5.1512294 Additional information about installation. I have run UJA3_WRITE_SYS_USERS program and used a single domain user domain\username for each ABAP User. Do you use proxy? Also check your ports and and 3.0 CPMBPC-750 -level(14) Microsoft . ORACLE-10.aspx Check user rights on your message queue.2.2-d) thanks for your quick reply.0. Another thing.NET Framework 3. if necessary give everyone full rights to your BPC queue and try to remove others by doing same

NET Server runs on Windows Server 2003 32bit.5 Anybody suggest how to correct "system admin right" issue.NET Servercomponent.3 Configuring ABAP Server Component.NET Server and the same errormessage discussed in this thread appeared. The . http://www.htm# This is the link for migration from SAP BPC7. Upgraded the ABAP component and then installed the SP15 .com/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/60b63bb0-570d-2f10-f686a5147f66352b?QuickLink=index&overridelayout=true&53244709822577 .5 server connection test results are ok ou should be adding Windows users from UJA3_WRITE_SYS_USERS program as explained in the Installation Guide's last part of 3.5 NW SP11 system to SP15. Have you executed UJA3_WRITE_SYS_USERS program in your ABAP system? i have already added 3 users created as users BPC_ADMIN/ BPC_SYSADMIN / BPC_USER / --problem is with user used for installation of Planning and Consolidation Server 7. http://help.BPC NW 7. I have some links related to the SAP BPC 10. tried different ports for the website.Server Diagnostic errors after installing BPC NW 7.5 to SAP BPC 10.5 SP14 on the . And basically worked through the whole installation guide. Any other way to get it resolved. the message queue.NET server .may be it will help Note 1781748 . That note already explains how to fix that problem.sdn.edit: My scenario looks like this: I migrated from a working BPC 7. I tried to update the users. I deinstalled the .sap.

htm EPM Add in for MS Office User Guide: to SAP BPC 10.0 BPC frameset.pdf Hope it I have some links related to the SAP BPC Check the blogs on BPC 10.0 MS Help File: Also go through the EvDRE Guide and other Guides available in SAP Service Marketplace.htm# This is the link for migration from SAP BPC7.Please check the below Help files on BPC .com/content/bobj/sbu/docu_sbs_bpc_design.may be it will help http://scn. http://help. BPC 10.0 NW Help File: http://scn. n addition to the above. you can also go through the below one's http://scn.0 http://scn.

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