W/C  29th  April  2013  

        Role:  Database     Administrator  -­  Raynaud's  &  Scleroderma  Ireland   What's  Involved?  Our  patient  database  needs  to  be  organised  and  updated.  We  hope  to  introduce  a  new  patient     and  donor  management  system  and  you  would  help  with  the  implementation  of  this   Where:  Dundrum  or  volunteers  own  home  When:  7  hours  a  week     Role:  Volunteer  Administration  Assistant  -­  Merchant's  Quay  Ireland   What's  Involved?  Provide  administration  support  to  a  team  working  in  an  Open  Access  Centre  providing  daily   services  to  the  homeless  and  to  drug  users.  *Support  a  range  of  clerical  activities  including  filing,  managing  post,   and  computer  processing.  *Undertake  administrative  duties  to  support  the  team  as  required.   Where:  Open  Access  Centre,  City  Centre  location,  Dublin  When:  2  days  per  week  -­‐  between  Monday  -­‐Friday  ,  9am  -­‐   5pm     Role:  Volunteer  Health  &  Safety  Officer  -­  Merchant's  Quay  Ireland   What's  Involved?  Undertake  Health  and  Safety  visits  to  different  premises  and  conduct  risk  assessments  and   report  findings  back  to  management  team.  *Advise  on  matters  of  Health  &  Safety  welfare  in  relation  to  statutory   compliance  and  best  practice  and  make  continuous  improvement  recommendations  where  required.   Where:  Open  Access  Centre,  City  Centre  location,  Dublin  When:  2  days  per  week  -­‐  between  Monday  -­‐Friday  ,  9am  -­‐   5pm  for  three  months     Role:  Communications/PR  Manager  -­  SWICN  Computer  Clubhouse   What's  Involved?  Building  specific  PR/communications  campaigns  for  2  key  upcoming  events  *  Anti-­‐Bullying  Run   May  19th  *Our  showcase  of  work  on  the  26th  of  June  We  need  a  Communications/PR  professional  who  can  quickly   develop  a  practical  achievable  Communications/PR  campaign  for  our  upcoming  2  events.     Where:  Can  work  from  home  or  at  Rainsford  Street,  Dublin  8  When:  This  role  has  an  immediate  requirement  to   work  on  these  two  events  -­‐  so  would  suit  someone  as  a  temporary  gap.     Role:  Coffee  Shop  Volunteer  -­  Focus  Ireland   What's  Involved: The  role  of  the  volunteer  will  involve  supporting  the  Coffee  Shop  Project  Worker  staff  to  attend   to  our  customers  who  need  priority  support.  It  will  also  involve  working  on  the  floor  and  interacting  with   customers  in  the  Coffee  Shop  -­‐  creating  a  welcoming  and  safe  environment.   Where:  Eustace  Street,  Dublin  2  When:  One  day  per  week  between  Monday  to  Friday,  flexible  to  suit  the   volunteer,for  5  hours  between  11am  and  4pm.  One  Year  commitment     Role:  Happy  Heart  Appeal  Fundraising  Volunteers/Collectors  -­  Irish  Heart  Foundation   What's  Involved: Collection  buckets  or  selling  Happy  Hearts  at  various  city  centre  locations  including  Stephen's   Green/Grafton  Street   Where: For  the  main  part  Stephen's  green/grafton  street  area  but  also  other  city  centre  locations   When:  Specific  requirement  for  Thursday  9th  May  and  Saturday  11th  May  2013.  3  -­‐  4  hours  per  volunteer  if   possible    

For  further  information:     Dublin  City  South  Volunteer  Centre   T:  +353  1  473  7482   E:  info@volunteerdublin.ie   W:  www.volunteerdublincitysouth.ie    

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