gter•srung•las•kyi•ma•moi•mchod•thabs•bzhugs•so| Herein is presented an offering ritual for the treasure protectress [Smoking Goddess] the mamo of enlightening activities

. OM•AHH•HUNG% HUNG% chos•dbyings•rang•byung•rig•pai•dbyings•klong•dbus% Hung% Mystic spaciousness - a self-occurring pure Knowing’s own expansive spaciousness is centered -dur•khrod•tshogs•khang•ti•sgroi•gnas•mchog•nas% Wherein, is the charnel ground congregation house at Tidro [Tibet], the supreme sacred place. Therefrom ma•gcig•las•kyi•mkha’•‘gro•gshegs•su•gsol% Sole mother dakini of enlightening activities, may you please come here! zab•gsang•ye•shes•rgyas•pai•gnas•‘dir•bzhugs% May you please reside here at this place where profound, mysterious pristine awareness blossoms fully! dam•rdzas•mchod•gtor•gser•skyems•gnyan•po•bzhes% May you please enjoy the sacred commitment substances, the offering cake, the golden drink held strictly without compromise. sgrub•pai•rig•‘dzin•rnal•‘byor•bu•bzhin•skyongs% May you protect me, the accomplished Knowingness-holder yogi[ni], as your child! ma•yengs•bstan•pai•bya•ra•mdzad•du•gsol% Do not waver! You are dispatched to enact all my Dharmic activities! [rtsa•gsum•gling•pas•so•] by Tsasum Lingpa.