After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion our world has gone stark raving mad and

the US now leads the pack. I read about the duplicity of government, abortionists murdering babies who were born alive, the Boston bombing, 2nd Amendment treason and several other topics illustrating it truly is a mad, mad world run by power hungry maniacs. This makes me wish for the peace and quiet I knew growing up just after WWII.Children could safely play in their neighborhoods without fear. Schools still taught, really taught, truer history and demanded you learn reading, writing, math and manners. Our country turned its back on Him years ago. Banning prayer in our schools leave our children with no moral compass. They defile their bodies with multiple tattoos and body piercings proving they have no respect for anything including themselves. Their minds are filled with violence from various media so they believe violence is okay. Then suddenly they are told bullying is wrong. Bullying is violence and violence is wrong all the while still being fed violence in movies, TV and video games. They are taught sex in elementary school long before their minds are ready for it. And not just sex. They are now being taught perversions in the lower grades. No wonder they are confused. I am of a generation raised on prayer, patriotism and respect. I suppose they would call me old fashioned. We had prayer and said the pledge of allegiance every morning. Divorce was only acceptable if the spouse was abusive or committed adultery. There was no such thing as irreconcilable differences. You not only said vows to each other, you said them to God. You meant, "until death do us part." You earned your grades or you didn't go to the next level - period. The only exception was if you were learning disabled then they kept you for 3 years in the same grade before "passing" you to the next level but everyone was made to understand only "special" children were treated that way. Notice I said "special". They were not labeled as retarded or disabled. We were even taught to respect without pity those whose minds were not a sharp as the rest of us. Now we are faced with so many ills and evils in our world. We have

achieved "when evil is good and good is evil" status. The US is being destroyed from within while most of the rest of the world slides down similar slippery slopes. Today I read a series of articles bringing home to me that the whole world is topsy-turvy. We are told good is evil and evil is good. It is better to be a leech and live off welfare than to earn an honest living. The American flag is defiled in the classroom and banned from schools. Items that once were tools are now weapons and are forbidden. Our children are taught homosexuality in elementary school while God is banned. An Oklahoma school district is facing a lawsuit for allegedly forbidding organizers of a Christian club from promoting events on campus. The club met at the local elementary school and was open to students in kindergarten through the fifth grade. Other clubs including the Boy Scouts and YMCA are allowed to promote activities at the school, but the Christian group is not. The club was organized last year and Sharp said the “Kids for Christ” were initially given permission to promote activities through flyers and announcements. But that changed with the new semester.1 A North Carolina community is embroiled in controversy after a school ordered a six-year-old girl to remove the word “God” from a poem that she was supposed to read during a Veteran’s Day ceremony. The poem honored her two grandfathers who had served during the Vietnam War. “He prayed to God for peace, he prayed to God for strength,” the poem read. A parent reportedly found out about the poem and expressed concern about mentioning the word God during a school event. The parent did not want the Almighty’s name mentioned anywhere in the program, according to one account.Error: Reference source not found A New Jersey high school teacher is under investigation after she allegedly posted a message on her private Facebook page that she opposed homosexuality because of her Christian faith. She also complained, on her private Facebook page, that Union High School featured a display recognizing October as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and

Transgender History month. The chair of the gay rights group said her “vicious, anti-gay remarks on Facebook crossed the line. ... “I find what she wrote on Facebook endangers the learning atmosphere for students beyond repair and violates the school district’s own policy of a safe and comfortable environment for all.”∗Ερρορ: Ρεφερενχε σουρχε νοτ φουνδ A New York public school teacher who advised a school Bible Study club has filed a civil rights lawsuit against her school district after she was forced to remove all religious content from her classroom — including a quote from former President Ronald Reagan. A veteran teacher in the Cheektowaga Central School District in western New York, said she received a “counseling letter” signed by her superintendent that ordered her to remove all religious-themed items from her classroom or else she could be fired. The eight-page letter informed the teacher that “your rights to free speech and expression are not as broad as if your were simply a private citizen.” Among the items that had to be removed were a poster with an inspirational Bible verse superimposed over an American flag and inspirational messages she had written on sticky notes kept on her desk, according to court documents obtained by Fox News. The school district also ordered her to remove a quote from former President Ronald Reagan that read in part — “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under.”Error: Reference source not found A federal court has ruled that a California public school had the authority to prevent students from wearing clothing emblazoned with pro-American messages on the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo. The judge determined that the Morgan Hill Unified School District did not violate the First Amendment and said that concerns by school officials over possible violence justified censoring the pro-American message. The boys were approached by assistant principal Miguel Rodriguez who instructed them to either remove their pro-American shirts or turning them inside out. “The students were told their shirts would offend Hispanics,” The students refused to change because they said it would be disrespectful to the flag.Error: Reference source not found [It is okay for Hispanics to offend Americans by defiling our flag and replacing it with the Mexican flag on any day.]

A South Carolina school district has launched an investigation into a high school teacher who allegedly threw an American flag on the floor and stomped on it as a classroom full of students watched. “There were allegations that at a teacher took a flag down from the post in the classroom and stepped on that flag as part of the lesson,” Bounds said, indicating the act was repeated in several other classes.“ “He drew a couple of symbols, like one of them was a cross, and he said, ‘What does this represent’ and everybody said ‘Christianity,’” Copeland said. “Then he proceeds to take down the American flag and said, ‘This is a symbol, but it’s only a piece of cloth. It doesn’t mean anything,’ and then he throws it down on the floor and then stomps on it, repeatedly.”Error: Reference source not found [This used to be a punishable offense. It proves how little people think of our country now.] A 10-year-old California boy was suspended and threatened with expulsion after he brought a Swiss Army Knife on a week-long school camping trip. The school’s principal informed the out-of-town father that his son had violated the school’s weapons policy. The punishment, she told him, must be immediate and severe. “She threatened to expel him,” he said. Since he was unable to pick up his son, the principal put the boy in 24-hour isolation at the camp – held in a teacher’s lounge where he was forced to eat and sleep in solitude. “They’re not teaching critical thinking,” he said. “That’s what she’s teaching these kids – to react on your emotions instead of gathering information.”Error: Reference source not found [I agree with the father's remark, "I feel sorry for today's kids."] A Massachusetts middle school student was suspended after she brought a butter knife to school so she could cut a pear. Melissa LaPlaume told MyFoxBoston that her daughter was simply trying to cut her fruit for lunch — because she has braces and [cannot] take bites out of the whole fruit. The principal of Wamsutta Middle School said they were following the handbook rules — which ban knives. A five-year-old Massachusetts boy could be suspended from elementary school after he built a gun out of Legos during an after-

school program. “While someone might think that making a Lego gun is just an action of a 5-year-old – to other 5-year-olds that might be a scary experience,” a school spokesperson told “We need a safe environment for our students.” Last week a Pennsylvania child was suspended after she was overheard talking about shooting her friends with “Hello Kitty” bubble gum. And a fifth grade student in Philadelphia was scolded for pulling out a piece of paper that resembled a gun.Error: Reference source not found Parents in suburban Nashville are furious after an elementary school announced plans to limit the number of times they could visit their children during lunchtime. Under the new policy, a parent would only be allowed to eat lunch with their children twice during a nine-week period. Carol Birdsong, a spokesperson for Williamson County Schools, told Fox News the principal came up with the voucher system as a result of the school massacre in Newtown, Conn. “Based on that, she thought it might be good to implement a voucher-type system,” she said. Under the new rules, parents would have to register online and obtain an “event ticket” to eat lunch with their children. “I firmly don’t believe that parents are the problem here,” one mother said. “And if anything, taking parents out of the school is more dangerous than having a parental presence in the school.”Error: Reference source not found More than taking parents out of the schools is the idea of taking parents out of children's lives. This allows the government to further and completely raise the children the way the government wants them raised just as Hitler did. Our schools have been teaching lies about history for generations. Today they are being taught fear of simple every day items. Every moral value is being destroyed and they are no longer taught respect for even themselves. How long can a country survive with nothing but selfish, greedy people? Yes, I deeply long for the long-lost days of ignorance and innocence. But I know they are gone forever. In their place I have an even deeper desire to fight with everything in me to give that world back to the children of today and tomorrow.

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FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes

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