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Grow Your Own Beanstalk

Author: Jennifer Johnson Revision Date of Lesson Plan (if applicable): April 23, 2013 Overall Goal for the Lesson: The goal is for students to grow their own plants while further developing their experimental design knowledge and abilities; including using a hypothesis, figuring out the independent/dependent variables and controls. Students will plant beans and study the factors that effect growth. Description of classroom, grade level, and students: This is a 7th grade class with a wide range of abilities. There are 30 students in the class. The classroom has two large windows on the left side of the room and a large two-door cabinet in the back. The temperature is usually a comfortable 68 degrees. The classroom is connected to a teachers workspace where the temperature is a lot cooler at 62 degrees. Near the window is 70 degrees. Student Objectives for the lesson. (Given a condition, the students will, to what level). Given the materials of an experiment (growing a bean plant), students will be able to successfully design their own experiment including writing a hypothesis, procedure, and conclusion with 90% accuracy. Given the materials of an experiment (growing a bean plant), students will be able to successfully cultivate a plant so that at least the stem of the bean plant grows above the surface. Length of Lesson: (minutes, number of class periods, or days or weeks needed). This lesson will be introduced in one 50-minute class period. Students will collect data every week for 8 weeks. The lesson will conclude in one 50-minute class period.

Schedule of Activities: (Break down your activity into a timeline of events. Focus on what students will be doing and what teachers will be doing during each part of the activity.) Using Inspiration, the teacher will explain the steps of the scientific method and how to create an experiment. All materials will be handed out and students will design their experiments using Inspiration. Once the teacher has looked over their procedures, the students will be able to begin their experiment (planting the bean). Over an 8-week period, students will, once a week, collect data about their plants. Including but not limited to height of plant stem and temperature. The teacher will water the plants every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The lesson will conclude. Students will take their last measurements and make their final observations. Then students will take their data to their math class. Each student will also print out their outline from Inspiration and combine it with their collected data to turn in. Students will give a brief (2 minute) overview of his or her conclusion of the experiment. PASS or CC Standards Addressed (Copy and Paste from: Process Standard 3 Experimental Design: 2. Identify variables and/or controls in an experimental setup: independent variable and dependent variable. 3. Identify a testable hypothesis for an experiment. 4. Follow a multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks. 4. LF. 2.- Living Organisms have physical and/or behavioral responses to external stimuli. PASS Instructional Technology Standards (Copy and Paste from:
1c. Use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues

Assessments: How will these activities be assessed? (Go back to your objectives, what will the students do? Make sure that each objective is paired to an assessment measure that allows students to show it).

Students will receive a completion grade for their hypothesis and procedure. Students will be graded on their written conclusions. Students will be given a grade for turning in their completed experiment and for correctly identifying the components (independent variables, dependent variable, controls) of the experiment. Accommodations: How might the lesson need to be adapted for students with special needs? Students with special needs may need to work with a partner. If this is the case, then all students will work in pairs. They may also need to use a computer to create their experiment if they cannot write well. App to be used for lesson (if applicable): Essential Garden Guide Comprehensive Guide to Gardening for iPads Materials Needed: Go through each activity and identify what items (both technology and not) are needed to complete this lesson. Include a breakdown according to individual student or student groups. Include materials that need to be created as well. Individual students: Soil, plastic cups, beans, rulers iPads Computer Inspiration Program Teacher: Distilled water Computer Inspiration Program