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Author: Ally Nash Revision Date of Lesson Plan (if applicable): Overall Goal for the Lesson: To help the student better understand the economies of the Western hempisphere.

Description of classroom, grade level, and students: 6th grade Geography Classroom, 25-30 students, all at grade level.

Student Objectives for the lesson. (Given a condition, the students will, to what level). The student will be able to correctly identify the traits and types of economies and how the governments influence them when given a venn diagram and comparing 2 countries.

Length of Lesson: (minutes, number of class periods, or days or weeks needed). 1 class period, 45 minutes Schedule of Activities: (Break down your activity into a timeline of events. Focus on what students will be doing and what teachers will be doing during each part of the activity.) 5 minute Intro- take roll, teacher will explain the class period 20-25 minute lesson Prezi and Smartboard used by teacher, students will be taking notes/ listening, there will be a group activity that students will come up to Smartboard and help with creating class Venn diagram 15-20 minutes activity students will create their own Venn diagram comparing 2 countries in the region.

PASS or CC Standards Addressed (Copy and Paste from:

Content Standard 4: The student will analyze the human systems of the Western Hemisphere in the context of the worlds peoples and cultures. 2. Describe and compare examples of the market and command economic systems including how governments affect economic activities in such systems.

PASS Instructional Technology Standards (Copy and Paste from: 1. Creativity and Innovation Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology. a. Create original works as a means of personal or group expression

Assessments: How will these activities be assessed? (Go back to your objectives, what will the students do? Make sure that each objective is paired to an assessment measure that allows students to show it). The students will be evaluated on both their participation in the class activity and the information they provide in the Venn diagram they create. They will be graded on the content they included in the diagram and the effort put into it.

Accommodations: How might the lesson need to be adapted for students with special needs? This lesson could be adapted for students with special needs by having their Venn diagram premade with only two countries already chosen and a list of possible characteristics that should be used in their diagram.

App to be used for lesson (if applicable): -Used GrafioLITE to create the Venn diagrams the students will use for their evaluations

Materials Needed: Go through each activity and identify what items (both technology and not) are needed to complete this lesson. Include a breakdown according to individual student or student groups. Include materials that need to be created as well. Smartboard Prezi Venn diagram created in Notebook Venn diagrams created and printed out using GrafioLITE