our dishes are put together for you to enjoy alone, or to share with company. How many people you share with depends on your appetite. Discuss your need with your server and let us create a journey through our menu for you or your group. bowl of pickled things 6/11 castlevetrano olives, pickled garlic, pappadew peppers 7/13 smoked hummus, pita, crudite 7/13 Cleetus Heatus salsa & parsnip guacamole Warm homemade tortilla chips 8/13 sriracha deviled eggs 4/8 meat & cheese board chef select charcuterie & artisan cheeses cornichon, olives, grain mustard, jam, grilled bread 16/21 cobb hearty greens, egg, bacon, buttermilk bleu cheese, carrot, red onion, cucumber, smoked chicken, yogurt ranch dressing 10/18
beets, pickled onion, watercress, watermelon radish, balsamic reduction 8/15 add prairie fruits fresh chevre 4

roasted beet salad

caesar romaine, pleasant ridge reserve, garlic crouton, caesar dressing 9/17
add smoked chicken 4

turkey honey smoked turkey, smoked gouda, rosemary mayo, tomato focaccia served with old bay potato chips 12 grilled vegetables, fried tofu, balsamic syrup, whole wheat wrap served with old bay potato chips


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