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a sister. Nagpur is where I learnt my A-B-C and 1. confident.that was just me. is where I started as an inductee In the field of L & D. the adventurer that I always wanted to be I found my calling & hopping across the country I did some new jamboree Fun for employees. and a training manager . the fun loving. Leena Talukdar nee Naidu .all I used to do & oversee Again time for a break – this time the stork gifted a girl. dynamic . analytic. just like me. Back in the grind of the corporate world I wanted to be As a Training Manager. A consultant for 360 Degree. Few months in Nagpur and then off to the land of filter coffee In Bengaluru. ADC & employee engagement . budgeting. a Talent Development Manager for an entire organization I was to be Training plan.I was born free. that’s me I started the race of life and came last of three But who cares . 2. a friend. I went on to do my Master’s Degree 5th Merit in MBA . Emp Sat Survey and Assessment Inventory A bride. I knew that’s where I will be.the different roles I played with glee It was time for a break. bonding for teams and writing copy over hot cups of tea. a year since a son was born to my hubby & me. X th – Mar ‘91 XII th – Mar ‘93 B. the city of pearls beckoned me Leading 15 trainers and 3 recruiters was my responsibility. Com.that sure is me. The explorer.Com – Jun ‘96 MBA – Jun ‘98 Nov ‘98 Jun ‘99 Sep ’99 Aug ‘04 Dec ‘05 Sep ‘06 Dec ‘06 Jan ‘10 Jun ‘11 Soon. a trainer. Till now . and a mother.words best describe me A daughter. Gets things done. I also get to be There is still so much more to life & I’ve just come half way since I was a pea. a wife.Work Profile 3 Dec. ‘75 Leena Talukdar nee Naidu. 3 After Science Inter and B.

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Leena Talukdar . Thank you dear Teachers. You ensured we learnt the difference between good deed and sin. You imbibed in us values which made us stand tall. You taught us that learning from them is what it takes. While we turned the pencil to grind. Gratefully Yours…. While We Sharpened The Pencil While we spent time near the waste bin. Batch 1991 Concept and poetry . You prepared us to brave the world. We used the eraser to erase our mistakes. You were busy sharpening our mind.CREATIVE WRITING POETRY FOR VARIOUS OCCASIONS Memento for Teachers on the occasion of School reunion after 20 years. While we prepared the pencil to write a few words. While our sharpening made the pencil small.

Thought and poetry . so full of life.CREATIVE WRITING POETRY FOR VARIOUS OCCASIONS Birthday blessings for a 7 year old Birthday blessings for Raaga We wish you dear Raaga a happy wholesome life May you work hard and steadily rise. skip and jump and also jive. We wish we could be there and see you cut the cake live May we soon get your hug and see you roll your big eyes. May you learn from your mistakes and be wise. May you dream big and receive lots of prize. We wish you always hop. May you have fun with family and friends and enjoy the cake twice.Leena Talukdar . We wish you success in everything you strive. We wish you a very happy birthday dear Raaga. We wish you eat all healthy food with your fingers five. May you enjoy the biryani with a bit more spice.

he would strongly hold. to all. in times of need. with pride he told. He was very bold. the tasty biryani he doled. but would carry all near & dear in his fold. had a heart of gold.CREATIVE WRITING POETRY FOR VARIOUS OCCASIONS Elegy on a brother’s 5th death anniversary A man of his own. to all the needy. Every year without fail. The success of his family members. slopes n slips. all the family traditions and customs he would uphold. Leaving precious memories. a man of his own. Twists n turns. with a heart of gold. he faced bravely. with the sunset he just strolled. Loved to be the lone star. 5 years ago. Come what may. God fearing as he was. with a heart of gold He loved all the good things in life. as his life thus rolled. for all the loved ones. Thoughts of a brother Poetry . My dear elder brother Madhu. ups n downs.Leena Talukdar . A man of his own.

COPY WRITING MARKETING PRESENTATION For charity based corporate employee engagement event 1 2 3 4 5 6 .

COPY WRITING MARKETING PRESENTATION For charity based corporate employee engagement event 1 2 3 4 5 6 .

The building has a design uncompromising in its utter simplicity. the glory and pride of exaltation must be in it. of Gurgaon. like temples and palaces of the past. SPAZE 9 is the announcement of the ambitious commercial project in Gurgaon. The force and power of altitude must be in it.karting facilities and food court. The design’s uniqueness lies in its sheer simplicity. The novel idea of balconies receding on each floor with tapered glass in the front creates a translucent effect on the surface. The terrace boasts of a go-kart track and food court. They are built not just for economy of space. while the upper stories are reserved for ffices." An ambitious project with the concept of Shop. Gurgaon is the focus point of the most lucrative commercial property destination in the entire NCR . Image 1. Edited Text Spaze 9 epitomises Sullivan’s quote . Spaze 9 is designed to define the skyline. symbolising the city’s economic power. The lower floors are occupied by either shops or anchor stores. ” -Louis Sullivan's Tall buildings provide a high ratio of rentable floor space per unit area of land. Stay. Shops and anchor stores grace the lower floors. Image 2. Image 3. rising in sheer exaltation that from bottom to top it is a unit without a single dissenting line.the most dynamic commercial destination of NCR. . every inch of it tall. Proposal for the commercial development with the idea SHOP…STAY…SOCIALIZE…PLAY. The design is distinguished by its daring use of an expressive shape and by glass facades. The building is distinguished by its expressive shape and glass façade.COPY WRITING COPY EDITING Architects Portfolio Information provided Rapid urbanization and increasing commercial significance has led to an escalation in residential as well as commercial real estate dealings in Gurgaon. It must be tall. It must be every inch a proud and soaring thing. while the upper floors are reserved for offices. It must be every inch a proud and soaring thing. “ What is the chief characteristic of the tall building? It is lofty. Socialize and Play. Terraces with go . it defines the skyline of Gurgaon .“A skyscraper must be tall. The glory and pride of exaltation must be in it. but are considered symbols of a city's economic power. rising in sheer exultation that from bottom to top it is a unit without a single dissenting line. The force and power of altitude must be in it. It is based on the untried idea of balconies receding on every floor and tapered glass in front allowing a building to have a surface that is more translucent than solid.

The company was incorporated in December 2001. We combine domain expertise with clients’ context and needs and seamlessly integrate the delivery to forge an end-to-end model. Games.has a 300 seater learning center on Infantry Road. Exercises BROCHURES WEB CONTENT BROCHURES Content PROPOSALS Our Profile Spur is recognized as one of the leading companies in the field of training. Since then. to cater to the training and recruitment needs of ITES companies. manpower sourcing. whether it is Training or Manpower Sourcing. Bangalore. its our quality of delivery that makes us different. and pre-employment assessments. .CONTENT WRITING TRAINING MATERIAL TRAINING MATERIAL Trainer’s Module Participant Handout Training Aids – Presentation. The advantage to our clients are several: • Save managerial time • Save manpower costs • Avoid duplication of processes • Ensure Quality • Guarantee predictability Our service delivery personnel are professionals with domain expertise and industry experience. commenced operations in Mumbai and employs more than 50 people. Being in the service business. the company has grown rapidly .

com. leena1876@gmail. Nagpur.Contact Details +91 72760 86396. Maharashtra .

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