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Terry Alan Wilver Jr. 2405 Plaza Dr.

State College PA, 16801 (570)412-9670

March 11th, 2013

Mike Bergey Manager Golds Gym 131 Silvermoon Ln Lewisburg, PA 17837

Dear Mr.Bergey, I am excited to present this program proposal to you. The proposal will lay out a step by step program to help lower income families use gym facilities. Also to encourage less motivated individuals to exercise more often. As you are well aware, exercise plays a key role in our health throughout our lives. Our country has the largest population of obese and sedentary people in the world, causing nearly 300,000 deaths per year. Less than 20% of the population gets the daily recommended amount of exercise. This program will work side by side with professionals in the field, as well as with students entering the field looking to gain knowledge and experience. These professionals will include staff trained in nutrition, exercise psychology, strength, and conditioning. By implementing this program at your gym it would most defiantly catch on in other Golds Gyms and fitness centers alike. As a member of this community, I would want our citizens to be able to learn, and apply the exercise techniques learned through this program to help them make better life choices about their health. Thank you for your consideration, if you have any question please feel free to contact me through the information provided above. Sincerely, Terry Alan Wilver Jr.

____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

Project Discount
A Cheaper Way to Exercise

Submitted by: Terry Alan Wilver Jr.

2405 Plaza Dr. State College PA, 16801 (570)412-9670

Dates of Proposal: November 2014 - April 2015 Estimated Cost: $5050


____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

Table of Contents
Executive Summary.4 Introduction..5 Needs Statement...6 Program Narrative........8 Conclusion.13 References.....15

Budget Spreadsheet....16 Timeline.17 Personal Profile..............................................................................................................................18 Resume.......................................................................................................................................19


____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

Executive Summary:
According to recent surveys conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Harvard Medical school only 20% of the United States current population gets the recommended daily amount of exercise (1). Current Guidelines include 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise like walking and light swimming, or 75 minutes of intense exercise such as running or cross training, along with 2 days of muscle training sessions per week (4). This explosion of laziness accounts for a lot of variables. Lack of knowledge, motivation, funds, and the most common excuse is time. Today people in America people are no longer dying from sickness that years ago would have killed the average man. Today people in America are dying from diet and exercise preventable diseases like heart disease. Nearly 300,000 people per year die of a preventable disease related to health and fitness (1). Project Discount is a three month program aimed at educating people on what exercise really is, how to perform crucial exercise techniques, and how to continue an exercise regimen for life. Clients who enroll in the program will be between the ages of 30-50. These clients will be presented with educational materials on basic health and fitness skills. Clients will be asked to attend educational sessions weekly. During Project Discount the clients initial fitness level will be recorded, as well as timed intervals throughout the program to evaluate the progress. Not only will physical elements be recorded, mental processes will be recorded as well. A sport psychologist will evaluate each of the clients pre, mid, and post program. In the middle of the program there will be a program evaluation as well, to determine any changes that may be required to ensure a quality program.

To educate a group of 30 people between the ages of 30-50 on the basic elements associated with diet and exercise. Upon successful completion of the program clients will be eligible for a discount or free gym membership.


____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

The start of the New Year presents great opportunity for most people. New Years resolutions about weight and fitness are always present. This is the time of the year where everyone sets goals to lose weight and look like the models on the front of mens and womens health magazines. There is no greater feeling than to go to the gym and feel accomplished and young once more. However with all this excitement about being fit again, comes failure upon failure. The Center for Disease control also published a survey and found that almost 80% of the people who set a New Years resolution end up quitting and stop going to the gym by spring (1). Among the questions in the CDC survey, participants were asked why they stopped attending the gym, lack of time, motivation, and knowledge were all frequent responses to the survey (1).

There is a lot of information about exercise, health and fitness that is readily available to the public. This amount of information is great for people who are looking to get into improving their quality of life. However so much information can be hard to interpret if a person has little to no exercise experience. Learning how to interpret this information has been lost in translation due to lack of funds and teachers. In order to address the problem it is necessary to examine the cause to see what has driven us to be so unhealthy. As discussed before, time, motivation, knowledge, and money are all factors in what cause people to make unhealthy life choices. Lets address time, the most common excuse people use to not exercise. Although most people have very busy days, it only takes around 20 minutes of moderate exercise per day to reduce your risk of many health related disease. Lack of funds is also a problem; a single person can spend over $1000 per year on a gym membership that they most likely wont use (5). There are many things people can do on their own without the aid of the gym, however as reported in the CDC survey one of the top reasons people stop exercising is lack of knowledge.

The average gym membership costs around $65 per month, or $780 per year.


____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise There are many current efforts that are attempting to encourage people to exercise. An advertisement on television for exercise DVDs is trying to get you to exercise, but the company is also just trying to fill their pockets. Organizations like the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and the gym down the street are all interested in a healthier America. Research also aims to help find new ways to exercise and what steps to take to improve overall health. Project Discount is a program aimed to teach a new style of physical education to 30-50 year old men and women. By presenting these individuals with new information and step by step exercise programs, Project Discount will give them the tools to live a better, healthier, quality of life. This initiative will not only get the clients involved, but many of the clients will have children, and the program will have a trickledown effect. The children of the clients will learn a healthier lifestyle and what exercise has done for their parents, and get involved. While virtually impossible to eliminate obese and sedentary people, if we can reduce these amounts by any measure this program will had been a success.

Need Statement:
In todays world we are no longer facing the epidemic of polio, malaria, or even the common cold. Today we are facing a much more grappling problem. Chances are you know of someone that is obese, overweight, or sedentary. Sedentary is a life style defined by little to no activity or exercise (3). Obesity is a condition where your excess weight, usually fat, is causing adverse health effects (3). About 34% of the population is considered to be obese when measured with BMI, body mass index (2). BMI is a calculated number ratio of a persons height and weight that gives a range of fitness, and risk for disease. Most disease can be linked to being overweight and unfit. Nearly 300,000 deaths were related to obesity in 2011 (2). Being a health and exercise leader you and I share common interests. As a leader you have already seen the effects of obesity first hand. We know what things can result from the lack of knowledge, exercise and diet. The more I age the more it seems people around me, loved ones and friends, are being diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes, otherwise preventable diseases. We are both interested in finding new methods and techniques to reduce the waste lines of the American population. America has an ever growing problem, and an every growing waste line. The problem of obesity is huge. However we know what causes obesity and how to fix and reverse many of the side effects associated with it. Obesity is not the main problem, keeping people exercising and on the right track is the problem. Many programs exist at solving this problem. The average gym membership costs around $65 per month, or $780 per year. Most people cannot afford this bill on top of their mortgage payments, student loans, and car insurance. Its just one more thing people cannot afford.


____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise As a community member of Lewisburg Pennsylvania, I know that many of our community members simply cannot afford this gym fee. The average yearly income for Northumberland County is $29,342, not very high (8). Our community is mostly all middle class to low income families. On a global scale the gym memberships can range from free to almost $200 per month depending on your location. Money is not the only issue, as said before; motivational factors are huge as well. My program will be similar to other programs in the physical aspect of things. However having a trained sport psychologist on staff will have great effect on our success. The exercise psychologist will be able to identify mental barriers that a strictly physical program would not be able to accomplish. Many consequences are to come, if we continue to live larger, and exercise less. It is predicted that by 2030, 86% of all Americans will be obese or overweight including children (2). This includes the adults and children in our community. If these predictions are correct $860 billion to $956 billion dollars will be spent annually to treat obesity-related illness (2). The United States spent only $86 billion in 2006. $344 billion dollars are projected to be spent in 2018 on obesity-related health care costs, 21% of the total health care spending for the year (2). Along with health care spending more and more people will die because of obesity. Right now 300,000 people die annually because of obesity related illness. This number is projected to rise. We as a nation are trying to address the problem by creating organizations like which is an online diet tracking website that gives basic information on nutrition. Also, just the local gym is an attempt to help reduce the problem. Many programs fail to include a psychological stand point on health and fitness. For this reason many people drop out of existing programs and still fail to meet daily exercise requirements. My program will address basic aspects of exercise, nutrition, and psychology. People have a general sense of exercise and diet but still fail to perform them. My program will go into more detail, by creating a custom plan, about what is right for certain individuals when exercising and dieting. My program will narrow its focus to a group of 30 people, from ages 30 to 50. My program will not only address the fundamentals of exercise, diet, and how to use them in the field, but also psychological aspects as well, a key element other program forget about. In summary, the main goal of Project Discount is to design and facilitate a gym program that will improve overall health in a group of 30 people. It will combine the most successful characteristics of other programs in order to make the most beneficial program possible. This program is designed to teach participants about basic exercise, nutrition, exercise techniques, nutrition guidelines, and psychological skills. Plus, this program focuses strictly on being able to teach clients lifelong techniques that they will be able to use outside the setting of a gym to improve their health. Project Discount will provide clients with the tools for a healthy way at approaching their health, with incentives in a reduced gym membership.


____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

Program Narrative:
Being Obese and or sedentary are problems that we are all too well aware of. Many consequences are to arise if we keep procrastinating solutions for this issue. The cost of this is so large it is projected that by 2018 America will spend $344 billion dollars on obesity/sedentary related health care (2). Money aside, there are elements of this problem we cannot simply replace or afford to lose. Money cannot put a price on a human life, nor an individuals quality of life. We would be losing a lot more than just money if we continue to avoid this problem. We as a people just seem to keep putting off steps that will allow us to become healthier. Project Discount is a three month program designed to provide basic tools and information on exercise and nutrition to a group of 30 clients from age 30 to 50. This program is designed to teach participants about exercise and nutrition, exercise techniques, nutrition guidelines, and psychological skills. Crucial phases and steps will need to be fulfilled in order to ensure the quality of the program, steps such as recruitment, awareness, the actual exercises, psychological skills training (PST) and program evaluation. Programs like Project Discount need to be implemented at gyms immediately to start combatting obesity and sedentary people. Being healthy is such an important aspect of life people seem to overlook. Not paying attention to your health can predispose you to medical conditions like diabetes, and heart disease. The sooner we try to develop more successful programs to reduce obese and sedentary people the fewer health related problems we will have in the future. Doing something now is more ideal then waiting until the last minute when solutions will not be as effective.


____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

Phase I: Develop Program Curriculum

November-December 2014

A group of 5 individuals (Program Manager, College Interns in the field, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Certified Sports Psychologist) will meet and design a program that includes physical elements as well as psychological elements. Also, established will be meeting times of the clients, and locations of participation. These individuals will meet two months prior to the start of the three month program meeting twice per week. Goal: To produce curriculum to the Project Discount program that will include physical and psychological aspects.

Phase II: Recruitment

November-December 2014

To obtain a sample of 30 clients between the ages of 30 and 50, flyers and brochures will be produced to provide people awareness of the new up and coming. These flyers and brochures will be posted not only in the Golds Gym in Lewisburg, but also at other local gyms, and area high schools where parents and individuals in the age bracket are most likely to see them. Goal: To recruit 30 individuals between the ages of 30 and 50 through use of flyers and brochures.

Phase III: Information Session

January 2015

After obtaining the selected 30 individuals and information session will be held to discuss the curriculum of the program. This information session will have all of the proper staff attending (Program Manager, College Interns in the field, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Certified Sports Psychologist) to answer any possible questions. Goal: To introduce the curriculum of the program to the selected group of 30 clients.


____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

Phase IV: Implementing the Program/Curriculum

February-April 2015

Phase IV of project discount will begin in the month of February lasting until the end of April. This phase of the program is when we will implement the curriculum. We will evaluate the individuals pre, mid, and post program to determine progress. Step 1: Pre-Program Fitness and Psychological Evaluation February 2015

Each of the 30 individuals will undergo tests to evaluate their fitness levels as well as their psychological processes. To measure the fitness levels of the individuals tests like the Rockport fitness walk test will be used. Rockport fitness test is used as a baseline fitness test to evaluate a participant cardiovascular health (3). To complete the test a participant must complete a one mile timed walk as fast as possible, recording heart rate each lap. Flexibility and strength will also be tested using similar tests. Below is a graph that demonstrates the relationship between heart rate (H.R.) and mile time. All physical tests will be conducted by a fitness professional.

H.R vs Exercise Time

190 185 180 175 170 165 160 155 150 1:40 3:50 6:00 8:20 10:36 12:50 15:00

H.R vs Exercise Time

- 10 -

____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise To measure an individuals psychological processes personal questionnaires as well as a peer review by interviewing friends and family will be used. Questionnaires will include anxiety, depression, and competitive/cooperative tests, to see where and individual will strive and have the best chance for success. Only a certified Sports Psychologist can administer these tests. Goal: To achieve a physical and mental baseline for each of the 30 participants. Step 2: Basic Knowledge of Exercise and Nutrition February-April 2015

The next step would to acquaint the clients with some basic exercises and techniques. The clients would be performing this not just observing. The clients will be required to attend 1 class per week where they will gain insight into these exercises and exercise techniques. The classes will last for around 60 minutes per session. Along with exercise comes diet, participants will also be instructed on basic concepts of nutrition. Exercise material will include strength training, flexibility training, and cardiovascular training. This training will be program long.

Goal: To introduce participants to basic knowledge of strength training, flexibility training, and cardiovascular training.

Step 3: Psychological Skills Training (PST)

February 2015

The PST or psychological skills training program is an individual program designed to focus on psychological needs of an individual. PST addresses mental barriers like anxiety, depression, and arousal. It uses techniques such as goal setting and imagery to overcome them.

- 11 -

____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise During this step of the implementation, participants will meet with the Sports Psychologist to develop their own PST. The PST will consist of materials learned through the pre-program evaluation and target the trouble areas of that person, whether it is anxiety, depression, or over arousal. Goal: Design Psychological Skills Training Program that will identify mental barriers of the participants, and regulate a plan for them to overcome them. Step 4&5: Mid/Post Program Fitness and Psychological Evaluation March-April 2015

These steps will be similar as the protocol called for in step 1. Psychological evaluation will remain the same by questionnaires, peer review, anxiety, and depression tests. However, the fitness evaluation will be having some minor changes. The fitness evaluation will now include technique, participants will be asked to perform certain exercises with accurate form.

Goal: To have participant perform exercises with proper technique, as well as a fitness and psychological evaluation to determine progress.

Phase V: Program Evaluation

May 2015

During this time the whole program will be evaluated to check its effectiveness. One week after the program has been complete each of the 30 participants information will be compiled and reviewed. This information will include the participants pre, mid, and post fitness and psychological evaluations. Along with this compilation of material, interviews will be conducted asking the participants a series of questions about their future life choices in terms of health and fitness. Upon completion of the program participants will be rewarded with a discounted gym membership of 25%.

- 12 -

____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise If Project Discount reaches home with one individual, and they decide from then on out that their life will be one of health and quality, I would consider this program a success. Numbers also tell a story, Im certain that if participants are to stay with the program they would begin to lose weight and become more fit. However only during the program will this happen for selected individuals. Some clients will stick with the program, but after the program comes to and end some of them will slump back into their old habits of not exercising. Project discount can be a sustainable program under certain circumstances. If the costs lie only with the gym in paying the right personal to train the clients then the program could run into budget problems. As I said before, being able to cut costs using interns from a local college or university would help Project Discount save money. If the program becomes big enough, the fitness staff already hired at Golds Gym could participate and involve the program in their day to day duties and reduce the costs as well. In the beginning the biggest cost is acquiring the correct people to run and effective program.

With Project Discount in place the community members of Lewisburg Pennsylvania can ensure that they now have the tools to live a more productive healthier life style. Not only will the group of 30 clients be affected, their peers will be as well. This program will enable these adults to use proper form and technique when exercising. Project discount is similar to other programs, but the psychological aspect of this program will allow for much great success among the clients. This psychological element is a huge advantage and great tool for the participants to apply to everyday life.

- 13 -

____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise After reviewing this proposal it is my hope that you find this initiative to be as worthwhile as I do. By accepting this program we can reduce the obesity and get people moving in a more productive way that the people who participate in the program can carry with them throughout their lives. Lets make a stand against obesity, lets get people active and eager about their lives.

- 14 -

____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

(1) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 16 (2) (3) (4) (5)
(6) (7) (8) Oct. 2012. Web. 4 Mar. 2013. "ACTIVE Life." The Crisis. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Mar. 2013. Howley, Edward T., and Dixie L. Thompson. Fitness Professional's Handbook. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2012. Print. "Harvard School of Public Health The Obesity Prevention Source Economic Costs." The Obesity Prevention Source. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Mar. 2013. Ungar, Rick. "Obesity Now Costs Americans More In HealthCare Spending Than Smoking." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 30 Apr. 2012. Web. 08 Mar. 2013. "2013 New Year's Resolution:Get in Better shape!" Harvard Health Blog RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Mar. 2013. Weinberg, Robert S., and Daniel Gould. Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology. Leeds: Human Kinetics, 2011. Print. "Northumberland County, Pennsylvania (PA)." Northumberland County, Pennsylvania Detailed Profile. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Mar. 2013.

- 15 -

____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

Budget Spreadsheet:
Budget Plan Labor: ~30 Hours/Person

Program Manager Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified Sport Psychologist Interns

$30 x 30 $30 x 30 $80 x 30 $0 x 30 _________________




Miscellaneous supplies for flyer and brochures Estimated Gas (Personal Only/Person) Estimated Food (Personal Only/Person)

$100 $75 x 5 $75 x 5 _________________



Location: $0 (If held at Golds Gym) _________________ Total: $0

Program Total: $5050

- 16 -

____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

Phase I: Develop Program Curriculum 2 months of preparation creating the program November-December 2014 November-December 2014

Phase II: Recruitment -

During these 2 months the program will recruit lower income families into the program January 2015

Phase III: Information Session -

In the first week of January the group of 30 participants will meet where they will be presented with the curriculum February-April 2015

Phase IV: Implementing the Program/Curriculum Phase V: Program Evaluation -

From the beginning of February to the end of April the program will be in full swing, individuals will be coached on mental, physical, and nutritional aspects of their health. May 2015

1 month after the program has ended, the information will be compiled and reviewed to determine the effectiveness of the program

- 17 -

____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

Personal Profile:
My name is Terry Alan Wilver Jr. and I am 21 years of age. I am currently enrolled at the Pennsylvania State University where I am majoring in kinesiology with focus on fitness. I am a junior and will be graduating in the spring of 2014. Being a kinesiology major I am very interested in all things health, fitness, anatomy, and physiology. Obese and sedentary people are right up my area of focus. Having knowledge of this epidemic and being able to understand from a different view point I see it for what it really is. I was born and raised in a small ranch style house outside of Lewisburg in Milton. I know what it is like to live in the area, and know the people and kind of people that reside here. My goal as a kinesiology undergraduate student is to find more effective ways for obese and sedentary people to become active and thus healthier. Other goals include graduating with a 3.0 GPA or higher, and obtaining a career in health and fitness related fields. I have accomplished many things thus fair. Being accepted into the best kinesiology program in the country is one of my top accomplishments, followed by graduating from high school, I also maintain a 3.0 GPA. I have sport accomplishments as well. In the 10Th grade I achieved local ranking for weight lifting, the 800lb club, followed by the 1000lb club and the 1200lb club until my senior year.

- 18 -

____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise

Terry Wilver
School Address 2405 Plaza Dr. #405 State College, Pa 16801 (570)412-9670 Home Address 1015 Green St. Milton, Pa 17847

To obtain a career in an fitness related field.

Milton Area Senior High School Milton, PA The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pa Overall GPA: 3.06 Major: Kinesiology-Fitness Studies 2006-2010 Current-2014

Pro-Tech Home and Business Milton, PA Subway Restaurants State College, PA 2006-Present 2012-Present

Sports: Track & Field - Shot-put, Discuss Powerlifting - 800 lb. club as Sophomore Male Cheerleading Activities: Flag Football Powerlifting Music (Guitar/Drums) Fishing, Hunting, Outdoors 4-wheeling, Dirt Biking
- 19 -

2008-2010 2006-Current 2009-2010

____________________________ Project Discount ____________________________ A Cheaper Way to Exercise Leadership: Track & Field Coordinated group warm ups, practices, and meets. Link Leader A program designed to help incoming high school freshman be more comfortable with the transition. Mentored my assigned group of freshman for 2 years 2008-2010 Coordinated seminar groups and freshman orientation Volunteer Work: Haunted trails Halloween event with ROTC, Red Cross, and Salvation Army Oct. 2006 Coordinated events for church bible school Summers 2004-2007

Computer: Proficient in all Microsoft related programs Solidworks Adobe Flash Animation professional Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects Sony Vegas Basic Programing Building: Engineered cardboard robots to complete tasks and obstacles Crafted my own circuit board that powered a censor driven robot Automotive assembly and rebuilding CSIU governors program Language: 2 years of high school Spanish



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