Derm mnemotics

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Cross reactants for patients with latex allergy

"BACK-uP" ∗ Banana ∗ Avocado ∗ Chestnut ∗ Kiwi ∗ Passion fruit RAP MOPED R: Rothmund-Thompson A: Acrogeria P: Penicillamine M: Marfan's O: Osteogenesis imperfecta P: Pseudoxanthoma elasticum E: Ehlers-Danlos D: Downs NODOSUM NO: no cause in 60% of cases D: drugs (iodides, bromides, sulfonamides) O: OCP S: Sarcoidosis or Lofgren's U: UC, Crohn's Behcet's M: microbiology, maternity, and malignancy - Strept, TB, Yersinia, mycoplasma - Coccidio, Histo, and blastomycosis - Dermatophytes - Viral


Mnemonic for common causes of collection of neutrophils in the stratum corneum - PTICSS

P: psoriasis T: Tinea I: Impetigo C: Candida S: Seb derm S: Syphilis C: Candida A: acropustulosis of infancy T: transient neonatal pustular melanosis P: pustular psoriasis I: impetigo S: SneddonWilkerson (& IgA pemphigus) S: SSSS


Mnemonic for causes of Elastosis perforans serpiginosis


Mnemonic for common causes of collection of subcorneal neutrophils - CAT PISS


Mnemonic for causes of erythema nodosum


Mnemonic for common causes of exfoliative erythroderma

ID SCALP I: idiopathic D: drugs S: seb derm, Sezary C: contact derm A: atopic derm L: leukemia/lymphoma P: psoriasis, PRP


Mnemonic for common causes of spongiotic dermatitis - STAND 2 PIS


Mnemonic for causes of LCV: VASCULITIS

V: viral (HBV and HCV) A: autoimmune (SLE, Sjögren's, RA) S: strept, staph, HenochSchönlein purpura C: cryoglobulins, cryofibrinogens, ChurgStauss/Wegener's granulomatosis U: ulcerative colitis, urticarial vasculitis L: lymphoproliferative dz (e.g., hairy cell leukemia) I: infectious - endocarditis, meningococcemia, gonococcemia, RMSF T: thiazide, phenothiazines, other drugs I: immune complex reaction, iodides, idiopathic S: sulfa drug, PCN, other abx

S: Stasis derm T: Tinea A: ACD N: Nummular derm D: Dyshydrosis 2 P: PR I: Id reaction S: Spongiotic pigmenting purpura LIMBS L: Lithium I: Interferon M: Malarials B: Beta blockers S: Steroids


Mnemonic for drugs that can cause psoriasis to flare

compressed nerve. Mnemonic for lesions with black eschar 17. Mnemonic for X-linked dominant genoderms IF MOB CCHILD I: Incontinentia pigmenti F: focal dermal hypoplasia (Goltz) M: MIDAS syndrome O: Oral-digital-facial syndrome B: Bazex syndrome C: Chondrodysplasia punctata CHILD syndrome 11. photo) N: Neoplastic (MF. PRP. minocycline) CAGES C: Clostridium A: Anthrax.idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis T: tinea versicolor or tuberous sclerosis (ash leaf macule) C: congenital birthmark (hypomelanosis of Ito) H: Hansen's disease (leprosy) . irritant. Small blue cell proliferations on path "LEMONS" L: lymphoma E: Ewing's Sarcoma M: Merkel cell carcinoma and Melanoma O: Oat cell carcinoma of the lung N: Neuroblastoma S: Small cell endocrine tumor 15. or inflammation 13. paraPsO. seb derm 18. Mnemonic for generalized skin hyperpigmentation: SPARED S: sunlight P: pregnancy A: Addison's disease R: renal failure E: excess iron (hemochromatosis) D: drugs (amiodarone. LSC S: Syphilis. Dercum's dz (painful lipoma) O: osteoma cutis/Osler's node C: calcinosis cutis/cutaneous endometriosis S: Sweet's Syndrome Mnemonic for X-linked recessive genoderms CHAD's KINKY WIFE GOT LUCKY C: Chronic granulomatous disease H: Hunter's syndrome A: Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia D: Dyskeratosis congenita Kinky: Menke's Kinky hair syndrome W: Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome I: Ichythosis. aspergillosis G: GBS E: Ecthyma S: Spider bite 16.10. PR. 12. PLC L: LP. contact. Bowen's) 14. X-linked Fabry's disease Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Type V and IX G6PD deficiency Lesch-Nyhan "HIS GIRL PENELOPE" HIS: histoplasmosis GI: granuloma inguinale R: Rhinoscleroma L: Leishmaniasis PEN: Penicillium marnefi Tender 2° to smooth muscle which can contract. SCC. Parasitized histiocytes on path T: Tinea E: Eczema (atopic. Mnemonic for path findings for PLEVA P:Pityriasis (scale) L: Lichenoid lymphacytic infiltrate E: extravasated RBC V: vacuolar degeneration A: apoptotic keratinocytes Vitaligo 19. Mnemonic for papulosquamous disorders PLS TEN P: PsO. Mnemonic for painful cutaneous nodule: BENGAL DOCS B: blue rubber nevus E: eccrine spiradenoma/erythema nodosum N: neurilemmoma/neuroma G: glomus tumor/Granular cell tumor A: angiolipoma/angioleiomyoma/angiosarcoma/arthopod bite L: leiomyoma D: DF. Mnemonic for white patch of skin VITALIGO PATCH P: pityriasis alba or PIH A: Age related .

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