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Pronunciation Practice: Ensuring Perfect Pronunciation.

In order to ensure perfect pronunciation in both American and British English, every word in this series is accompanied by its phonetic spelling according to the International Phonetic Alphabet. In addition, a series of motion pictures will show you all you need to know about the pronunciation of each word, from where to place your tongue to how to use your vocal cords. Clear pronunciation is an essential part of learning any language and the BBC system of learning makes learning pronunciation both easy and interesting, while freeing you from having to rely on your teacher's help. 2. Speaking Out: No Longer Just a Dream.

We all know there is only one way to improve our speaking ability and that is to speak! But how can we overcome a lack of opportunities to converse with English speakers or the embarrassment of not being able to say things correctly when we need to? The New BBC Interactive CD-ROM Windows English Course is how! The no-screen role-plays will have you speaking English in real-life situations immediately. With the opportunity to switch roles with your on-screen partner, we guarantee you will soon learn to converse naturally in English.

You will never get tired of watching and listening to the Daily Conversations. or voice-sensitive interactive system allows for an instant comparison between your speech patterns and those of the on-screen sentences previously recorded on the CD-ROM. 5. 4. Vocabulary Words: Interesting and Easy to Learn. You can also read the on-screen conversation in English. however. This. is not the only attractive feature of this package. and displays the results on the screen by using a sound wave display line. Daily Conversations also allows for self-evaluation. which makes conversations easy to follow and pleasant to listen to. rhythm and stress with that of a native speaker's.3. By erasing hints on the screen. This will bring your accent close to that of a native speaker's. Each conversation is recorded in high fidelity stereo sound. Using the latest technology. . In addition a special dictionary has been installed which compares British and American usage of different words and phrases as well as formal and informal usage. you can quickly gauge how much you have learned.Getting Your Intonation Correct. All you need do is simply compare your line with that of the computer and change your intonation accordingly. Now you can both see and hear the difference between yourself and a native speaker.Daily Conversation: Watching and Listening. The system compares your intonation.

6. The New BBC Interactive CD-ROM Windows English Course follows two approaches in the teaching of grammar. 8. Cartoons.The New BBC Interactive CD-ROM Windows English Course makes learning vocabulary both interesting and enjoyable. Grammar: Concise Explanations With Easy to Follow Illustrations. Assessment: You Choose Both the Level and Area. Reading and Writing: A Wide Variety of Activities. 7. The first approach is to continually expose of students to context based learning of grammatical structures. definition and pronunciation are available at the push of a button. games and songs help you to stay motivated and keep your concentration while you learn. This approach involves practice with grammatical structures. Grammar is simplified in this way through a systematic categorization of grammatical structures. While the regular reappearance of key vocabulary words will allow you to unconsciously increase your vocabulary. Each word's phonetic spelling. The story contained in the New BBC Interactive CD-ROM Windows English Course is more reminiscent of a TV soap opera than an English Language Course and you'll kick yourself if you miss even one unit. . At the end of each unit you will have an opportunity to write down what you can recall from the unit and the computer will correct your mistakes immediately. This includes a variety of substitution exercises. The system is designed to make it easier for you to become familiar with any new words you don’t understand. which allow you to see similarities and differences between grammatical concepts.

. where the only competition is yourself! 9. With the New BBC Interactive CD-ROM Windows English Course that frustration is gone forever. allowing you to quickly assess your personal performance. Classroom: In the Classroom. You will find it an infinitely patient and friendly teacher. 10. The end of each activity offers you self evaluation tests. which we guarantee will help achieve your goal of improving you English quickly. close tests. where they can develop all their speaking. The greatest frustration in learning another language comes when people simply do not understand you during face-to-face conversations.Accurate self-evaluation is the key to improving your English quickly and efficiently. it can certainly act as the ultimate teacher's aid. reading and writing skills in a fun-filled self-correcting environment. such as matching the words with the pictures. listening. filling in the missing letters and pairing up. While the New BBC Interactive CD-ROM Windows English Course cannot memorize vocabulary words for students. This will help the teacher to create a fun and interesting learning environment for students. Learning at home can be fun and challenging. No More Frustration: Overcoming Frustration. The tests are graded from easy questions to more challenging test score immediately. And although it will never replace the intelligence and patience of a teacher. it can definitely give them all the practice they need.

There are also introductions to format and informal letters. speaking. slang and numerous words in everyday use. speaking. shopping. and negotiate contacts. reading and writing English: You’ll learn the proper words and tones used in various situations. The natural plot follows a tour party abroad and you’ll learn easy conversations without even noticing. greetings and asking questions. You can not only speak fluently but also use difficult language. . You can also read the words aloud in these four theme-lessons.BBC INTERACTIVE CD-ROM WINDOWS The BBC New English Course includes 96 units. Learn these lessons well and you can start conducting commercial conversations fluently. animated dialogues. as well as stories. BEGINNERS (Disc 1-4) Introducing basic conversations for beginners: Self-introductions. plays and poems. speed and tone of language and also tell the differences between British and American English. deal with commercial negotiators. which is an excellent way to master practical English. ELEMENTARY (Disc 5-8) Practicing and applying daily English: Telephoning. ADVANCED PROFICIENCY (Disc 21-24) The last lessons for perfecting British an American language and communication: You will achieve competence in listening. You can learn words of congratulations. ready for the challenges of the new millennium. You can converse with English speakers from any country. words and sounds. culture and social background: The ways of learning vary and the process is like seeing a lively movie. you won’t want to stop listening and learning. You can sense the emotion. You are learning ways of expressing your opinions here. UPPER INTERMEDIATE (Disc 17-20) Exploring deeper meanings in the English Language. reach agreements. reading and writing. checking-in and out of hotels making suggestions. 24 CD-ROM and is divided into 6-LEVELS. etc. You will have a global view and you can truly feel that you’re part of the international community. LOWER INTERMEDIATE (Disc 9-12) Mastering basic competence in listening. Your vocabulary will increase and you can understand British and American daily lives. INTERMEDIATE (Disc 13-16) Improving listening and speaking skills: The content is more colloquial and is very enjoyable. The abundant learning materials contain glorious pictures.