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Email: Twitter: @nams

OBJECTIVE: To work in user experience research, community management, business- or product-development capacity for
a high-tech/internet venture

University of California, Berkeley, graduating May 2009
 B.A in Linguistics and B.A. in International Political Economy
 Certificate in Management of Engineering and Innovation

TheFind - Research (Mountain View, CA, March 2009 – present)
 Building a noun ontology for organizing and browsing products in a more usable manner on TheFind
Freelance Internet Marketing Strategy (fall 2008 – present)
 Formulate internet marketing strategy using social media and other current tools for clients such as High Trek
Adventure and Suitcase Clinic
FotoFlexer - Marketing & Product Development (Berkeley, CA, spring 2008)
 Designed and implemented viral marketing campaigns for and its social media applications
 Created and managed all outbound community and user communications (messages, newsletters, blog, etc)
 Designed advertisements for use on
 Created PR materials for outreach into the startup community
 Assisted with internal product development
 Designed and developed products for partnership with Atlantic Records
 Improved usability through user interface design optimization
 Research (‘reverse diligence’) on potential partners such as other companies and venture capitalists
International Computer Science Institute - Research (Berkeley, CA, fall 2007)
 Collected speech data for use in developing artificial intelligence and speech recognition technologies
Kaboodle, Inc. - Marketing (Santa Clara, CA, summer 2007)
 Designed viral marketing strategy using social media and directory listings to broaden virtual presence
 Optimized search engine rankings to increase user acquisition
 Provided feedback on user interface design to increase usability for next-generation applications
Equilar, Inc. - Research Analyst (Berkeley, CA, spring 2007)
 Collected, collated and analyzed data on board compensation from SEC filings
 Created databases for companies enabling access to detailed and fully supported statistics
Mobio Networks - Intern (Cupertino, CA, May 2006 – January 2007)
 Designed and executed pre-launch usability trials for Mobio’s first mobile application
 Collected, sorted, and analyzed survey data and user feedback for continuous product enhancements
 Researched and compiled relevant web content for use in forthcoming products
San Jose State University – Research Intern (San Jose, CA, summer 2006)
 Research project in SJSU’s MBA department: critical success and failure factors of Silicon Valley high-tech startups
 Analyzed academic literature and directly interviewed executives and entrepreneurs to determine above factors
Skool Aid - Teacher (Cupertino, CA, summer 2006)
 Taught verbal subjects (reading, writing, vocabulary, etc.) to elementary and middle school students
 Tutored high school students for the SATs
St@b (Startup at Berkeley) (Berkeley, CA, August 2007 – Present)
 Writing about Berkeley startups and entrepreneurial events for the blog at
 Organizing meetups and speaker events for the Berkeley entrepreneurial community to mingle and exchange ideas
 Planned, publicized, and found judges and sponsors for an overnight hackathon in conjunction with several other
technical and entrepreneurial student groups on campus
Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) (Berkeley, CA, 2009)
 Student judge for business plan competition co-sponsored by several business schools that awards over $45,000 in
prizes to aid the development of social ventures
Relay for Life - Accounting (Berkeley, CA, 2007 – 2008 academic year)
 Collected, organized, and processed over $50,000 in donations for UC Berkeley’s annual Relay for Life event
UC Berkeley Phonology Lab Research Assistant (Berkeley, CA, spring – summer 2007)
 Investigated covert contrasts in preschoolers’ phonological categories to determine speech development patterns
 Collected, collated and analyzed data from tests conducted on children using Wavesurfer and Praat
ASHA for Education (fall 2005 – spring 2007)
 Designed all publicity/marketing and other graphic materials for Images of India, ASHA’s annual fundraising event
 Preparations for the event, which was attended by 1000+ people and generated $11,000
Indian Student Association (ISA) (fall 2005 – summer 2007)
 Designed flyers and artwork and coordinated publicity for club-sponsored events throughout the year
Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) Intern (fall 2005 – spring 2006)
 Conducted preliminary research on high-impact projects such as major campus renovation
Berkeley School Volunteers (BSV) Tutor (fall 2005)
 Tutored disadvantaged students in Spanish classes at Berkeley High School

 Expertise in social media marketing strategy
 Familiarity with Spanish, Hindi and Latin
 Highly proficient in Microsoft Office programs and Adobe Creative Suite 3
 Some XHTML and Javascript
 R, WaveSurfer and Praat