/sad That movie seems interesting.(~fl7lXJf$Ul~6f?F&) grow guess keep + adj grow older/ bigger/ smaller + adj (2 ‘8i) guess right/ wrong + adj keepcalm/quiet/cool/well/left/rightand keep straight on ("dd6bJ ‘J) look play prove remain + adj/V-3 Helooked serious/tired/sad. + n We remain close friends.U4lo~rltUljdlv. (PllUS~lPUDVllU) draw + adj (close B near) : The big day drew close. (drew near) (a’wM$M64laJl~fl~) fall + adj:fallasleep/ill/silent/flat Hishorsefelllame. (ZfIlUXl~~~J) seem + adj He seems angry.die + adj: Hediedyoung. Therentfelldue.l~~~~. Hedieheart-broken. (~.(~lM~6S16&Xl66fi9) Thegarden runswild. run +adj(~Q?M’X&lb) -Thetideisrunningstrong. +adj(2 61) playfair/playsafe(nT=~lB~19V~IJ’ZUPJaDc.l~~~~~o~) + adj : Our wood supply proved insufficient.rme”slo~6~l~lj~~*~~l6~~) Hisbestjokesallfellflat. Your work falls short of my expectation. (Pll&66~~Jjw$J) (9llU6~5l5l~lI&l%l) +n:Hediedabeggar. (u’l‘lJS~6’Ul?Jl6dU) (&l66I7IMN~J) (n”J~llwUPldlfJ~l6~1) (6ja. 148 LI397 .(nXZ66dl!l6&~) Thesearunsdry. + adjN-3 He remained silent. Thepostfellvacant. .~~~~) feel 90 + adjN-3 : I feel disappointed/depressed/annoyed/bored +adj:gobadlgodead(Lt&N~~6t%J) goflat(UlSblIJM) go rotten (6illdfJ) go blind ((snUOA) go mad/gopale(H&&l) Somethingwentwrong.

+ n He seems a nice man I smell sound taste + adj : smell good/bad/sweet + adj : sound good/bad/interesting / frightenrng + adJ : taste sweet/sour t adj : She turned red. . The weatherturned blue.

We call him Jack. R”l”~ul~od%la”s-~~u66~~~ acclaim him king account him hero beat something flat break the door open consider him wise consider him a weak leader crown him king drive him mad elect him president find the bed comfortable got breakfast ready hold him tight keep the children quiet leave him weak -His illness left Don’t let your dog loose. Active : We chose him leader. *XZIX6&liLU66IJIJ4 7 ~wln~os”lra~:l~“aPd%Aa~ld n”lUloJ object &OJl6dU U&T:81W” LVil& $%X%OeilS passivevoice fYtilI$i F@TplIpfG Active : I painted the house blue. She named him Tom. Passive : The house was painted blue. He made her his wife.&Y4 rJ”64n&6%6”%~~ Pd”U&6il69Jl6dU%~~M d41o9~~tiuQu66upd %dql make him happy make him general manager make her his wife paint the door red proclaim him (to be) a traitor 150 LI 397 . 7 . Passive : He was chosen leader. She chose him chairman.

promote him (to be) a sergeant prove his idea wrong push the door open recommend him as a good secretary regard this as unfair regard him as a hero regard hirn as a crime rub the surface dry set the prisoner free send me crazy serve him right take him for a fool treat him as a child think him quite a clever boy turn his hair grey use his name as a reference wash the vegetable clean wish oneself dead LI397 151 .

heard. + Vb Noun/Pronoun D. demanded stolen. stranded at the airport finished by Saturday. removed.Subj. painted? changed? first Have you ever heard Have you ever seen You must make He couldn’t make You should make We found They want I’ll see She’s had I’ve had recently The pilot had I have Why don’t we get Can we have/get A n%xla¶4”imranruP 9 yourself himself your view ourselves the work YOU her handbag my apendix his plane no money the house the programme Verb + Preposition + Object . left. hijacked. know.O. a POP song the mountains Past particw W-3) Pb= sung in Japanese? covered with snow? respected.

We insist on punctuality in this office. Y accord with add up aim at (frN?Je. (66X6itlU) I called at his house. I can rely on him Look at the Iblackboard. certify to climb down change into climb up communicate with come across .~~31UlJ51C1. It depends on the weather. Punctuality 81s insisted on in this office.He called on me.vij (%“h@‘ll~j 11~a~riir11~14ti!~n~%~~~Mjj~9% abstain from agree upon/on apologize apply for beg for belong to blush at a mistake blush with shame bother break with into for agree to a proposal appeal for mercy apply to belleve in him beware of dogs (a1G%1rln r&l) (W~lLIF19~aplnal~Jula~opi. he called on me.) approve of (a~aaiu‘luti al. He succeeded in solving the problem.l) -He stopped bothering with his call on call at homework.

aC68lJ) (M’l”l-rwna~s~~~n~~~~~) forget about hear of interfere with get through hear about join in leave for consist of (“lU6&67Jl) lead to something (Vt~AtilL%6) make up for preach to refer to search for shout at (@I &lU%d) succeed in pay for protest against rely on/upon seek after shout for joy succeed to a postion (Sl’P14iaGl766PfUHi~) 154 .compete for a prize comply with the rules depend on die from a wound die of an illness. a disease experiment fill in glance at ($16&N) insist on laugh at leave off doing something listen to plung into reach for scream for send for(&flU~&JllU) stare at on/with something compete in a race (til@llaJctHMJ) die for him (ma6wnAJuln66wa) (mvn’-&lfiUI.


156 LI397 .

alarm bore disappoint exhaust wntate satisfy terrify worry amaze confuse embarrass fnghtell please shock tire astonish delight excite interest reassure surprise upset LI397 .

4. She found this exercise too exhausting. (Exhaust) 4. ilsela”rrPrn%“md~~~~~~*~~~~ nd V-ing Ifs”0 V-ed ols”06UfGUl~tb?tkPi 1. behaviour. me. 3. to see him back. She saw a frightened dog. llllzlilflti@l 2. You surprised me. questions. He looked interested. IO. That girl (irritate) time she comes near me. I find her very (irritate) I get (irritate) every 158 LI 397 . 6. You ask (confuse) exercises fact that he believes flatterers. The audience looked at the puzzled child. I find hrm such a (bore) man that I nearly feel asleep talking to him. (tire) her easily. 9. The comedian’s question puzzled the child. 5. He looks interesting. 2. We were (amaze) 6. Please stop your (disgust) 9. He had an amused look on his face. The news was very (upset) 3. for the poor girl. I don’t lake her. 8.1. The long walk tired us out. 2. She has (annoy) 8. The child finds the electric train very (fascinate) 10. manners. It was a terrifying experience for the child. It is an (astonish) 5. 7. 7.

LI 397 .

1. No one has lunch with Mary. 4. Sometimes he cut his face. On Saturdays Betty often goes for a walk 7. 9. 8. 6. 2. 5. He should better take care. 10. Jim studies alone. 3. She always enjoys the walk. no one helps him. 160 LI 397 . After swimming they put on their clothes. We are learning the reflexives without assistance. He cleans the room. No one helps us.

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