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Ronnel Aranda Mas

Submitted to the Scientific and Technical Writing Instructor

This Research Report entitled Level of Awareness and Consequential Effects prepared and submitted by Ronnel Aranda Mas for the completion of the requirements of the course subject, Scientific and Technical Writing, has examined and approved.

Scientific and Technical Skills Instructor

I would like to express my gratitude to my family for their untiring support in my education. I would also like to thank my friends and classmates for their help and shared knowledge in doing this research report and also to my active and honest respondents who participated in filling up my research instrument for the

accomplishment of this research. I also thank our instructor, Mrs.Yda Liongson Arce for imparting her knowledge regarding this research report to have a wellorganized output. Most of all I would like to thank God for His guidance in accomplishing this task.


In this world we are living for everything changes from the primitive ways of life unto the technological world of exploration. Since technology is fastly evolving, every human strives to adapt in this techy generation and one is the computer as it is being connected with the internet today humans are able to explore every latitude and hemisphere of the Earth, from East to West. By fitting in and exploring these techies we do not know that we are abruptly abusing them. Everything in this world has its own advantage since it is accompanied with happiness but inturn it is being collated with its disadvantages leading abusive acts. Directly to the point one of its disadvantages is the ever scattered pornographic materials wherein humans are being engage to these acts and these influence the adolescents of their very young age.


1.What are the effects of pornography to the highschool students specifically those who are sophomore studying at Sta.Cruz Academy and Don Marcelo Highschool living in Poblacion North and South? 2. What are the behaviors/reaction of the students when watching these pornographic materials.


1. This will help the students to know the dos and donts when surfing the internet and the effects of pornography to the students. 2. This will serves as a guide to the parents on how to monitor their children when using computers. 3. This will serves as the basis of teachers as well as the government on what are the fundamental steps to eradicate the spread of pornography.


1.This research can be used for precautionary purposes especially to the students who have computer at home or frequently goes to the internet caf. 2.This can be used as a basis of instructions in the the prevention of Cyber-abuse.


This study centers on the Sophomore Students of Sta.Cruz Academy and Don Marcelo High School who are residents of Barangay Poblacion North and South.


COMPUTER It is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operations. COMPUTER PORNOGRAPHY sexual acts. CYBER CYBER-ABUSE internet. It refers to a common prefix term for computer This is a type of intimate abuse is terrible in computer and A kind of material found in computer which shows


It is a term in computer to commit "traditional crime" that we

see in the physical world (such as fraud or illegal gambling). INTERNET INTERNET CAF It is a global network connecting millions of computers An internet caf is a place which provides internet access to

the public, usually for a fee. PEERS This refers to person of equal standing with another: somebody

who is equal of somebody else, e.g. in age or social class PORNOGRAHY Pornography (often abbreviated as "porn" in informal usage) is

the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual gratification. PORNSITES These are sites or web address which contains sexual acts.

SEXUALLY STIMULATED This refers to sexual arousal SOPHOMORE TECHIES WEBSITES This refers to second year highschool students Short term for technology gadgets. A website is a depository of information destined for public or

private use, usually residing in a remote server.

Review of Related Literature

Cary Tennis (July 2008) said, And naturally whether you approve of porn in theory or not, its effect will be to displace you. Like crack, it tends to take over, to push out other hungers that tend to nurture the human community by making us dependent on one another. Since we are dependent on each other we must be civil and loving. If we are not dependent on each other then we needn't be civil and loving. We needn't have community and family. (Salon magazine) There is debate whether it is truly moral to be 'civil and loving' purely because it is necessary, as Cary Tennis seems to say here. Other Christians argue that to be 'civil and loving' purely because we are dependent on others is actually immoral and manipulative. These Christians argue that to be self-contained, independent and yet still warm and loving is a greater virtue. Debbie Nathan (November 2008) in her book, Pornography: A Groundwork Guide, she stated this Porn is everywhere today, everyone is looking, and the media responds with little more than gloom-and-doom talk about evils like Internet sex addiction, or rah-rah promotion of Brazilian waxing and Jenna Jamesons fame and fortune. Meanwhile, few know the real history of this explosive media, or the truth about its business practices, working conditions, politics and actual effects on people. According to Dr. Jerry Bergman (2005), Pornography distorts the natural development of personality. If the early stimulus is pornographic photographs, the

adolescent can be conditioned to become aroused through photographs. Once this pairing is rewarded a number of times, it is likely to become permanent. The result to the individual is that it becomes difficult for the person to seek out relations with appropriate persons. Although with the human population growing, it can be doubted whether this lack of desire for a human partner is a bad thing. The articles authored by Debbie Nathan and Dr. Jerry Bergman related to our study since it tackles about the actual effects of pornography in what mediums/media it would be explosive. It discusses the destructive effects of pornography, once an individual is in the habit of watching it. Difficulties could be observed. R. Langevin (2005) discusses how innovation in technology provides new opportunities for the pursuit of sexual deviance. New technology in computers may have applicability for carnal behavior. Through on-line bulletin boards dedicated to particular modes of sexual behavior, computer users with special sexual predilections can communicate with persons who share similar interests around the world. Erotic computer communication may involve mild flirtations, exchanging information about sexual services availability, and specific varieties of deviant behavior. Computers have been used for child pornography and to arrange meetings for sexual purposes. The appearance of computer erotica can be interpreted at various functional levels and holds considerable import for social behavior and may revolutionize crime and the parameters of deviant sexual behavior.

Computer plays a great part on the immediate and fast spreading of sexual themed films or images, which changes the behavior of a certain person. According to Gordon B. (2004), Pornography or sexually explicit image is more intense than a dirty or spoiled food. Our body has immune system to prevent spreading of diseases from those foods. On the other hand, some one who is used to viewing pornography records it in a retrieval system called brain. The brain doesnt filtrate and drain out that dirt entering our brain. Once it has been recorded, youre suppose to retrieve and to recall it. You will be away from significant things in the world.

Pornography has destructive effect to our personal relation. It destroys the ability of an individual to enjoy the normal pleasure and spiritual relation in opposite sex. Because of numb conscience, pornographers and porn patrons would be encourage to to emulate what they see without thinking the possible effects on his/her life or to others lives. The means of measuring the evilness is not knowing how bad it is but the effects it can bring to others. Once, they use internet and other source and sort of pornography, they become sinful.

The articles authored by Gordon B. conveys almost the same idea with what Dr. Jerry Bergman had discussed in his article. According to him, it would be difficult for an individual to seek out relations with appropriate persons because of usual viewing of sexual subject matter. Changes in behavior can be observed from a person who watches obscene items. And that is what our study is all about.


RESEARCH DESIGN The researcher used a survey in nature methodology in the conduct of the study. RESEARCH RESPONDENTS The research respondents were based from the sophomore students of Sta.Cruz Academy and Don Marcelo Highschool living in Poblacion North and South.

RESEARCH INSTRUMENT The data gathered from the respondents is presents by means questionnaire.



Do you know how to turn on the computer? Percentage out of 20 respondents




For what purpose do you use a computer? Percentage out of 20 respondents

For Fun and For research For All of entertainment purposes communication above 4 5 0 11






YES Do you know how to surf the internet? Percentage out of 20 respondents 95% 19

NO 1


Facebook What sites 14 do you usually visit? Percentage 70% out of 20 respondents

Google 11

Redtube 5

Youtube 10

Yahoo 2





YES Have you ever visited pornsites? Percentage out of 20 respondents 60% 12

NO 8


I Like it What is your 4

I am just curious 5

It is shocking 3

reaction when you visit these sites? Percentage out of 33.33% 12 respondents 41.67% 25%

who answered YES

yes Does your family now about these sites? Percentage out of 12 respondents who answered YES 0% 0

no 10

maybe 0

I dont know 2