Unit 5 Paragraph Organization


~ i ~ ~ ~ u u ~ d l d ~ i t b d ~ f i a a i n n i . r f f 3 a o r ~ ~~ ~I fM iL ~B $O uU uL nO ~U ~~d J~ ~u ~O #J
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n~iu~aluhn~dar~5uu~ilu#unodiin$ld~tni.r~~.rndu'nflnIr)iia~fln dfiu?lvi~fiaaun.rth~n~iu~~un?iu~nu~u ~?iufi~~~ho~da:~!~~if~::~~iui~ind~=:
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ddinh?liiii t diumn flicjuin m ~ u u u nw(~m.ra.r:~u'n'Iun?iu ~n a?~&ndi?l?'raua $3ifni.rdiwor.d.?u1~i~iifl~1?i~~al~63~nr~~~1d6d?0$u ~ ~ d ? u ~ H u ~ a u i n i 3 ~ ~ n i . r i i u L ~ n r n i ~ L ! u u o dL ~~ ~U ~? ~R ~U L~? IW&U~~? Ri<w6 I U ? ~~ n ' n
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I?uin.rN' n i . r 6 u u f i u ~ n ? i u ~ a i i ~ : ~ ~ o u ~ une~Rj ~ ' I ~ n.o ru ?ut~d?oI~i~fiq~~.r~g~I~Iu n i r A uu'lw'r6uuin$uijn6~u
3. ~ d ~ 3 n d w w ' e b l ~ i n ' n w z ~ ~ a n ~ ~ ~ m

n i . r ~ a u i ~ n w : ~ u n i s(Developing ~a thinking skills) u ' u b f l u $ ~ h un: ~~

~irfIusiani.r~!uu~fIuodi~uin ~iu~5uuC(orlY u16iuun:~nciojl~ih i~i u'ndnwn'nc
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auwn . r ? u t ~ m u i . m ~ 3 r ~ f i u ~ ~ ~ I 6n ai8 ~ 1n ~i 8Z Ju ah ~% n i w
4. ~ Q J ~ ~ ~ Q ~ I Q ~ ~ ' ~ ~ I ~ L ~ u w

u'nflnwio:$io~uauTUUn?iuilf3 o d i ~ ~ u ~ n ~ n u ? f i ~ i u t Idiiln~at~Buu Buuii
I 6 ~ f l u l ~ n i u l u a L ? u i u~iu~!uu~0u~id6a~~ri'uflnbju~~n::l.a'~~niuiu ~u 1u1rszu.m 7

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uaoni.rflndunis~!uu~uu'nanw a i ~ ~ n ~ ~ m i u ~ a d w u i i ~ i ~ ~ ~ u u u a ~ a ~ ~ a 3 ~ i 1 u " C U d dirslwaialnnuiumta~fiu' daoiarii~Ji$nhl& 7 d ~ i u ~ i i u u ~ u u u u n ~ n w i I ~ i n ? i u k d wq ~ i o d i ~ u i n u i u ndnuuowawni~~fisl~uoia~bu~~.riru'n~nwiuimn~iu~


rua~d U U d ~no:~~ia$un'y$n~duu'1u~:ueku~~snrviiuu ~alrionnuua:Slndw~iald~n~n.r:n~nli~uu o ~ i n 3 iiuu ~ n f i a ~ Io ~ R Y I U ' ~ F I~~arda~1i7udo:rij uuiur~uL?a~m. they life was uncertain.r:lunl$!nn'o~ - d ~ i i u ~ ~ ~ u d r $ i ~ o m . r d d n ? . r a ~ ? o ~ a u ~ r n : 6 1 ~ ~ u ~ Sentence ~ i u ~ i j ustructure. The students whom in this class studied English.siiudidtrri ~n.r:lundir 7 a ~ i ~ u 6 ~ : r $ i l d $ n ~ ~ ~ a n ~ i u ~ u i u . Tenses and voices. Word formation and meaning.a'n?iuf~~. r J ~ u ~ k& Lu ~~ u~ an ~f 'i lJ n~ ~ : R ' o ~ h ~ 3 ~ ~ u L ~ ~ r i ~ ~ i i $ ~ f i M ~ I?~I~. 4.a"oumuirn rduul$ilauldGain ~ R i i ~ u i n .rdrflu.r3rnnr~~iioija~ai~~u~iu ~r~ i ja uu u!~ ~a li ~~ ~i u d. As soon as the students finished their exam. after go to play.rdu6a~ nw i urdun'u nn~ouluni.r:l~nn~n~~nui rduuRolui'l~~6na~aun~iumui~nu0~aur~~riouii~iui~n~~u'aija~nia~$iprrialai narGa6o~luho~la wioun'y~~uorru?nl~un'd~r~un~u~siiu d~:IunddquiiLiluJiu d u 4 ~ u tu ~ d wa~~U'n~nu~~~~ani~'I. When we going their.r:u:~d~ ' dn dalrX8uu~~~nni. Her finished homework.l~?uin~ddslu~o~d~~r~uu ~ ~ u u u a ~ U ' n ~ n m d ~ i i l ~EN a u205 ~w? Iaud$1a~l5aonraw~:$an~iud~auil~3n '~~i rrn"lu~ilu~?a~ii~$~$ 1.r~dsudiiu~n~u d~ani~~r?Yknwaliauuin$u oadiiaunwia~lu ~I~~~u~~Jw~LDJ~~ $u a~ Ia ~w $nui a Ln L~$ ~? niud~nsr~a~u~s:dos~aau'au~~~d t t ~n~nuin"ord~i~~~o'Iuni~r~~u~~uuinuu 5. etc n ~ r n u n ~ u d l i w a o n ~ m u ~ n ~ a n o u8nr.~[~:~J'~R~'IJ~~'J~JL~'I'IF) t t n r k ~ d p n s i n ~ ~ a o e l d ~ i n w r~8:flnt-h ~u~~u ?"a.ji?lsua~~iu~d~u L ~ O 9 l W u Y L u~m ~ a~i~nll~~uin3du d. 2. Y d q n q rd o u ~ i ~ a u i n ~ d p ~ o a m u ~ ~ a rdo~oinl? uin.n~n?iu$yind l u 6 o c ~ u ~ e~dcnnldwuQfiaw~in k iir~~a~iirina kdandau~~uin. 5.iarrg-a i n ~ n ~ i r rlirrrinirflnnrrn"lu~iu~~uuua~ u $ulrX!nc'o~ cddad d a d d d niii~nn~~~iu'oiiaw~ia~in~iur~u~~~aiirBu?"ar"ruu$~~in. 72 L I 497 .r5 M ~ rwnzr:pwu~~~waia~~nrmui~n~~n"L~'I~i~n6a~l6 J 6a~n~iir. r : ~ i i ~ $ L d u u ~ r ~ z t " d d. u~6~~ri Kinds of sentences and clauses.r~&~dsrlun !~$ilrXwn~~u~duuoanuild+ ~Lduu$~au~r~~~unFlnui a. 3. She take care of her student.

6 ' m ~ a risadi~$aln' u ~ ~ n ~ d ~Ahniy ~aw1~~3uo~~ ae~'~~~Uu~iu~oudaamnn'a~m~3m1ud~1 d w m um iu li l~lfi<~~riu~miulnGu~ 2. 8. ~wntltzm?n s i n n v ( aadiudTm n u n ' ~ ' l r i r l i ~ ~ h r n r d .6. 7. I save from a salary. She is plan before teaching. e .u83~onii r the conclusion u t: Y ua~sio~~~ud5dsn~~d10)1~i~h6~~~~ai~~1]~1 - HaJluLHa d ~ d o n main idea o l o o r d ~ i n ~ ~ u ( i i ~ w q'luwi~innYJfil6 ib~~m wiaui~nk w d aialriii main idea a f ~ I u ~ i u ~ i / o u ~dhw?u. ~ i u ~ i i i o w q n ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i o ~ d n ~ i u . 14. The singer was very good pronounced. 12. They were satisfied all of subjects.n~~aJdnl!~~ ~~~Rd ~I~LLUL~ main idea l i ~ d ~ r ~ s c 1 ~ ~ 3 n w a ~ w . 15. (Three Essentials for Effective Writing) I. The girls will go shopping if she can withdrawing money 11. their parents aren't allowed to go. She drink juice 13. unless. 9. (one clear main idea) ~ ~ ~ Q ~ R ~ J G ~ ~ ~ I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . ~ ' ~ L ~ ~ qn q ~ i u ~ i u u a r & ~ ~ @ ~ ~ u (clear ud~n Organization) n'i~ nh2Wo win~3u ~ i u ~ ~ o u w m n2nd v l~ ~ u u d g n ~ ~ a r s i o ~ d n ~ i ~ l uarlrilduu m h < ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n ~ ~ ~ ~ d s d s n u a ~ ~ n ~ i u l n ~ 7 < ~ l ? ' d d 5 r ddfiunii lun~~5n main idea h u d 3 r h n ~ l i u q u a r ofJnauna~~ua~ Gun ~~ huuii u ~ h the body ~ ad~rlsclVri. Bill sing a song very beauty. The girls will go to the party. Not only he works more abilities to do. 10. 1 have saw it everyday.

Correct Ron-Ons Faulty Parallelism Frag.a'n~iu$.-adv Adjective &adverb .~l~Psuwu~~~n'~oinn3ru~u^?i LI 397 a ~ n 6 o ~ 5 w n i r n a a a u m i u ~ ~ $ u # l c i ~ r u ~ u i ~ ~ LI ~a 397 ~in IvlwnwnwI.r~:m~a~aa~ n~i~ LLFI~~:~YFI~::?"J ~fluG~flwlG~lri 3.R. Dangler S-V Sentence Fragment Faulty Pronoun Reference Dangling Modifier S-V agreement v u d Adj. and Capitalization & Punctuation 3.1 Subject. o~c(ll~mou~afiicl~onaiuf~iw~a~in~ (Standard duim~~ Grammar) iw ~ ~ o ~ i w ~ ~ o w d i ~ ~ u u i n " ~ ~ w m o w m 5 a ~ 1 n 7 w n a iCnin u~n6 wo:Go~mnoaou 0~~~~r~~n"l21 n ~ i u ~ n b ~ c i i u l a s i n ~ n c " l u d qci?s ~ ~ 1 c llalnn~rS#na.Tltle Maln Idea The Body Concluslon 3.hsinrrSsii~ qnwnwnw.nufi.P.5 Avoid writing Fragment Sentences d u a . clauses.4 Avoid writing run-on sentences 3.3 Tense Usage 3. No statement contains more than one error. C R-0 F. decide whether it is correct or contains an error in sentence structure. Indicate your decision by placing the appropriate symbol in the left-hand column next to the statement.Verb Agreement 3. F.2 Kinds of sentences.fw nsrln 8nrhuuu~n~asildwY Practice Exercise Read each statement carefully.

11. I had to adapt me to a new way of life. and has the interest of the people at heart. Ellen returned the wallet to the man and received a $10 reward. 1 greatly admire Senator Davis. and basketball. . Not ~ n l was 14. Soaked to the skin. so we agreed to meet at my home at six the next morning. Providing that honesty is the best policy. football. 2. 17. Liz read rapidly. 3. . 1 prefer living in a large city. We decided to get an early start on our trip to the lake. When I joined the Navy. however life in a small town can be very pleasant. Even books that were considered trash. 16. 5. 8. 18. Especially baseball. But with scant attention to what was between the lines. boating. 13. Finally I decided to accept the scholarship from Catholic University. people are not swimming in the lake. he didn't want to bet. Tom felt good after he took aspirin for his headache. Containing dangerous chemicals. 9. and to ski on the lake. Roy told David that he had a hole in the seat of his pants. The effect of atomic radiation on future generations are not yet known. My favorite pastimes are playing football. articulate. 4. 10. 20. Jane don't belong to the club. In high school I read a great deal. 22. Don excelled in most sports.C. I thought it would be exciting to live in Washington D. Chris was miserable waiting in the unsheltered doorway. I saw a photograph of my mother. 6. Hanging on the wall. While traveling through Asia. 12.1. Which we had discovered at the edge of a grove of pine trees. Although Jack took Tom to the races. we visited Japan and discovered that they are like Americans in many respects. 7. 19. for she is intelligent. and to relax. The summer gives a person a chance to get out-of door. y Dr. to take part in his favorite sport. Durbin a brilliant scholar but also an outstanding. 15. 21.

While practicing yoga exercises. 24. 1 like the way Mr. Thailand is a beautiful country. topics are nouns or noun phrases. 25. or idea. Clark taught his classes. Toplcs and Statements Topics or Titles are only the names of something such as 1. The Thai Custom 3. he had no trouble holding the attention of his students. The first sentence states the specific point. or idea of the topic. A paragraph is a group of related statements that a writer develops about a subject. 3. while statements are sentences with a subject and a predicate. The rest of the sentences in the paragraph support that point. Adjusting to a new culture Statements are comments about the topics such as 1. In addition. a paragraph may be short or long according to the simplicity or complexity of the subject. San Diego is a favorite place to live. . Single Life 1 Married Life 2. 2. Definition ( ~ I ~ I ~ A ? I u ) 1. 2. 1 had a Wonderful Trip to Krabl. Scientists usually experiments on animals before giving new medicine to humans. a mail carrier rang the doorbell. Thus.23.

theater. This senten& gives more details. and the students delightful. This sentence gives more details. This sentence gives supporting details. or student politics. This sentence gives more details. The sentence 3 presents the second supporting polnt. This sentence gives more details. The sentence 2 presents the flrst supporting points with details. This sentence gives more details. This sentence gives more details. The sentence 4 gives a supporting detail to the second supporting point. This sentence states the conclusion. 3 2 1 find the classes stimulating.Example 1 ( one paragraph) This sentence states the maln Idea. . This sentence gives more details. the reading and studying satisfying. 5 4 I consider a big But I like the leisure activities best of 8 Every student may have his or her choice of activity: athletics. I may go to school for a long time. I believe the 7 music. This sentence presents another supportlnq point. mast of the professors interesting. A model of one paragraph Academic Life 1 I find academic life endlessly fascinating. lectures. This sentence presents a supportlng polnt. This sentence glves more details. all. variety unequaled anywhere else. This sentence gives more details. discussions. Explanation: The sentence 1 is a toplc sentence or the maln Idea. This sentence supporting details. This sentence gives supporting details. assignment a lively challenge. This sentence presents another supporting point.

600 years ago. This sentence gives more details. or objects as money they exchanges these things for another things they wanted. Example 2 (more than one paragraph) This sentence states the main Idea. This sentence gives more details. This sentence gives supporting details. This sentence presents a supporting point. A model of more than one paragraph Money 1 Money has an interesting history. or metal money. 2 The first coins. about 2. The Romans made coins about 2. This sentence gives supporting details. This sentence presents another supporting point. This sentence gives more details. This sentence gives more details. This sentence gives more details. . animals. t n ancient times people used goods. This sentence gives more details. This sentence states the conclusion. This sentence gives more details. This sentence gives more details. food. This sentence gives more details. This sentence presents another supporting point. appeared in ancient Lydia.300 years ago. This sentence gives more details. This sentence gives more details.The sentence 5 presents the thlrd supporting polnt by saying that other students also find school life fascinating The sentences 6 and 7 are the conciusions by giving the opinion and expecting what to do in the future. now modern Turkey.

then. a separate paragraph for each subtopic. Every indented paragraph is still said about the money history in stead of talking in the same paragraph. each of these subtopics should be developed in at least one paragraph. For instance. They were said about using goods. and grains. It said about paper money. paper money like the kind in use today started in England about 400 years ago. The Chinese made the first paper money. A composition of more than one paragraph usually has an introduction and a conclusion that are separate paragraphs. All the following sentences are the first supporting points to an interesting history.3. 4. if you want to discuss types of food. However. 3. all of the sentences in it discuss only one idea. Explanation: Paragraph 1 The first sentence Is the toplc sentence. Paragraph 2 The first sentence presents the second supporting point to the main idea in the first paragraph. A Composition A composition is a piece of writing about one central idea. It may consist of one or more paragraphs. In a well-unified paragraph. Unity & Coherence Unlty: Unity in paragraph writing refers to the relationship between the sentences of a paragraph and the main idea of the paragraph. It said about using coins as money. If the central topic is broad and needs to be divided into several subtopics. food etc as money. dairy products. fruits and vegetables. . When a paragraph has unity. you may want to break your central topic down into four subtopics: meat. You might use. It is important for a paragraph to have unity. all the sentences must be related to the main idea. Paragraph 3 The first sentence presents the third supporting point to the main idea in the first paragraph.

California is now the biggest state in population. If you start to discuss a new idea. The main idea is The absurd expression is 6: California is in the southwest corner of the United States." Practlce Exerclses Exerclse 1: Read the paragraph and answer the questions below. The main idea is "Life preservers wlll last for many years I f they are glven the proper care. 9r grow warm coats for the coming season. build nests. Example: Read the following paragraphs and find out the one absurd expression or sentence that is not related to the main idea or topic of the paragraph. buy new shoes. 'There are about 30 million people who live in California. Remember: All of the sentences in a paragraph must discuss the same idea. The main idea is The absurd expression is . Life preservers will last for many years if they are given the proper care. But these actions are not conscious. well-ventilated place. They should be dried thoroughly before being put away and should be stowed in a dry. the paragraph has unity. To discuss anything else about the animals< would destroy the paragraph's unity. It has many people. start a new paragraph. A: Many subhuman animals respond to the future. and then he discusses the disadvantages. " The absurd expression is "on their wlsdom teeth. It is man alone who is a decision-making animal. Frequent checks on their wisdom teeth are recommended. migrates. The weather in this area of the United States is very dry. The population of California is growing very quickly. California 'is a large state. Some store food. the writer discusses both advantages and disadvantages of animals in captivity.For example. he discusses the advantages first.

as they do in the popular sport of hang gliding. Twenty-five years ago. Traditional sports such as racing--on foot. Addison Wesley Longman. So if you don't have a job. The main idea is The absurd sentence(s) is (are) Exercise 2 : Find and cross out any sentences that do not belong in the paragraph below. not many people believed that humans would becableto glide through the air like birds. and airplanes-are still popular.money for rent and food? Maybe you have an uncle or a cousin who will let you borrow a little bit of money for a month or two. new sports are developed. Now it is the rage at the beach resorts everywhere. as they do in the sport of skydiving? Twenty years ago. and in boats. And even though buying clothes may not be a necessity. but most people can't afford to pay 'for other people's rent. 10 Bank Street. New Sports As people have more time add money to spend on recreatioh. Most people need money just for the necessities-paying the rent and buying food. Thirty years ago. 10606 . White Plains. no one had ever heard of windsurfing. cars.C. N. horses. The most obvious problem with being unemployed is not having the money you Y need for daily life. who is going to give you the . and skis. (This passage is taken from Introduction to Academic Writlng by Alice Oshima & Ann Hogue. who would have thought that intelligent men and women would jump out of (airplanes for fun. it is important. If you don't have a job.Y. you will have trouble paying the rent and buying food.

every good paragraph in a composition must have coherence. Try it! Exerclse 2 Study the following paragraph. Transition signals are words and phrases that connect the idea in one sentence with the idea in another sentence. without showing it to you. In addition to unity. Rearrange the sentences for the coherence and amlt any sentences that do not belong. If the order of the sentences can be changed. so the reader does not 'have problems understanding the writer's ideas. tell him to multiply it by 50. This is how you do it. and in brief. flrsVsecond. which lacks both unlty and coherence. One way to achieve coherence is through the use of transition signals. They are expressions like furthermore. . the order of the sentences cannot be changed from what the author has written. tell him to take away I tell him to add the number of cents in his pocket. tell him to write down his age. 415. In a tightly coherence paragraph. The first two numbers will be his age and the last two will be the money in his pocket. then the paragraph is not coherence. tell him to double it. tell him to add 8.Coherence: Coherence in paragraph writing means that there is a certain logical order to the sentences of the paragraph. They make the movement between sentences in a paragraph smooth. They are not in the right order. ( ~ n ~ n u l ~ a 61~31 un~ Uu A ~ ~L SIRL~ULRUIU~OJ&~ Iuund 4) Practke Exerclses: Exerclse 1: Use the transitional words given to fill in the blank spaces. ask him the number. however. I Afterthat Second Afterwards A Trick First Then Next Finally Tell a friend that you can find out his age and how much money he has in hls pocket (if i t is not more than a dollar). nloreover.

Young people want to buy clothes. And one of my friends bought himself a used car just from the money he made after school. The main idea of a paragraph appears in the first sentence. He also told me that he is saving some money to set up a household after marriage. ' This guideline is recommended for developing writers. and they want to save money to buy a car or a stereo or a television. Last week she bought herself a nice leather jacket. Young people want to make money for their future. . my cousin Celia works at a clothing store and buys all her own clothes. Advanced writers might place the main idea in another position. The left margin should start at the red or black line on your paper. 3. teenagers work for their own current expenses. My cousin Robert is doing this for his future. .) 2. and the right margin should leave a space of approximately a half inch between the -written material and the right edge of your paper. ~his'm&asurementwill vary. An example of this is saving money for education after high school. BASIC GUIDELINES FOR PARAGRAPHS 1. Leave margins on the left and right edges. The first sentence should start at approximately a half inch to the right of the margin line. For example.First of all. Indent the first sentence of every new paragraph.

I really loved going t o her house during vacations. magic princess. and I miss her very much. she would tell me fables. Do the words in each line continue to the far-right edge of the paper? . 5. my grand mother would rock me and sing t o me. In order to show that you know the paragraph basics.) The sample paragraph here shows how a typical short composition (or paragraph) appears on a sheet of your notebook paper. sometimes making up her own. from the first sentence to the last sentence. My Sweet Grandmother The most important person in my childhood was my grandmother. She taught me which ones t o pick and which ones t o avoid. What is the main idea in the sample paragraph? 2. She died a few years ago. Often we went into the forest t o pick raspberries and mushrooms. Leave a space approximately the size of two letters between sentences. and then answer the questions below in the space provided. When I was sad. Where is the main idea located in the paragraph? 3. I can still hear her sweet and gentle voice. Do the words in each line start at the far-left edge of the paper? 4. . read carefully the paragraph. She would tell me fascinating stories about her life during World War 11.Also. each sentence follows immediately after the previous sentence. The sentences in a paragraph run continuously. After the first sentence. if space allows. (This guideline will be used when you use your paper with no lines. with me as beautiful. 1.4. with no breaks.

if a sentence ends at the right margin. I McBuns. Does the first sentence start exactly the far-left margin? A. My Job Dissatisfaction have been unhappy with my job as a cashier at Lately.They never smile Last. On the same line as the first sentence. 7.On the line below the first sentence. Where does the second sentence start? A. If possible. and I have trouble getting up the next morning for class.00 t o 11. Write your answer in the space provided. 8. Next. Note In some cases. T am making only twenty cents above minimum wage. You may refer to the basic guidelines for paragraphs on the previous page. on the same line as the previous sentence. Where do all the rest of the sentences in the paragraph start in relationship to the sentence before them? A. I work from 3. No 6.00 in the evening. 8. the following sentence must start on the following line. Yes 8. the pay is miserable. the people I or want t o have a pleasant conversation. work with are unfriendly. Practice B Identify three problems in the following paragraph. the hours are hardship for me. First.It is time to look for a new .Select A or B 5. Always on the line below the previous sentence.

circle the sentence with the main idea and draw an arrow to move it to the beginning of the paragraph. I work from 3. t h e hours are hardship for me. the pay is okay for n0w. First. t h e pay is miserable.00 t o 11.The following sample shows how to edit the paragraph format.I make two dollars more than minimum wage. My Ideal Job For one thing. I have been unhappy with my job as a cashier a t McBuns. 9. the people I work with are friendly. and I have trouble get)ing up t h e next morning f o r class. Bert of all. First. I am making only twenty cents above minimum wage. I love my job at Hank3 Hot Dogs. correct the format.00 in t h e evening.rt is t ~ m e t o look for a new job. 5'' Practlce C + Correct and rewrite the following paragraph. t h e people I work wi)h are unfriendl The never smlle or want t o have a pleasan) conversation.1 will probably keep this job for a few more years. Next. the hours are 9reat. Two of my best friends work the %me shift I do. Next.I work weekend of ternoons. Next.l&n t - My Job Dissatisfac)ion Lately. Last. .

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