We are interested in your safety! Imitations are interested in your money!

We are interested in your safety! Imitations are interested in your money!

CAL-LAB has 2-wishes, for you!
<That you care & act correctly for your safety> <Our first wish is to create a SAFE-island for you and your equipment with our CLLI. Then, we pray & wish that you will use our CLLI CORRECTLY, in order to achieve our FIRST-wish, which is for your safety!> Equipment can easily be replaced with money – paying for a household Insurance is often enough to off-set losses! • Protecting equipment from lightning-dangers is useful but NOT as important as to make users safe! Human life cannot be replaced with money, if a person is killed by lightning while being nearby to some unprotected or wrongly protected equipment at home! < For more details, email callab@callab.com.my or go to www.cal-lab.com > •

How do dangerous forces enter your home or office?
Every time there is a lightning strike, 2-kinds of forces can be dangerously present at or near your equipment:
1. High-voltage EMF – this is the electromotive force that is present between the two wires forming a circuit (such as 240VAC at home) This force can damage equipment circuitries but does not kill people via the AIR-gap, unless it is high enough to turn AIR into conductor of electricity! 2. High-voltage PD – this is due to the existence of two or more forces in close-proximity near enough to INTERACT (cross-flow into one another). A bird can be perched on a 132KV-cable and remain safe until its wing, or any part, comes close enough to another cable of different phase where electric current can spark through AIR-gap, toasting the bird instantly! This is the force that will kill users of equipment, if not managed correctly by ISOLATION-technology!

Why do we need to create a SAFE-island? Safe from what?
< Proofs of Lightning-dangers are everywhere! > 1. Lightning Rods are designed and installed for BUILDING-safety – to prevent it from catching FIRE after a lightning strike. 2. Lightning-SURGES can still find their way into any building via the POWERline, TELEPHONE-line, TV-antenna or SATELLITE-cable, turning your home-equipment into high-voltage KILLERS while being destroyed by lightning! 3. Lightning–ARRESTOR components are designed about 50-years ago hoping to ‘ARREST’ the full force of a lightning discharge, which is impossible. 4. Common SURGE-protectors are based on the limited abilities of such 50year-old components, which can only withstand small surges! 5. LIGHTNING-danger is very real! But, no one could do anything better but stuck to ineffective Lightning-ARRESTORS. 6. Even today, only CAL-LAB can legally make use of a newly invented Isolation-technology (U S Patent #5675468) 7. We believe, if you do not pay attention to Lightning-dangers and insist on employing an effective ISOLATION-technology, it would be impossible to make equipment and users safe from LIGHTNING.

Both dangerous forces enter via any conductor, connected to outside elements like TELEPHONE-line, TV-antenna, POWER-line or SATELLITE-dish even from far away! A nearby lightning discharge can be carried by AIR into your home or office and then picked up by any conductor onto your equipment. A person bare-footed nearby can be killed!

CAL-LAB invented the SAFE-island concept!
Any cable, except fiber-optics, can carry highvoltages into your equipment. Example: 1. Power-line 2. Telephone-line 3. TV-antenna 4. Satellite-cable 5. Network-cable 6. CCTV-cable 7. DATA-cable 8. Control-cables A correctly employed CLLI will ISOLATE most of the harmful forces, by providing you with SAFE-connections – via the CLLI outlets.
CLLI safeoutlets

Input to CLLI CLLI Isolationshields

Safe-island concept Creating a SAFE-island was itself invented by CALLAB inventor, when the patented ISOLATIONtechnology was invented in 1994. It is the only way, a user and the equipment can be safer from lightning dangers!
We are interested in your safety! Imitations are interested in your money!

This SAFE-island or SAFEzone, is made possible by employing a CLLI (Cal-Lab Lightning Isolator) correctly, in each set-up.

More info in www.cal-lab.com or email: callab@callab.com.my

Common Lightning Arrestors & Surge-Protectors (by technological limits) can only ARREST mild-surges!
<They rely on MOV or Gas-arrestor which can handle only a limited surge-level>
Beyond the safe level, arrestor-components would explode. Thus, can no longer arrest the excess surges but would let through to equipment & would endanger user!

CLLI does not try to ARREST-lightning, but DETECTS, MEASURES and ISOLATES equipment & user even from very powerful surges!
<CLLI relies on a patented technology, exclusively owned by CAL-LAB> 2 Surge-calculations & Grounding (bypasscircuits) activated

Unsafe level Safe level
Safe voltage or mild surge. <At this level, even ordinary ARRESTORS will work>

After destroying Arrestor-components, a powerful surge would come straight into your equipment. This Powerful surge arrives at equipment & looks for nearby user as discharge-route to Earth

1 A Powerful surge detected


• Is it long-duration? • Is it still rising? If yes, Isolation-process activated & completed within a split second.

It is amazing how a device with LIMITED ability to arrest lightning, no plan to save life, can still be bought by users who put Insurance-compensation as more important than keeping equipment & users safe!

Unsafe level Safe level
Safe voltage or mild surge. <At this level, even ordinary ARRESTORS will work> A Powerful surge causes designated weak-links in CLLI to explode, then isolates equipment & user away from danger while providing a dischargeroute to Earth or Neutral.

Earth or Ground For user safety!

Descriptions on how ARRESTORS fail to protect:

Earth or Ground For user safety!

Arrestors can only handle up to a certain level of surge. But

most Malaysian lightning strikes are too powerful for them! 2. In most parts of USA (except for Florida and Kansas), and in Europe (except for Spain & N. Italy & S. France), perhaps 80% of lightning surges belong to the MILD-category. So, most US or European Surge Protectors would seem to work 80% of the times, and the balance 20% would be covered by Insurance policies. Thus, buying a Surge Protector is like buying an expensive Insurance policy!

Descriptions on how CLLI effectively protects with 1, 2 & 3 steps:
CLLI does not try to arrest. It calculates how much surge it can handle, then activates grounding bypass & isolation circuits. 1. When a powerful surge is detected, 2. It immediately activates predetermined Grounding & Calculations. 3. If the surge continues (long duration) or becomes more powerful than when it started, then it activates ISOLATION-process, by exploding one or more designated weak-links (self-sacrifice) to keep equipment & user safe. A less powerful surge for a short duration may not trigger the weak-links to explode and thus, the CLLI would survive the surge and need no repair or restoration! Otherwise, it would need to be replace-exchanged at RM25 or restored following procedures found in LLSWA, for life. So, do not throw away even totally destroyed CLLI. Simply have it replace-exchanged, for life!
Please see Terms & Conditions in Limited Lifetime Service Warranty Arrangements (LLSWA) and more details or info in www.cal-lab.com

• • •

If a protector works, why do you need Insurance? If it does not work, why use at all? Simply buying insurance would be cheaper, if human life is not your concern!

3. Since ARRESTORS can only arrest MILD-surges, they need Insurance to convince a buyer! When a long & powerful surge arrives, Technology ends, Insurance begins, but human life would be at risks! 4. When such-surges continue to flow into your equipment, not only equipment but user’s life could also be in danger!

We are interested in your safety! Imitations are interested in your money!

We are interested in your safety! Imitations are interested in your money! STV SERIES
For USER-safety & Equipment-protection from POWER-Line and TV Antenna at ‘Interconnecting Items’. ♦ STV9511 (for TV & interconnected equipment set-up) ♦ STV9511-MS1+3 (MS version c/w 5 outlets) ♦ MDTV9922 – TV Antenna Mixer-Splitter-Isolator (without Power)
MDTV9922 STV9511-MS1+3 STV9511

Are you safe from lightning?
CLLI or Cal-Lab Lightning Isolators, based on a new & viable technology as outlined in U. S. Patent #5675468, will make you safe! Go to www.cal-lab.com for more info. They are sold with lifetime warranty – see <LLSWA> SF SERIES For USER-safety & Equipment-protection from POWER-Line +TELline – at PC & MODEM, FAX MACHINE, and CORDLESS-PHONE, and also ‘Interconnecting Items’ ♦ SF9512-AR/D (Dual-purpose Analog or low-speed DSL) ♦ SF9512-DSL (for higher-speed DSL-broadband) ♦ SF9512DSL-MS2+3 (Multi-socket version with 3-13A outlets) ♦ SF9812 (choice of detachable SKPX module) ♦ Trinity I-T Pack (for DSL c/w 7 power outlets)
Trinity IT-pack SF9812 SF9512-DSL

Trinity AV-pack


SF9512-MS2+3 SFTV9822-FC



For USER-safety & Equipment-protection from POWER-Line – at standalone equipment only (5A or 10A / Fused version is optional). +E versions for use with other CLLI in combination-setups. ♦ SL9602F (5A c/w EMI filter +Earth wire) ♦ SL-AR (Auto-Restart after strike 1.5A / 3A) <5A version +E> ♦ NILI9920F (10A Hi-surge Absorber c/w EMI filter) ♦ SC0039 (10A c/w 10cm cable-plug & socket) ♦ MDSC0039 ( +E version of SC0039) ♦ SC9517 (Add-on to power-cord, fused up to 10A) ♦ SL-MS2+3 – (5-outlet Power Isolator) ♦ SL-MS4+6 – (10-outlet Power Isolator – Trinity TP pack)
Trinity TP-pack SL-MS2+3 SC9517


SFTV SERIES For USER-safety & Equipment-protection at ‘interconnecting Items’ connected to the Power line , Tel-line & Antenna ( & -FC for Satellite DISH ) ♦ Trinity A-V Pack ( 6-outlets for Sat.-TV set-up) ♦ SFTV9622-FC (used with trailing sockets for ASTRO) ♦ SFTV9822-FC (used with trailing sockets for ASTRO) ♦ SFTV9622FC-MS2+3 (5 power-outlets for ASTRO) Note Direct strike on LNB cannot be safe for decoder but would be safe for USERS. Minor damage may occur, even with CLLI.


For USER-safety & Equipment-protection at D/L TELEPHONE and USER SAFETY during thunderstorms, when correctly Grounded. ♦ SP9201-AR/D ( -DSL optional) ♦ SP9201-PA (c/w Privacy & AR version) ♦ SP9201-EX (for PABX EXT.) ♦ MDSP9922 (c/w 1-in 2-out splitter) ♦ SP9201DAF (Broadband LI + DSL micro-Filter-Splitter)
SP9201-DAF SP9201-DSL SP9201-EX




We are interested in your safety! Imitations are interested in your money!

We are interested in your safety! Imitations are interested in your money!

We are interested in your safety! Imitations are interested in your money!

We are interested in your safety! Imitations are interested in your money!

MD Series (DIY versions)
Modular-Detachable Series consists of the following basic & combination modules. Each can be used independently or combined. • MDSC0039-FC (Power + Satellite cable connectors +E) • MD-BNC (CLLI for BNC co-ax cable at CCTV) • MD-BNCcu (CLLI for BNC co-ax cable at DATA-network port) • MD-FC (Forward-isolation MDLI for Satellite-co-ax cable only) • SS0039 (Wall-outlet version of SC0039


For USER-safety & Equipment-protection at Data or Network Equipment connected to the Power Supply and/or 2-pair Datalines. ♦ SD9623 (2 LINES / RJ-11 + Power) ♦ SCSD-9623 (for 2 Tel-lines only without power section) ♦ SD-8C – (Customized for Bank ATM) ♦ SD-4C – (For UTP-RJ45 & power at DTE ) ♦ SLAN-1236 – For RJ-45 UTP cable at ROUTER / HUB / DTE (without Power Section) ♦ POE-1236 (for Power-Over-Ethernet equipment) ♦ SD-4Ccu (+AR-D) (Customized for Network-printer-FAX-copier)
POE-1236 SLAN1236 SD-4C




SD-4Ccu (+AR-D)


MD or Professional versions
For competent users to use in setups at VIDEO-DOOR-PHONE, CAR-PARK SYSTEMS, ALARM SETUPS, AUTO-GATE or LIFTS, etc. ♦ MD-SC3C (240V-2A) – add at power supply ♦ MD-SC3Ccu (240V-1A or 5A) – add at power supply ♦ MD-SC3Ccu (36V-10A) – add at power supply to low—volt motor (at barrier-gate) ♦ MD-8Ccu – add to network cable as adaptor for RS-232 or RS485 using RJ-45 in-out. (Specs – 8-core DATA-5V +E) ♦ MD-4Ccu (Data-5V) – add at DATA-cable ♦ MD-4Ccu (+12V or +24V) – add at 4-core DATA +power supply of 12V AC or DC. ♦ MD-4Ccu (12V or 24V) – add at 2 sets of power supply sensors or VOICE-VIDEO pairs at 12V or 24V respectively. ♦ MD-4Ccu (C-Bus-36V) – add at Communications-Bus operating at 36V ♦ DCJ-cu (12V or 24V) – add at 12V or 24V power supply or alarm sensor or photo-beam or CCTV-camera. ♦ DCJ-cu +E (12V or 24V) – add at 12V or 24V power supply or photo-beam or CCTV-camera using DC-jack. ♦ SCSF9512cu – add to ALARM-power supply & AUTO-dialer.
SCSF9512cu DCJ-cu +E (12V) DCJ-cu(24V) MD-SC3Ccu

MLPX SERIES (sold as package only)
For use at Trunk-lines of KEYPHONE / PABX. Very efficient and cost-effective. Must be used together with SL9602F or equivalent, and both ground links must be connected to one grounding point only. ♦ MLPX9708-BB (BASE BOARD to hold up to 4 SKPX modules) ♦ SKPX-M-ARD (Replaceable Module-AR version) ♦ SKPX-DSL (Replaceable module DSL-version) ♦ SKPX-EX-24V (Module for EXTENSIONS) ♦ MLPX9708-BX (BOX to hold up to 4 MLPX-BB or 16-lines)





Specs & Prices & Terms subject to change. Please confirm before making any payment. Call / FAX 06-9517680 or 03-77268680 Email: callab@callab.com.my Web-site: www.cal-lab.com
<Ref: Leaflet0710>

For free Technical-consultations, call 012-771 8225 / Reseller-assistance: 012-773 8225 / After-sales services: 012-703 8225 / KL-PJ branch: S2, CENTREPOINT, Bandar Utama, 47800 PJ We are interested in your safety! Imitations are interested in your money! We are interested in your safety! Imitations are interested in your money!

How To Obtain Services From CAL-LAB?

How to buy CAL-LAB products?
Deciding on the right model for each situation needing effective protection is important (refer to BUY GUIDE or call us at 06 9517680, if necessary). Make sure you get a genuine CLLI since lightning can also kill equipment users nearby when a powerful lightning strikes – if not effectively protected with ISOLATION Technology! Call / FAX 06 9517680 or E-mail: callab@callab.com.my to place orders. Call our REP near you (see “ABOUT US” in our web site: www.cal-lab.com or see our list of Authorized Participating Outlets - APO) Click on “HOW TO BUY” in our web site to download “Order Form” or go to an APO / Dealer / DIY Store / Super Store / IT&T Specialist / Selected Cable-TV Installer. From other outlets such as the Service Centers of major brands of Electronic, IT or Telecommunications equipment.

First, please be reminded of the following:
• All CAL-LAB products are sold with a lifetime service warranty as specified in LLSWA & Terms & Conditions found in Warranty Card. Please do not be misled by any verbal claim. All CAL-LAB Lightning Isolators or CLLI are sold with the understanding that customers are aware of our written Conditions & Exclusions. Please avoid ‘verbal promises’. You are advised to take up an Insurance for 100% peace-ofmind; Performance-Guarantee Scheme (PGS) has been replaced by Certificate of Insurance (CI) wef year 2001; Subject to ongoing arrangements with an Insurance Company, most CLLI are sold with (or without) Certificate of Insurance (CI) by paying an additional sum, by request before delivery. The performance of a CLLI at all times in any employed situation for any specified purpose is subject to the CLLI being correctly applied and the installation and connections and interconnections of interconnected equipment being correctly done in accordance with CAL-LAB’s recommended method. Since every CLLI is designed to also provide USER SAFETY features as found in U S Patent #5675468, a correctly installed set-up as described above must also include an appropriate (one only) GROUNDING means.
2. 3. 4. 5.

• •

Payment terms: • All direct purchases are on CASH-BEFORE DELIVERY basis • Payment can be in Money Order / Postal Order / Cheque (delivery only after cheque cleared) or cash-on-line into one of our accounts below:
1. 2. 3. HSBC A/C 312 309271 001 – A/C Name: < CAL-LAB MARKETING S/B > CIMB A/C 1246-0000901-05-5 – A/C Name: < CAL-LAB MARKETING S/B > MAYBANK A/C 501048 160813 – A/C Name: < CAL-LAB MARKETING S/B >

• Delivery to end-user who spends more than RM100 is FOC within West Malaysia (elsewhere, delivery charges to be added) • Proof of delivery shall be based on document of courier service provider. • Kindly notify CAL-LAB if you do not receive any delivery after three working days. • Dealers & Distributors – Please refer to agreed terms. Important Notice:
IMPORTANT NOTICE: CAL-LAB Lightning Isolators or CLLI are only made by CAL-LAB based on U S Patent #5675468. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS !! CLLI is probably 100% effective only when installed correctly. Please read: Warranty Card, LLSWA, optional Insurance, conditions & exclusions in www.cal-lab.com < Wrong model-version, even installed correctly, will not protect or work effectively >

To obtain services when only the CLLI is damaged:
1. Refer to “Warranty & Services” found in www.cal-lab.com 2. Either send the damaged (but non-tampered) CLLI directly to CAL-LAB at 30 LRG. Kurau 9, Tmn. Sg. Abong, 84000 Muar, Johor together with RM15 in any secured form (if the unit can be restored) or with RM30 (if the unit cannot be restored and needs to be replaced by a recycled unit) or you may go to our office cum showroom at CENTREPOINT, Bandar Utama, PJ or any APO who participates, to ask for an immediate exchange-replacement at RM25

To obtain services when at least one of your equipment being CORRECTLY protected by the damaged CLLI is also damaged:
1. Initiate Insurance Claims procedures as specified at the back of the Certificate of Insurance (CI), if you have a CI that is still valid; 2. Initiate PGS claims according to the conditions therein, if you have a registered PGS card that is still valid; 3. If neither of the above apply, you may request for a CASE-FILE Investigation by agreeing to complete a questionnaire. < Please be reminded that this investigation does not automatically lead to any compensation payment. >
How To Buy & Obtain Services

<< We make Technology, Reliability & Ingenuity work for you! >>
Check out our promo packages in:

Trinity Packs

Latest Specifications or details in: www.cal-lab.com or Call/Fax: 06-9517680 or 03-77268680 email: callab@callab.com.my

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