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God Spell

The world is under a god spell.

The gospel is actually a Jewish written spell

Almost no one understands that most of the world is under a spell. More
specifically those countries that operate under Judaism, Islam, Christianity
and all their branches and derivatives are spellbound. The gospel is a Jewish
written god spell, America is under this spell because America is mostly
Christian that believes the Holy Bible as the word of god.

The spell is maintained because the media is controlled by Jews, who make
sure no one criticizes Israel or Jew criminal activity. No one dares mention
that the war is caused by the Jews and their beliefs, anyone who does is
immediately labeled antisemitic. All dissent is quelled, no one is allowed to
criticize the religious overlords. The same is true for Christianity, just try to
get on television and tell the truth about the ridiculous religious myths that
majority fervently believes.

Check out Wendy Cambell's site

The recent slaughter and destruction in Gaza is a direct result of this spell
that holds billions of human minds in a state of suspended animation. This is
why this must be discussed. America is being destroyed by a supremacy
religion and the Christians are fully complicit with the Jews. What
Evangelical is bothered by the genocide of Palestine? The purpose of this
essay is to examine the spell binding effects of the Bible on the non Jew that
allows the Jews to wage a holocaust with impunity.

The New Testament is a spell. The gospel is really a god spell. It holds
Christians spellbound and makes them unable to resist the Jewish overlords
who wage Old Testament style atrocities. In the recent Gaza war the Jews
killed everything: men, women, children, dogs, and even zoo animals (see The behaved exactly as their holy text
instructed them. Rabid Rabbis are fully integrated in the IDF, many are
foaming at the mouth and calling from the extermination of all Palestinians.

The Jews are the new NAZI's (national socialists). The

are supremely nationalistic and highly socialistic, networked together around
the world. The Jews live and love total war, they are filled with hate for life,
how can they be god's representative? They must actually hate a creator (if
there is one) because they gleefully destroy creation. Yet because of this
spell, people who do love life, who believe in the Bible say nothing against
the destroyers even though it's now obvious the true nature of the Jews.

Hard to believe isn't it? The Jews can not be of god if they are demonic, hate
filled, evil to the core, and destroyers of life. Why can't Americans see this?
Because modern day America is under a black magic spell. So there you
have it, the Jews can behave exactly the opposite of what they claim and
Christian America can't figure it out. The fact that the Jews do not represent
the creator god at all because what they say and how they behave are polar
opposites. Clearly the Jews are the darkness consuming the world, not the
light unto the world as they claim. So how did the Jews manage to gain
The bombed out miserable "holy land", don't 'ya want to go visit the
birthplace of Jesus?

Recently a brainwashed Jew York ABC "journalist" Anne Barker was

"humiliated and degraded" when visiting the most holy city of Jew-ruse-
salem when she violated the shabbat and enraged the orthodox rabbis who
then screamed and cursed her and covered her with spit. (see
harrowing-protest-experience-israel). The point is, if you think things are
insane now wait until you experience more and more orthodox Judaic legal
memes being incorporated into modern law. Very soon orthodox rabbis will
be performing ritualistic cow slaughter for Jehovah at your nearby temple.
Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem stoning and spitting just like the old days
note how they wear massive fur caps in the middle of summer

(In my opinion) Anne Barker reminds me of wounded Bob Woodruff both

believing the lies they tell us, modern journalism an epic farce as the goy
suck up to Jew power.

Just what is a spell and how does it work?

Web definition of spell: spell: a verbal formula believed to have magical


My definition of a spell: A spell is a thoughtform that holds a human mind in

bondage, a spell is cast by thought, word, or action for the purpose of
controlling another. Typically a spell is cast by saying the words out loud.
That is why it is called a spell, it is s p e l l e d out, often articulated with
will. A spell is a willful intention cast into the energy field.

This is what is being done in churches and temples all across America, the
word is being read by the preacher to the imbecile flock, the spell is being
cast when the words are read aloud and repeated by the congregation. They
repeat the words in prayers (mantras, magic of repetition) programming their
subconscious minds into a trance state of obedience to the Jews. Every week
Christians sing hymns to god thanking him for not killing them eternally. It's
pure psychosis. Christians are really thanking the Jews for allowing them to
live. Christians are pathetic.

The entire culture is affected by this trance; it structures our reality, it

controls our subconscious, it results in laws and political policies. American
law is Jewish law. The Jews are evil warmongers, they want America ruled
by Talmudic law, where the Jews have legal authority to kill and destroy
everything. Wars are legalized because the spell has framed our reality
making violence justifiable.

The Jews are busy tranceforming American law into Talmudic law, they
have even opened a new Talmudic Law Center in New York. The Jews are
mind parasites, if they get you to believe their memes then they own your
mind and can regulate your physical body. This is exactly the case with the
so called Christian Bible, the non Jewish Christians are indoctrinated into
the Jewish way of thinking allowing the Jews to rule without much objection
from the docile and brainwashed sheeple.

War is simply human thinking expressed into the physical realm, if hate is
the Jewish guide then hate is codified into law and war made legal because
American law so heavily reflects the Jewish mindset. America is always
starting wars because America is ruled by power mongering Jews supported
by brainwashed Christians. After reading this essay that should become
obvious in your mind, and if we are to evolve we must become aware of the
actual problem.

What is spell binding?

Christianity is a black magic hex, the Star of David is a hexagram

that encapsulates the Christian myth

When a spell catches and holds

another consciousness, the victim is energetically bound. Black magic is
the art of controlling others through spells.

It's important to note that magic can be dangerous as practitioners are often
caught by their own spells. The Jews are caught by their web of deceit. They
have told the lie so long that they believe it as their reality.

If you haven't studied memes then please do so. Memes are to

understanding religion as Evolution is to understanding earth history. An
installed religious memeplex is a spell on the mind. Most people who are
indoctrinated stay in a memetic trance their whole lives, framing reality in
terms of the installed myth. It is important to note that even the Jews are
caught in their own trance, mindlessly acting out their parasitism especially
because it is beneficial for them in the upwave, but in the downwave it
becomes deadly.

I have my own definitions concerning memes. Taken from my Compendium

of Modern Shaman Terminology

memebot – a human memetically infected that thinks or acts predictably like

a robot

memes – mind viruses, cultural ideas repeated from one mind to another

memetics - the science of memes

memeplex - meme complex, a set of related memes

memetic possession – a fully installed meme on the brain hard drive that is
over write protected (a locked brain that disallows new memes)

memetic veil – the memetic barrier of the memetically possessed that puts
the infected in a state unable to comprehend or reason, a blind believer is

memetrance - memetic trance - trance state of mind caused by the memes

From these definitions I can say that Christians are unable to resist Jewish
atrocities because they are spellbound, in a state of memetic possession, a
veil is over their consciousness rendering them unable to think properly.
Some Christians are anti-Jewish but this is nonsense, a Christian is not able
to resist the Jews because they are the central characters of the Bible.
Christians are memetically programmed to support god's chosen no matter

There is no escaping Judaism through Christianity. On one hand the white

supremacist hates the Jew yet in the other he holds a Bible. What? The Jews
wrote the Bible! The indoctrinated white supremacists buys into the
exclusionary supremacy meme but since they're not one of the chosen they
carry tremendous resentment, thus white supremacy is rage directed at the
Jewish supremacists. Logical isn't it? White supremacy is a reaction to
Jewish supremacy. Yet Jews in the media love to point out someone elses
supremacy but not their own. The Jews are total hypocrites and liars and for
sure they are really the most evil rotten bastards on the planet. I'm disgusted
by Jews and so should you be.

Once a human realizes that the Jews are evil, have evil intentions toward the
world, want to own everything and subjugate every person then they can no
longer be human and follow any holy text from Jewish authors. Faced with
the reality of the vile Biblical Jewish authorship, some Christians surrender
into a state of blind belief (a form of insanity) or cast away Christianity and
curse it, or fall into despair. Some intellectualize by studying comparative
mythology and very few read alternative writings such as mine. The cause of
the world's ills are the Jews, not the secret societies, not the Zionists, not the
invisible grey aliens, shapeshifting reptoids, or demons. (There is actually a
big debate amongst Jews if David Icke is refering to Jews by the use of
lizards as a code word. See this excellent youtube video: "David Icke "The
Lizards and the Jews" 1 of 5
JzXg&feature=PlayList&p=86D115517C654AC9&index=0&playnext=1 )

The truth is that the Jews hate everything

the ghost of Leo Strauss guides the neo cohens, a gaggle of Jewish co-
yes Virginia, Cheney's a Jew
The truth is that the Jews hate everything: they hate truth, they hate nature,
they hate life itself, they hate real money, they hate the gentile (gentle
people), they even hate themselves because they keep repeating their same
destructive behavior. Have you noticed that the Jews get along famously
with warmongers? In order to wage war one must first judge. There can be
no compromise with the exclusionary meme. Love is for all; either love is
true or we'll have to resign ourselves to hate, racism, exclusionary policies.
What we all must do is surrender our egos to love. All of us.

To believe in the judgemental Bible is to equate Jewish hatred with love.

Love and hate are opposites, those who equate the two are insane. It is
perfectly crazy to say you represent the creator (god) then destroy creation
because of your seething hate. This what the Jews are doing, they are
claiming divinity yet acting like demons.

As a shaman, I now know that a con can only work when there is a flaw in
the mark. A truly spiritual person is drawn toward truth, thus a fear based
myth is unable to gain a foothold. Old souls never buy into the fear, even if
they can not articulate it, they know it's not true. Thus no truly spiritual
person can buy into the Biblical version of god, judgement, hell, devil,
salvation, etc. The Jews are the cons and the Christians are the marks. The
Jews have deceived the non Jew with their self aggrandizing myth, they have
cleverly conned the world to join them in hating life. So clearly Judaism is
the most hateful worldwide religion, so why are the Jews so busy making
anti-hate laws when they are the biggest haters of all? Good question.

Never trust a Jew explanation on religion or politics

It's rare to find a Jew that can criticize Israel. Most Jews I've met are liberal,
progressive but I have yet to meet one that actually condemns the Jewish
state for its actions. Most Germans condemn Hitler yet the Jews won't cross
the line and condemn the diabolical State of Is-a-hell. Fear of ostracization?
Memetic programming? Jews can't face the reality that Jewish actions
negates the ideas they have about themselves. I've concluded that most Jews
are actually confused about their identity, they're just as lost as the
Christians they're working over.

I've learned to never trust a Jew, the all have a secret agenda. Here's a
suggestion, anytime you hear a Jew, raise the bullshit flag. They are all liars.
Never believe a Jew about anything political or religious. When you turn on
the television what do you see and hear? Jews (and their stooges) telling lies
about the world, the economy, the reasons for war, their religion.
Everything. The TV should be called the "jewtube", it is an electronic
device for the Jews to propagate their lies.

I've noticed that the Jews are really concerned about how I think. If I'm
talking to one they constantly interupt with their politically correct remarks.
Over and over I'm told not to say the word Jew, but Zionist. That's bullshit,
Zionism is formed out of Judaism, it is the political expression of
Judaism. If you understand Judaism, there could be no other expression,
the Jews are the ultimate supremacists thats why a state run by Jews is
fascist and racist. The word Zionism is used just like antisemitism, a way to
quell the uproar over Jew atrocities.

As a culture the Jew are obsessed about information control more than any
other group. What this means is the Jews can not face the light of truth. I've
observed first hand many times that the denial is pathological. They have to
keep busy suppressing reality because truth is the primary enemy of the
Judaism. Now that the shift is upon us, consciousness is being raised and the
myths of old are falling away. Conscious evolution is pushing our culture
into a higher state, those that resist will be punished. Judaism and all her
derivatives are doomed.

Once the mind is unbound from the myth the freed mind can then only
comprehend the power the spell. It's quite impressive the power of the
Jewish meme that holds America in bondage. We all need to turn toward
love and away from Jewish hate. Let me repeat, we must all turn away from
hate and exclusion including Jews. All of us. All Christians, Jews, and
Muslims must forget their supremacy religion, they must overcome the spell,
the must evolve into higher consciousness and away from fear.

The gospel is a black magic spell cast on the mass mind

An evil spell (hex) has been cast. Christians are the fish caught in the Jewish
web of deceit. Once caught, Christians work endlessly to propagate the
meme by recruiting new followers. Such is the nature of a self propagating
memeplex. In order to get into heaven the believer must help the omnipotent
god. Ridiculous isn't it? Don't 'ya know, the all powerful god needs help!

It is top notch black magic to get the world to worship the Jews as god by
getting the non-Jew to believe that the Jews were chosen by god to deliver
his message. This is quite a clever trick. By making themselves the chosen
ones, the Jews hold the ace, no one can question their authority or
connection to god. Christians are totally fooled, they think they are
worshiping Jehovah but what they are actually doing is worshiping the Jews.

The New York Federal Reserve, a private bank, is 100% Jewish (Note: right
click charts then select properties to find source)
The Jews
have earned the role as masters of deceit because in order to maintain their
hold over the population they've had to hone their deceitful skills and rob
their hosts blind.

The Federal Reserve is Jewish racketeering on the American population. In

order to keep the debt based currency from inflating away the Jews even got
America to voluntarily pay yearly income taxes so that the excess currency
is mopped up, preventing inflation from ruining the value of the fiat

The Federal Reserve Act was passed in late 1913 then the income tax in
early 1914, long before the creation of the Jewish state. There were few
Zionists at that time. Zionism is the political expression of Jewish mind.
Zionism is not the cause, it is the second order expression.

The captive Jews stole the magic of the Egyptians and respun it making
themselves god by getting people to believe that god selected the Jews to be
his chosen emissaries. The spellbound non-Jew can only stare in
bewilderment, eeking out a living in the Biblical author's false grandeur.

It is actually really funny how unbelievably effective the spell is. I dare the
reader to go and talk to a typical Christian about the Jews or Israel. I double
dare you to talk to a Jew about their chosen status and rights to Palestine.
Just try talking sense to a Jew about their legal right to steal Palestinian land.
The can never admit that they are thieves and murderers, they make their
claim based on the Bible they wrote.
So effective the memeplex that most defer their earthly lives in service of
god when in reality they were (and still are) earthly slaves of the self chosen
race of evil liars. Let's not bullshit ourselves, the Jews are evil liars, their
holy books aren't, they are thieves and murderers. Quit putting the Jews up
on a pedestal, Rabbis belong in the loony ward.

How effective the induced text is over a whip, a trance so effective that
people pay taxes voluntarily to the Jew money exploiters. That's right you
are paying a tax on the illegal and immoral Jew money. A usage tax that
allows them to own everything at your expense. Exploited debtors labor hard
to pay their debts, debts the Jew creates out of thin air at no cost. How many
people do you know work two jobs to pay down a 30 year mortgage? When
the Jews can't pay, they simply pass a law giving themselves many trillions
of dollars. All for them, none for you - quite the con job wouldn't you say?
America is being robbed blind by the Jews: Greenspan, Paulson, Bernanke,
Madoff all Jews. Check out this link Wall Street
should be called JeWall Street.

The Jews are correct in calling the Americans stupid. Americans are stupid.
America is a bigger Palestine, an exploited land, the current financial bailout
that only benefits the Jew bankers is proof. The Palestinians can't use West
Bank highways, Americans on the no fly list can't use American airplanes.
See the connection? Evil vile Jews control both areas. Soon there will be
many "no" lists. Jews own and control the American government, America
is going into a new Bolshevik style lockdown. America, the land of liberty
and freedom, destroyed by Jews.

Jews have a special status. Israel can bomb defenseless Palestinians and
stupid American Christians utter no word of protest. All is well, god has
chosen the Jews and who am I to question? So powerful is this trance
Christians voluntarily serve in the army as Jew sacrificial lambs or make it a
life goal to travel to the cratered bomb out miserable holy land. Christians
are the collared dogs of the Jews.

Doubt this? Just go talk to any brand of Christian or troops fresh in from
Iraq, tell them they serve Israel and not the Constitution, watch their
reaction. I have. Christians are totally brainwashed. They actually believe in
their moral superiority when in fact they are moral lepers and complicit to
the Jewish mass murderers, both are religious psychopaths taking this nation
and world straight to hell. That's right, Christians are complicit in the
destruction of America because it is the Christians (especially the
Evangelicals) who empower the Jews.
Is this photoshopped? Nope. This is an actual photo of Dubya with
amputated veterans...
how is it that American boys are so delighted to serve the antichrist?

The lucky ones who do return from Iraq alive have to heal their missing
limbs or shattered psyches. How many Iraq vets have you heard curse the
Jews for what they've done? Even severly wounded Desert Storm veterans
defend the war after it's proven to be waged on blatant lies. How can they
confront their own complicity?

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, and Wolfowitz and the rest of the Jew
neoconservative war criminals should be drawn and quartered yet they
remain free without even being charged. How is this possible?

The Jews are special because they wrote the text that made them god. They
will hold this position until the believers quit believing. That will not happen
anytime soon so that means the world is in mortal peril.

Egyptian origins of the god spell

Everyone believes that the Jews invented monotheism. Right? Wrong!
"First Monotheist Akhenaten is the most mysterious and interesting of all
the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. He created a revolution in religion,
philosophy, and art that resulted in the introduction of the first monotheistic
form of worship known in history."

Akhenaten/Amenhotep IV (the Pharoah who invented monotheism)

Proof of the Egyptian memeplex origin is that at the end of Judeo-Christian-

Islamic prayers the believer chants “Amen, Amen” the shortened name of
Amenhotep the Egyptian Pharaoh. The Egyptian king was considered a
man-god by the subjected.

Now ask yourself why does everyone believe that the Jews invented
monotheism? Because the Jews repeat this lie again and again. Remember
they are trying to convince you that they were exclusively contacted by god
to be his chosen emmissaries. The Jews are meme thieves - you should
question everything they got you to believe.

The truth is that the writers of the Bible have never had a spiritual
reinnassance period to develop any real authentic spiritual text. Every
metaphysical truth in the Bible is stolen. All of the Jewish memes are
appropriated from another culture. All of them.

Study comparitive mythology if you actually want to know where the Bible
originated. (The best site on the web

inside a Masonic Temple, Egyptian reliefs, note the phallus shaped stella
with the head at top
the Masons are worshipping the erect penis (just like the Jews)
Many of the Masonic temples are laid out as miniature Egyptian temples, the
masons are a Judeo-Christian cult, connecting to the origins of the myth not
knowing they've been conned by the Jews to worship the Jewish straw man

Seeing how effective the Pharaoh's grip was on the masses the Jews cleverly
borrowed the god spell for their own purposes. They created a new Pharaoh
man god in their image, this new man god a Jew and the king god (Greco-
Roman Zeus or "Jeus") and his name JewZeus shortened to Jesus with all the
characteristics of Krishna, Zeus and Mythra.

Jesus is creation of those living in the Greek cultural period, the New
Testament writers pen the new gospel in Greek, thus the new savior god
king has Greco-Roman characteristics. The New Testament is written during
Roman occupation of Palestine. Paul travels 20,000 miles mostly on the
empires roads. The pagan empire is corrupted from within. The new
Christian religion is spawned in desperation yet eventually overtakes the
empire and even becomes the official state religion. Even though that was
nearly 2,000 years ago, the myth still reigns supreme even into the rational
scientific age. (see this essay for
further discussion of why Christianity was born during Roman occupation)

The Jews are also trapped by their own spells and ego consciousness

Imagine you are told that you are superior and the light unto the world, part
of special few, the chosen race. No matter how compelling the reality of
history of your own race's persecution, the idea of specialness is so powerful
that it blinds the adherent to reality. This is because once the ego latches on
to such a concept, it has reason for existence. The ego up against the wall of
reality is what makes a human a psychopath. The Jews are a race of
psychopaths, they are perfectly insane to believe that they are only the
chosen ones of god (and you are even more crazy if you believe them to be
god's representative).

From a shamanic point of view, the ego only exists because of the physical
body. The physical body needs ego for it's existence. The soul also inhabits
the body also but is subjugated to the ego. Thus those in material
consciousness associate themselves with their ego, the spiritual connects
with their soul. The primary purpose of your own maturity is to overcome
your own ego and associate yourself with your soul god self. I've said
numerous times that the only real purpose of religion is to elevate soul
awareness over ego.

Whose ego can resist such a "I'm special" head trip? The same phenomenon
is with Christians who believe they are special because they are "saved" or
with New Agers who think they have a special "Indigo" child. “I'm special”
is a big ego trip. Those in ego consciousness are easily caught in the Biblical
spell, those in a high love consciouness see it for what it is.

I reason that the writing of the spell is done mostly subconsciously, writing
flows from intention and there is a universe within a word. Since it was the
intention of downtrodden Jew to overcome Roman occupation, a new meme
was invented, one that overcame the empire.

Why Christianity is formed

Having a superiority complex, the Jews violently resist political power

structures unless it is their own. The myth the Jews tell themselves even
today is that they all committed suicide preventing the Romans from making
them slaves when the Masada encampment was sieged. What happened at
Masada is unknown because it wasn't written down, the important point
however is that the moral lesson is to choose suicide over foreign rule. The
Jewish psyche is a Masada complex.

Back in occupied Judea the Jews had their head in a vice, Rome had
conquered and the Jewish supremacists literally went insane. Extremist Jews
(Zealots) revolt in 66 AD flee southward into Jerusalem until Rome seiges
the city and eventually sacks it. Jerusalem is destroyed in 70AD along with
their Second Temple. All are slaughtered mercilessly and Rome literally cut
the head off the Jewish religion by destroying their center of power. The
Jews were physically, morally, spiritually, and most importantly emotionally

At the same time period the these epic events occur during Paul's travels and
must of had a big effect on Paul's psyche when he was writing Christianity.
The failure of Judaism around 70 AD spurred the new meme, and don't
forget that Christianity is Paul's religion, Paul was a Jew.

During this epic period of total defeat, Paul invented Christianity. It had
nothing to do with Jesus, Jesus is an invented character. Jesus is Paul's
imaginary aspiration of what he wished to be. Paul simply inserted Jesus, the
Jew hero, into the popular myth of the day being practiced by Romans,
Mithraism. Christianity was salvation or "good news" because it saved the
Jews from themselves, Christianity was "the way" out of supremacy
mentality and strict interpretation of Jewish law. Christianity was Judaism
reformed, a new meme for a new day. Consciousness shifted, Christianity
grew and grew and became the world's dominant religion with 2 billion
adherents while Judaism stagnated in its exclusiveness.

Jewish spirituality is a fraud, the Jews are a male dominated death cult

inducing sexual trauma on infant males, a mentally sick Rabbi performs oral
circumcision, the Jews are obsessed with the penis because they are
obsessed with male power, their god is a jealous male god. Circumcision as
ritual reinforces the myth that something is wrong with you even after being
born and that you have to get right by god in order to get into heaven or out
of hell.
80% on non-Jews are still circumcized in the USA every year.


Because Americans are still spellbound by the Jew cultists.

Who were the first to use of circumcision according to archeology?

Egyptians. Not the Jews as everyone believes.

Which religious group performs more circumcisions than anyone? Muslims!

Historically the Jews, like all peoples, resist their enslavements and
capivities. But once in power with a modern state, the Jews are proving to be
as bad as the Nazis. You have to understand this key point; the Jews are
supreme egotists, they are atheists, they are obsessed with gathering money
and gaining power. They exceed in the mind, and deny their hearts. Any
spirituality the Jews claim is stolen from another culture. There is no
spiritual architecture within the Jewish realm. I dare you to find one
example, even the menorah just a multi-headed phallus. The Jews are
obsessed with the penis.

the repressed desires of the lingham often spill out in art, note that the
menorah phallus shapes
are the exact proportions of an erect donkey penis, this is plain as day
obvious even Freud noted it

worship the dong!

I dare you to compare the menorah with a donkey penis. C'mon it's the exact
same shape! Note the menorah is the oldest and most holiest of Judaism
symbols, could it be that the Jews are pricks because they worship dicks?
What we need to do is create a sexually balanced world and put feminine
back into the divine.

Many primitive cultures worship the phallus, heres a famous Sunni Muslim
(just so you know I'm not just picking on Jews and Christians)

Islamic architecture: mosque with phallus tower

New York City - a reflection of the soulless Jews

Just look at New York City, the home of the Jews. It's concrete and steel
death trap, a very dark city of money grubbing egoists calculating compound
interest. I know I wouldn't want to live there. The Wall Street Journal and
New York Times always promote war. Why? What race owns the media in
the USA? The Jews will bomb and destroy anything just to get another
billion. They are never satisfied, they lust more power and money. Money is
the Jew god and those people who pursue money above all else are just like
Jews. In fact many Christians are trying to emulate the Jews.

To me, the Jews are a death cult, zombies raging against the world. They've
programmed themselves for destruction by latching onto tribal exclusionism
as their organizing principle. They've made money their god, not the creator
as claimed. New York City is a warring city state, endless ticker tape
parades celebrating destruction for profit. New York City is a very sick place
and people still choose to live there even after 9112001.

So if you believe that karma is not just a theory then don't anywhere near
New York City. Those that waged evil on the rest of planet are going to get
their just desserts, because if the great cycle is ending then all the energy
sowed must come full circle to completion before the new cycle can start.
What this means is that NYC is ground zero, so the only real question is
timing. If 2012 is the actual end then NYC will be gone before 21 Dec 2012.
Times up for the evil city of money manipulators and war mongers.

The Bible is codified Jewish hate

Do you doubt Jewish hate? Just read the Bible, the hatred is all through out
the Old and New Testament. The Talmud and the Protocols is pure hate
expressed against the non Jews. The Jews are swimming in a sea of hate.
Yet the Jews are always finger pointing at Jew haters. What? The Jews hate
everyone else so the world hates them back, what a surprise, eh?
Here are some examples of Biblical hate:
"Thou shalt not delay to offer the first of thy ripe fruits, and of thy liquors:
the firstborn of thy sons shalt thou give unto me." (Exodus 22:29)

"Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the
stones." (Psalms 137:9, KJV)

"This said the LORD, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine
own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto
thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun." (II
Samuel 12:11)

"As for the male and female slaves whom you may have, it is from the
nations around you that you may aquire male and female slaves." (Leviticus
25:44, NRSV)

"Surely thou will slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye
bloody men. For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take
thy name in vain. Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I
grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect
hatred: I count them mine enemies." (Psalms 139:19-22)

Even the reformed New Testament still reflects this seething hatred toward

"If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and
children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be
my disciple." (Luke 14:26)

"But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them,
bring hither, and slay them before me." (Luke 19:27)

"Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of

hell?" (Matthew 23:33)

The last quote is Jesus damning his own race for not converting. Funny ain't
it? Since Jesus is really Paul's fictional hero, Jesus is just as judgemental as
the Jews he's resisting. Bottom line: Paul (the Jew) creates a judging
fictional hero, a jew zeus. Thus the new Catholic Church is reformed
Judaism and unfortunately carried the (jude)ment over from the previous
meme. It is doubtful that Jesus was a real historical character or avatar
because if he was he would of realized it and committed his ideas to text.
Compare the lack of a Jesus autobiography to Buddha, Krishna, Gurdjieff,
Yogananda, etc. The truth is obvious, the New Testament is a compilation of
esoteric gospels that were freely circulating the middle east during that time
period, it is primarily Mithraism respun (see it's worth a read).

in numerous photo ops, during the post 911 spyops period,

Bush is cast as savior by the Jew media, totally fooling most American
Christian sheeple

So if you read then believe the Bible then what do 'ya know, you also hate.
What a surprise! What Christian doesn't believe in judgement? Reading the
Bible will make you crazy just like it's authors because the Bible is a
collection of discombobulated memes and insane rantings of a primitive
desert tribe. I'd like to know what percent of those confined to the crazy
wards are Evangelicals? Probably close to 90%. So go ahead and beLIEve.
Bow down before the one you serve and you'll get exactly what you deserve.

I say shitcan the Bible! No one should read the Bible except scholars! The
average mind can't handle it. It is an evil, racist, infectious meme. Let the
professionals read it, the uneducated will only be lobotimized. You wouldn't
let anyone into a bioweapons lab, right? The Bible is a mind virus that is
destroying the planet just like a secret bio weapon. The Bible is a plague on
the earth because it is a window into the Jewish mind, the rantings of
deranged lunatics. It should be banned. Those who preach it should be
locked up.

Christian boy being indoctrinated and brainwashed at a Creationist Museum

Every Genesis verse has been disproven by Evolutionary science. So if the

first book of the Bible is factually wrong then how can anyone claim the
Bible as literal or true? That's why the Jews are helping fund the Creationist
centers around America, to keep the faithful deluded. If people ever figure
out that the Bible is just a bunch of bullshit then the Jews will lose political
power. Religion is mass delusion, it is the thing that is destroying us.

Karma, pogroms, time circles and energy flows

Because the rest of the world always figures out the Jewish exploitation of
their culture, especially during economic downturns, the Jews get pummeled
and smashed time and again. After the death, destruction, and dispersion the
Jewish psyche turns inward and claims victimhood, when in fact they sowed
the energy. GOD IS NOT PUNISHING THE JEWS, the Jews are caught in
their own circle of karmic retribution.

Karma is an energy loop, energy that is sowed in the upwave returns in the
downwave. Denial is a permanent expression for the self chosen. Every time
the Jews are obliterated they regroup and try again. Insanity doing the same
thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

There you have it, the Jews are also trapped by their own bullshit, every
pogrom (form of riot directed against a particular group) another chance to
reflect on their own actions. But so far Judaism remains unchanged, Jews
grasp their traditions with clenched fists, only further intensifying it's racism
with modern and more hateful Talmudic text or Protocols. The Jewish
suppossed holy books are really Satanic text, cursing spells on the non Jews.
It is absurb that people hold such books in reverance.

Will Israel attack Iran?

When Israel bombed Iraq and destroyed Saddam's Osirak reactor they made
an enemy they couldn't deal with. So they got the superpower USA to
destroy Iraq by performing a false flag black op on 9112001. That's how it's
done, by deception, the Mossad slogan. Deception is the Jewish code, they
are waging a hidden war against everyone because the Jew hates everyone
with god like passion.

With the US withdrawing from Iraq, the Jews want Iraq for oil and territorial
expansion. Perfectly understandable isn't it? Really, it's no different than the
expansionist American colonial period when Indians were wiped out in front
of the European settlers.
There's just one big problem for Israel. Iran. Iran stands in the way of their
hidden plans. Iran backs Hamas. Have you noticed all the Israeli ape chest
beating lately? The recent bellicose is simply the Jew cowards making
empty threats against Iran. For the last three years I forecast that Israel
would attack Iran. Instead I've watched the Jews bomb helpless unarmed
civilians in Lebanon and Gaza.
Jews are not great fighters or brave or noble, they attack the unarmed USS
Liberty and then gun helpless sailors in the water. They shoot little girls in
the back and gun down caged zoo animals. This is a sign of major weakness
and of total moral debauchery.

I'm very unimpressed by Israel's war tactics and all this belly aching. It
seems to me the Jews are yellow bellied cowards. The Jews couldn't get their
courage up to attack Iran when Bush was President. What pussies, either
attack Iran or shut the fuck up. But the Jews aren't going to attack Iran are
they? Iran can defend itself, the Jews only attack the helpless and weak.

10 Feb 2009 (updated 20 May 2009, 13 July 2009)

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