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Romantic Poet Enamors Critics, Readers

Classic, au courant collection carves a new niche for itself in the poetry world NEW YORK, N.Y. Poems, letters, extended verse and photos combine to reveal intricate, elaborate imagery that completely embodies the spirit of love and devotion in heralded poet Valentinnos critically and commercially acclaimed collection, A Romantic's Passion: The Tenth Muse. Phenomenal. Intriguing. Enthralling. These are some of the things reviewers and readers have been compelled to say after being introduced to Valentinnos work. Divided into five books (Romance, Letters, Love, Desire, Passion) and interspersed with journal entries, photos and other memorabilia, over 130 poems in A Romantics Passion chronicle the poets, torrid love affair with his muse. Eschewing the constraints of metered rhyme and breaking free from outside influence, A Romantics Passion is striking in its genuine, provocative tone. Expertly effortless, Valentinnos poems take their subject matter, and in turn the reader, to new levels of consciousness. Consider the fluidity and depth found in The Blood of Life, featured here in excerpt: I shall come for hire before her like a/celestial dove, perched upon the branches of heaven./To hold her close in loves sweet/nest. I among her am the immortal pilot of/the sun./Where her eyes are the passageway of/steady rays filtered through the windows of/my impassioned soul. Where every fallen/angel who only bares one wing she takes up/in arms and lifts them toward the sky./Her loveliness is but the beginning where/the beginning has no end and her loveliness/is perfection. She is of infinite providence,/God sent in an image of a mortal woman./But yet in the form of a venerable spirit. Discover what the Examiner is saying: This book is nothing less than genius! I see the wonderful ethereal quality harkening to the romantic era. Valentinnos Work reminds me of Byron with a bit of the idealism of Keats. About the Author Valentinno was raised in the Queens, N.Y., area and graduated from Whitestone Academy. He received the award for best manuscript at Christopher Newport Universitys annual writing conference, featured book at the international writers conference in Dubai and wrote poetry for Queen Elizabeth II.