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Cebu 2 You

May 2013

Greetings from the beautiful city of Cebu on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. We are on one of 7,101 islands in the Philippines, in the second largest city.

PASTORS AND WIVES CONFERENCE We were blessed to attend the 20th Annual Pastors and Wives Conference in Dumaguete from April 8th through the 10th. We studied the Psalms Chapter 120 134 "The songs of Ascents". We had 14 sessions in 3 days but it was a blessing. My wife drove our multi-cab there and back and it was a long drive but a pleasant drive. On the return trip, our new intern traveled with us.

The summer boot camp to teach Web Designing has come and gone. We had 6 students who aft er 1 week had designed their own web page and can now maintain it on their own. They worked hard and learned much.

Cebu 2 You

May 2013

Our new intern, Grace Eli, is 19 years old and just completed 2 years of Bible College and will now have practical experience for at least 1 year at Shepherd's Heart Calvary Chapel. Grace is gifted in music and working with children. Initially she will be part of our Praise and Worship Team, teach Sunday School, Teach feeding ministries and work around the church. She will also sit in on all leadership meetings to assist in learning leadership. So far she is a blessing. SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM We are about to enter the next school year (in the Philippines the school year is June through March) and we are again looking to sponsor 50-75 children who otherwise could not go to school. Please pray about sponsoring children for education. To sponsor an elementary child is $35 PER YEAR. To sponsor a High school student is $125 PER YEAR and to partial sponsor a college student is $125 PER YEAR. We currently have received resources to sponsor only 9 children this year. VEHICLES Pray for our vehicles as both are sick. Our multi cab needs extensive body work because of rust and our larger vehicle needs the transmission rebuilt.

To support this ministry in the Philippines, send your donations to: We have recently received permission and blessings from Pastor John Michaels the head of CCOF-Philippines, Pastor Jing Gayadan, the Director of Calvary Chapel Bible CollegePhilippines, Pastor Joseph Jo, Senior Pastor of the largest Calvary Chapel in the Philippines and from my Senior Pastor, Pastor Jeff Johnson to begin a School of Ministry in Cebu. We will begin our first semester in June, offering four classes. This is a 2 year program to help our members and other Calvary Chapel personnel to expand their knowledge and understanding of the Bible, to grow in experience as they expand their relationship with Jesus and to prepare them to better serve in and understand ministry. Please pray for this new door the Lord has opened

Calvary Chapel of Downey, 12808 Woodruff Avenue, Downey, CA 90242 ATTN: Missions Support for Tom Maxwell If your donation is for a specific purpose in Cebu, please designate the purpose, ie: sponsorship for HS/Elementary, etc. All donations are tax deductible Contact us at web page, @

look at our

Call us from the USA @ 011-63-32-268-6280 or text us @ +639164233620. (Magic Jack number: +1 562-398-

Please return this coupon with your donation and thanks for being our partner in fulfilling God s purpose in Cebu. (Please send support to reach CC Downey by the 10th of the month.) Thank you.


ON-LINE SUPPORT You can now support missionaries on-line at CC Downey. Follow this link or contact Zully at 562803-5631 with any questions. es/ . Praise the Lord.

On May 22, our youth and young adults will travel in our car, by barge, to the island of Camotes for Youth Camp. Their Theme is "Servant hood". About 40 youth and young adults will participate as they grow in knowledge and their relationship with the Lord.

Prayer Requests
Pray for: Wisdom and discernment in all things. For finances Controlled growth as the Lord leads Health for the church and the family Spiritual growth New home for the church Childrens ministries 4 feeding ministries for over 1,400 children Salvation for the lost My personal time with the Lord Our Marriage Continued recovery from heart attack Salvation for Austin (my Grandson) Salvation for Krysta (my daughter) Additional supporters Gods provision Pray for medical tests and treatments Pray for James Kaddis continued recovery from surgery Pray for my leg-part is turning dark

Tom and Sheilani