17 Million Rusty Locks


17 Million Rusty Locks
In The Problem Book, Master Fard Muhammad wrote of 17,000,000 rusty locks that needed to be opened by 17,000,000 keys. One of the Muhammad Speaks front page headlines proclaimed: MUHAMMAD HAS THE KEYS.” Master Fard Muhammad achieved the goal that was the quest of every Egyptian, the realization of divinity while yet embodied. Muhammad derives from the Kamitic word hemet, which means “prophet.” Any man or woman who attains the second sphere of the Tree of Life is a prophet who has earned the ability to prophesy. The Second Sphere is called Tehuti in the Kamitic Tree or Paut and Chokmah in the Canaanite/Hebrew one. Tehuti represents the will of Ausar (god the Omnipresent). The divine will directs the omnipotent Third Sphere energy, Shekinah, Shakti, Shekem or Sakiynah. Every initiate who reached the 2nd sphere (counting from 10, to 9, to 8, etc.) becomes a hemet or a Muhammad. This Muhammad is able to direct the awesome Shakti power of Binah, the 3rd Tree of Life sphere. That power becomes metaphorically, the prophet’s daughter. Many of the scriptural metaphors were taken literally by the clerks (clerics) who seized control of the great religions texts and wiped out the colleges that taught the true wisdom conveyed by the masters. Those clerics were bookkeepers at best

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” According to Swami Sivananda. The 19 million nadis are the “original people in North America.htm and had no true experience or comprehension of the divine. They precede the physical gross body (khab) and is therefore the “original” person. How could they teach accurately how to reach the kingdom of heaven if they’ve never even risen above the house in which they reside? The most such clerks could convey is hearsay. they’ve distorted the word Shaheed and turned it into “martyr. lights (colors).” Stretching squeezes out dead prana and unclogs the nadis so that prana can flow freely. depleted prana (lifeforce). and plants (herbs). They are locked up and called by Master Fard “17 million rusty locks. Without doubt the Kamitic rusty valves and the Fardian rusty locks are the same.” If you are blind in this world.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/rustylocks. But what are these rusty locks and what are the keys? Master Fard taught there were 17 million original people plus 2 million Indians in North America. there are 19 million nadis throughout the human body. If you are not already a Shaheed. suicide won’t magically transform you into one. That makes 19 million. a witness of Allah. the 19 million were coded under the symbol “original people.17 Million Rusty Locks http://amirfatir. you will be blind in the next. and hearsay evidence is not even admissible in court. How can you be a Jehovah’s Witness if you’ve never witnessed Jehovah? How can you be a Shaheed (witness) and all you know of Allah is hearsay? To hide the fact that none of the clerks (8th sphere thinkers) have witnessed Got at all.” Most of them are clogged up with dead. That is why Hatha Yoga is so 2 of 4 3/23/2013 12:20 PM . A nadi is a channel or a meridian through which chi or prana flows. Nadis are part of the Khaibit or molecular body. In Fard’s Mathematical Theology. Ancient Kamitic texts spoke of “rusty valves” that could be opened by sound tones (such as mantric vibrations).

e. Muhammad Has the Qi (code name for key). It and exercises like Tai Chi can take the rust out of our rusty locks. they’ll go away thinking it is sometimes okay to have sex with your own physical daughter. In other words.” It means daughter and paraphrasically.17 Million Rusty Locks http://amirfatir. most refined. In most people. Binah).com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/rustylocks. form of Qi is the kind at the 3rd Tree of Life sphere. i. unclogged and opened by qi or chi. That begins to unlock them. Oracles are 2nd sphere devices. One of the best exercises for that is the Sun Salutation. they “have sex” with each other. only two million nadis are unclogged. Those that link to higher bodies and higher spiritual operations need to be oiled. 3 of 4 3/23/2013 12:20 PM . the Japanese is Ki. By saying Lot has sex with his daughters. The casting of lots is a way of employing an oracle to discover the word of God. Sphere two corresponds to the higher functions of the left brain hemisphere (Tehuti) and sphere three corresponds to the higher functions of the right hemisphere (Sekert). The highest. The will of God (Chokmah) directs or activates the power of God (Binah). “wife.tripod. it is conveying in code the wisdom faculty (2nd sphere) activates and impregnates the omnipotent potential (3rd sphere. Binah is said to mean “understanding.” But it is the same as the Arabic bint (the h of Binah is the tamarbutu or combined ht ) and could accurately be written “binat.. That qui is controlled by the wisdom faculty of the 2nd sphere.htm important. The Chinese word for prana is Qi. Qi id usually spelled Chi. Hence. The daughters gave him wine to drink and that put him to sleep. Through various techniques the initiate learns to integrate them. Lot represents an oracle or 2nd TOL sphere consciousness. In Qaballistic wisdom. When non-initiates read the once secret texts without understanding. but the best rust remover is prana itself. the sphere of the hemet or Muhammad.” In a grand Biblical metaphor Lot went to sleep and his daughters had sex with him.

com Get God's Plan For You in 2013.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/rustylocks.17 Million Rusty Locks http://amirfatir. Receive Your Free Written Prophecy! 4 of 4 3/23/2013 12:20 PM .htm Free Prophecy For You FreeWrittenProphecy.tripod.

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