Asiatic Man

The Asiatic Black Man

All spiritual teachings that are provided to the general public are veiled in symbolism.

In Qaballah cosmology there are four worlds. The lowest world, Assiah, comprises the physical and lower planes of the astral. In esoteric Nation of Islam theology, Assiah was called "Asia." The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that "the whole world was once called Asia." He referred, not to the continent, but to the physical and astral planes. Master Masons Islam, in America, is rooted in Moorish Science and the Nation of Islam (so-called Black Muslims). Moorish Science was the name given to the Islamic teachings of Noble Drew Ali. The NOI was founded by Master Fard Muhammad and extended into an international movement by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The Nation's current leader is Minister Louis Farrakhan.

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2 of 3 3/23/2013 12:07 PM . NOI theology says that the Asiatic Black Man is the "maker. he was referring to thought-free (trance) consciousness.Asiatic Man http://amirfatir." i. White.noble.tripod." Elijah Muhammad Not a Racist When we grasp that Black.e. New Islam The Honorable Elijah Muhammad never intended for his followers to become Sunni Muslims or followers of any of the known sects. though his words. then. the owner. the language of symbolic code. Man Means Mind Asiatic Black Man means a "black" mind that's established in the astral plane. master and honorable -. the cream of the planet earth. The subconscious generates the virtual reality world we inhabit. Muhammad was never really a racist. may appear to be so. This is the "Asiatic Black Man" (astral plane thought-free mind) that was "the original man. As masons.because they were masonic titles which they'd earned." Yogis call that consciousness samadhi. Esoteric NOI theology places samadhi. When Mr. "black" symbolizes the state of consciousness that comes about when all thought has ceased. as the original and natural state of man. He said that a new Islam would be established that would correct the problems inherent in the Islamic world.htm Those men weren't ego tripping. we will see that Mr. they'd taken vows of silence and couldn't speak publicly unless they used "twilight language. god of the universe. Muhammad taught of Black Consciousness.. Red and Yellow "men" were symbols of mental states and functions. to the uninitiated. They used those titles Thus. Esoterically. The Asiatic Black Man also refers to the subconscious mind.

com Get God's Plan For You in 2013.Asiatic Man http://amirfatir.htm The new Islam's concepts are hidden beneath the symbolism of the "Black Nationalistic Islam" he taught.tripod. Free Prophecy For You Receive Your Free Written Prophecy! 3 of 3 3/23/2013 12:07 PM .

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